tagLoving WivesA Liberated Wife Gone Wild

A Liberated Wife Gone Wild


Sitting perched on one of my buddy Phil's comfy barstools; I sipped a cold beer, and watched a ball game I didn't much care about. Only, I wasn't exactly alone. Off in the kitchen, I could hear our wives laughing and giggling. Phil and his wife Hanna had invited my wife Carla and me over for dinner. But Phil's in Real estate, and hoping to close a deal, he was still out showing a property.

Hanna is a feisty blonde with a slim figure, and an absolutely smoking hot ass. On the other hand, Carla is a smoldering beauty with a dark Mediterranean look, a lush figure, and an absolutely gorgeous pair of round ripe 36-c tits. I met Phil and Hanna in college, and was best man at their wedding. Right from the get go, Hanna and I had teased back and forth; but, it was usually me doing the flirting. And it's not like I hoped, or expected to get anywhere, no way! In any case, Carla and I enjoy an open marriage; which for us anyway, means a frequently wild and always uninhibited sex life! But, at least to outward appearances anyway, Phil and Hanna enjoyed a much more traditional relationship! Well, that's what Phil and I thought! But then, what did we know? And never mind what we never even imagined!

Coming up from behind me, Carla wrapped her arms around my neck. I forgot all about the game, when her nibbling seemed determined to turn my ear in to an appetizer. Her husky whisper told me that Phil had just called. He had an offer to write up and present, and was going to be another hour or so. And then, her voice full of sexy innuendo, she told me "You know Bob, I don't think Hanna's wearing anything under that dress! Remember when I pulled that little trick at our place? It nearly drove Phil nuts...and didn't you just love that! But really, can you see him coming up to you, and telling you that Hanna's bare ass naked under her dress?"

"Hell no," I told her, quickly reminding her "But then, darling that night it was you who told Phil, not me!"

I thought her chuckled "Oh well, just thought you'd want to know," sounded full of mischief! But, giving the swelling bulge in my shorts a playful squeeze she spun away, and headed for the kitchen. Of course, I couldn't get the image of Hanna's naked body out of my mind. But luckily, I needed another beer! Curious, and feeling an unexpected swell of erotic anticipation, with beer for an excuse, I headed for the kitchen.

Hanna's arms were raised as she reached around to pull her apron over her head. Well, that had her short dress hiked up high enough to show off the tantalizing swell of the curvy bottoms of her ass's cheeks! I couldn't be sure, but there sure wasn't any sign of panties! She'd just tossed the apron on the counter, when my hands landed on the soft swell of her hips. Confirmation, no panties; so, with my lips nuzzling her ear, I teased "I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!" My hands already beginning to slide higher, I flicked the tip of my tongue along the line of her jaw, before asking "I approve; but, does Phil know?"

Catching me totally off guard, Hanna pushed her ass back, saucily gyrating against the hard-on already burning against it. Giggling girlishly, she answered "No," asking "Why, are you thinking about telling on me?" Barely believing I was doing it; but unable to resist the suggestive way her ass churned, and the saucy purr in her challenging question, I went for it! Cupping obviously bare breasts in my hands, I flicked my thumbs over a rock hard pair of seriously jutting nipples!

Leaning back against me, Hanna surprised me again, when she moaned an insistent sounding "Pinch them Bob!" Complying happily, her throaty growls of pleasure said she liked having her nipples pinched and rolled between my fingers. Oops, but then she batted my hands away. Spinning around to face me, I expected to hear her laugh, and say something like, enough of that buster! Instead, with what sure looked an awful lot like barely restrained desire flashing in her eyes, she stared down at the bulge tenting my shorts. Almost whispering, she said "Carla says you're bigger then Phil!" yeah, I thought; and there's only one way she could know that! And that would have been if Carla had spilled the beans about the spontaneous, and one time only, ménage a trois we'd enjoyed with Phil.

One night, not long before their wedding, Carla and I had dropped by their apartment. Hanna was at work, and one thing had led to another. Phil's got a real thing for big tits, so I was busting his balls by occasionally grabbing Carla's bountiful beauties. And one of those times, she pushed my hands away, and stood up.

Eyes fixed on Phil; Carla pulled her sweater off, exposing bare breasts. Laughing, she knelt, straddling and facing Phil. Hands on her hips, she arched her back, offering Phil her perfect tits. The only thing missing was the silver platter! Anyway, it didn't take long for Phil's mouth and fingers to have Carla whimpering in ecstasy. But Carla gets impatient when she's horny; which, of course, means she's damn near always impatient. So, hands already reaching for his pant's zipper, she slid off Phil, and on to the floor. Lickety-split, and Carla was going down on her first mouthful of uncircumcised cock! Batting his grabbing hands away, she took him; not letting him stop her rapidly bobbing head from pistoning soft lips up and down the hard length of his cock. Damn straight, Carla took him with that uncircumcised cock's head buried deep in her throat!

Still licking cum off her lips, she stretched out on the carpet. Her eyes darting back and forth between us, she unzipped, unbuttoned, and then slowly slid her jeans off. Phil moved fast! So, instead of finding herself with a pussy full of my cock, it was him diving in tongue first. That tongue didn't waste any time ripping a pair of enthusiastically screamed orgasms loose. And then, with Carla screaming "Fuck me, fuck me, he grabbed her ankles.

Whooping an encouraging "harder guy, yeah pound it to her," I watched Phil fuck my wife. With her legs spread wide above her head, he gave her exactly the sort of hard, balls to the wall fucking she likes! And then, making me proud, while Carla squealed her protests, my furiously pumping buddy pulled out, and unloaded a gusher of cum over her tits.

That had been quite a night! Unrestrained and damn near nonstop, it reached its peak with a wild double penetration. Make that a double, double, because it was Both Carla's and Phil's first. Only, before I get too sidetracked, maybe I should get back to Hanna's tantalizing kitchen revelation.

I was sure, Hell, no way would Phil have told Hanna that I sported a bigger cock then his! Still, I just couldn't picture Carla explaining to a wide eyed Hanna how she'd come to know it! But then, I couldn't have pictured what happened next either!!

Hanna looked straight in to my eyes, licked her lips nervously, shrugged, and in one fluid move pulled her dress off over her head. Naked, except for a tiny triangle of blonde curls, she stood there looking more invitingly seductive then a buddy's wife had any business looking! I glanced over at Carla, but she was too busy eyeing Hanna's surprisingly spectacular curves to offer me any help. So, while I tried to get my mouth working, Hanna did an enticingly slow pirouette, deliberately flaunting an ass I'd so often admired. I got as far as "Aah fuck...oh Hell, wow, you're smoking hot...but Phil," before she mercifully cut me off!

"Phil's not going to mind," she said, and then finished blowing my mind by adding "Really, he's going to absolutely love it!" My doubt must have been obvious, because she hurriedly explained "No really, for the past couple of months he's been bugging me, practically non stop to loosen up! Seriously, like out of nowhere Mr. Jealous, suddenly can't stop talking about watching me...well you know, doing it with another man! And if he ever catches me with another woman, he's going to have a heart attack for sure!"

Well, I knew Phil, and that last part was a given! Still, I sputtered out a questioning "You're telling me, you'd like it if Phil walked in while you were, what, going down on me?" She was nodding enthusiastically, but I still had to ask "So, good old Phil's going to stand their gawking; watching, while I pump your mouth full of hard cock and hot cum...and, he's not going to go totally ballistic?" Not waiting for an answer, and because I just had to know, I asked "OK, and you like the idea of playing hot and nasty with another man while your husband watches...really?"

With a giggled "Un-huh," Hanna slid to her knees, and reached for my shorts. Down slid my shorts, and up popped my cock. With a huskily growled "Yes," Hanna closed her lips around that rigidly jutting cock's head. Barely pausing, those lips plunged downward, swallowing inch after inch of hard cock. Her head bobbed back up, and she stopped, with its head still trapped in her mouth's fiery wet heat. Looking up at me, her eyes seemed to be telling me, not asking, surprised you, didn't I!

Grinning down at her, I waited. But, when she didn't make a move, I reached out, tangling my fingers in soft blonde hair. Her eyes slid shut, and with one thrust of my hips I drove the head of my cock through her lips, and deep in to her mouth. Fucking her mouth almost casually, I watched my cock sliding slowly through Hanna's lips on its way in to her throat. But I was curious to see what my buddy's suddenly adventurous wife would do; so, I pulled out of her mouth, leaned back against the kitchen counter and waited!

Amazing me with her skill, Hanna teased me with what sure felt like practiced ease! Soft flicks from the darting tip of her tongue swirled up and down my cock's full length, spinning around my balls, and racing back up to torture its throbbing head. Pursed lips slid softly over the slippery head of my cock, as she popped it in and out of her mouth's volcanic heat. The first time she touched me with her hands, she was holding my balls nestled in her mouth. And when she tired of pumping a rocketing fist up and down a slippery cock's hard length, she grabbed my ass with both hands. Letting my balls slip out of her mouth, she began rapidly pistoning her mouth up and down my cock's shaft., And when Hanna started letting it's fat head repeatedly pop out of her mouth, before slamming down, and driving it deep in to her throat, she practically drove me right up the fucking wall! She was still hard at it too, when a naked Carla dropped down behind her.

It didn't surprise me that my wife was naked; after all, it was Carla! And of course, that meant she wanted more then just a closer look! Still, it did, sort of anyway, surprise me when Carla grabbed a handful of Hanna's blonde hair, and none too gently pulled her head back. Seeing that, I was half expecting it, when she leaned in and kissed Hanna full on the mouth.

Despite the fact that I'd just enjoyed having a suddenly, and unexpectedly bold Hanna going down on me, it was still a shocker seeing her ardently return Carla's fiery kiss! It was after that long and obviously passionate kiss that Carla's husky purr reminded Hanna "What do you know, my little bitch likes sucking my husband's cock...told you so, didn't I!" Hearing that, my little bitch thing, did it; and I knew, un-huh, there was a story I needed to hear! But, I told myself it could wait! Sure, because I was busy listening to Carla's teasing snickers, and to her explaining "Too bad darling, but Phil isn't hear to watch...so...instead of getting a great big load of Bob's gooey cum splashed all over your face, well gosh, I guess you're going to have to swallow it!" What the fuck, I thought, I'm definitely missing something; first that little bitch thing, and now its darling! I was still trying to wrap my mind around it; when, with a rather forceful shove, Carla reinserted my cock in her darling little bitch's mouth.

Well, poor tardy Phil didn't show up in time to watch his pretty wife bobbing her mouth up and down my cock, or to see her gulping as I pumped spurt after spurt of cum down her throat either. Too bad, I remember thinking; knowing that later I'd love busting his balls by describing it in all its glory. After all, what are buddies for? Still, I didn't figure I could adequately describe the dizzyingly erotic sight of my cum erupting cock driving in and out of Hanna's mouth , or of the gobs of cum that squirted out past her lips either. But I looked forward to trying, especially the part where Carla licked up the cum trickling in glistening white rivulets down his wife's chin. Unfortunately, I didn't get to tell him that his suddenly unpredictable and seemingly erotically uninhibited wife shared his penchant for gobbling pussy! Nope; because, damn it, he made it home in time to witness that first hand!

Not surprisingly, Carla hadn't stopped after lapping up her tasty little treat. Anyway, she was still tongue dancing with Hanna, when I scurried off, seriously needing to drain the lizard! Heading back towards the kitchen I passed the den. And what do you know; I heard the unmistakable sounds of my wife in orgasmic distress! Only, it didn't turn out to be Phil kneeling between Carla's legs, his tongue busily whipping her clit! Instead, I discovered it was his unbelievable blonde wife ripping those screams of orgasmic ecstasy out of Carla's throat. Definitely posing, Carla was lying with her head on a throw pillow, hands under her head, one leg bend and cocked to the side, and the other one braced up on Hanna's shoulder. And Hanna; well, she was stretched out between Carla's legs. Her hands rested on Carla's sleek thighs, thumbs spreading her lover's labia wide. Staring in disbelief, I watched Hanna's tongue dart in a flicking blur over a distinctly, and darkly engorged clit. Moving closer, I watched Hanna's energetic tongue quickly tear a pair of loud, back arching orgasms out of my wife. When Carla tangled her hands in Hanna's hair, and ordered, and I do mean ordered, "More, fuck yes, more...do it bitch, eat me," I just had to get in on the action.

Kneeling between Hanna's already wide spread legs, I bent and swirled the tip of my tongue up one silky inner thigh, flicked it over velvety soft labia, and on down the smooth taunt skin of her other thigh. I didn't hear Carla bitching, so I figured Hanna hadn't missed a lick as she'd squirmed her way up on to her knees. I covered her beautiful ass with wet kisses, intoxicated by the rich musky scent of her. Eager, I abandoned the slow sensuously seductive approach, and practically dove tongue first in to her vagina. Probing, my tongue swirled through a lava flow of her vagina's molten juices. Swept up in a frenzy of erotic pleasure, I tongue fucked my best friend's wife, loving the way her slippery wetness drenched my face! It wasn't until I felt her fingers spreading her self open that I sought out her clit. It was erect, a silky smooth nub demanding my flicking tongue's attention. I admit it; I get a perverse kick out of using the darting tip of my tongue, or the probing head of my cock to distract a woman doing her best to blast Carla in to orgasmic orbit. Of course, it's just as much fun vice versa!

Right then though, Hanna's increasingly loud moans of pleasure were building; and the only thing on my mind was her swollen clit. Franticly gasping "More, more, do that," Hanna came, and came again! And then panting out gasped yeses, her wet fingers still holding herself spread wide open; Hanna soared, thundering in to a body shuddering climax. Not through, swept up in a surging tide of orgasmic pleasure, Hanna came again and again, in a building series of crashing waves of ecstasy! Breathless and gasping, Hanna collapsed in to Carla's waiting arms. But, right then, I didn't give a fuck who she was kissing; I just wanted to bury my cock in her pussy.

Hooray for wifely instincts, because Carla scooted back and up on to the sofa. With an insistent "Come on darling," Carla spread her legs, and gently pushed Hanna's head down. And then cooing soothingly, she told her blonde headed lover "Hang on tight Darling, Bob's about to fill you're very pretty little pussy with eight very hard looking inches of cock!" After that, I enjoyed listening to her snickered "The nasty bastard managed to make you leave me hanging...so, lets see if you can eat pussy and enjoy a good hard fucking at the same time!"

Not wanting to disappoint anyone, I grabbed Hanna's hips, using my thumbs to spread her pretty round ass's cheeks. The head of my cock was already pushing in to her, when I changed my mind! Instead of pausing, and then slamming fully in to her, I decided to pull back, letting that head pop out of her vagina's flaming orifice. Wanting her to feel every one of those eight inches sliding in to her, I caught a handful of Hanna's hair, and pulled her face away from the tantalizingly tempting distraction of Carla's pussy. And I didn't let go, until I'd slowly corkscrewed a handful of fully penetrating strokes in to the clenching depths of that incredibly wet and slippery vagina. And then, before Carla could pitch a bitch, I let go of Hanna's hair, politely pushing her head back down between Carla's inviting thighs. Settling back, with a firm hold on a double handful of very curvy ass, I got down to the serious business of jack hammering a flurry of powerfully driven thrusts in to my buddy's sexy blonde headed wife. Making it doubly sweet, I made a deliberate effort to slip fully out, relishing the joy of penetrating her over and over again!

Well, Carla caught up with her missing orgasm, taking another one to make up for the inconvenience of being forced to wait. And somehow, I'd managed to avoid sending that inevitable explosion of cum blasting deep in to my breathlessly panting blonde playmate. Carla must have seen my indecision, because she chuckled an insistent "yeah, do it!"

There I was, all set to drive in a final volley of fast hard thrusts, before executing a strategically planned withdrawal. Looking forward to cracking a couple of swats off Hanna's ass, hopefully before I decorated it with a shower of gleaming white cum, a bellowed "Oh fuck, this I do not believe," announced Phil's arrival.

Carla's feet were up on Hanna's shoulders, her knees splayed wide, and holding tight to a double handful of blonde curls. Freeing one hand, she waved, and then blew Phil a kiss. I yanked my cock out of a blonde squealing "Hi honey, look at me," and managed to get one swat in before she scrambled to her feet. Of course she had to run over and throw her arms around the big galoot! Only, with her kissing him with frenzied abandon, it made it awfully hard to read his expression.

With an exasperated moan, I rolled on to my back. Well, with a hunk of hard, dripping wet, and ready to go cock right there, Carla slid off the sofa, swung a leg over, and slammed an absolutely molten vagina down on it. Leaning down she brushed a hurried kiss against my lips, before whispering "Phil's going to go nuts watching her licking me off your cock! Oh God, and just wait until he sees it sliding in to her mouth!" Fuck that I thought; wait until he sees me thrust up and drive it in to her fucking throat.

Beaming, Hanna led a shell shocked looking Phil in our direction. Carla scrambled out of the way, and Hanna slid to her knees between my legs. Awesome, so I had my wife kneeling on one side, and her husband on the other. Figuring Carla would be watching Phil, and would happily fill me in later, I watched Hanna use a slowly flicking tongue to carefully lick the taste of Carla off my cock. Well that had me ready to scream, and when she began popping the still glistening head of my cock in and out of her mouth, I damn near begged for mercy. Instead, hands in her hair, I held her in place, thrust my hips up, and let my buddy watch the full length of my cock slide deep in to his wife's throat. Carla was clapping enthusiastically, so I did it a few more times. But then, and just in time too, Hanna batted my hands away.

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