tagNovels and NovellasA New Life Begins Ch. 08

A New Life Begins Ch. 08


As Kara approached her uncle's humongous sand colored mansion, she could see the wreckage that had been scattered across the yard was now burning in a towering blazing bonfire. All about her uncle's workers were diligently fixing golden wired bows on the tall pines that lined the drive. Every now and then a whip of wind would blow their dainty ends vigorously through the chilling air.

Two petite maids quickly fastened bows, bells, and hanging leaves from the arbor that stood high above the entrance in front of the heavily decorated door on the right wing of the mansion. Their black skirts swayed violently in the wind, near coming above their waists when horrible gusts pelted them.

Kara's mind was near frantic; the day's events drove her mind through different scenarios of meeting Myra again. Would she hate her for being frank? Would she forgive her for what was said, and her hasty responses and her jealousy?

The car came to a stop abruptly at the end of the drive; Kara braced herself for what was to come. After their fight and now having to pair up to interview potential maids, gave Kara a smarting headache. The tension built as the chauffeur promptly gathered her bag, walking quickly towards the door, leaving Kara lagging behind.

She rubbed her forehead, feeling ever so faint as a whirlwind of sand and leaves played carefree to her right. She looked up and saw Myra at the window to her right, sipping a cup of tea. She waved to her softly, not to seem upset. Suddenly, flashes of light filled her eyes, stars danced gaily around as if a ballet was put on and her eyes were the stage. She felt faint. A feverish chill ran through her body, nausea crippled her stomach. Without hesitation her body gave way, dropping her to the pale gravel of the drive, losing consciousness as her head forcibly hit last....

A cold splash of water woke Kara; droplets ran down her pale face as she looked nervously around the room. There stood Cain, Myra and two of her uncle's men. The expression on Myra's face startled Kara, she was scared. The room was quiet, too quiet in fact. They all looked her over as Cain paced around, arms firmly grasping his hips.

"Wha..." Kara said as she slowly sat up, grabbing her head. "What happened to me?" Her head was pounding, as was her heart.

"You fainted, my dear." Cain nervously sat next to Kara, his arm firmly wrapping around her petite frame. "Don saw you fall to the ground, we rushed outside to carry you in. Are you alright?" His strong hand, almost harshly, rubbed her back in a wide circular pattern.

"My head was tensing as we pulled into the drive. I saw flashes of light and felt rather queasy, then... I don't know what happened." Her elbow throbbed of pain; she rubbed and found a tender spot covered in bandages. A sharp jab on her side sent her screeching, she grasped her ribs, no doubt bruised from the fall. "I feel somewhat ok now, just a little bruised."

"Here, let me get you an ice pack and some medicine for that headache." Myra said as she lovingly touched Kara's shoulder.

"Thank you, Myra." Kara rested her head on Cain's chest, his heart was a flutter. Her hands firmly grasped the sore spot on her side as he head still throbbed with pain. "I guess everything going on must be stressing me out," She paused; Cain's men left the room as Myra rushed back in. A bottle of aspirin, ice pack and tall glass of tea sat on the silver tray Myra carried. "Or, it could be from me not eating so much today. I think I need something to eat."

"Here you are, love." Myra sat the polished silver tray on the small oak table near Kara.

Her hands skillfully opened the aspirin bottle, gently removing two pills and handing them to Kara. Her touch was soft, sincere; she obviously wanted to help Kara and make her feel better. The tall glass of tea was next, ice cubes swam around, glinting when light hit them. It was refreshing, sweet and cold, it hit the spot. Kara washed the two pills down, leaving no trace of tea in the tall glass. She suckled on a small cube of ice, rubbing it over her voluptuous lips. "I've called the interviews off for today, I want you to rest, Kara." Cain said, patting her back lightly as he stood up. His strong hands quickly entered the slits of his pants, stretching the pockets.

"Oh Cain, you don't have to do that!" Kara's voice broke unevenly. Her palms began to sweat as her head tensed with throbbing pain. The medicine couldn't work fast enough it seemed. "I want to do this for you, uncle. Please let me do this for you, I am fine, really."

"No!" Cain's voice was stern yet loving. The expression on his well aged face shown great concern for Kara's well being, not of anger. "You will rest for today as I said, next week I will have you and Myra interview the ladies. Now, go eat, I will have Barbara whip you up a batch of fresh food." Cain motioned Kara towards the dining area; fresh bread was being set out.

Kara sighed, her mind was still racing, but her body was telling her to eat. "If you insist, Cain." Kara languidly walked towards the dining room. She sat vapidly down in her big chair, sighing once again...

After dinner Kara, still quite sluggish, walked tirelessly up the winding mahogany stairs towards her room. Myra had already started a deliciously hot bath for her before she left, a relief for sure.

Kara stood naked in front of the statuesque mirror, observing the bruises left on her body. A bruise near two inches in both width and length rested itself on her tender right ribs. Her hands ran over her supple breasts, stopping to caress the already erect nipples. Something was different in her, she thought. A drastic change was made today with Myra, feelings she thought were there really never were. Sadness crept over her, she felt even weaker.

Her long luscious legs slipped into the hot bubble bath. The smooth silky water eased the pain of her tender ribs. It itched at her aching elbow, stinging the open cut as she removed the bandages.

Kara took a small plush towel from the faucet, rubbing soap deep into the fabric. She softly rubbed her aching body, almost massaging her limbs with the towel. Her nipples ached, as did her nether mouth.

A weird feeling came over her, she liked the attention Myra gave her, yet hated her for not being hers. She wanted to explore different things with her, different sexual feelings. The bud between her soft folds throbbed as illicit fantasies swept over Kara. Her mind played out what she might do to Myra if she had another chance.

"A master..." Kara thought of what Myra had said earlier. Was it true she was owned by someone? To be their slave, for both pleasure and possibly pain. A quiver of excitement filled her aching body. If what Myra said was true, maybe, one day she might know the same thing?

Visions of toys, paddles, crops and chains played in Kara's mind as she lay rubbing her young body in the luxurious bath...

A dozen men surrounded her naked flesh as she stood helpless against the bitter cold stone wall of some secret dungeon. Hands groped her supple young breasts, harshly pinching and pulling her tender nipples. Her hands were bound in shackles above her head; a heavy steel chain hung from a pillar firmly holding the shackles in place.

"You've been a naughty little pet, haven't you?" A tall slender shadowy figure whispered in her ear softly as he played with her parted nether lips. His strong middle finger pushed deep inside her moist cunt as his thumb roughly rubbed her pleasure mound.

"Yes, Master." Her own voice was foreign to her.

Fingers ran over her soft young body as mouths and tongues suckled on her bare breasts. The fingers driving into her tight pussy slowed their pace, rubbing her whole area before going away. A sharp slap to her face shook her frightfully, as her eyes pierced into the shadowy figures face.

"You need proper education; you're far too spoilt for a slave." The man dressed in dark robes snapped his fingers, instantly the men that hungrily surrounded her moved aside.

A man fitted with a white mask, bare chest and tight black slacks approached her. His strong arms took hold of her bare body, lifting her off the ground. His left hand searched for the hook that held her steel chain, taking it down and holding it to his side. He flung her over his right shoulder, her long red hair dangling down to the small of his back. Her supple young backside was pinched and spanked as he carried her to a platform, which held a turntable in the center. He gently placed her on her knees, taking the chain over the ledge at which her arms would rest.

"Move, and put your face on this pillow. There, that's it, chin up high!" He wound the chain into a circle, strapping it to a stake just below her knees. This forced her arms almost painfully over the edge, scrapping the wood. "Spread those lovely long legs apart, as wide as you can and don't move them." He forced her legs wide, almost making her squat. Her round ass was parted for all to see, her pubis showing the lovely folds under her curly hair.

"I shall now teach you a thing or two about being a good little slave. There is no use for spoiltness here; you are nothing but an object of desire and pain." The shadowy figure loomed over head, his fingers firmly wrapped around her long red hair. "You will keep your mouth shut, or I will make it far worse for you. Move those thick young hips for them, we want a show." His tone was harsh and demanding. Yet, Kara felt her cunt becoming all the more moist with each command he gave. "The only things I want to see or hear from you are your whimpers and see streaks of tears pour down that pretty little face of yours. Do you understand?" He smacked her ample ass with his strong hand, leaving a slight tinge of red shaped like his fingers.

Kara nodded; hot tears fell freely from her angelic face. The shadowy man in black moved the turntable to the men now resting on their bottoms. She was positioned to where they could both see her ample breasts and bottom and her beautiful face.

The shadowy figure reached into his robe, pulling out a good sized sleek paddle. It was adorned with emeralds on the handle and gilded with gold. Kara could not make out the design on the front of it, but it too must be elegant.

A hot flash of pain filled Kara's ample bottom as the first lash made contact with her. Fresh salty tears sprung from her eyes as the pain spread over her body. Again came the cruel sound of the paddle making contact with her bottom. Her hips moved at each hit, as she closed mouth whimpered in agony. Her face flushed hot with pain as her master soundly paddled her bottom.

Her sobs took over the room as the men watched. Her master stopped for a moment, reaching under to her pubis and touching the wetness of her. Pleased with her wetness he replaced the harsh paddle with a small crop. But, before he started he snapped at the same man who flung her over his shoulder to bring him a small white case that stood atop an altar. Her master unfastened the lock that kept it closed, reaching in to grasp a small yet thick phallus.

Kara's eyes widened at seeing the thick phallus. "What is he going to do?" She thought as her master skillfully applied some gel over its sleek shape.

Before she could brace herself the phallus was plunged deep into her tight anus. She loudly screamed in terror as the phallus was pushed in and out of her ass.

"There, now we can continue." Her master moved towards her face, bending down to grasp it with his fingers. She could make out his eyes, azure, but very cold. "You will keep that pretty little mouth shut, or I will have to shove a dick down your throat. Do you understand?" Kara nodded her head as tear stung her eyes. "Good," He moved behind her, pushing harshly on the phallus that filled her ass. "You will be a beautiful shade of pink before I am done with you. Welts will blister your porcelain backside, it will hurt, and you will love it." He touched her aching round ass, no doubt welts already began to show."And do you know why I know you will love it?" Kara felt his hand slap her nether lips, pinching them together playfully. "Because your tight little cunt is showing how much you love it."

"Could I really be enjoying this?" Kara thought to herself. It was true her pussy was wet, more than usual it seemed. Maybe the pain was the only pleasure she would receive? How could she feel this way while someone openly hurt her bottom and anus? A new sensation filled her, submission. She knew why she felt this way, she wanted to submit to her masters every desire and please him, even if it mean her backside being put to a test.

Her master pulled her legs wider than before, making her arch her back like a cat. Tears filled her eyes; much like the thick black phallus filled her tight ass.

A crack of the crop on Kara's bare back sent her plunging forward. She gritted her teeth to keep from opening her luscious lips and crying out loud. The crop lashed at her feet, thigh, calves and bottom. Red marks swelled all over her body, giving her a beautiful pink glow. The phallus rocked with each movement of her hips, keeping her fully aware of its presence. Her master, now turning to her chest, struck at her ample breasts. The leather violently licked her tender nipples, making them all the more erect and red. Her stomach too was not untouched as stripes of pink flesh swelled from the crop.

Kara was frantic, yet her pussy was at a heightened sense, the moisture from it flowed down her thighs. Her aching clitoris throbbed as her master playfully struck at it, rubbing it with the tip of the crop. She was pleasing him, she hoped. Her body was filled with new sensations, heightening every breath she took and every touch her master gave her...

The phone rang loudly, abruptly halting Kara's fantasy. Her body ached as she pulled the drain stopper with her big toe. Her nipples were hard as a rock as she dried them with a towel. She ran her slender fingers over her slit; it was very moist and ready for any mouth or cock to take it.

"I wish Myra was here, she could put an end to the misery between my legs." Kara put on a plush terry cloth robe and headed for her bed. She lay naked under her soft silky covers thinking about her fantasy. Why did she like the thought of both pleasure and pain? Maybe it was the pleasing she wanted to do, or the pain of being a master's slave, to succumb to his every whim. Regardless of what it was, she felt she must explore this new curiosity with someone, hopefully it was Myra....

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