tagBDSMA Public Viewing

A Public Viewing


For months he has been begging his Mistress for the chance to serve her and be humiliated publicly. Today, he is getting his wish.

And he is excited and terrified beyond description.

Mistress and her boy arrive at the private LA bdsm club and proceed inside. Mistress is dressed in conservative preppy clothes, khakis, blue jacket, conservative white shirt. She has beautiful long red hair, luscious 36c breasts, and a curvy ass that draws many stares.

Sub is dressed in casual j crew shirt, jeans and no underwear.

Mistress and her boy find an open room. Mistress tells her sub to strip and leave his clothes on the floor. He is left wearing only a collar, and cuffs on his ankles and knees. The room is cold and he feels goosebumps on his skin. But it's not just the cold causing them; it's a growing sense of fear and panic.

Mistress takes out red lipstick and applies it to herself. She puts on her glasses, hands her jacket to her sub who hangs it up. She then unbuttons her shirt a few buttons to reveal her dark black lace push up bra. Her cleavage is majestic. sub is staring at Mistress' beautiful cleavage until Mistress swats him on the behind with her fine leather whip.

"I apologize Mistress," he says quietly, eyes down on the floor.

"Remove the new buttplug from the bag sub," she says.

A new feeling of shame and fear engulfs him, but sub does as he is told.

"Put it in my hand without looking up at me," Mistress says.

Sub begins to get hard. Mistress swats at his balls. "I'll tell you when you may get hard my sub slut."

"Yes Mistress."

"You've been a very bad boy in the past several weeks, you know."

"I know Mistress and I apologize for being rude to you."

"Spread your legs sub," Mistress says. A few people have begun to gather outside the open door. "I want these people to see you beg for my forgiveness and to be punished for your bratty behavior."

"Yes Mistress," sub says. He is afraid and excited now and doesn't want to disappoint his Mistress.

"Do you remember how rude you were to Mistress in the car driving to your niece's graduation?"

"Yes Mistress."

"And how you have taken me for granted and been selfish and childish in your behavior?" Mistress taps her whip across her hands lightly. "Answer me quickly sub."

Blushing, sub says, "Yes Mistress but do all of these people have to hear me? I am embarrassed already..."

Mistress smacks her sub hard across the balls with the whip. "That's enough. Do you want to leave? Get your clothes back on and walk out of here then. Now."

"No Mistress," sub begs. "No please, please punish me. I know I deserve it and I am so lucky. You know what is best and I beg you to always tell me what to do."

"That's better," Mistress says. "You may get down on your knees and kiss my feet for a moment."

"Oh thank you Mistress," sub drops to his knees and kisses his Mistress' wonderful feet.

"Don't look at my feet you pathetic little slut," Mistress sneers. "Look at them," she points to the growing crowd against the wall.

Horrified, sub looks and sees half a dozen people watching his humiliation. His shame grows because he also feels that his cock is beginning to grow again. He is ashamed that he can't stop being excited.

Mistress reaches for her lotion and her buttplug . "I'm not sure you deserve an ass fucking sub."

"Oh Mistress, please, I beg you, I know I have been bad and I want everyone here to see me worship You and obey You."

Mistress reaches around behind her sub. "Don't make a sound or I will stop and walk out." With that, she shoves the buttplug hard and deep into her sub's lubed ass. He winces in pain and pleasure but keeps silent with effort. "That's good," she says sweetly, rubbing his face with her free hand. "You may look at my beautiful breasts now sub."

"Oh thank you," sub looks longingly at Mistress' cleavage and feels the butt plug in and out of his ass. He is fighting the urge to get fully erect.

Mistress looks at his cock and laughs, "Your little cock is getting stiff. You like this don't you my sub slut?"

Sub feels humiliated and aroused, especially in front of the growing crowd. "Yes mistress," he says quietly.

"I can't hear you," Mistress says with a laugh. "Should I stop?"

Louder, sub says, "No Mistress I love it, please keep fucking your badly behaved sub in the ass."

"You are learning," Mistress says. "You may suck my nipple for a moment after you put on your cock ring."

Sub puts the cock ring on.

"Step forward," Mistress says. She then ties sub up with his ankle and wrist restraints. She also puts a blindfold over sub's face. "Do exactly as I say or I will leave you here alone and tied up."

"Yes Mistress, I will gladly do anything you say, thank you Mistress."

"Drop to your knees sub," Mistress says. "I want you to lick my cunt for a moment."

Mistress pushes her sweet cunt against her Sub's face. "Pleasure me sub. Now."

Sub licks and sucks his beautiful Mistress' cunt. He can hear her breathing harder and he feels good that he is pleasuring her.

"You have a hard cock my sub, don't you?"

"Yes Mistress, it is hard for you and only you."

"Lay on the floor," Mistress pushes her sub down so that he is on his back. "Don't make a sound or I will be angry and I will stop."

"Yes Mistress."

Mistress lays on top of her sub and takes his cock in her cunt. He lays flat as she fucks him also with the buttplug. In and out her thrusts are harder and faster. "No sound, stay silent or I'll stop," she says as she pounds her sub with her cunt.

Sub nods and fights to keep silent. His cock is ready to burst. "May I cum in you Mistress?"

"Not yet sub," Mistress stands and puts her asshole up to her subs face. "Lick me and fuck my asshole with your tongue. Beg for it first."

"Oh please Mistress, please please may I fuck your sweet asshole with my tongue."

Mistress laughs, "With all these people watching? You want to have my ass on your face while you stick your tongue in my asshole? What a submissive slut you are."

"Please Mistress, your sub is begging to put his tongue in your wonderful ass."

Mistress sits back down on her sub. "I want to feel it but I don't want to hear you enjoying it," she says. "If I hear a sound I get up and you get nothing more."

Sub nods again and begins licking and tongue fucking his Mistress' sweet ass. He is in heaven.

"My your cock is straining out of that ring isn't it you little slut?" Mistress laughs. "You belong between Mistress ass cheeks, don't you sub? I am your superior goddess and you are so lucky I let you lick my ass."

"yes Mistress oh yes" sub nods and continues licking his Mistress' asshole.

"That's enough," Mistress says and pulls away abruptly. She laughs again. "You should see yourself sub. In front of these people you are laying naked on the floor in cuffs and a dog collar. You are a sub slut and you know it, don't you?"

"Yes Mistress, I am your sub slut."

Mistress laughs," You are a little slut. I wonder what it will feel like to you if we happen to see anyone here on the street later?"

Flushing red, sub is scared anew; he hadn't thought of that possibility.

"I'd enjoy that," she smiles. "In fact, let's make this more memorable for them." Mistress addresses the crowd. "I'm Empress Deborah and this lowly sub wants to cum inside my beautiful pussy. Thumbs up or thumbs down?"

It is silent and sub strains to hear how the crowd votes. If they vote no, he knows Mistress will enjoy edging him until his balls ache for hours afterward.

"Thank you," sub hears Mistress say to the crowd.

"If we see any of these people on the street, I will instruct you to walk over and introduce yourself," Mistress says. "And you will do this."

"Yes Mistress," sub says in shame. "I will."

Mistress puts her cunt back in her subs face. "You are lucky, sub. The crowd took pity on you. Bring me to orgasm sub. Now."

Sub licks and plays with his Mistress' clit and cunt, back and forth for many minutes. He can hear her breathing and feel her excitement building.

Suddenly, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she is screaming.

Then Mistress sits her cunt on her sub's hard cock and begins pouding.

"You want your Mistress to fuck you, don't you sub?"

"Yes yes Mistress, please oh yes."

"Mistress is your beautiful goddess that you worship and adore, yes?"

"Oh yes Mistress yes," sub is in ecstacy feeling his cock in his Mistress' warm cunt.

"Beg me to let you cum sub," Mistress says.

"Mistress, your sub needs you so much please please allow me to cum inside you to show my love and adoration for you. I am your slave Mistress and you are the goddess."

Mistress smiles, "You may come sub."

And the sub feels an explosion like he has never felt before in his life.

Mistress stands, walks over and gestures for the crowd to leave the room. Then she shuts the door. Gently, she holds her sub's head in her hands, "my sweet sub, you are welcome."

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