A Reluctant Nudist Ch. 09


"Doesn't he mind you doing the business with other guys?"

I asked in an effort to draw out of her as to what the word business actually meant.

"No, not at all, he loves to see me enjoying myself and when there's another stiff dick around it always makes him hornier too."

If I had had doubts before, I no longer had any as to what she was referring to now and I started to relax a bit more.

"When I saw you before, you know when you were getting a stiffy in front of your wife and sister, I thought that maybe you might be game to be in some two on one fun, that's why I've come over. I'm quite a big girl down there and it takes at least someone of your size to completely satisfy me, are you interested?"

Although I had had some extremely erotic experiences in the past year, this would have to be the first time, probably in my whole life that a member of the opposite sex, or my own sex for that matter, had propositioned me so blatantly.

I took a short while to respond to her, in an effort to get the precise meaning of my words right.

"Don't get me wrong, but if I understand you correctly, you're asking me to join you and your husband in a threesome, is that what you're saying to me?"

"Sure, and I knew you'd be shocked, but don't be, we do it all the time, it's just our thing, I promise you, you'll enjoy it and he won't lay a finger on you either if that's what you're worried about."

"Look, that's not really the problem and I'm not really that shocked to be honest, in fact I'm really chuffed that you've asked me and all that but as I'm with my wife and sister, I think that I might regretfully just have to give it a miss this time."

Her silence after my knock back made me feel kind of uneasy and not knowing why but feeling like I had to justify my refusal further, I went on.

"I know that Helen would be okay with it because like you guys we've also enjoyed the odd occasion with others, but I'm not sure how my sister would react so please don't take offence at me saying no, but if things had been different."

"Well, that's a real shame because I can see you're excited by the idea, still if you change your mind, you know where to find us," she said with a big smile.

Standing up and walking back towards her towel, I couldn't help but notice that just as with Liz, it was possible to see both her breasts from behind as she slowly meandered back and the thought of what she had said to me had, as she had pointed out, aroused me more than just a little bit down below. My knockback to her had very quickly brought our conversation to an abrupt end though, however her directness as to what she had wanted just had to be admired.

Sarah and Helen returned a little while later and I didn't mention anything of our new friend's inviting proposal to either of them. It seems that both had attracted some new admirers on their little jaunt with one guy taking a few snapshots of the both of them together, after having asked their permission of course. Helen's gum was still holding up and I told her that if she didn't remove it fairly soon, I would be obliged to remain laying on my front for the rest of the day. Cruelly enjoying her newly realised power, she laid down on her side next to me with her legs bent at the knee and in their favorite nine o'clock position which also caught the attention of a couple of young guys who just happened to be walking by at that time, coming from the same direction that the girls had just come from.

"Oh, and why is that may I ask?" she enquired teasingly.

"That's why" I replied, pointing to the still gaping jaws of the two teenage boys who were just about falling over their own feet, their necks starting to go out of joint in an eager attempt to manage more than ninety degree turns as they just about stumbled by.

"That's why, my dear, that's why."

"Yeah, come on Helen, don't be so wicked, you know exactly what you're doing to all these guys, give them a break," added Sarah.

With this Helen just laughed and stretched out her legs, closing them in the process.

"You're both right of course, I'm probably just a bit too open for them here, what do you guys reckon?"

Well again, whether she meant open as in uninhibited or open as in, well just that, open, I had to whole heartedly agree with her on both counts.

At this point, because I had my back towards her, I hadn't noticed but my Londoner friend had come over towards us and was soon introducing herself to the girls. Her name was Sue, short for Suzanne with a zed, she was adamant in pointing out, and she informed us all that her husband's name was Brian. He has still not returned but she went on to tell them both that she had spoken to me before and found out that we were all from London.

Within an extremely short period of time she had got just about all of our life stories out of the girls and learning that we were travelling around, invited us to stay at their house for the night. Helen was overjoyed at the thought of not having to spend the next night in the tent and immediately accepted her invitation on behalf of us all. I pointed out to Sue that perhaps she should check with her husband first, to see if it was all right with him before inviting us and she told us that if she was happy, he was happy. Remembering what she had told me before about him sharing her with others, I'm sure she was probably right. Looking over Sarah's shoulder at one point, I saw Sue give me a definite wink, followed by a smile. I wondered if it would be a good time now to bring up her previous proposal into the discussion but as she had said nothing so far in our little chat concerning this, I thought better of it.

She told us that they had a swimming pool at home and an indoor spa room which we were all able to use if we wanted. I hadn't really taken any notice of it before but her hair was a very golden colour, more like the colour of gold metal than just an ordinary blonde, and her pubes were exactly the same colour. There was no sign of any other tint at the roots so it could only have to have been her natural colour, albeit very unusual.

Although she obviously did not trim her fanny hair, they were very fine and you could see the distinct outline of her lips below them, and big chunky ones they were too. It occurred to me that if she was nearly forty then she was just old enough to be my mother but this did not stop me from feeling those first pangs of arousal as she laid down in almost the same position that Helen had been in before and spread her legs to get more comfortable. I knew what she was trying to do and I also knew that there was very little I could do or think of to stop the already beginning physical response to her obviously intentional, suggestive pose. The only way that I would be able to hide it was by immediately turning on to my front and pretending that I wasn't taking any notice of her. She gave a glance sideways as I made this maneuver and from the subtle smile she gave me as I turned, I knew that she was satisfied that her deliberate body language had achieved it's required result.

Soon afterwards, the lady's husband Brian returned and immediately came over to us all. He was very softly spoken and it was quite hard to hear what he was saying as he chatted to us. He was very wiry and thin, not too unlike me, physique wise but with a bit less bulk than I carried. He was deeply tanned all over and although his penis was quite long, it was also extremely thin and I began to understand Sue's previous comments about needing a bigger size to satisfy her. He was very distinguished looking with his sideburns showing a hint of greenness coming on and with a finely trimmed pencil thin moustache to match.

I always seem to compare people to others who are famous because it gives me some sort of reference to remember what they look like, even after a long time has passed and I couldn't help but recognize shades of David Niven in this man.

He didn't seem put out by the fact that we had accepted his wife's invitation at all and suggested that when we left, we did so together and that it would be easier if we either followed them or that his wife should go with us to navigate our way to there place which was in a suburb called Glenelg. He said that they drove a white Mercedes so it should be easy to see if we followed it.

Helen did not often get excited by cars but she told Brian that she had always wanted to go for a drive in a Mercedes so maybe she could go with them. Sue suggested that we should do a swap of wives and Helen took the liberty of telling Sarah to come with her to experience some real luxury for once, to which she agreed.

Being still early afternoon with a lot of sunbathing time left, Sue and Brian moved their bags, towels and umbrella up to where we were laying and we all ended up chit chatting away, and all getting on ever so well, mainly talking about their recent trip back to England.

Sue informed us that they had first met when Brian had been on a back packing trip around Europe in the late sixties when they both happened to be at the same campsite at Paradise beach on Mykonos Island in Greece. She had been with a girlfriend and him with his best mate who also came from Adelaide. To listen to them talk, they seemed like such normal sort of people and I started to wonder if I hadn't imagined my previously short conversation with Sue. Looking at it though, Helen and I may have appeared just as normal run of the mill people to them too, so I guess it wasn't all that surprising that we found them the same way too.

Sarah didn't get left out either and was soon telling us all some more stories about her Canadian trip, not forgetting the part about the skinny dipping episodes. Sue really got off on this one and in her not too intrusive manner got Sarah to describe physically just about all the boys that had been there, including how well built they were, and she wasn't asking about just about their biceps. In one instance when Sarah described one guy as being big, Sue looked down at my nether regions and asked if she meant like mine. Sarah just laughed and told her that his was big but not quite as healthy as mine. This statement made me feel far less guilty about my previous thoughts concerning my sister's genitalia as she had obviously also had had a thought or two about mine as well.

It also made me feel quite proud as this was not the first time that my size had impressed members of the fairer sex, but this was praise indeed, coming from my own sister.

Brian, in his quiet manner was sitting across from Helen who, as usual was making no effort to conceal anything. As if complementing her on just an everyday article of clothing, he casually remarked that she probably had the sweetest pussy on the whole beach what with the way her love lips stood out so nicely. Sue agreed and asked Helen how long she had been shaving it. Helen thanked them both graciously, again as if accepting a normal compliment on a nice pair of shoes or something and went on to tell the same photographer story again whilst applying some coconut lotion between her lips as she told it. She had all of our attention as she continued and I couldn't help but notice that Brian's appendage had just about doubled in size as he watched her rub herself and it was starting to firm up quite respectably.

"Later dear, keep it for later." Sue said as she laughed and threw a pair of shorts over his now almost upright dick.

"Sorry about that but I normally have better self control." He replied.

"Still, just goes to show that there's still some life left in the old fella."

He went on as he pulled the shorts off his still hard member.

I looked over at Sarah, who I had expected to be put out by his and Helen's displays but she was now laying on her back with her knees up and not taking any notice of any of us at this point. I noticed that since Sue had been over with us, Sarah had been a lot more relaxed, even to the extent of her more laid back body language, even regarding the way that she was now reclining. Like Helen, she now was in complete disregard as to this beach's regulation, legs together etiquette. With one hand on each knee, she was casually swaying them apart in a motion that made it possible to just make out the outline of her so far normally hidden innards and for a small instant, I again failed to block out the fact that this was my own sister before me. As I squinted with the sun in my eyes to get a better look, I noticed that in this position, her pubes had parted naturally and her inner lips were separating each time she swung her knees apart. There was an unmistakable glint of wetness between them and because I knew that she never used sun lotion, it could only mean one thing. The occasion had excited her too and her open legged display meant that she wasn't worried about showing it either. Her lack of inhibition pleased me and made me feel more comfortable about my own attitudes. It was as though I did not now have to explain or justify my own recent behavior and it felt like another weight had been lifted off my shoulders. They say that a problem shared is a problem halved and it came to me that maybe sharing moments of eroticism and even of exhibitionism might do the same thing for the mind as far as any subconscious guilt is concerned.

When it was time to leave, Sarah and Helen decided to go with Brian, both wanting to sample the luxury of that other popular German vehicle. Sue seemed just as happy to accompany me in the not so flash Kombi van.

Sue wore a white cotton, full length dress, not too dissimilar to the cheesecloth one Helen was wearing. Neither of them wore anything underneath, so I hoped that Brian did not make any prolonged stops on the way home as it strangely enough worried me, the thought of Helen being so exposed when I was not around to protect her. I, as usual wore my jeans with a black tee shirt, still not having got used to wearing shorts as much as I probably should have in the Australian heat.

As we started out on our journey, Sue commented that she was happy that we were all going to get to spend some more time with each other as we had all got on so well during the day. She confided that Sarah had told her of her reasons for going to Canada and said that she could empathise with her as she had lost her first husband in a work accident ten years before when he was electrocuted working as a linesman for the London Electricity Board. She had been married to him for ten years and they had finally made the decision to start a family when it happened. She went on to say that all the time she was with him, her first husband that is, that she had never been unfaithful, not even once. After it happened, she too did a bit of a trip around Europe and in her words, fucked herself silly, possibly in an effort to try to forget what had happened. It didn't work however as even to this day not one hour passed without her thinking about Barny, her first husband in one way or another. She did learn a lot about her self though and found that after that trip she had acquired an insatiable appetite for sex and it had never left her. She went on to say that when she met Brian on the Greek Island, that both him and his mate and her girlfriend had indulged in group sex and since then they both developed a fairly open attitude towards it and also to nudity. Her manner was such that it was very easy to discuss these things with her and I had soon told her of Helen and my own baptism into nudity, starting off at the incident at Somers beach and meeting Greg the photographer. She asked me to describe Greg to her, which I did and amazingly she informed me that she had met him once as well when they had been to Somers beach whilst on holiday in Melbourne and that she had also been photographed by him. She went on to say however that her photos would certainly not have appeared in any naturist magazine though as most of them were of her being serviced by Brian and two of Greg's mates at the same time. Talking before I had time to think, I stupidly queried the word "service" and Sue had no hesitation in describing the incident in detail.

Although I too had been involved in a similar exhibition on the house boat at Lake Eildon, albeit with only two guys and a vibrator, listening to her describe the incident in extremely graphic and intimate detail tested the strength of my jeans fly to the maximum and her very colourful visualisation of all four of them climaxing at the same time almost made me blow my own load in sympathy.

Sue's hand was now resting in my crotch as she finished her story and her fingers were soon following the outline of my member as it strained against the now tight denim cloth.

"Think we might have a bit of fun tonight if everyone joins in." She commented whilst still fondling the tightness of my crotch.

"It really depends on my sister, I can't imagine that she will be too keen on messing about, what with me around."

"Oh I don't know about that." Sue continued.

"From some of the things she told me today, you might just get a bit of a surprise."

"Not much surprises me nowadays, so who knows." I replied.

At this point I was still trying to keep up with the Mercedes which was now two cars ahead of us and this distraction nearly made me miss Brian's indication that he was about to turn into a drive-through bottle shop. Following him in after hitting my breaks a bit harder than I had intended, Sue informed me that Brian was out of Riesling and would buy a couple of bottles here. I knew that we had no wine left in our polystyrene esky either, so I jumped out as well just in time to see Helen do the same thing from the front passenger side of the Mercedes.

Being now quite dark and with the driveway lights full on, there was little doubt as to the fact that Helen was wearing nothing under her dress and both the two young male bottle shop attendants quickly decided that they wanted to be the one to have the privilege of serving her first.

Going up to her I told her that I would look after this and suggested that she should get back into the car.

"It's not a problem Steve, I know what I'm doing." She replied.

"I bet she does," sniggered one of the attendants as Helen walked inside to the cool room section where they kept the wines and cold six packs of beer.

Following her closely, I subtlely reminded her that her dress was completely see through and even more so now that the sub zero temperature was taking full effect on her quickly hardening nipples.

"Look Steve, I'm doing this as a dare from your sister. She bet me a flagon and a six pack that I wouldn't get out of the car dressed like this, so quieten down or else you're going to have to pay for this lot."

Giving me a flagon of cold moselle and a six pack of Southwark beer to carry, Helen retrieved a bottle of Beefeater gin from the shelf outside and proceeded out to the counter where Brian had already finished paying for the three bottles that he had already bagged. With her hands on her hips and now quite deliberately thrusting her breasts forward to their greatest extent so that her nipples stretched the thin cheesecloth fabric so tightly that it now followed the exact contours of their erect shape perfectly, she asked the attendants, who were now standing like Siamese twins beside each other, what it all came to.

"Er, that will be eleven dollars and twenty cents exactly madam." Said one of them, his eyes now firmly transfixed on those two dark brown, perfectly erect and protruding hard nipples now no further than eighteen inches from his face.

Helen handed him a twenty dollar note and on receiving it, counted her change very slowly and deliberately whilst both guys seemed stuck to the spot but without doubt getting their monies worth out her performance.

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