tagIllustratedA Life Changing Trip with Mother Ch. 05

A Life Changing Trip with Mother Ch. 05


Chapter 12

That evening Melissa washed Eric as usual, but she didn't do anything sexual with him. Eric was obviously disappointed. Melissa gave him a smile and went to the bedroom to wait for him.

When Eric came upstairs Melissa saw that he was only wearing a towel. She smiled and patted the bed next to her.

He dropped the towel and quickly he crawled onto the bed and lay down.

Without a word Melissa bend over him and began to kiss his stomach. With little licks, she worked her way across his lower abdomen toward his already hard cock. She grasped his cock with one hand as she continued to kiss around his erection. For quite some time she avoided touching his cock, until finally, when she felt his hand on her head, she allowed him to lead her mouth to his cock. With a moan from both of them she engulfed him.

"Oh, God, Mom," he moaned. His hands directed her head up and down as his hips began to move.

Melissa's head began to move faster and her hand began to pump his cock. Within minutes she was gasping for breath as she worked to make him cum. She suddenly needed his cum ... needed it desperately. A moment later she got what she wanted.

"Ohhhh," Eric groaned as his balls pulled tight to his groin. Then he screamed, "Ahhhhhheeee," as his cum rushed up the shaft and into his mother's sucking mouth.

Melissa's pussy began to throb when she felt the first blast of cum spew into her mouth. She swallowed and trembled. The cum kept coming until it began to slip from her lips and down her fist to pool on his stomach.

When Melissa had all the cum cleaned from his cock she bent her head and began to lick up the juice that had spilled on his stomach.

Eric watched his mother with total amazement on his face.

When she finally pulled away, there wasn't a speck of cum to be found. She had it all in her stomach. It now felt strangely comforting to have swallowed her son's sperm. It made her feel warm inside. Then her heart began to swell with something ... a strange feeling ... something she hadn't felt in years. With shock she realized that she loved her son ... but not like a son ... like a man ... like a lover. The realization made her head spin and her heart pound.

Suddenly the room grew very quiet. Melissa pulled away and moved up to lie on the bed next to Eric, who had his eyes closed, but he was still breathing heavily.

A moment later Eric opened his eyes and smiled at his mother. She returned the smile. "God, you're beautiful, Mom."

Melissa blushed. She closed her eyes. "Thank you," she whispered.

Eric found he couldn't resist touching her. Slowly his hand reached out and rested on her breast.

Melissa's eyes flew open. "Eric," she gasped, yet she did nothing to remove his hand.

"You have the prettiest breasts I have ever seen," he said, almost in a trance.

When Melissa felt his hand began to knead her flesh, she knew she should stop him. Yet, she couldn't move. She closed her eyes and groaned quietly. She allowed Eric to place his mouth on hers and their tongues began to duel. Eric's cock grew hard again.

Eric began to squeeze her breast more firmly. Soon he was massaging and pinching the nipple. His hand moved to the other breast.

Melissa was breathing through her mouth and she kept her eyes closed tightly. She knew what was about to happen but couldn't stop it.

Eric slowly bent his head and took the hard nipple into his mouth.

"Errrrriiiiccc, nooooo!!!" Melissa gasped. She reached for his head, but his hand caught hers and their fingers entwined. Her hips began to squirm.

He sucked one nipple and then the other, nursing on them as he had done when he was but an infant.

A few moments Melissa felt Eric begin to move. His mouth moved down her breasts to her stomach. "Eric, no," she whispered. "This is so wrong." Her hands remained on his head as it moved lower and lower.

Swiftly, before another protest, Eric moved between his mother's legs onto his knees. He stared down at her pussy.

He had never looked at one so close before, but he knew his mother's was beautiful. It was hard to believe that he had come out of that hole eighteen years ago. He could never have imaged that he would someday lick it. His eyes ran up and down the swollen lips watching them quiver with anticipation. The lips were open and ready for his mouth. He could see a stream of juice coming from deep inside and his mouth began to water. He had to eat her.

He lifted her legs and gently placed them on his shoulder.

"Eric, what are you doing?" Melissa asked as if she had no idea.

"I know Dad never did this for you, but I want to."

"What ... oh, Eric ... you ... we can't."

"Yes we can. I want to eat your pussy. I want to make you feel good like you've done for me."

"It's wrong," Melissa whimpered without opening her eyes.

"No, it's right. You're going to love it. Just relax."

"Ohhhh, Eric," Melissa whispered in surrender as she grasped the back of her thighs and pulled them to chest. There was no attempt to push him away now.

Melissa could feel the juice dripping from her hole and running to the sheet below. For a moment it embarrassed her. But then she felt Eric's mouth on her pussy.

"Ohhhhh, mmmmhhhhhh," she screamed. She had never felt so excited in her life. This was something she had fantasized about for years ... fantasized about a man eating her ... but certainly not her own son. "Eric," she gasped when she felt his tongue split her swollen lips. "Oh, God!"

Eric moaned as he moved his tongue up and down her wet slit. He tickled the inner lips, then drawing the juice coating his tongue into his mouth. He pushed her hips back further and opened his mouth wide. His head moved down with his tongue out. He plunged it into her.

"Ahhhhhheeeee ... oh God, oh God!!!" Melissa screamed. She froze with her hips raised. She could feel her son's tongue swirling deep inside her, then plunging in and out. Her mouth opened as she gasped for breath, trying desperately to draw oxygen into her depleted lungs. "Ohhhh, ohhhh, ohhhh!!!" she moaned.

Eric tongued her for a long time. Then he pulled back and opened his mouth again. This time it came down on her swollen clit. He sucked the almost penis shaped clit into his mouth.

That was more than Melissa could take. "Ahhhh, I'm cummmmmiiiiinnngggg!!! she screamed. Her hips lifted from the bed and then froze. Fireworks exploded inside her head. Waves of incredible pleasure washed over her, bringing her pleasure like she had never known. The pleasure grew with each wave until she could no longer think ... she could only feel ... feel pleasure in every cell of her body. It no longer mattered that it was her son eating her. In fact, it made it sweeter ... it was forbidden, against every moral code she had been brought up to believe and that made it so wrong, but yet, it was so, so exciting.

Eric sucked her hard, then softly, then hard again. He pulled her clit into his mouth and gently nibbled it. His tongue worried the smooth crown, gently flicking it. The drool from his mouth mixed with his mother's copious juices and ran down the crack of her ass and onto the bed.

Melissa's climax went on and on until exhaustion took over and she collapsed onto the bed unconscious.

Chapter 13

Melissa was humming to herself as she fixed breakfast the following morning. She was naked since Eric had not laid out any clothes for her. She felt Eric behind her before she heard him. She smiled and turned her head to the side as he gently kissed her neck. His hands slipped under her arms and grasped her bare breasts.

"Good morning," he whispered.

She leaned back into son and said, "Good morning." Suddenly she gasped when she felt Eric's hard cock touch her ass. "Go sit down so I can fix you breakfast."

"I'd rather have you for breakfast," he joked.

"Later," she said.

With a moan, Eric turned and went to the table and sat down. His cock was already hard.

When she turned and looked at him, he spread his legs, letting her see his hard cock. "Come here," he said ... it was almost a command.

Melissa paused for a moment. Then she moved the frying pan to a cold burner and turned. With slow, almost hypnotic steps, she came over to her son. Without a word she went to her knees. She knelt in front of him, staring in his eyes as she gently caressed his cock.

Then she bent and took his cock into her warm and wet mouth.

Eric moaned and dropped his head and closed his eyes. His hands went to her head as he gently held her in place.

It didn't take him long to cum. He threw his head back and gasped.

Melissa was ready for his sperm. She swallowed the first blast and waited for the second. The pleasure rushing through her body made her forget for a moment that sperm was pouring into her mouth. A large glob escaped her lips and ran down Eric's cock.

She quickly closed her mouth tightly around the head to stop any more precious fluid from escaping.

When Eric's cock finally went limp Melissa pulled back and gently licked the cum from his cock and balls. When she was done she quietly got up and went back to the stove to finish breakfast. They ate in silence. When they were done Melissa got up and left the table. Eric followed.

When she got to the stairs she turned and smiled at her son. Her eyes were burning hot as she stared at him with her most lustful smile. She could feel her pussy throbbing and juice was starting to trickle down her thighs. She turned and slowly walked up the steps toward the bedroom.

A few moments later he walked into the bedroom. With a lustful smile he joined his mother on the bed, crawling between her legs.

However instead of letting him eat her, she pushed him over until he was on his back. Then she squatted over his mouth and lowered her pussy to his lips. It was something she had read in a Cosmo magazine and always wanted to try. Her husband would have none of it. Now she had a willing partner.

"Ohhhh!!! she gasped as she began to squirm her pussy across his tongue.

Eric moaned, as he tasted her sweet juices. Soon he was eating her like a starved man, filling the room with loud sucking sounds.

Melissa added her screams of pleasure to the sucking sounds. She began to climax almost immediately. Waves of pleasure rushed over her like an incoming tide. Electricity shot through her body, making her tremble with total abandon.

When her climax ended, she relaxed, almost sitting on her son's face. She thought it was over.

However, Eric had other ideas. He kept sucking her, using his tongue like a miniature cock to push in and out of her sopping hole. Melissa moaned in renewed pleasure. She lost her balance and was suddenly sitting on her son's face. If he minded, he didn't show it. She moved back so that he could find her clit. "Ahhhhh," she screamed as he sucked it into his mouth.

Melissa began to climax again. Her legs shook and threatened to collapse under her. She placed her hands on the bed on either side of his head, letting the pleasure take her again. Her mouth was open as she gasped for precious air. Her head spun as the climax intensified bringing grunts of pleasure. "Oh, Eric, oh, Eric," she gasped. The pleasure seemed to go on and on. Her juice was bubbling out of her like a river, only to be swallowed by her new lover. She was afraid she was going to drown him, but when she tried to lift up, he pulled her back down. She didn't have the strength to fight him so she let him continue to suck her until her pussy became too sensitive. She fell onto the bed in exhaustion.

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