tagNovels and NovellasA New Life Begins Ch. 09

A New Life Begins Ch. 09


Kylie lay stark naked on a plush down bed, covered with a thin pink silk sheet. The fabric tormented her tender flesh, itching the welts still sore from the days and nights before.

Soft amber colored light filled the large room as moonlight flickered through high windows that lined the walls. Her eyes still blurred from sleep adjusted themselves on a young man sitting naked by a blazing fireplace.

She yawned as she stretched her arms fully out while arching her back like a cat.

"Oh good, you're awake." The handsomely rugged young man said as he crawled on his hands and knees towards Kylie.

"How long have I been asleep?" Kylie's hand brushed over her soft legs, stopping on the thick silver cuffs firmly attached to her petite ankles.

"Probably about 12 hours I would say. You looked dreadfully tired when they brought you here." His strong masculine right hand reached for a short, fat, silver pitcher sitting on the oak nightstand beside Kylie. His left searched swiftly under the bed beneath Kylie's sore feet, finally reaching his target, a large mirror basin.

"Put your feet in, I will thoroughly wash them for you." His strong hand reached for her dainty feet, softly placing them in the basin.

The slow flow of cool water calmed Kylie's aching feet. "Oh gosh, that feels sooooooooo good!" Kylie arched her back as he scrubbed her feet with a puffy beige sponge.

"Tell me," He said as his hands glided over her luscious legs, the cool water raising chill bumps on her calves. "Where are you from?"

Dazed and fully enjoying this delicious treat, Kylie snapped back into reality as the handsome young man's hands dried her feet and legs off with a plum colored towel. "Oh, um I am from England."

"Ah, I figured as much with the accent." He stood, throwing the soft plush towel onto the hard wooden floor.

Kylie's eyes widened as the flicker of light from the sultry fire danced over his muscularly toned body. He was tall, near 6 foot, very slender and much defined by the grooves and cuts of his ample muscles. His face was strong, jaw thick with aristocratically high cheek bones. "He must be from a rich family." Kylie thought to herself. She studied his large bedroom eyes, cyan, glinting as the flicker of light danced around the room. His hair was soft, the color of spun hay and shimmered as fiercely as his eyes.

"Perfect." She said aloud, barely audible but still, the young handsome man could make out the word.

A sharp grin came over his handsome face. "So, you think I'm perfect do you?" He kneeled, parting her legs, making her tremble and both excitement and fear. She still was ever so sore from the days before.

"No, "She whimpered, her body shaking as his hands glided over her form. "Please...please stop!" His soft lips caressed her bare neck. His long thick tongue traced down her chest, she shivered, arching her back involuntarily. His tongue traced over her scrumptious stomach, he stopped just before the patch of hair above her glistening puffy labia.

"I won't hurt you." His voice was soft, nonthreatening. "All I ask is that I can please you, being that you've been the object of pleasure for so many over the last few days. I promise I will not force you to do anything you do not wish to do." His eyes pierced her, calming her, forcing her to succumb to his desire to pleasure her.

Kylie lay back on her elbows, eying the handsome man kneeling before her, his hand lightly playing with her sparse pubic hair. "Wha...what is your name?" Her voice broke unevenly; her heartbeat thudded heavily in her chest as his fingers glided over her slit.

"Cole." He said without taking his eyes over her beautiful slit. His fingers probed slightly into her supple folds, revealing a thick pool of moisture escaping her tight hole. "She resists, and yet she is enjoying this. What a quick learner she is." His thoughts almost escaped him, the grin on his face made Kylie ponder what he was thinking about.

Without warning he slid two of his fingers deep inside her warm nether mouth. She gasped and whimpered as his fingers toyed with her illusive G spot. He buried his face deep into her mound, flicking his thick tongue on her erect clit. Her juices flowed over his long fingers, easing their presence in her tight womb. His mouth sucked harshly on her clit, making a sharp *POP* sound as he withdrew.

Kylie was swarmed with sensations as Cole lapped hungrily at her juices. His tongue probed her nether mouth, making her gush hot, sweet cum all over his face as her orgasm fully enveloped her. He gasped the chilling air perfumed with the scent of charred wood and the musky scent of Kylie's pussy filled his lungs.

His hands grasped her thighs, forcing them wide apart and down close to her chest. "Beautiful." He thought while wiping her juices from his mouth, as he stared down at her moist cunt. It was the perfect shade of pink, like the color of a blush rose, darkening to a deeper shade of pink on her outer labia. It glistened in the soft light, as moisture escaping her tight nether mouth dripped down the cleft of her ass.

He thought of driving his rock hard cock into her tight wet hole, but brushed it aside knowing she was more than sore from her ordeal.

"Wow," Kylie stretched back on the soft down bed, her heart fluttering in her chest from the excitement. "That was amazing!" Her hands rubbing playfully over her flushed body.

"Thanks." Cole said with a rather arrogant smirk on his face. She looked almost perfect to him laying there naked, the light catching her curves. "You need to rest some more now; they probably will be coming for you anytime."

He pulled a thick lamb's wool blanket down from the long shelf high above her bed. He shook the khaki colored blanket and carefully draped it over her naked body.

"Cole," She paused, searching for the right question to ask. "Am I ever going to be free from this horrid place?"

"Well," His eyes stared deep into her eyes; she seemed like a scared little doe. He couldn't help but feel sad for her; he knew the torture of being someone's slave. "It all depends on your Master's or Mistresses. If they want to keep you for a few months they can, if they want you for years they can do that too." He sat beside her, rubbing her covered stomach."Who told you that you had to come here?"

"I was taken when while I was asleep in my bed at my parent's house for the holidays." Tears swelled in her eyes, as her voice cracked. That night was all too real for her, the masked men in jet black suits, the long drive to some abandoned building overlooking the docks. She wondered if her father even knew if she were gone, or if he was looking for her.

"Oh," He knew what happened but didn't have the heart to tell her. "Her parents, probably her father, sent her to these men as a bargaining deal. Poor girl." He thought as he looked her over, caressing her stomach over the lamb's wool blanket. "I'm sure your parents are looking for you, don't worry. They can't harm you physically; just train you like they have."

Tears streamed down her face, their warmth was quickly cooled by the chilled air; the fire had died to burnt charcoal and cinders. She didn't know what was to become of her. All that she knew and loved was gone, replaced by masked men who invaded her private spots and caused her great pain. She wanted to die, no; she wanted to be free from this place.

A sudden bash on the door sent Cole flying to his bed across from Kylie's.

Two stocky men dressed in black leather, their vests adorned with silver studs and metal chain that swayed as they walked in. They glanced over towards Cole, then to Kylie. The smaller of the two walked swiftly towards her bed, ripping the covers violently off her as he grabbed her left arm, pulling her to her knees on the hard floor.

He pulled out a long leash attached to a black studded collar from behind his back; its looped end fell to the floor, making a now familiar sound. Her chin was forced up harshly as he attached the collar to her neck; its thick rough leather itched at her skin. She whimpered in protest as he withdrew tiny silver clamps from his pocket, each one adorned with small anvil weights. She didn't mind the harshness of the collar too much, the weights however, tormented her. They pulled on her sensitive pink nipples, making her breasts feel heavy as they jiggled when she moved.

"What a lovely little pet you are, it's too bad what they plan to do to you." His voice was deeper than any man she knew, it matched his brute looking appearance perfectly.

He gave a little yank with the leash; Kylie dropped her hands to the floor and proceeded to kiss her present master's feet.

His face lit up with a smug grin as he patted her head in an approving manner. "Come now, no time for brazen little affections, they've been waiting for you."

She bowed her head in utter shame; this was too much for her to endure. She was helpless in their hands, the hands of her Masters and Mistresses. They played with her, causing her endless swarms of pleasure and pain. Their crops lashed out at her tender thighs and bottom, producing a most beautiful cheery tone to her flesh. Men and women both enjoyed her for pleasure, forcing her to please them whilst someone invaded her orifices. Her thoughts took hold of her, she panicked.

In a sudden act of rebelliousness she stood, yanking the leash from her carriers hands and ran towards the door.

The first man snagged her before she could escape the room. She flailed and kicked about as the second man grabbed her legs, closing them shut and bringing them to her chest.

"What feisty little girl you are. How about we hog tie you and present you to your Masters that way?"A man outside the room called as he walked towards the open door, carrying a very long, thin but wide purple rope like ribbon. He handed it to the second man holding her feet as he smacked her bottom soundly with his palm.

The second man quickly bound her feet together with the rope, avoiding the metal anklets for now. She was stood on her feet; her hands were forced behind her back and tied in the same manner.

She was forced to the ground by a sharp smack from the first man's hand on her back, his foot pressed painfully on her spine as she laid belly to the floor. The second man looped the rope between the rings of her anklets and cuffs, drawing them close together and causing her to bend upwards in great pain.

Once satisfied, the two men forced a long golden rod down through under the binds that held her. The first man smacked her face harshly, causing her cheeks to burn bright red. He shoved a small candy red apple in her mouth; the gaping of it hurt her jaw immensely. It was as the other man said, she was hog tied.

Cole watched as Kylie was carried out of the room like a staked pig. He couldn't help but notice the pure beauty before him, as tears ran down her soft pained cheeks.

Her innocence and rebelliousness caused his cock to jump with excitement. "Oh how I would love to shove my cock in her while she's tied like that."He thought. His strong right hand rubbed over the tip of his erect cock, spreading the tiny droplets of moisture around.

Cheers could be heard even in the slave halls from the large crowd gathered in the ceremony room. Cole could make out the head Master's voice, and one word caught his ear, Charles. "Oh no!" He said aloud before covering his mouth.

Charles was a fine and loyal slave; he lavished himself in causing slave girls to squeal in pain as his very large cock forced its way in to each of their offices while he brutalized their breasts and ass cheeks with a paddle. The head Master always loved to use him to punish disobedient little slaves, such a devilish and smart man he was.

Cole feared for Kylie, he knew she was in for a long and painful night...

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