A Nice Visit


It is a normal evening at work. You are tired from the night but know that many more hours are ahead. "Pace yourself" you think, as you show up for the next scheduled appointment. You go into the building to complete the task at hand and are met by the evening supervisor. "Problem came up" he tells you. GREAT, you think. That is not something that you want to hear at work.

"This is the last run for the next three hours" he says "Problem with scheduling -- not sure when those idiots in the front office will get things straight. We don't need you until your 3 am appointment" You look at your watch and it is only 11:30 pm. You know that the supervisor has to pay you for the time since it was their error and you can't help but think that no problem exists. You have a great way to spend the next 3 hours.

You quickly finish and head to my house. You contemplate calling me to assure I am home but then decide against it. You decide a complete surprise would be more fun. This late at night, there is no telling what I will be doing when you get to my house. I could be asleep but you doubt it. If so, you will climb into bed with me and wake me up by slowly touching all over my body.

The thought of it as you drive to my house makes your cock stir. You know that I am thrilled to have you visit, regardless of the time of day. You know that I like to have you naked within minutes of you walking through the door and that I will put your cock in my mouth soon after. We have such a physical situation and can't get enough of one anothers naked body. Amazing that we can still create a "WOW" in one another.

As you turn into my neighborhood, you once again consider calling and decide against it just as quickly. Turning the corner on my street, you see my house with my car in the drive. The house is dark and you decide that I must've turned in early. Not calling is perfect in that case. You park your car and start to walk toward the door. Just as you go to reach for it to open it, you hear a noise that makes you stop.

Moaning, you are sure you hear moaning. You stand very still and listen closely. You look into the room and while you can't see the livingroom completely, you see a dim light in it from where you are standing. Moaning, that is definitely moaning. You briefly wonder if I have company and you have walked up on it. No other car in the driveway, though so that cannot be possible.

I must be in the living room, but doing what ? You decide to get a closer look. You know that if you go into the back yard, you can get to the large sliding glass door in the livingroom that never has the curtains closed. You quietly do so, not to alert the dog. As you enter the screen room off the living room, you see the room slightly lit by the television screen.

It is the television screen that you see first. On the screen, is a woman with a strap on fucking another woman that is laying on her back. The woman being fucked is moaning and bucking, rubbing her clit with her fingers. Both women have large breasts that are boucing as they fuck right on the screen. You stand and watch this for a moment, not even looking to see where I am in the room.

You had thought that there was no telling how you would find me, but this is not one you expected. You move further into the porch area and see me on the couch. I have the remote in my hand and seem to be just watching the movie. You know me well enough, however, to know that I am very wet watching this. Just as that thought crosses your mind, you see my hand slide down my stomach to my pussy.

You feel your cock strain in your pants as you see me touch my shaved pussy. My hand slowly rubs between my legs and you can see my nipples harden under the silky fabric of the nightie I have on. How sexy is this ? You move to a position that you can see the television in the back ground and can see me also, reacting to what is on it.

I scoot to the end of the couch and spread my legs wide. The scene on the screen changes to a man and two women. You know how much I enjoy that. I turn and lay on the couch, putting one leg on the back of the couch and the other on the floor. My pussy faced toward the sliding door that you are behind. My face never turning away from the television screen.

You unzip your shorts, not able to stand the pressure your hard cock is placing against the fabic any longer. Just to be more comfortable, you think. The second your cock is free, however, you want to stroke is gently. Knowing how soaking wet my pussy is just on the other side of the door.

You realize that I know have a toy, vibrating right on my clit. I obviously had it there ready because I didn't move to get it. You can see the wet glisten in the light of the television from where you are sitting. Oh, how your cock throbs watching this. On the screen, one of the women is laying on her back while the other is licking her nice wet clit. The man is fucking the girl that is licking and whispering in her ear. You know that this scene makes me think of you.

My hips are moving instinctively and you continue to stroke your nice hard cock. Enjoying this impromptu show quite a bit. You see that I am reaching for another toy and watch me very closely as I take a dildo and slide it into my pussy. I continue to watch the television screen and you can hear me moan along with the movie. The scene on the screen changes slightly and I seem to get more into it as it does.

I have the vibrating toy on my clit and am pumping that toy cock into my pussy hard and fast. You can see the tension in my body as I do so. You glance back at the television screen and see that the man is fucking one of the women while the other woman licks the clit as the cock goes in and out. Her pussy is so pink and swollen as she moans in pleasure. You look back at me and you can tell I am going to cum soon. The intensity of my pumping, the look on my face, the tightness of my body. All things you have caused yourself many times.

"Fuck her little pussy" you hear me say as I moan and fuck the toy right back. You realize that you are firmly stroking out of instinct. How very much you enjoy to watch and this is even more of a turn on since I really don't know you are there. I start to cum and you don't take your eyes off me. I have put on a show for you other times, but watching when I am not aware you are is more intense. "Oh yes", I moan as I cum "Don't stop fucking that bitch". I do my best not to stop, as you have taught me. The second orgasm can be even more intense.

At this point, however, you decide that you are not going to spend another minute of this unexpected break merely watching. As you leave the back yard, I am still watching the movie and playing. You get into your car and decide to call. The phone rings a few times before I answer. "What you up to, baby?" you ask me.

I giggle and say "Nothing" and even if you hadn't just watched me in the window, you would know from the tone of my voice that would not be true. You tell me that you are lucky enough to have a break and wonder if I would like someone to keep me company for a while. "Absolutely" I tell you.

I come to the door in the silk nightie. You can tell that I stopped the movie I was watching. You walk in the door and slide your hand under my nightie sliding your finger right into my soaking wet pussy. I exhale as soon as you touch me, enjoying the feel of your talented fingers. "Been busy without me tonight?" you say as you kiss my neck.

I just smile, lead you into the living room and press the play button on the VCR. I pull up my nightie, sit on the edge of the couch, and slide a toy right into my pussy. This time with you on the inside of that window you were watching from earlier. You pull down your shorts, stroke your cock as I watch and don't stop until you cum all over my tits. Great start to an unexpected break from work. The good news is, we have 2 hours to go before you have to head back. Turned out to be a good night after all.

C K & L

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