tagLoving WivesA New Way of Life Ch. 07

A New Way of Life Ch. 07


Azizah stretched and yawned as she slowly came back from the pleasant surroundings of her nights sleep. Earl, who had been beside and inside her most of the night, was gone, but she still felt the warmth of his seed inside her and the crusted remains of her night of pleasure on the inside of her thighs and the scant black hair of her pubic mound. She felt the stiffness of it on her face and her breasts from where she had him shoot the rest of an enormous load after giving him what he described as the best cock sucking he had enjoyed in weeks. She knew that was a lot of bunk because she had seen Ting suck her husband off to completion so many times before and heard his groans of pleasure as she sucked him dry. Still, it had certainly been a fantastic night of pleasure for all of them. She had lost track of how many times she had been fucked and had reached orgasm. She started to rise, thinking in terms of a hot shower to clean the night's deposits, before she felt the almost painful twinges of a thoroughly fucked pussy urging her to consider not being filled with more hard dicks today.

Cautiously she made her way to the shower stall and climbed in, adjusting the water to the perfect temperature before beginning to rub the liquid soap over her body from head to toe. When she reached her crotch, she felt the rawness of overuse causing a tingle that almost made her cum again as she thought about all the dicks that had been thrust inside her swollen cunt. Even her asshole felt stretched after having Azman's cock fill it with a load of cum that only made it easier for David to fill it with his own brand of cock cream. She had almost begged them not to use her ass again, although she had to admit to herself that having it used while one of the other men was in her pussy had certainly made for some very delightful orgasms.

She smiled wryly as she wondered who would be the first to fuck her today, her husband, or one of the guests who, like David and Liza had come back to Earl and Ting's home to continue the party well into the early morning hours. She knew already that she would welcome Liza's talented tongue

Liza, at the moment, was busy. She had learned early in her life with David that she would never get enough strange cock in her cunt and that David would never get enough of watching her take it. But right now she was busy practicing her oral talents on Ting's sweet pussy while Jake was busily feeding her another load of hot cum in her welcoming twat. She had learned soon after marrying David that she was addicted to sex and whether it was with a man or a woman made no difference to her. But what had surprised this young lady from Indonesia was the delicate flavor difference between the taste of an Asian lady and one from the west. It had been something she liked to think about and enjoy as she recognized the difference in taste. She wondered, even as she was enjoying Ting whether it perhaps was a difference in the foods they ate. Western pussy was stronger, more scented than that of someone like Azizah, or Ting who was now filling her mouth with the sweeter but lighter taste than that of Miriam or Diane who also had fed her some of their nectar last night. She noticed the same thing about the semen that had been filling her mouth. Park's, despite his large quantity, had been sweeter than Earl's or James', or even her own husband. Idly she wondered if this was fact or only her own sense of taste. She knew that it would be an interesting subject of conversation with Ting who had more experience than she, and she looked forward to that talk in the future.

Azizah, fresh from her shower, had donned the short robe that was the usual clothing favored by the ladies in the house. Wondering where the others were, she went from one bedroom to another until she found the majority gathered in Earl and Ting's bedroom. She sat down on the side of the bed where Ting was holding Liza's head tightly to her crotch as she delivered the last of her orgasmic juices to the comely young Liza's suctioning mouth. Jake didn't acknowledge her presence as, with both large hands tightly gripping Liza's hips, he continued fucking the young lady. Then, with a chorus of moans, he and Ting reached orgasm simultaneously.

"Wow, that's good pussy," Jake managed to grunt as with one last hard thrust he emptied his balls into Liza's cunt and let his hands slide forward to grip her twin 32A cup tits, holding his cock deep inside his partner's welcoming warmth. Only when the last of his torrent of cum had been unloaded into Liza's pussy did he recognize that Azizah was sitting only a few feet away. He let his cock slide slowly out of the sweetness as he eyed one of his partners from the night before.

"Are you waiting for some of this," he asked with a smile.

"No, not here," Azizah smiled back, patting her pussy which was still inflamed and red from the cocks that had ravaged it in the last twelve hours, "at any rate," "but I'll clean it up for you if you like," she added. Azizah surprised even herself at times as she realized how much she had come to enjoy sucking cocks and feeling the hot loads of jism blasting its way down her throat. She felt her nipples tightening as she realized she was going to get that sensation again and welcomed it.

Jake wasted no time getting off the bed and turning to where Azizah sat, offering his cock to her as he approached. He remembered how good she had felt when he slide his dick into that hot little mouth the first time and it definitely needed cleaning. His last droplets were even now falling onto the floor before Azizah took it in both hands and engulfed it with an impossibly small mouth.

"That's it, baby, nice and slow," he crooned as his hard went behind her head and tangled in the still damp hair. Surprisingly it didn't respond as it usually did, by springing to life. Maybe he had finally reached the satiation point, he thought as he watched the cute young Malaysian girl suck the pearls of cum from his still only semi rigid cock.

Azizah was disappointed that she didn't get what she considered her reward for her oral talents, but she still smiled when Jake backed away with a smile. "Sorry, honey, but I think you ladies have just about killed this poor thing." He pushed his cock back into his trousers and left the room leaving Azizah and Liza alone in the room as the others followed him toward the living room, exhausted for at least a while.

"Thank you," Liza said, sitting up and taking Azizah's hand in her own. "I don't think I could have taken any more from him, he's been screwing me ever since we got home last night, either in my pussy, or having me suck him off."

"That is a pretty big package to have to deal with for that long." Azizah said with a smile. "It feels good at first, but after a couple of hours, it begins to be just a bit too much."

That drew a laugh from Liza. "I can never get enough to satisfy me for more than a day or so," she said. "If the women back home knew what it was like to have more than one cock in them, and how big they can be, not a man would be safe."

It was Azizah's turn to laugh. "I have to agree with you. I would never have dreamed of letting another man fuck me until Earl screwed me the first time and I found out that Azman was fucking his wife all the time I was waiting, back home, to come over here, thinking of how much he must be suffering from lack of sex."

"I know. I thought I would be David's first, and why, I really don't know. I had been told by others that western men were insatiable and began fucking girls as soon as they could cum, but David was so sweet and so apparently unrushed to get his cock in me, that I thought he was different. It sure didn't take long for him to ruin that image once we were married. Before our honeymoon was over, he was already fucking one of my friends. What made it even worse from my point of view was that night he tied me to the bed and let my friend's husband fuck me. That's when he told me that I might as well get used to being fucked by other men, because he had his own little group of ladies who worked for him that provided him with lots of good pussy. He said that he liked to watch other people fuck and he intended to see my pussy being filled by all his friends. Of course what I didn't know at the time was how much David liked to eat me when I was full of cum."

Azizah smiled. "Earl must have taught Azman the same thing. Azman had never gone down on me before I came over to this country, but the first night that we were together, he watched Earl fuck me then he ate me out. Have you had Ting eat your pussy yet?"

"Oh, yes! Park had fucked me and left so much in me that it was running down my thighs. Tine was nearby and offered to help me clean up. I wasn't too sure what she meant by that, but once she got between my legs, I couldn't say 'no.' I think she made more of a mess than I had been before though, because I came at least twice more while she had her tongue in my pussy and played with my clit. It felt delightful, especially when David finished me."

"And you? Do you like to do it now too?"

"Very much," Liza said softly. "I don't know whether I prefer sucking a cock or eating pussy, so I like to do both. David loves it when I suck him after he's fucked another woman, and I like the taste of him when it's been in another Asian woman."

"Good," Azizah said with a smile. She pulled Liza closer. Liza, realizing what Azizah was thinking, smiled at her new found friend and pushed her back on the bed until she was laying with her head elevated and her legs spread wide. Crawling between them, she opened her mouth wide and covered Azizah's entire pussy with it.

Azizah sighed as she felt the young woman's tongue go deep inside her. She knew that this was one of those friendships that would last forever.

In Azizah's next adventure, she joins Liza for a trip back to their homes in Asia, where they introduce friends and family to the concept of swinging.

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