tagNovels and NovellasA New Life for Julie Ch. 03

A New Life for Julie Ch. 03


Chapter 3 - The Price for a Night Out on the Town

June 1977

"What! Julie exclaimed. "ME?"

"Yes, of course--I told you that was the price."

"But, but, I thought you were going to do it!"

"I'm sorry--I thought you understood. Anyway, I offered, but when he saw your pretty picture, he wanted you instead. And after all, it makes sense. It's something you're getting, not me. It's YOUR fake ID, not mine."

Julie had come running up to Sarah in the Student Union building. So far, she had been asked out six times so far that day.

"Far out! It makes a big difference when you dress to attract men rather than repel them."

So far, she had said neither yes nor no, not sure how to react.

"That's easy, Sarah replied. "If you like how they look and act, you accept. If they're, like, a good fuck and have a nice dick, then you go out with them again. Dig?"

The two had sat down at a table in the SUB's cafeteria and were eating sandwiches and salads when Sarah had explained what Julie would need to do.

"Sarah, I didn't expect this! I've never done anything like this! I don't know what to do!"

"Oh I think you know. You were doing quite good in the photo booth."

"That was without anyone else around but you! This is for real! HEY, you didn't show him that picture did you?" she asked, suddenly suspicious.

"Julie, I wouldn't do that to you! I promised! Besides, I gave you the pictures! How could you think that?"

Julie felt shame welling up in her.

"I'm so sorry Sarah, I really shouldn't accuse you of anything like that," Julie said, dismayed.

"It's okay, if the shoe was on the other foot, I probably would have said the same thing."

"It's just that I didn't expect this. I've never done this before."

"Relax. Isn't this what you wanted? You said you wanted to be more like me. It's okay. I'll teach you. I'll show you. You can't stay an oral virgin forever. What, are you going to blow fake dildos forever? I'll take care of you, babe. Trust me."

"Okay, Julie said nervously.

"I promise that you'll be glad you did, and you'll never even think of passing up another chance to suck cock. Now, after school, I want you to go home, and think about what it felt like having that dildo going in and out of your mouth. A real cock is much, much better, then be at my place Wednesday by 5 p.m."

Wednesday evening, Julie arrived at Sarah's apartment as instructed. She was nervous but relaxed a little when she saw Sarah's smile as the door opened.

"Come in and sit down," Sarah told her.

Julie complied, sitting on the couch. Sarah handed her a glass of whisky.

"This will help relax you a bit," she said, pouring her glass full.

Sarah had her stereo playing "Love Hangover" by Diana Ross.

"I have something else that will help you relax."

She set a bong on the coffee table, and lit the bowl. Taking a few puffs herself, she sat down by Julie and told her how to use it, and then let Julie smoke for a few minutes while she went to get more booze.

She kept talking and supplying Julie with pot and alcohol. After a while, she stopped pouring alcohol. She didn't want Julie passing out, just warm, relaxed and uninhibited.

"Okay, now we're going to do a dress rehearsal." She pulled out the dildo Julie had sucked on in the photo booth.

"Take this." She said as Julie eagerly grasped the dildo. "Now watch this porno video. There are a lot of blowjobs, but I'm going to teach you how to do it right."

Sarah turned off the stereo and turned on her television set, then she pushed the button on her new VHS set and slipped in a tape, and pushed the play button.

"First, she suggested as the movie started, "let's take off our tops."

Julie dutifully unbuttoned her top and shrugged it off her shoulders and removed her bra, as Sarah pulled her tube top off. Sarah wanted their tits exposed when Jim walked through the door to help him get hard faster.

After a few minutes, Julie was sucking hard on the dildo while she watched the video, emulating the action she saw on the screen. By the time the movie was over, there was a knock on the door just as the final credits were rolling.

Sarah looked over at Julie. She looked so horny and stoned, her inhibitions were completely overwhelmed!

"Come on Julie," Sarah encouraged. "Now, do exactly what I tell you, understand?" she asked.

Julie nodded.

Sarah opened the door and Jim walked in. He was tall, and then, with reddish brown hair and a thick mustache.

He gaped at them both, but especially at Julie's magnificent tits. Julie smiled at him. Sarah had Julie remove her shorts and underwear next, and then took off her own.

Sarah introduced him to Julie and offered him a drink. They sat around the sofa and talked for a few minutes while Jim drank his booze, gaping at Julie's tits between swallows. When he set the glass down, Sarah told Jim to stand up, and he sprang to his feet. She walked up and undid his belt and jeans, allowing his jeans to fall to the floor. He stepped out of them as Sarah beckoned Julie over.

Sarah pushed down gently on Julie's shoulder and she folded to her knees in front of Jim. Sarah knelt beside her and guided Julie's hand up to his cock which was pushing through the underwear. It was already stiffening up.

"Feel it," Sarah said. Julie reached out and grasped the stiff cock tentatively through the cotton material. She let out a gasp and Sarah saw her tongue flick out and lick her lips. Sarah guided her to pull his underwear down.

"Now, stroke it some, put your hand around it at the base there, there you go, and stroke it back and forth, gently--a little more firmly, there you go. Now, pull it toward your mouth, and lick it up and down, let me show you."

With that, she pulled the cock toward her own mouth and stuck her tongue out, and tongued Jim's cock up and down the stalk.

"Come here and do one side while I do the other," she told Julie.

Julie complied, and each of them licked up and down each side of Jim's dick, which grew stiffer yet.

"Now watch this," Sarah told her pupil, and with that she opened her mouth wide and took Jim's cock into her mouth. She sucked hard, and started bobbing her head back and forth while she stroked him around the base. She gradually built up more speed, and almost forgot that this was about Julie and showing her "the ropes."

Pulling Jim's cock out of her mouth with a pop, she smiled with encouragement at Julie and pointed his cock over toward Julie's mouth.

Julie closed her eyes as her lips wrapped around the turgid prick. She sucked hard and started bobbing her head back and forth, copying Sarah.

"There you go," Sarah encouraged.

Julie could feel the veins and thin skin against her sensitive tongue as his prick slid back and forth, and loved the feel of it.

"Stroke it with your hand while you suck--yes, just like that," Sarah coached.

"Now, flick the tip with your tongue, like this," she said, as she pulled the cock toward her mouth again. Her tongue reached out and flicked the sensitive head, making it quiver. Jim moaned above them.

Again, Julie watched carefully and when Sarah passed his cock back over, she emulated Sarah's teasing tongue.

"Get the underside, it's a lot more sensitive there," Sarah said, providing another tip.

After a few moments of licking his shaft up and down, Julie was anxious to put it back in her mouth. She licked slowly up the underside, reached the head, and swirled her tongue around, teasing the slit, then plunged her head back down, letting the underside slide along her tongue.

Julie bobbed her head up and down for a while, this time going deeper, stroking his cock as it slid in and out of her lips.

"Try taking it a little deeper, yes, just like that..." Sarah said as the cock disappeared, inch by inch, into the beautiful girl's mouth.

Sarah's guided Julie's hand back up to the base of Jim's prick.

"Keep stroking it as you go back and forth, keep your mouth moist--yes, just like that, and suck on it as you pull back each time--but not too hard! There you go! Good girl," she said as Julie's cheeks hollowed with her sucking effort.

"That's it, keep going--back and forth--keep your mouth moist, there you go. Keep stroking."

Sarah got up off her knees for a minute to take a drink of whisky. She looked back to see how Julie was doing. She could see that Julie was going to be a natural at this. She seemed to have pretty strong cock-sucking instincts, and needed only a little more instruction.

Sarah was also moved by how beautiful the sight of Julie sucking cock was. She was settled comfortably on her knees. Sarah looked at her well-shaped legs, her perfectly rounded ass, and smooth back and slender waist, up to her thick black hair that was swaying back and forth as she instinctively bobbed her head--gradually faster, building up tempo. The sound of her sucking and slurping filled the room.

The girl's eyes were closed in concentration, her cheek bulging out with each in-stroke, as Jim's cock pushed against the inside of her cheek, and then hollowing again with each outstroke as she continued sucking hard. She also noted that Julie had no trouble going down deep without gagging, almost to the root. This was without any training in deep throat techniques. Sarah was impressed.

Looking down at Julie's thighs, she could just see a dribble of her pussy juice running down the inside of her thigh. Sarah knew it was turning Julie on big time, just from her intense concentration and flushed face as well as her enthusiasm and erect nipples, but this was really far out!

"That's it, you are really doing good. I can really see you are a natural-born cock-sucker!" she gushed. "Now you're doing the right thing if you want him to cum, but if you want to prolong it and build him up more you need to pause a little, and lick him a little bit on the outside. There you go. Grip him fairly hard at the base to keep him from cumming too soon, but don't stroke anymore yet."

Julie complied, pausing him to lick him up and down the shaft once again.

"Okay, he's pretty close to cumming. You can taste the pre-seminal fluid coming out of the head right now," she said as Julie licked his prickhead.

Julie loved the taste, but wanted his cock between her lips again. She plunged back down with a moan, sliding the cock back into her mouth as deep as it would go, and started bobbing her head furiously back and forth, sucking hard. She moaned around her mouthful of cock, squirming with lust on her knees.

Sarah gave up on trying to get Julie to prolong it any longer.

"Okay, when he comes, you'll know it. You can either pull back and let him spray on your face, or swallow it. They love it when you swallow, but it's also fun to have it splash all over your face and tits, so it's your choice. If you swallow, pull back a little at first so you don't gag and have it go down the wrong pipe. If it's a big wad, you need to be prepared to swallow quite a bit of his cum, but try to taste it first.

Julie muffled her acknowledgement, her mouth too full of cock to reply coherently. She bobbed her head furiously back and forth, stroking the base of his cock with one hand, bracing herself against his thigh with the other.

"He's going to cum any minute!" Sarah practically yelled.

Jim was nearly delirious with ecstasy, and near the breaking point. He was sawing his stiff aching prick back and forth in Julie's lips, and his eyes were starting to roll back in his head.

"Now, ease up on your grip and stroke a couple of times as you suck him!" Sarah shouted excitedly.

As Julie eased her grip around his cock, Jim could no longer help himself. He grabbed her head with both hands and started thrusting hard into her mouth, sawing his cock in and out of her mouth. He felt himself explode after about three more pumps. It was incredible--one of the most powerful cums he had every experienced.

It was incredible for Julie as well. The minute she felt his cum hit the back of her throat she felt an orgasm explode in her as well. Amazingly, her cunt was juicing and throbbing with an orgasm--even without any direct stimulation! From that moment on, she would be a confirmed blowjob queen, and would find herself unable to resist folding to her knees at the sight of a cock.

Sarah watched in awe as Julie gulped down the jism. Julie could not help but smile and a big glob of white cum leaked out the corners of her mouth and dripped down the sides of her cheeks. He was pumping so much, she couldn't take it down fast enough. It poured over her lips and spilled out over her chin. She was finally forced to pull the head out of her mouth to keep from choking, but continued stroking Jim's prick with her hand.

Blast after blast hit her cheek with each stroke. It covered the lower part of her pretty face and dribbled down to her tits, and then off the tip of one of her nipples. She slipped his cock back into her mouth and continued her bobbing motions, squeezing his cock gently to try to milk out every last drop of his cum as she continued her sucking. She felt so dirty, but so hot, on her knees with a cock in her mouth, and cum not only filling her mouth, but all over her face and tits.

Jim was still moaning, pumping one of the biggest loads he had ever shot--all over her face and tits. Eventually he had emptied his load, but Julie stayed on his cock for a few more moments, sucking out every last drop, and licking him clean. She sighed when she finally pulled his soft cock out of her mouth. She looked up at him, cum streaking down her face and chest with a huge smile on her face.

"Wow, he exclaimed. That was one hell of a blowjob, he said as he pulled up his underwear and pants. "...one of the best I've ever had. You've certainly earned this," he said as he pulled her fake ID out of his wallet and handed it to her.

He pulled up his pants, and tucked his shirt back in.

"I've got to go--guess I'll see you later," he said as he walked out, closing the door behind him. Just like that--it was over.

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