tagInterracial LoveA Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 10

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 10


Tuesday - February 21, 2006

Authors note: The root of this story is in Chapter 01 - Blondes in pursuit of black guys. This is the tenth day of a fourteen-day vacation where fantasy has become reality. It is taking place on the island of Jamaica. What else do the stars have for me the remaining days here in paradise? If you have already read previous chapters, then you have a hint.

It begins:

When I return to the bedroom Terry is sitting on the edge of the bed, naked, looking at his cock.

"What are you thinking about Terry?"

"I am wondering how I am going to look down there with a pussy and my cock gone.

"God, Heather I am so happy at the way that things are happening for me since we met.

"I really am looking forward to the day we can kiss and play with each other, rub our tits together and cum. I never thought I would be whole."

I lean over to give him a soft kiss him.

"I am really happy that I managed to get Kevin's money and will always be thankful that Jeff mentioned it and hinted at me doing it with Kevin. I am lucky that Sam not only did me the favor of expanding my ring to take cocks in my rear with ease but also to enjoy tonguing there too. We are both lucky that Ann and Frank go to Bangkok from time to time so that we can save airfare.

"Lets go see what's to eat besides each other."

We put on robes and head downstairs. Frank and Ann are sipping coffee.

"Any change of mind from last night, Terry?" Frank asks.

"No sir, I am more excited this morning than last night. I think I was in shock last night."

"Help yourself to food and then I want to hear from Heather about yesterday," as we are chuckling at his comment.

"I do not know where to begin Frank. The people in the Dungeon room with Trudy really got to us all and there are so many things that one can try. I never thought that I would enjoy doing any of that stuff but now...I'm not sure."

"Have you thought about what you might like to try?"

"Many thoughts but such a short time left to try them. I need to mull it over a bit longer before I make any decision."

"Well think on some ideas and let us know if Ann and I can be of help."

"Will do Frank."

"Who will you be telling, Terry?"

"I will tell no one, just disappear one day and ask Mistress Trudy to tell everyone she has not been able to reach me."

"I then want to come back as a new hire with the name Kimberly and begin a fresh start."

"We will do everything we can to help you carry that off.

"By being at the ranch with us during therapy maybe many bad memories will fade and you can make new and better ones when you return."

"You said ranch for therapy. I am confused."

"Oh, Terry, sorry; we forgot in all the excitement to tell you. A few days after the surgery, you will fly with us to our ranch in Brazil for the therapy and recuperation of three months. In this way, Ann and I can help you along with the aid of our employees in the therapy sessions. Then you can return here to the resort as a new hire, ready to assist anyone needing help and you will be just like a new employee off the street and with a new body and the name Kimberly."

"Awesome! Can we go today and get started?"

We all laugh.

"By the way, Terry, how do you think your family will react to you doing this?"

"Well my dad was killed in a motorcycle accident when I was seven. I do not remember much of him. I know he was disappointed in me that I was more interested in girlie things than guy things. I have heard my mom tell relatives she wishes I were a whole girl because I am the closest she has to a girl. I have three brothers and no sisters. I don't think I will tell mom. I will let her know after they have changed me. Mom has heard me talk about you all after some of your previous visits. I will tell her you invited me to Brazil for several months."

"I have no idea how my brothers will react. It makes not much difference though, since I see them only once a year and they are all married."

"I better get dressed and get back to the real world now," Terry is saying.

He slips upstairs to change and back down shortly. We hug him goodbye and say we will get with him later.

"Thanks, Thanks, Thanks. It's the first time in my life I really want to go to work."

"Later, Hon'."

Frank, "I have been thinking about the Dungeon. I would like to be placed spread eagled, like on the X that I witnessed yesterday. Then I want to be tortured to the point of screaming for a cock, by Trudy with that whip of hers fucking my pussy and ass and rubbing it along my clit, making me suck it like it was a cock. I'd like to somehow watch guys dumping their loads into girl's pussies and asses, then having the girls come and make me suck it out of them. I think it would even be nice to have a guy's cock laying on my lips and shooting his sperm into my mouth, calling me a bitch, forcing me to drink it. I then want some one to do my ass and pussy at the same time. I would like to try that electrical stuff too.

"One more fantasy would be for you, Randy, Sam, Jeff, and Rich all to be doing something to me at the same time, like an orgy. You guys just move from hole to hole as you regain your strength. While my three holes are being ravished two guys can be on my breasts."

"God, honey, they did turn you inside out yesterday didn't they."

I blush, "Yeah, the scene was hot. Funny you see it in porn movies but seeing it in real is all together different.

"Remember, Ann, you drinking Amy and me that first time we did it together. I still get wet thinking about that."

When it comes to drinking the girls' cocktails, I would like you, Trudy, my friends, and the twins."

Frank then says, "Well that is seven girls and possibly twelve guys unless by chance some of the girls select one or two of those you have mentioned.

"Which guys?"

"I think each girl should pick her date. That way they will be more into it."

"Frank, since you're a guy you can answer this question. How many times in a night can a guy cum?"

"Well, sweetie that is a very difficult question to answer because so many factors are involved. It would take me an hour maybe to go over all of them. Let's use two to seven as a beginning point. The younger the guy, the more times he can in general; that is if he has not shot in the previous twenty-four hours. For myself, at my age I can have three to five orgasms depending on the scene and how aroused I am; and that is without the blue magic pill."

"So if one of the guys I have selected craps out for some reason, then one of the others guys can step in, right?"

"Sure, Heather, that will be a back-up plan. It will work unless those guys and girls are caught up in orgies, which could happen. You might be drinking cocktails all night. If it turns to that, then you will be a Trudy clone."

"Oh my God! Does she like cocktails that much?"

"She has an obsession with them. She likes them better than being fucked."

"Oh Wow!"

"Oh God! Ann, Frank, I must be heading that way too with asking to drink all those cocktails."

"Not necessarily, Heather. As long as you enjoy cocks shooting that love juice into you more than drinking you will not be a clone of Trudy."

"Oh, Thank God, I was worried there for a few seconds."

"What about Terry at the party?"

"I know he would be uncomfortable. I am thinking I need to get him alone so he does not feel left out. I think he will be ok one on one. I sucked him to a cum last night on the beach. He really had a load although he claims to unload at least once a day. God, I was shocked at how much a cock pulses when it shoots. I was too far out of it when Jeff did a little unloading in my mouth the other day. I told Terry last night that he could cum in my mouth, not thinking that I have never experienced a complete mouth fuck like that with me doing a guy. My God, that was neat. Now I understand why guys like it so much."

"My Oh my, Heather, you are experiencing a lot on this vacation. Watching you and Frank getting along so well, I suppose the next scene I will be looking at is him doing your mouth."

I blush, "Ann I think I want to do that with all the guys that really know how to turn me on. That will be my thank you gift to them knowing that they like it so much."

"Well, getting back to your new fantasy, Heather. Trudy has people that will put this all together. May I call her and have her employees make all the contacts. I suggest we do this Saturday night just before we have to leave. It will give Trudy time to get schedules arranged for the participants. Also it will give us lots of time to recover on the plane the next day."

"But Frank, we are scheduled to leave Saturday."

Frank responds, "Babe, Ann and I would like for you and your friends to spend Saturday night with us. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Listen now," as he takes me into his arms. Ann walks up behind me and presses her tits into my back, reaches around and cups my breasts as she leans into my neck.

He continues, "Because of everything happening and needing additional planning, Ann and I have decided to fly to Bangkok Sunday. You and your friends have given us so much pleasure that we can leave here early, satisfied and knowing it was a trip that will never be duplicated. You and your friends can fly home Sunday in our jet with us. We will drop you off by lunch time; it is not out of our way other than down and up."

"When in Bangkok we will look further into the procedure and tentatively make arrangements. Our next trip to Bangkok should be in two or three months. You and Terry look at your schedules next week, work things out and let us know by e-mail your desires. We will need to arrive a day ahead of time. Remember that Bangkok is 12 hours in time ahead of us. Heather, plan for worst case flying time of 20 hours from Minneapolis. Most times it will be a few hours less but winds can be a problem when heading that direction."

As Frank is talking, Ann has my nipples rock hard from the manipulations and I can smell female juices. I am sure they are coming from both of us.

Frank continues, "We hope you and your friends say yes to stay over one extra day. Ann and I want to make your last night's stay at the resort on this trip a memorable one. Trudy is hoping also that you stay. She has offered to us anything we want to make the evening a real fantasy dream come true for all of you."

"Oh Ann, you have me so horny."


"What are your thoughts, Heather? Do you think we can pull this off for Saturday night then?"

I reply, "I think the girls will all rush over here and spread themselves for you in appreciation."

Frank and Ann both roar in laughter.

"I know we have Sunday already scheduled as a day of resting and catching up. I am sure we all will be excited to spend another day here. Thanks guys. I can not wait until I tell them."

"Shall I call Trudy, Heather?"

"God, that would be awesome. Thanks Ann."

Ann goes to the telephone and comes back smiling.

"Trudy wants me to tell you she had the feeling all along you are her type of girl and just needed a tad of convincing that sex can be fun and enjoyable. Heather, I knew from the first time I drank your juices you are my type of girl."

"Your fantasy is being worked on."

"God, I won't be able to look anyone in the eye, even my friends when they find out what I want."

"Well, Heather the way Trudy will approach it is by inviting people to be there; not telling them what will happen. It makes them curious then as to what will be going on. They all know it will be something good."

"Heather, I notice Frank has a hard on and I am wet thinking of what your desire. Can I ask a favor of you?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Well, I have a feeling sooner or later you will be desiring Frank to cum in your mouth. I would like to be there for the first time. I'd like to be eating you as you are sucking him. What will make me really happy is if you don't swallow his cum but share it with me as soon as he places it there.

"I'd like to suggest you cum first because if you are cumming at the same time Frank is, there is a good chance you can choke some, depending on your ability to get the air you need from your nose."

"Are you game?"

"Oh God yes, Ann."

"Good, let's go upstairs and play."

Since I still have my robe on it will be easy to drop it off. Frank has his hand up on my ass cheeks now as we go up the steps whispering, "God Heather I have been wanting so much to do your mouth but afraid of offending you by asking."

The blood rushes to my lower lips and I weaken at the thought of what is about to happen.

"Heather, there are two fun ways to take a cock into your mouth for comfort. One is 69 with you on top, which you apparently did last night with Terry. The other is to let your head drop off the edge of the bed. It's easy for a guy that way and you can control the depth of him in your mouth that way by using your hand.

"Heather, why not try it with your head hanging over the edge so I can do your clit. I will lift your legs and get my arms around them so I can open your lips really wide to give you that awesome clit licking," is coming from Ann.

I look at Frank. Then it hits me. I blurted to him yesterday that I desire to be his slut. My God it's starting.

As we are walking in the hall to the bedroom, I say, "Damn."

"What is it?" Ann asks.

"I forgot to list Tracy in my list of names."

I knew you might have forgotten her and gave her name to Trudy already.

I kiss Ann as we continue to the bedroom.

I drop the robe and get into position on the bed with my head over the edge watching Frank approach with that massive black cock which is already hard and the eye is looking at the mirrored ceiling. Ann does not mess around any. Getting on the bed, she dives for my pussy. Frank just stands with his balls hanging over my face. I am looking at his whole bottom. As Ann is eating me, I want Frank's cock in my mouth but he has not initiated the approach.

Oh God, Frank is pulling on my nipples.

"AAAhhhhhh!" It comes as such a surprise; they are getting hard very fast. I feel more blood rushing to my pussy lips. Frank lowers himself so his family jewel pack is resting on my nose almost suffocating me.

I begin to hump Ann's tongue because it is feeling so gooooooood.

Frank lowers himself more. The cock is at my mouth. I reach for it with both hands and guide it in.

I climax from the tonguing I am getting from his wife, as Frank's cock is slipping into my mouth.

I hear Frank say, "Keep cumming Heather."

My cumming and moaning are being transmitted to Frank's cock. He is doing a slow thrust and starting to breathe hard as he continues to maul my breasts with those soft black hands, I've come to love so much.

I finish my cum from Ann's tongue and she is just lapping lightly at my pussy. I want Frank to cum, so I work more of his cock into my mouth with my hand and try to jack him like girls in porn. He seems to follow my thought or know what I want and how deep. We seem to have developed a rhythm. My God how much harder can he get.

"God, Heather!




I am trying to not swallow as he is pulsing. God, he's so much stronger than Terry so much more cum. Oh my God! My cheeks are expanding like a balloon.

I feel Ann lying next to me as Frank is unloading the last of his love juice.

"Ann is next to you, just roll over to her mouth when I pull out."

Frank slowly pulls out still hard and I roll and deposit Frank's jism into Ann's open mouth. We do some tongue dueling.

I feel my hips being drawn up and Frank's cock sliding into my pussy. I am still mouth locked with Ann. She grabs me around the neck and holds my mouth tight to hers. Frank is pounding my pussy like he never has before. How can he be doing this after just cumming? All I can do is moan into Ann's mouth as I am ready to cum again as Frank reaches around and rolls my clit. I want to lift and scream but cannot. Ann has her hand behind my head holding me to her mouth. I just drool into Ann's mouth and she is drinking my saliva as my orgasm takes on a life of its own. Gosh, never in my whole life would I have ever thought mouth to mouth with my gender would be a turn on like this is.

Frank holds me until he is soft. He pulls out and lets me down softly. Ann breaks the neck and headlock. I open my mouth, "My god, Oh my God!"

Ann just holds me tight while I regain some energy.

After some return of my strength I say, "How am I ever going to be able to work at a job? All I want now is to be used, to bring pleasure to people, and to feel good in the process."

I look at Frank lying on his back with a shinny cock. "Frank, may I clean your cock?"

"Sure, Heather, I have been waiting patiently for you to recover so that you can."

I crawl over to him, suck his slimy cock into my mouth, and begin to bathe it with my tongue while at same time playing with his balls. OMG, it's growing again.

I pull back and look at his face. By now, his cock is rigid.

"Heather, I think I know what you want to try. Let's do it."

I take his cock into my mouth, swing a leg over him, and lower myself for a 69ing. He goes for my clit with his tongue spreading me with his hands. I am mouth fucking his cock, which is not new for me this way. I did Terry this way the other night on the beach.

I feel some fingers go into my pussy. They must be Ann's. She is also lubricating my ass hole so I can assume a finger or fingers will be going there.

OMG, Frank is humping, his tongue is going a mile a minute at my clit, and I am ready to go over the edge again. I feel him loading up to shoot as his balls come up to the base of his cock. I get ready to swallow the load that is cumming. About half way into drinking him, I cum as Ann is shoving a finger into my ass. She is still finger fucking my pussy and Frank is still at my clit with his tongue.

I am depositing a cocktail into Frank's mouth, his previous cum and my sweet nectar blend. This causes me to open my mouth and scream as I cum with the last of Frank's cum hitting me in the face as I lift off his prick to scream.

We all seem to collapse together at the same instant. It seems like it is taking forever to recover this time.

I gather some strength, crawl up to Frank and kiss him. He cleans his cum from my face. I look him in the eyes and say, "Am I getting closer to that slut you desire?"

He grabs my face and kisses me hard again. Then he says, "God, babe, we are going to have so much fun together. You are turning into an awesome slut. I hope you can get Amy to do the same."

"Frank, may I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure sweetie, what is it?"

"You stay hard after a cum and like just now you came three times. I assume you must be using one of the ED pills. Are you?"

"Yes, Heather I am. In a normal day at home with Ann I do not use it because we have all day and I have time to recover. However, here, I do not want to get soft when doing you, Amy or your friends. I just want to cum continuously because all of you turn me on so much. If I were seventeen or eighteen that would be a different scenario. So using the pill helps me to achieve my desires."

I lean in to him and give him a sweet tender kiss and say, "Thanks Frank. It makes me really happy knowing you desire us so much. You are truly a sweetheart."

Ann asks me what my plans are for the day.

I am thinking some to collect my bearings and then say, "Jeez nothing is set in concrete yet, Ann."

"Frank and I have reserved the Dungeon for this afternoon and evening. If you and Amy have nothing to do and want to watch or maybe get involved, you can punch this number into the key pad at the door so that you can come in."

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