tagLetters & TranscriptsA Letter from Old India Ch. 03

A Letter from Old India Ch. 03


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India, 3rd November, 1702

My dear Husband,

I meant to write this letter a few weeks ago but circumstances made it better to wait, the reasons you will learn as you read. I must offer you my deepest thanks for the safe chaperoning of Mr. Aakster; it was a surprise to see him at the door just a few weeks after my last letter.

With my best expectations I still could not imagine your intentions and the presentation letter carried by my chaperone did not lighten up how your mood could have been affected by my last adventures.

Aakster's main concern was to embark the both of us on the Sereniteit as soon as possible and as the silent man he was; he did not wish to give many explanations. At the same time I could not abuse the generosity of my good hosts, which, having no knowledge of the changes that have happened and having had no part in them, took the news of my departure with renewed joy wishing to see my native land and dearest husband very soon.

It would be a lie to say I left Nagapatnam with a smile; as the ship left the harbor I thought what my eyes were seeing was the last glimpse of a land of freedom and pleasure before I once again see the cold fog of Rotterdam. But my fate was to take an unexpected turn very soon.

About twelve days out the safety of Nagapatnam harbor I was in my cabin getting ready to sleep when a loud thump sounded over the whole ship; it rocked so violently no one could ever stand. I grasped to the table but fell badly and I am sure the force that threw me on the floor was so strong I must have been slammed into both sides of the cabin, even if I do not remember that happening. All I remember was a pounding headache and the worried look of one of the officials, Mr. Timms.

He was so attentive and took good care of me. He explained a whale had hit against our ship and the Captain had decided to head to a small safe island for repairs. We reached there in half a day, however I cannot tell much of the journey as I spent most of the time in bed trying to get over my headache. A nasty bump had appeared on my forehead, all swollen and painful to the touch.

After the beauties I admired during my stay at Nagapatnam I did not imagine there was an even better place in the world. The island, in its simplicity, was the prettiest land I have ever seen. The profile of a palm tree against the blue of the ocean is the simplest pleasure for the eye, palm fronds moving softly in the wind, their quivering reminding of a fan.

Our small group found shelter under tents raised between the palm trees close to the beach, I must say it was not a big party, other than the crew and me I could mention only another couple and my chaperon. The Captain made things easy for all of us but the forced inactivity increased our contacts with the crew, which added to my pleasure I must admit, however Mr. Aakster did not seem to appreciate and always kept himself apart. I did not see him much, always closed shut in his tent.

The interest Mr. Timms was taking in me was evident to my eye, his manner so gentle too that I loved to stay by the fire after dark to enjoy his conversation. In the quiet of those nights, the ocean waves were the only accompaniment of our thoughts

The rain season was due to begin and soon enough black clouds started to gather at the horizon. One night rain was falling from the sky so heavily there was no way to stay dry. I was alone on the beach, lit only by the light of a full moon and wearing my white petticoat. It had rained the whole day and the black clouds at the horizon promised more for the night, even though allowing a quick evening break.

I was not so alone in fact, because I saw a shadow approach and knew instantly it could only be Mr. Timms; for the looks we shared during our frugal dinner I knew he would look for me soon.

His solid presence beside me felt reassuring; he touched my elbow in the semi obscurity. A feather touch, then his fingers opened and he held my arm. Feeling no resistance he wrapped his arms around my waist. Strong fingers crawled on the wet fabric, feeling every wrinkle. His touch was so soft, yet so demanding.

I shivered in anticipation; just a couple layers of fabric separating me from the manly body behind me. His mouth descended on my neck and the contact with his lips made me shiver. Oh dear husband, what sweetness we have missed during our flavorless marriage!

Holding a breast with one hand, the other moving down to explore the most hidden folds of my body, he whispered soft words to my ear. I knew that night would be our own till daybreak. There was no rush, no urgency, we had all the time to savor each moment and feed on each other's passion.

Thunder sounded in the distance and the floodgates of heaven opened on our heads with a heavy shower of rain. Mr. Timms grabbed the edge of my now soaked petticoat and lifted it above my head. The rain splashed against my body and gushed in streams on each fold of my skin.

His mouth tasted a nipple, holding the hard point in his lips he sucked hard; I grabbed his arm and let myself fall on the soft sand. He stood watching me for a moment, eating me with his eyes. Quickly his clothes came off, piling up on the sand in a shapeless lump. His profile loomed in the light of the full moon, a strong body shaped by a life spent on sea; he knelt on the ground and whispered a moan.

Hands caressed by body from head to toe, igniting fires that would not be spent easily. Shivers of pleasure and anticipation ran down my spine and we rolled in the sand, letting the rain and our skillful touches wash away the dirt.

'Let me taste you' he whispered to my ear just before grabbing my knees and pulling them high. Between my legs he nestled, exploring my most intimate folds with his tongue. I moaned heavily as soon as his tongue penetrated my cunt, he wiggled it and I curled my toes with the sensation. His tongue reached the small grain of pleasure on top of my cunt and sucked it hard, I screamed and my fingers sunk in the sand. With wise licks he brought me almost to the top of pleasure, and then moved up, licking every bit of my skin up to my belly, then between my breasts and gently tasting my nipples.

His engorged manhood stood erect between the hairs, pushing against my leg it asked for my attention. Even in the dark I felt him tensing when my fingers closed on his pole, breathing harder he lifted his body above mine and rolled on his side. I sat up and stroked his cock with my hand; the big head glistening in the moonlight invited my mouth to feel his taste.

He groaned helplessly when my lips closed on his manhood sucking hard, he rested his head back and his fingers ran softly through my wet hair. My head moved quickly, alternating with my hands, sucking and pumping while the rain continued to fall on our bodies. I felt his cock swelling more in my mouth, harder than ever, and his touch pushed me back on the sand, under him. He quickly lifted his body over mine and positioned himself between my spread legs.

'Take me' my plea was drowned by the sound of thunder but he needed no encouragement and his cock soon pushed in to find its way in my pussy so wet.

'Deeper' I whispered to his ear and he pushed harder until he was deeply sunk in my cunt. I was feeling so full, so wanted, his lips searched mine and our tongues played passionate games at the same time he started moving his hips. Mine accompanied his movements, slow and regular then hard to desperate, and our fires burned together. At the top of pleasure I held tight to his back and my body shook in pleasure, arching my body against my man, against the rain, a tingling started from my cunt and spread all over my body. My muscles grasped to his cock and we reached pleasure together.

Later we stood, covered in sand and each other's fluids on a tropical beach having learnt another side of passion.

But my letter will not be completed until I explain the events that took me where I am now. Soon after out nightly adventure the ship was repaired enough to sail away, however, as the Captain explained, it was not fit to face the long journey on the ocean so we were bound to return to Nagapatnam where it could be thoroughly repaired and leave again in a few weeks.

I am truly sorry my husband that you missed the chance to see Mr. Aakster's face when he learnt I would not be joining him on the next trip of the Sereniteit back to Rotterdam. I trusted our wedding band to him and prayed him to deliver back what belongs to you, the gold band. He must reach Rotterdam very soon so I expect you will already have it back when you will receive this letter.

This may be the last missive you receive from me and spare your rage, my former husband; I did not escape with Mr. Timms, for a woman cannot be truly happy with a man until she can be happy with herself. So consider yourself free from your vows and I wish this has taught the both of us to make better use of them the next time.

Fare thee as well as I fare.


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