tagNonHumanA Hole in the Darkness Ch. 05

A Hole in the Darkness Ch. 05


The shaking brings me back to conscientiousness. I'm in a van, a huge one by the looks of it and I'm strapped down to a cot, fixed to the floor. Wherever they're taking me, they are in a hurry because I'm being thrashed back and forth from bumps and sharp turns. No windows whatsoever. As usual, I don't know what time of day it is. Who the hell has me? Whatever they gave me was strong, because I can feel myself slipping back into sleep. Got to fight it and get sharp.

Damn...passed out again.


*see chapter one

From across the bar, rubbing her clit furiously, she raises her ass off the seat, biting her bottom lip to the point of bleeding, her whole body shudders. She spreads her legs as far as they can go and a white liquid gushes from her pussy about three feet at least five or six times.

She opens her eyes suddenly, they are solid yellow with no pupils and scans the room until they focus on me with an enraptured look on her face, mouth open and blood between her teeth. My God, she is so beautiful.

Seeing her nakedness, boldness and cumming all over herself and the floor sends me over the edge. My dick explodes into a thick geyser spraying the underside of the table, the floor out the other side making a large white puddle.

I look up and there she is standing in front of me, in her brown trench coat, open in the front. All she wears underneath is the tight tank top still pulled up exposing her left breast and brown loose boots reaching mid calf. Her legs soaked from her orgasm, pussy visible.

No one seems to notice her partial nakedness. From the back she still looks clothed. "I've been looking for you Sev. You're my mate." Bending over and sliding two fingers in my cum on the floor by her feet, she stands upright again placing them deep into her mouth and swallowing. Your seed is delicious. I want more.


I'm jarred back awake. The van is flipping side over side. The cot I'm attached to snaps from the floor throwing me around like a pinball. My face collides with something in the ceiling of the van. My mouth and eyes fill with blood and my nose goes numb.

The rolling vehicle eventually slows down and with one great crash comes to a halt on its side as I come to rest on the sliding door while still attached to the loosened cot. I don't hear any voices or people moving around, just the sound of the van settling in its aftermath.

I lay there for what seems like hours when suddenly everything starts shaking violently. Something is pounding on the back door. The metal buckles in from another hit. After another it rips open and Kapelion's head burst through. Oh shit, he's here to kill me.

Ripping the hole bigger he steps in. "Come on Whelp." Blood and scars cover him, but he looks as powerful as ever even in his human form.

"We've got to move fast." Snapping my straps he picks me up and steps out of the van throwing me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

We run most of the night. I ask what happened, but he just ignores me, continuing our flight. I don't have any idea where we are, but I figure we've run long enough to cross the state line and we continue further.

Our journey finally ends at a dilapidated old mansion hidden in a forest on top of a mountain. It would make the perfect seventies haunted house. Still carrying me, he opens the front door and enters, walking through what looks like a living room. Stale cigarette smoke and a few other smells I can't place fill the air. A couple looks faintly curious about me as we walk by, Kapelion doesn't acknowledge them. We enter a hallway that leads to a staircase. Halfway up sitting on the steps there's a girl with dark hair going down on another one. She's really giving it to her. The other one has her legs spread wide, but looks like her mind is on something else, almost bored.

We pass them entering another long hallway at the top. Stopping at the second door to the right Kapelion opens it and enters, hitting my head on the trim as we enter. Old newspapers and other debris litter the floor and the only light is from candles. The window is boarded up. He throws me on the bed in the center of the room creating a huge cloud of dust. "Don't wonder off!" he leaves shutting the door behind him.

The muffled sounds of people talking, laughing, and having sex make their way thru the walls as I sit wondering what I'm waiting for.

Thirty or so minutes later the door opens and a tall man and a short brunette with glasses enters.

"Hello Mr. Confers, Sev isn't it?" the man says.

"Yes, call me Sev."

"How do you feel? Disoriented?"

"Oh yeah."

"I imagine. My name is Tundeldon and this is Effranim. We are telepaths. We're here to find out what happened to you at the Institute and help you with your perception problem. Maybe then you wont get into so much trouble. Can you see our true forms now?"

"No, I can sense you, but I only see two humans." The girl is quite attractive.

"You met Vishernn / Dr. Rivin correct?"

"Yes, I didn't figure out until it was too late that he was posing as one of us."

"Your senses may not be attuned yet, but at least you were eventually able to see past his ruse."

"So there are some humans that know about us? He is human right?"

"Not quite. More human than us I suppose. I guess you could say he's related to us, a half-breed if you prefer. They have abilities like we do but to a lesser degree. They look human even to each other."

"What are they?"

"Back in the early days of our race, before the spell was cast, a few "Kind" mated with humans and impregnated them. We're still miffed what had changed during that time, because we've never been able to do so before or after. The offspring multiplied over the centuries looking human and retaining some of our abilities, becoming a whole separate race."

"Now Sev, to the matter at hand. What did he do to you while you were there?"

"I don't know what they did to me while I was asleep but..."


"He coaxed a nurse into having sex with me and when I was cumming he extracted something from the base of my cock into a syringe."

"Damn. He took a sample of your core."

"What do you mean?"

"Ever wonder why the only time you can "see" is when your ejaculating? It's when you are at your most powerful. Your abilities actually allow you to momentarily break the veil that keeps you from seeing us at that precise moment. Your body produces a chemical only then. He's trying to devise a way for humans to see us most likely."

"I really fucked up...again."

"Yes, but it's not all your fault. Reasha and Kapelion should have brought you directly here but instead Reasha had to "play" with you before coming here and you were ambushed."

"Why did she knock me out?"

"She must have sensed what was going on too late and knocked you out, hiding you so you wouldn't be harmed in the battle."

"Where is she?"

"They took her. She was at the same facility as you. We're looking for her now."

"If you're telepaths how come you're not reading my mind?"

"We are, just your feelings and few brief images at the moment. Our connection with you is not strong yet, but the longer we talk the more powerful it will become."

Up until now Effranim hasn't said a word or done anything but watch me as Tundeldon and I spoke, but now she's taking her jacket off and loosening her belt around her waist.

He continues. "You've pretty much told us everything you know about what happened at the Institute. We are going to try to trick your senses into seeing us on a more permanent basis because you can't go the rest of your life fucking everybody you meet to see if they are "Kind" or not."

Effranim opens her skirt at the side and lays it across the back of a chair by the door exposing tanned fit legs meeting at a pair of thin white silk panties. She still hasn't spoke.

"The spell that keeps the rest of the world from seeing your true form is also what is keeping you from seeing ours. You are not the only one that has been affected by it in this way. Fortunately we've helped others with the same affliction."

Behind him Effranim slides her panties down to her feet, stepping out of them revealing a bare mound. She's quite stunning. My dick has been hard since I arrived, but now it's to the point of being painful.

Tundeldon assures me. "We are going to help you Sev. Could you disrobe please?"

I can't control the arousal I feel towards Effranim. I must have her. I don't even care that Tundeldon is in here. I take my cloths off so fast that I almost tear them. Laying back on the bed I can't wait to feel her, experience her, and see her true form.

"Okay. You seem quite ready. Good. This may not take as long as we thought but we're not leaving until we have cured you, one way or the other." he says.

I wonder what that means?

She gets on the bed as Tundeldon steps back. Standing over me wearing only a dark red pullover shirt and glasses. Her brown hair tied up with a few strands hanging in her face. Straddling my thighs she takes my dick in her hands working the base with one and rubbing the head with her thumb of the other. Her skin almost feels tingly, electric, vibrating a little, I'm not sure. Getting closer with her mouth a small drop of spit drips from her lip to my cock and then she blows on it. The tip of my dick heats up more and more with each breath. Already I'm about to ejaculate. She puts it in her mouth sliding all the way to the base, my dick feels like it's covered in wet electricity.

"I'm already about to cum!!"

She speeds up the pace as I go numb writhing with pleasure. I explode deep in her mouth. I can hear her swallowing it, but a lot comes out and drips down her neck.

I see her now. Holy shit she's gorgeous. Her skin is red almost like fire. Her hair dark blue and standing straight up, crackling with an electric charge. Opening her eyes she looks at me with white-hot orbs. What is she? Some kind of goddess?

Taking me in her mouth again she slides up and down almost violently as Tundeldon places his thumbs into my temples hard. I don't care. I just want inside this creature.

Grabbing her head, I pull her to me until her pussy is just over my cock. Her hair stabs my hands with electricity. It hurts, but I don't care. I move them to her waist and pull down on her hard with a wet sizzle. She feels like an electric eel wrapped around my dick, wet, slippery, and shocking the shit out of me, but it feels good. She opens her mouth wide as I slide all the way in but, she doesn't utter a sound. I scream in pain as she starts fucking me. It hurts so much I almost feel like I'm going to pass out, but it also feels good.

Tundeldon's thumbs press harder into my skull and he starts whispering something I can't make out just as a scratching sound comes from the door.

Her large breast dance up and down as she pumps harder. I can feel the electricity flowing down inside my shaft to my balls then up into my stomach. I almost can't take anymore. The pain.

The scratching at the door becomes clawing then pounding.

It feels like his thumbs are inside my head now.

I feel myself passing in and out of conciseness as my dick erupts again. The pain, I can't take it anymore. I push her off just as the first geyser of cum hits her in the face, chest, and stomach. The next splatters my chest and bed just as the door burst open. The two women that were making out on the stairs rush in naked.

"He's fucking her. He's still alive."

"I didn't think he could do it."

One of them gets up on the bed behind Effranim reaching around and between her legs sliding my scorched cock back inside her.

The second girl straddles my face, grinding her pussy from my chin to my nose covering me in her juices. Her skin feels like warm glossy marble and striped with shades of black and pink.

The other one's skin is white, almost translucent, very petite with long straight blonde, almost white hair. I can't tell if she has antennas or really thin horns jutting from her cheeks. She rubs Effranim's clit as she starts pumping me again.

The electricity builds again. Damn, I don't know if I'm going to survive this. It feels like I'm being cooked alive. "I can't do this anymore..."

"Shut up!!" The one on my face says. You're doing this and you're going to survive." Putting her hands on my forehead she fucks my mouth. Other than the stripes she looks human but she's really strong. Her long brown hair getting in my eyes.

Tundeldon's thumbs burrow in my temples all the way to his palms. I can feel them touching just behind my eyes. All the while still whispering babble.

The ghost looking girl still rubbing Effranim's clit tells her "I want you to cum. I want to feel you cum. Don't worry about him. Just do it. It's been so long."

She shakes her head in disapproval, but speeds up the pace. What's going to happen to me when she cums? Will I be fried to ash? There's not anything I can do about it now. The striped chick is stronger than me and has my face in a vice grip between her legs. I can't feel my skin anymore below my waist and I have two thumbs shoved into my brain. It's amazing I've lived this long. I'm going to die if I haven't already.

Fucking me harder she opens her mouth again, but this time a white light shines from within. Electricity spills from it, her eyes, ears, nose, finger tips, and nipples covering her body until it dances along mine.

The ghost girl tells her "Oh shit baby you're really going to do it this time aren't you?" She pulls her head back and kisses her deep, the electricity not harming her. "Cum for me baby. Please."

The girl riding my face locks her legs and stops moving "Yessssss...ssss. She grabs her tits and gushes on my face.

My body spasms as I feel like I'm being cooked from within and somehow I cum again filling her lethal pussy, my last act on this earth.

As soon as Effranim feels me ejaculate in her she looks at me with burning eyes and screams, a woman's voice at first, but the longer it lasts the higher it gets until the room is shaking, the windows explode showering us with glass as fine as snow until I hear nothing...complete silence. I'm deaf and numb. I watch the rest take place in eerie silence. Her mouth open wide, the two girls and Tundeldon holding their bleeding ears running from the room as she pounds me for everything she's got. I feel her pussy tighten as she closes her mouth and looks me in the eyes almost sad. Thrusting one more time I feel her wet orgasm then...an explosion. Everything goes white.

To be continued...

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