tagTransgender & CrossdressersA Love High in Protein

A Love High in Protein


Warning: this massive, sexually explicit story, featuring a couple consisting of a huge, burly guy and a petite, willowy size queen, is about her achieving her dream of somehow growing larger to the point that she out grows him in every way imaginable. If things like a size difference fetish, muscles growing on both men and women, a woman becoming altersex, oversized insertions, and a man getting fucked bother you, I would read something other than this.


Coming in from the summer heat, Heidi kicked off her sneakers and peeled off her damp socks before walking across the living room to her open kitchen. While she wanted nothing more than to take a shower, she dug deep to find the energy to move around and get everything together in a hurry. This was her best chance to put things back on track for the day.

The forecast had called for rain this morning, so she had planned on a leisurely few hours with her husband warming him up to the idea of them trying something her sister bought. Instead it was a blistering, humid day and he had started the front yard early. She had just finished cleaning up the clippings so they were not in the street or on the sidewalk, as the township was very particular about that kind of stuff. Carson would probably be in soon when he wrapped up in the back yard. She had to get this shake made.

Her bright athletic shorts and XS-sized sports bra were stuck to her tanned, lean body like they had been painted on. While no stranger to the feeling of being hot and sticky, it was just an additional aggravation today. It was not even that they had done yard work that was irritating, but how she had to do it. Normally she used the leaf blower, but they had lent it to her parents last week. Which meant she had raked two sides of their three-quarter acre corner lot by hand. Her whole body ached nearly as much as it did after going climbing.

Putting that frustration aside with a long, deep breath, she pulled her soaking wet hair back into a loose ponytail that laid flat against her neck like seaweed. While scooping ice out of the freezer and into the blender, an auburn spiral swung back into her face, followed by a couple more twisting locks. She puffed at them and opened the jar of protein powder that her younger sister had sent along with a few other things in a package that had arrived yesterday. The smell was so rich she almost believed the taste could be as decadent as it claimed to be. Scoop after scoop of the chocolate flavored dust went in over the ice.

Turning back to the fridge she pulled out the milk and her secret ingredient which was in a used butter tub. She poured enough milk out to cover the ice and powder then pulled the lid off the tub. Which is just when Carson came in.

"Bunny? You done up front?" Carson asked as he stooped through the sliding back door, smelling of sweat and cut grass. He paused when he realized she was standing in the kitchen working around the island. "Is that what I think it is?"

"If you are thinking a refreshing protein shake, you might be right."

"Is that the stuff Maria sent you?"

"Yup. I just need to add one last thing," Heidi gently shook the small tub before knocking it on the side of the blender and dumping out a thick, creamy fluid.

Her towering, gym-loving, former Marine husband looked at the tub's contents with a perplexed look on his handsome, square-jawed face. "That's not yogurt, is it?"

"What else would it be?" She grinned at him, just enough to show the dimples which she knew were one of his few weaknesses. She felt a shudder of anticipation as her hulking stud of a husband glanced between the glass pitcher, the container, and her. Finally he sighed before laughing.

"I'm too bushed to care, really. I'm sure whatever it is will be a great addition."

"You're gonna love it!" The blender snapped on and began to fold the absurd, protein-rich shake mix together. The sound of ice being crushed filled the room and she turned back to find her husband reaching into the fridge to retrieve a liter bottle of water. His thick fingers reached around it like it was simply a normal sized beverage. His vast grasp closed around the plastic with a soft crunch as he twisted the top off and began to guzzle the contents.

Not that it was any surprise he was thirsty. He was so soaked with sweat that his damp muscle shirt and mesh shorts fit his tall, broad body like a second skin, leaving little of his two hundred and eighty pounds to the imagination. Especially his wonderfully thick eight inch cock. It was half hard from all the stimulation brought on by mowing the lawn and doing the edging. Both the crest of his glans and thick vein that wound up his shaft like a river were visible through the lightly strained material. She licked her lips reflexively. She loved Carson dearly and for all kinds of reasons, but his physique definitely topped the list.

To many, linebackers, bodybuilders and powerlifters were the epitome of masculine power. To her though, they all paled next to Carson's twenty-six inch biceps, which were each as big around as she was. Unlike many men with such exaggerated measurements, the rest of his body was just as developed. His tight thirty-eight inch waist and twenty-five inch quads were each as physically impressive as his massive arms.

Carson had always been larger than average, but being a mechanic in the Marines for many years had elevated him to a size where many in his squad referred to him as Paul Bunyan's little brother. He had been strong enough to regularly carry not only his sixty pounds of normal gear, but another sixty, or more, of tools and parts while out on patrol. The whole time they had dated, she could always find him at the gym near the base when he was not on duty. That dedication to his body had not waned since his retirement either. He worked full time in a heavy machine shop across town and had also bought into one of Donnie's gym franchises, thanks in part to her sister, to ensure there was a place which could still challenge him.

He had drained half the bottle before he stopped drinking with a satisfied gasp. He put the dented bottle on the counter and picked up the package the powder had come in. It's nondescript brown cardboard faces were stamped with customs emblems of several islands in the Bahamas. The shipping label was topped by the logo for the island health resort who had hired her for a marketing gig six months ago. "The Blossoming Oasis, huh?"

"Yeah... Maria says the owners picked the name, not her." She turned off the blender, opened the lid, sniffed, and then added more powder before turning it back on.

Carson took another long swig of water with a raised eyebrow. "What'd she send anyway?"

"Just the powder and this," she said, holding up a translucent white bottle. She shook it and four liquid filled capsules rattled inside. "She said they were supplements from the island that are supposed to help you with post-workout recovery."

It was not the complete truth, but Maria's letter had been very explicit that she keep what the pills actually did to herself. Confidentiality and what not. Besides, there was no way they really did what her sister insisted they did. Maria claimed the pills had changed her, but Heidi knew her sister's instagram-ready fitness hottie appearance were the results from months of training with a full staff of experts plus her new breast implants and not some science-fiction medicine which promised to alter her body chemistry. Nevertheless, she had followed the instructions, even going so far as to add a little, well... a lot, of Carson's spunk to the shake.

Were these pills really going to transform her body? Would it make her... like Maria had been? She agonized over taking them before seeing what the powder could do, but the truth was... she did not want Carson to outgrow her even more. These pills, if they worked, would level that playing field and let her catch up to him. She felt herself blush as she thought about how hot he would be when she became his physical equal.

"You going to make another attempt to bulk up a bit, then?" His question brought her back to reality. He put the box down and picked up the jar, his eyes moving back and forth as he read. "You coming to the gym then?"

"Yup," she said with a smile. Her husband had a thing for women who were built and although she was anything but, he was generally supportive of her trying to gain some more muscle. "I got a membership from your partner yesterday."

"Excellent! Maybe we can head over there in a bit," he said, glancing up from the jar and looking directly at her. "So... why're you trying this time?"

"Oh! The wedding, honestly. Donnie and Anna are getting married at the beach and after seeing Maria... well, I figured I should get in shape so I can hold my own..."

To say that, at twenty-six, Heidi was not in the the best shape of her life would be a gross lie. An avid walker and hiker, she was sculpted and bronzed from hours upon hours of being outside. She was probably the embodiment of Women's Fitness, if the praise from friends and her own Instagram feed were any indication, and yet... she still felt small, tiny even, especially in relation to Carson and now her sister, too.

After all, she was barely below five feet tall and only weighed a hundred pounds give or take despite her best efforts to bulk up. During high school and into college, getting bigger had always been on her mind. Although she had tried everything, nothing she tried was capable of changing her from the scrawny teenager who got left behind by puberty. When she started dating Carson in her junior year of college, that want transformed into an ever growing fetish. Having him all to her lonesome was almost as good as getting that big herself, but she had never given up on miraculously getting huge and helping his to satisfy his appetites for once.

Carson abruptly put the jar down hard on the counter. "What a load of... Can you beleive they claim this is capable of gains just like that? As if this protein is going to, poof, turn right into muscle... You know that's not possible, right? Tell me you're not getting your hopes up based on your sister's kitchy spa junk..."

She was surprised by his sudden shift in attitude. "Whether it works like that or not, I am going to believe my sister is trying to help. Same with these," she said shaking the bottle again.

"Oh yeah? What are they filled with? Wonder Woman's magic sweat?"

Her brows pulled together as they sank towards her eyes and she pursed her lips. She had expected some joshing, sure, but this was so... belligerent. "No. They optimize the body's processing apparently, increasing the amount of protein the body can extract from food... among other things."

"So..." he said after a moment's pause as his gaze floated back to the butter tub. "Is that why you went down on me three times last night? Did you use my cum for that shake?"

"Yeah, just for a little something... extra," she said with a short laugh as his smug expression softened a little. "Semen has all kinds of nutrients in it and the pill's effect will amplify that."

"Sure. Have you...?"

"Done this before? Quite a bit, there was a theoretical diet I tried for a while where a few ounces of semen a day was a key component, not that you complained then. Besides, I can promise that you won't even taste it with all the chocolate."

He looked at her askance and then laughed before he picked up and empty bottle and walked past. "Well, I guess won't be the first time I'm eating something that weirds me out and besides..."

She felt his hands engulf her hips as he leaned down to nibble her ear. One hand went down, wrapping around most of her thigh as the other went up, his fingers teasing the hem of her bra. "If my little fuck bunny needs my cum that bad, she can have all she wants. I'll pump you full, just ask. Wouldn't want to spoil your diet, after all."

"Mmm... that's good to know, but I don't want to affect my appetite before lunch."

Her husband laughed at that and just barely swatted her on the butt. The comparatively gentle tap still knocked the wind out of her when it sent her sprawling into the island. These things happened a lot and they had never bothered her before, she had even found it kind of cute. Now, for the first time ever, she was mad he was so much bigger. No, more than that. She was livid that he was nearly three times as massive. Her want to be bigger had always been a vague 'what if?', but she had a goal in her sights now. She wanted to be bigger than her husband. Not just a little bit either. She wanted to be so fucking huge that he had to look up at her instead. Well, depending on the effectiveness of Maria's crazy supplements, that was as much a possibility as winning the lottery.

Laughing like she was forgiving him for the accident, Heidi switched off the blender and pulled down two tall glasses. When she picked up the pitcher to pour out a cup it occurred to her that she had never asked Carson if he wanted to get bigger. Maybe, just maybe, he did not want to grow anymore and the whole shake could be for her.

"Just idle curiosity, but if you, well... if you had a chance to get even bigger than you are now, would you take it?"

"What's this now?"

"You heard me," she said as she poured out the first huge glass. "If you could bulk up even more, would you do it?"

"I mean, yeah, being bigger would be awesome... but I wouldn't want to be so big I hurt you."

Hurt me more you mean, you big oaf. The words were on her tongue, but she swallowed them while she poured the second glass. "Oh, I wouldn't worry about that," she whispered.

Even with sixty-four ounces served up, there was still another half a cup in the blender. She hoped she could manage to down that as well. "Well, I'm gonna take one of the pills, you want one?"

"Nah, I'm sure the... extra protein you graciously included will be enough."

"Suit yourself," she snapped. She had not intended on saying more, but she looked right at him and let her goal take flight. "Don't blame me when you're looking up at my face then."

"Sure, sure. Keep dreaming, bunny rabbit."

She felt another flash of anger at how his tone had changed to be so dismissive. He had always supported her efforts to gain mass before, what was different about now? Was it because this was the first time she had said out loud that her goal was to be bigger than him? What was going on with her? Was she really going through with Maria's crazy suggestion?

Glancing up at Carson, as if he could answer, she found him making a face as he took his first sip and something about his sudden unwillingness convinced her to open the bottle. She knocked a single gel-tab out into her palm and slammed it back into her mouth before she took a long sip which turned into several large gulps as the shake's pleasant taste washed over her.

With each gulp the taste got more intense, the drink's bitter notes contrasting with its creaminess. She had meant to drink it over a few hours while doing some kettlebell work, but she was chugging the entire thirty-two ounces like her life depended on it. She was sure it was just expectations playing with her, she she could almost feel her neck and shoulders twitching as a drop of the ice, milk, semen, and powdered protein mixture rolled down her cheek and neck.

She slammed her cup on the counter and burped. It was empty much sooner than she expected. Carson had, to his credit, consumed about half of his shake. A gurgle rose from her stomach and another burp with it. Her stomach felt full and yet, she craved more. She reached over to pour the remains from the blender into her cup.

"You're having more?!"

"Yeah I am, what of it?" She growled. "And you know what? I'll still want more after this one way or another. So let's make it interesting if you finish that before I drink this and clean up, I'll give you a nice, long blow job. You can even finish in my mouth," she added with a dimpled wink.

"And if I can't finish this?" He lifted the sweating, half full glass.

"Then I'll be drinking the rest of it while you give me one."

Carson actually looked a little intimidated before he barked a laugh. He grabbed his junk with his other hand as a broad grin spread over his face. "Just can't get enough of this, can you? I had no idea you were so obsessed with jizz. When did my cute, little, innocent wife become a such a cum guzzling slut... or have you always been one and just never told me?"

She gasped. The grin melted off his face and he blushed. As usual he had gone too far, but this time she did not give him a chance to apologize. The anger that had been boiling was now an all out fury. She poured the rest of the shake out, picked it up, and held it out like a weapon.

"Look, you... you... you fucking lunk, either you apologize and drink the chocolate cum shake I made for you and like it, or you are going to wake up tied to the bed with my thighs wrapped around your ears and I won't stop until an hour after you start to beg for me to stop. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear?"

Much to her surprise, he put the cup to his lips and began to drink once more. She realized her whole body was tensed and she exhaled to relax. Suddenly winded, as if she had run up the seventy steps on the nearby hill she sometimes made a part of her route, she turned so that she was not looking at him. She considered taking another pill, really showing him up. Then thought better of it. Who knew what was going to happen? Her body was already starting to throb as her pulse quickened. Still, it would not hurt to have them on hand, just in case they really did work and she wanted to keep growing, so she dropped them in her pocket and tossed the empty bottle.

After that, she downed the half serving in about two-thirds the time as the first full glass. She felt really stuffed after a few gulps, but she was adamant to drink all of it and not give him the satisfaction of a win by default.

By time she was done her stomach actually had a bit of a bulge. Its rise pushing her waistband down. Gurgling like crazy, she was sweating even more than before. The level of perspiration on par with the fifth mile of a long hike.

In that time Carson had imbibed all but the last little bit.

He caught her eye and smiled as he tipped the cup back one last time and gave her a thumbs up. The fury cooled just a little. Hopefully he had learned a valuable lesson today that she was not to be trifled with. With a coy smile to herself she took her time cleaning up, waiting until he reached around her to rinse the cup in the sink. His body felt just as hot as hers, maybe hotter.

"I really am sorry, Bunny. About all of it, I just..."

"Got carried away. I know, Honey," she said with a sigh.

When she was in town last, Maria had said their relationship seemed a little abusive and maybe she was right, but they were still mostly separate people. In the three years they had been married, she had lived with him a third of that time in short bursts of a week or two here and there. Even counting their time dating, the cohabitation time only increased a little bit. Really, they were still working out how to be more than enthusiastic fuck buddies for a week at a time.

"I... guess I can... anticipate being smothered tonight?"

"Let's call it a draw," she said, turning to him and putting her arms around hips which were wider than her shoulders. "Thanks for apologizing, Honey."

"Thanks, Bunny."

This close it was easy to remember why she had become so enthralled, even obsessed with his size. All she could see was her husband's broad chest. His dense pecs and shoulders filled her periphery vision. His sweaty clothes were so very musky. The salty-sweet tang was an odor she associated with power and in doing so had integrated it into the attraction. She loved the way his scent grew more intense while he was working out. Was giddy about the way it wrapped around her when their coitus stretched on and on. Because of that fixation, just his smell filling her nostrils right now was getting her wet, believing that he was growing only ensured she was floating in a buzzing haze of want.

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