tagNonHumanA Halloween Desire

A Halloween Desire


She could not keep her mind of the mysterious man at the party. She would swear that he was making eye contact with her purposely. Their eyes would meet across the crowded room and he would run his tongue along the tips of his fangs. A simple movement, and yet so very erotic. Still even now, she could feel his presence entering her very soul, enticing her, tempting her. Her blood was rushing through her body to her most sensitive areas. Her nipples and clit grew painfully hard, imagining him touching her.

She had been standing on the balcony overlooking the garden. It was full of beautiful blood red roses. The smell of the flowers was drifting up as she savored the aroma. She imagined walking through the garden and her mystery man pushing her up against one of the stone pillars. Whispering sweet nothings in her ear, kissing, nibbling, and biting her neck. She knew that anyone standing near could tell she was turned on. Her own musty scent was waving like flames through the air. Then almost as if he had read her mind, there he was only mere inches from her, standing, leaning over the railing.

He was dressed in an elegant tuxedo with a black cape enveloping him. A simple red rose adorned his lapel. His hands were folded and his eyes were closed as if he were saying a prayer. He stood there for several seconds with her devouring the delicious sight of his body. His clothes practically melting from him, she could imagine him standing nude before her. The excitement within grew until she felt her heart pounding in her chest. A small gasp escaped from her lips. She could not keep her eyes off him. Her whole being was somehow drawn to him.

Just as she tried pulling her eyes away, he turned. His eyes met hers and for a fleeting moment she felt she might faint. She reached for the marble railing to steady her self as he approached. With his eyes bearing into her very soul, their gazes locked. He slowly looked from her eyes to the garnet pendant adorning her small neck. It was a simple blood red heart dangling from her very delicate silver choker. He looked back into her eyes once again captivating her, and then with his strong, powerful hands he reached to touch the pendant. Taking it between his thumb and index finger, he dexterously rolled it back and forth. Removing his fingers, she noticed that his nails were long and black. He slowly ran them down her body from the base of her neck to the top of her breasts. Then removing his hand, he nodded and started to walk away. She called softly after him; "Will I ever see you again?" Barely even recognizing her own voice.

Walking back towards her, never taking his eyes from hers, he replied, "Are you inviting me into your house my lady?"

The rich German accent flowed from his lips taking her breath away and making her fell lightheaded. She reached to steady herself once again and managed a barely audible, "Yes."

He turned from her and walked back in through the sliding glass doors. She tried to follow him, but found it difficult to move. Her legs felt like lead. She composed herself, and then she also entered the house. She searched for him but realized quickly that he was already gone. His presence was no longer there, for she could not feel him.

Walking home she noticed the bite in the air. She could feel the chilly wind creeping up her dress and caressing her lips. She had to chosen to dress like a young Victorian Maiden. A burgundy velvet corset pushed her breasts up and beyond the limits the dress could hold. It proved to outline her delicate figure giving her the perfect hourglass shape. There was a petticoat underneath, which made the dress balloon out. The fabric of the dress reminded her of touching her very soft shaven pussy lips. She had worn stiletto white ankle high boots and white thigh high panty hose caught with a lacy garter belt. She felt like a prostitute from the 1800's. If ever there was such a thing.

She arrived at her house. Looking around she felt as though someone's eyes were upon her. Chills ran through her entire body. She felt her heart drumming in her chest. You could almost hear the steady beating in the still quietness of the night. Nobody was around. Probably just some kids hiding in the bushes or something. Reaching into her bra to retrieve the key she still felt somewhat eerie. There was someone watching her. She placed the key into the door, slowly turning the knob and pushing the door open. Reaching in with her hand to the light switch, she felt him. His presence squirmed its way into her body, making her heart slam against her chest. He captured her soul.

His strong powerful arm encircled her waist while the other grabbed her hand and gently twisted it behind her back. He pushed her into the foyer and shut the door. Turning her to face him, he pushed her into the cold steel frame. He began running his hands through her hair. Their gazes locked and his grip tightened. Those powerful blue eyes entranced her soul. His mouth slowly came down upon hers, slowly he flicked the outer edges with his tongue. Then pressing his lips firmly to hers, each of their tongues began to swirl around the others. She was entrapped by the kiss. Powerful surges of pleasure evaded her body.

Removing his lips from hers, he so gently scraped her bottom lip with his fang. Taking her by the shoulders, slightly digging his nails into her tender flesh, he turned her around, pressing her breasts to the door. He then began to unlace the corset. Kissing her neck first and then working his way down her back laying his lips where the each tie had once been. She could feel his nails caressing the skin beneath with each and every eyehole. Finally down to the last one, he carefully removed the gown from her shoulders to reveal the full length of her back. More forcefully now, he grabbed her waist and twisted her around, shoving her back into the door. A moan escaped from his lips as his eyes devoured her full breasts. Practically ripping the rest of the dress off, he scooped her into his arms.

He made his way into her bedroom. Suddenly she felt cold, the window was open and the chilly autumn air was blowing steadily through it. The thin transparent curtains whipping wildly about the frame. Her nipples suddenly harden. His big strong hands overtook her body. His nails delicately scraping and clawing her all over. Licking her nipples and her full D cup breasts. His fangs, so carefully, manipulating the sides as he sucks.

Intoxication overcame her body as he nibbled his way down to her soaking wet pussy. He ran his tongue along her lips. Making sure that he did not touch her sensitive clit. She felt his teeth slightly pinching the insides of her thighs as he worked his way down her legs. He licked and kissed his way back up her body to her sweet pussy. He took a second to deeply inhale her musty aroma before flicking the end of his tongue over clit. She could slightly feel his fangs on the outer edges of her cunt. He began licking up and down her pussy. He concentrated on her swollen clit until she began writhing and thrusting her pelvis to meet his mouth. The pressure increased as he sucked on it and forcefully flicked the head of his tongue on her most sensitive spot. Waves of orgasm overtook her as she grabbed the posts at the head of the bed shoving her pussy to his face.

She watched him as he sat up onto his knees. Unzipping the fly of his pants and taking out his hard throbbing cock. She could feel the drool at the corners of her lips, wanting to taste him in her mouth. Their eyes locked once again, as he slowly made his way up to the top of the bed running his cock along her red lips. She opened her mouth and allowed him to fuck her beautiful face. Her hands were at the base of his cock while the head of his swollen member was in her mouth. Moans were escaping from his lips as he slowly thrust it in and out. Her full lips were taking almost his entire swollen dick deep down into her tonsils.

Taking his cock out of her mouth, he slowly leans down to kiss her soft delicate lips taking time to caress her breasts before he fucks her. Going back to the end of the bed, he lifts her up grabbing her ass. He pulls her to the end of the bed. Shoving her legs apart further than they already are, he takes her. Moving his hands up to her hips, he thrusts her cunt to meet him. He fills her with the length of his entire cock. Over and over again he pounds into her.

He feels her pussy pulsating around him as he brings her to one wave of orgasm after another. Her arms wildly fly in the air trying to find something to hold onto. Finally she grabs hold of the sheets and begins thrusting her pelvis meeting his cock stroke for stroke as he fucks her tight swollen pussy. Her cunt feels like a vice grip around his aching member. Almost giving into to desire, he pulls out of her. He grabs her by the ankles and flips her up onto her knees. He climbs onto the bed, grabs her almost painfully by the hips digging his nails into her tender flesh, he enters her most delicate region.

He leans enough to grab her by her long blonde hair and thrusts his cock again and again into her ass. She begs for him to stop but he doesn't. Her beautiful ass bouncing back into him is just too much for him to bear. Finally, getting used to him inside her, she begins fucking him back. Harder and harder she shoves her ass against him. Grinding it against him. Pleading with him for more. She screams for him to take her.

Leaning over her delicate body, he finds the sensitive spot on her neck. He whispers, "Have you ever felt the lips of a vampire kissing your neck?" She feels his teeth barely resting upon her skin, as his teeth begin to sink in. Slowly, yet surely he lets his fangs invade her throat, at the same time thrusting his cock into her deeper than he already had. She is taken over by the waves of desire. Her tight ass clamps tightly down onto his cock. He can no longer take it and sits up again upon his knees. Grabbing her by her hips again he shoves his hard cock deep within her, making her scream from the mixture of pain and pleasure coercing through her. She thrusts her ass back into him as she experiences yet another wave of incredible orgasms. Grabbing her by the hair, he lets him self be taken by her desire for him. He spills his hot come into her beautiful rose. She grinds into him milking his cock of every drop.

He slowly pulls out of her and tucks it back into his pants. Gently turning her over on the bed he kisses her full delicate lips as he lays the beauty down. Turning to go, he gently kisses her cheek. An ever so slightly whispered "Thank You" is muttered from his lips.

Barely aware of what is going on. She wants to tell him..."Please don't go!" She opens her eyes slightly, adjusting to the dark and sees him leave through the window.

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