tagCelebrities & Fan FictionA Day to Remember Pt. 02

A Day to Remember Pt. 02


It's been a few weeks since your trip to the PC and you're back to your daily University bullshit. You're studying at Salford University so it's raining as usual when you get in. You go to your drama class and continue the rehearsals for the end of year performance. Nothing unusual really, your performance is about a vigilante taking down a crime syndicate. Cheesy? Yes. But your tuter let you do some fighting scenes so you put up with it, you play the vigilante because you're the best actor and your when it comes to fight scenes you're safe to work with.

The rehearsal flies by and it doesn't feel like long until you're heading to the gym for your wrestling class. But this wasn't a normal class as you were about to find out...

You get to the changing room and get changed to your wrestling gear, you walk into the main gym and in the corner of the room you see Matt Bloom, AJ Styles and Nikki Bella. You knew WWE was in Manchester this week, as a matter of fact, you had some tickets for you and Lewis. But why were they here? You know you made a good impression but they wouldn't have made the trip just for you. Would they?

You quickly walk up to them wondering why they're here.

You: "hey guys! What are you doing here?"

Matt: "hey, we've come to talk to you about something, but that can wait till later, we just want to watch you wrestle first."

You: "ok no worries, sup AJ!"

AJ: "sup dude!"

You look at Nikki, she winks at you and gives you the blowjob gesture. She's crazy!

You walk back to the group and train really hard for 2 hours, working on double leg takedowns and slams. After the session, John walks up to you.

John: "alright lad, did well today, now listen. When we were at the performance centre, you made quite the impression. They really like what you did..."

As john says this, Matt, AJ and Nikki walk over to you both.

Matt: "yes we did. You really impressed us _____, and we have a proposition for you, I've spoken to Mr. McMahon, and he agrees with me, we would like to offer you a contract."

You: "What!?"

Matt: "it's only developmental, and I can't even guarantee any TV time but with your skills right now I think you'll be debuting on NXT in no time."

You: "this is crazy! What about university? I can't really just drop out right now."

Matt: "I know, we're going to hand you the contract the second you finish, which isn't too far away is it?"

You:" "nah, I finish in 2 months so not too long at all."

Mat: "ok, so shall we start drawing up this contract?"

You: "definitely!"

Matt : "look forward to working with you _____."

You: "look forward to working with you all!"

AJ: "same here dude!"

Nikki: "I can't wait."

You shake hands with everybody and go into the changing rooms, you go to take a shower and you're so excited you can barely stop smiling!

You are almost done having a shower when you feel hands moving from you're hips up the sides of your body, round to your chest, down your abs, finally resting at the base of your cock. All the while you feel kisses on your back and neck. This mystery person stars jerking you off slowly. Still kissing your neck. You need to know who it is so you turn around, and there she is... again.

You're stood there, face to face with a naked Nikki Bella, wet from the shower, and from jerking you off. You pull her close and kiss her slowly and passionately, your hands running down her warm, wet, tanned skin, before reaching her ass and picking her up, lips still interlocked, she wraps her legs around your waist, and grabs your cock, leading to her tight, wet pussy. Before lowering herself onto you. Nikki lets out a loud moan of sheer pleasure as she grinds on your cock. You grab her ass again and slam into her pussy as hard as you can, sending Nikki into wave after wave of orgasms, making her eyes roll into the back of her head and her toes curl as she screams your name. Her hands run through your hair and whispers in your ear to let her down, so you carry her out of the shower, kissing her again. You lie her down on a bench and start to move down her body, kissing her cheek, the down her jaw, down to her neck, before kissing and sucking on her nipples, making Nikki moan and run her hands through your hair again. You continue moving lower, kissing your way down her stomach before reaching her freshly shaved pussy, giving it a long soft lick from bottom to top before spreading her pussy lips and focusing on her clit, making her breath heavily and softly moan, you start to finger her slowly, then you speed up as you add a finger, hitting her G-spot with every thrust. Nikki's moans get louder and louder before squirting everywhere as you send her over the edge again.

Once she recovers she gets off the bench and crawls on her hands and knees to the centre on the room, pushing her head to the floor and looking back at you.

Nikki: "come here baby, fuck me right here on the floor like the dirty bitch I am!"

You don't need a second invitation, you walk over to her, and get on your knees behind her before pushing your cock into her soaking wet pussy. Nikki laughs.

Nikki: "no baby, wrong hole."

She says seductively as she rests her head on the floor again and spreads her ass cheeks. Without hesitation you pull out of her tight pussy and slowly push your cock into her even tighter Asshole. You slowly push your cock into Nikki until she turns to you and says...

Nikki: "please daddy, punish me! Ram that fat juicy cock in my ass, make me scream daddy!"

With that you push all 9 inches of your cock inside her tight ass making her scream your name. With one hand you grab her hair and pull back on it hard, with the other you spank her huge ass, making it jiggle around your cock. Her moans filling the room, before you hear her shouting...

Nikki: "come on daddy! Fuck me daddy! Pound your little slut daddy! Ruin my tight little asshole! Harder daddy! Harder! Ooooohhhhhhh ffffuuuuuuuuuuck yeeeeesssssss! I can feel you so deep inside me! Oh my god! I'm cumming for you daddy! I'm cummi- AAAAHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCCCKKK!! Spank my ass baby! Pull my hair harder! You own me so just use me please daddy!"

You move your arm under her legs and up over her head, interlocking your fingers, and you pick her up and start fucking her in the full nelson position, she's screaming your name and begging you to dominate her and you gladly oblige. Drilling your cock into her pussy and making her cry out in pleasure.

You let her down and push her into a locker so she's stood up facing the locker with her ass sticking out towards you. You show your cock inside Nikki's pussy as she lets out another load moan. You push her head into the locker door as your fucking her, showing her whose boss and asserting your dominance over this slut.

Nikki: "oooooohhhhh fuuuuuuuck. Right there right there right there pleeeeeeaaaaasssee!! FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK!! You own me! I'm your little whore! My only purpose in life is to make you cum! Please just use my like a sex doll! I'm your fucking sex slave for however long you want me daddy!! Oh fuck daddy! I'm going to cum daddy! Please may I cum daddy!? Pleeeaaaaasssseeeee!?!?"

You: "no you fucking slut! Don't you dare cum yet!"

Nikki: "please daddy! I need to cum so bad for you daddy! Please may I cum daddy!? Please daddy!? I'm begging you daddy!!"

You: "fine you worthless piece of shit, you can cum now."

As soon as those words exit your mouth a wave of orgasms pass through her body making her legs shake. And Nikki just screams.

Nikki: "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!! Oh my god thank you so much daddy! Thank you for letting me cum! I don't deserve you! I love you!!"

You: "it's ok baby, just make my cum now ok?"

Nikki: "yes daddy. Please use my asshole again!"

With that she bends over the bench and spreads her ass cheeks again and you start drilling her ass again for what feels like another half hour.

You can feel an orgasm coming and you know your close.

You: "I'm so close bitch!"

Nikki: "oh yes daddy that's all I am! I'm just your worthless pathetic bitch! Please cum inside my ass daddy! Please!"

With that you unload your hot sticky cum inside her ass making her moan your name. You both get dressed before she walks up to you, kisses you and whispers in your ear...

Nike: "until next time daddy."


Let me know what you think in the comments and let me know if there's any women you want me to include!

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by Anonymous

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by Tcg4610/21/18

Thank you!

Thank you so much! That means a lot. I’m adding more people in soon so keep an eye out for later parts!

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by Anonymous10/09/18

Great work!

I honestly love what you've done with this and I hope to see more! Also, I'd like to see some other divas get fucked but that's just a thought, goodluck!

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