A Failed Escape


Tommy woke some time later, not really knowing the time. For all he knew, time wasn't real here. It was dark though, so he assumed that there was day and night here. He reached for his wrists, and felt the shackles on them. However, there were no chains binding him to anything. He nearly exploded with joy at this revelation, and slowly got up off of the pillows he had fallen asleep on.

Trying to be as quiet as possible, Tommy slowly tip-toed to a small lamp burning in the room. He reached for it and when he touched it the light grew brighter. It was a clever invention, and it softly lit up the room. He could see all sorts of fancy and exquisite decorations on the walls, and noticed that everything revolved around the pillow-bed in the middle of the room. What disturbed him most though were the scenes on the walls. The flickering light revealed images of countless slaves being fed giant cocks by these genies and forced to obey their every command. These led him all over the room, and on the far side of the chamber he noticed a doorway! This could be his ticket out of this living hell!

Tommy peaked his head out and tried to look down the hallway in either direction. The darkness was intimidating, and he did not know a thing about where he was. For all he knew he could be playing some sick game that Serena had set up for him that ended with him pleasuring her for his disobedience. However, this was a chance he had to take. His freedom was on the line, and he had to escape before they gave him to the Majin in the following days.

He thought he felt a breeze from the left, and decided that would be the best way to take his chances. A breeze meant a passage outside, and possibly escape. He walked for what seemed like hours even though he knew it was only minutes. Each step was careful and planned, for he feared traps in the floor. However, his caution caused the wick of this magical lamp to burn quickly, and the light began to fade. As the light disappeared, his pace increased until he was at a full sprint. The breeze was strong, and he knew he was close, and then his light went out.

Tommy stopped dead in his tracks. He now had no light, and was at the mercy of this unknown building. He reached out, and surprisingly both his hands touched the wall. He began forward again, and felt the cold stone on his hands. He continued this for a while, and then his left hand felt nothing. He kept it extended, and then felt it grab a soft, giant mound of flesh. Tommy jumped away from this surprise and yelled. Lights burst on all around him, and he saw a genie in front of him staring down at him. Everything about her was giant, but more importantly, he had no idea who she was. He turned and ran for his life, taking lefts and rights without even thinking about where he was going.

He could hear footsteps behind him chasing him, and he knew that if he stopped he was going to be somebody else's slave for the night. All of a sudden the floor felt thick and his feet began to slow. He looked down and realized that it was some sort of quicksand, and he was sinking into it slowly. An entirely different genie than the one he was running from appeared in front of his face and knelt.

"Hello human. My name is Fasha, and I am a blood-relative of Serena. What brings you out into our palace this evening? Did Serena not leave you in her chambers for the evening?

Tommy stuttered and responded. "N-n-no Mistress Fasha. I was simply out for a walk in the palace and was frightened by my light going out."

"Human, I can tell you are lying. Why are you so nervous? A slave never leaves the chamber of their mistress, and Serena would certainly not allow such a thing."

"Serena and Emera left me earlier today in that chamber, Mistress. I had no idea what to do."

"Serena left you there with the understanding that you would wait for her return. As I am her blood-relative, I have rights to discipline you since she is absent. And as you have probably figured out, you are currently in our quicksand trap that prevents our slaves from escaping. If I were to leave you too long, you could die in that pit."

Tommy almost sobbed. He knew he was trapped, and at this angle he could see her quickly growing a massive erection. Another shemale was about to fuck his face, and he could do nothing about it. "Mistress, please save me!" Tommy cried.

"I'm surprised Serena has already broken you in with such a short amount of time. No doubt the Majin will be pleased," Fasha chuckled and inched closer into the quicksand, but she did not sink. Apparently the quicksand did not affect genies. "I'll get you out of here under one condition slave. You must swallow my cock and make me cum. If you can do this, I will take you into my room for the evening and let your practice your oral abilities for the Majin all evening. Emera seemed to think you were quite skilled with your hands, but I want to see how skilled you are with your mouth."

Fasha licked her giant lips and her clothes vanished. She was quite attractive, even with the massive penis she had between her legs. Her legs were long and smooth, and her breasts were enormous, easily larger than any he had seen on any woman in his life. His eyes kept coming back to her massive cock though. In all the porn he had watched as a young man, he had never seen a penis so long before. It was not as thick as Emera's, but already as long as Serena's and still growing.

It expanded and hit his lips, pushing softly against them. Fasha knew she did not need to force him and simply waited for him to open his mouth. Then her giant piece of flesh filled his mouth quickly, and Fasha proceeded to sigh at the pleasure she felt from his warm, hot mouth. "It has been so long since my flesh has been in the mouth of a mortal."

She began pushing her massive rod forward, grazing the back of his throat. She smiled at him and continued to saw in and out just to this point, never making him deepthroat, but showing him how she was ready to enter at a moments notice. After toying with him for some time, he felt her hands grab the back of his head and push hard against his throat. Her giant rod forced its way deep into his throat, and she continued to saw in and out, taking her time pushing it all in.

"Slave, if you are to please the Majin, your tongue will need to be trained to lick until you are commanded to stop. Begin licking my shaft while I thrust."

Tommy's body reacted yet again on its own, his tongue lapping at her long veiny shaft while she pushed her many inches deep into his throat. He swore she was deep enough to be into his intestines. She slowly progressed down his throat, never forcing her penis in, just slowly maneuvering it in, enjoying every second of pleasure he provided her. When his lips finally met her base, he felt her shiver and push hard against his lips. Cum began to erupt from her cock-head and into his stomach, and he didn't even have to swallow.

"Nobody has ever taken my entire shaft slave. You are special indeed." Fasha kept pumping her cock back and forth in his throat while she finished, using her cum to lubricate her shaft while she continued to thrust. Her cum must have poured into him for the better part of a minute, his tight throat causing her climax to never end.

She began to pull out and patted him on the cheek. The sand was gone all of a sudden and he was on his knees on the floor now. "Time to keep up my end of the bargain," Fasha said huskily, and Tommy felt the chains on his wrists and legs again. She dragged him back down several hallways into a much smaller chamber than Serena had placed him in, but attached his wrists to some hooks on a platform in the middle of the room.

This room could have been a dungeon for BDSM if he didn't know better. Fasha read his mind and chuckled. "You are very perceptive slave. You are about to experience BDSM for the first time aren't you?"

Tommy swallowed and nodded his head. His arms were now immobilized, and he felt his legs bound in a similar fashion. She flicked her fingers at his chains and they pulled him down onto the table he was chained above, putting him in doggy position on the table. Her penis just came up to his mouth.

A collar chain appeared in her hands and she tugged on it, pulling his mouth onto her shaft. "Nurse it slave. Suck on it nice and slow for Fasha."

His mouth opened and gently swallowed her cock, giving her cock love and adoration. He licked it, kissed it, deepthroated it, sucked on her balls, and still she wanted more. All of a sudden somebody smacked his ass. If he didn't have her cock in his throat, he would have yelped in pain. Another smack followed, and then somebody groped his ass cheeks and kissed them.

Another Fasha stood behind him and said, "I can use my magic too slave! And I think you need some discipline while you nurse that dick." A whip appeared in the second Fasha's hands and she began to smack his ass. Tears leaked from his eyes, and he was forced to endure this torment. She whipped up his back, whipped his chest, and then caressed him.

"Don't worry my love," she cooed. "It hurts now, but you will start to like it." He felt himself start to crave her touch and discipline, and more cum began to spurt out of the original Fasha's cock. The second Fasha put down the whip and began to play with his balls and ass. She would grab his balls and tug them, squeeze them lightly, kiss them, slap them. A variety of torture was given to him, all to make him want her even more. She began to finger his asshole, running a thick finger into his anal cavity. The buttplug Serena had put in had done what she said it would, and duplicate Fasha's finger slipped right in.

"I never realized Serena would be so generous as to prepare you for the Majin. I hope that this makes you feel good." And it was making Tommy feel great. He began to push against her finger and she massaged his prostate. He was close to cumming when she pulled out, and he wiggled his ass for her fingers. She giggled and licked his asshole, giving him a rimjob. Tommy had never experienced this before, and began to moan around Fasha's dick.

She pulled out her penis and stared down at him. The table vanished, and he was floating in the air on his chains. She got behind him inbetween his legs and rubbed her penis. "I know the Majin is supposed to get this honor, but you are so in need of a good fucking slave." Her tip pressed against his anus and he felt it slowly opening up. All of a sudden a voice screamed, "STOP." He fell from the chains and looked back at Fasha. She was suspended in midair and Serena stood in the door.

"What do you think you were doing sister? That right is reserved for the Majin. You have had your pleasure with him for the day. Now leave him with his mistress." The chains reappeared around his wrists and feet and she pulled him to her. "You and I have a date with your new Lord, the Majin. He will take your virginity this night, and you will forever be a slave here."

Tommy just listed to her, not able to resist her anymore. Their magical cum had changed his mind, and Serena saw it. She gazed into his thoughts, and she saw that he was broken. She giggled and picked him up and threw him over her shoulder. "Before we go there though, it's time for you to give me a quickie."

They entered her chamber and she threw him into a cage of sorts. It surrounded his body and locked him in place. Serena manipulated it and he realized she could control the exact movements of his body with this machine, just by thinking it. Not that she couldn't do it anyway, but this was much more to her liking rather than his own impulses. Suddenly he started dancing, his hips swaying, his butt shaking. She was going to have him give her a lap dance!

The suit moved him forward, always shaking his ass, always looking seductive at her. When he reached her lap, he saw her massive cock and remembered how sweet it tasted. He wanted it in his mouth, but the suit forced him to dance right above it. He ran her cock between his asscheeks, grinding on her hard womanhood. She moaned and slapped his ass. He turned to face her and slowly knelt between her legs. She lifted them and put them on top of his shoulders, trapping him between her thighs and cock.

"Now its time to please your mistress slave. Suck me as best you can, and make mommy cum deep in your throat." Serena leaned back and watched him open his mouth and engulf her penis. He wasted no time and went straight down to the root, licking her balls once he was there. She gasped and grabbed his head. "Somebody has been teaching you new tricks!"

He slowly pulled back out and then came back down. He continued to do this for an unknown length of time. He assumed it was for several hours. Just a slow sawing motion in and out of his mouth. He sped up after his jaws began to tire, and she stopped him with her hands. She closed her thighs tight and pulled him down to her base. "Just. Suck."

He vacuumed around her cock as best he could, and he felt her head begin to expand. He braced himself, and her cum began to pour into him. Each time he felt something growing inside of him, some feeling of adoration that continued to grow and grow. It was making him crazy about her, about serving her and making her happy. He smiled around her dick, and she rubbed his head. "You will be a great slave, Tommy. Now lets get you cleaned up. You have an important evening ahead of you."

To be continued...

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