tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Schoolgirl's Lesson Ch. 03

A Schoolgirl's Lesson Ch. 03


Alice finished applying red lipstick to her girlfriend, Louise. "There, you look perfect." She confidently told her. Louise turned and looked at herself in the mirror. Indeed she did look perfect. That is if you are trying your best to look like a slutty sexy schoolgirl whore, rather then a sensible teenager.

Louise was wearing the sexy schoolgirl outfit that she and Alice had purchased just a few weeks ago. It consisted of five inch black high heels, a tiny grey pleated mini skirt, which barely covered her bottom, and which revealed the tops of her black stockings and the white cream flesh above. In addition, she had on black suspenders which darted up her skirt to be attached to a black garter belt. Up top she had on a tight, white shirt made from transparent cotton resulting in her breasts being visible since they were not protected by any bra. She also wore her school tie to emphasize that she was, after all, a teenage schoolgirl.

They had also shaven their pussies bald. Alice told her that their Master wanted it this way. To highlight their innocent teenage beauty.

Louise was the image of a young Katie Holmes (the wife of Tom Cruise) when she was appearing in Dawson's Creek many years ago. She had a stunning angelic face with long black hair coupled with the body of a porn queen. She was very slim, but was fortunate enough to be endowed with large breasts - 34DD - which were totally disproportionate to the rest of her slim teenage body.

Her body was in fact the mirror image of her best friend, and recent lover, Alice. Alice was also wearing the exact same outfit as Louise and, as well as both being stunning, they were the same age, eighteen years old. And where Louise had black hair, Alice was the opposite by being a natural blonde. She too had disproportional large breasts and a slim figure.

They were still teenagers attending school and were at an age and time in life when everything was still supposed to be innocent and pure. It should not have been a time where they turned into schoolgirl whores.

Alice put her arm around Louise's waist as they both looked at themselves in the mirror. They presented quite the picture, she thought. Two sexy slutty teenagers both dressed in a way that would not look out of place on the set of a teenage porno film. But these girls were not porn actresses. They were young schoolgirls dressing in a way to pleasure their new Master and his big cock.

"Should we be doing this?" Louise asked nervously, looking at Alice.

"Of course, darling." She replied, turning to face Louise. She then moved her hands up from her waist and gently started to stroke Louise's face. Louise was understandably nervous and it had taken a considerable amount of persuasion on Alice's part for her to even turn up today.

Alice, after being raped by Freddie, had promised him that she would procure him Louise. This, despite the fact that Alice and Louise were best friends, and had sworn to each other to keep their elect lesbian sessions forever secret.

They went to school and church together and had, over the years, formed the closest of friendships. Too close in fact. A couple of months ago, they were alone in Alice's bedroom. They were preparing for their school debate - the debate was: "Are women in today's society still held back by men?" Alice and Louise were naturally arguing the case that women are indeed still held back and needed to be a lot more aggressive in exerting their rights in the workplace. It was classic feminist stuff and it came easy to the both of them since they were both committed feminists. A lot of their friendship was based on this. They had both eschewed the traditional activities of girls their age, which included dressing up and getting to know boys. Instead they were totally immersed in academia and the pursuit of high achievement at the expense of all else. And this meant not getting involved either with boys, or girls who liked boys, and instead concentrating on their school work.

In essence, they were geeks and it was this pursuit of academic excellence that drew the girls together and, as the years progressed, and their other friends began to develop other normal interests, they became even closer. So much so that, outside their family, their relationship was the next closest thing the girls had. They spent all their time together, both at school and out of it. They were viewed as a couple of misfits by the other girls and as such were, for the most part, ignored. That didn't bother them. The other girls didn't understand. And as they began to wear even shorter skirts and blatantly flirt with boys from other schools, Louise and Alice seemed to rebel and wear even more dowdy outfits, refusing to make any effort with their appearance, despite their obvious beauty. And they would never date boys, who, seeing their potential, would often ask them out.

As they prepared for their debate, they both sat on Alice's bed. The hour was late. Alice's parents were out and their conversation had moved on from the subject matter of the debate and on to relationships. They both agreed that having a man could potentially hold them back. They would get married, kids would come along and then they would have to stay at home and forgo their careers whilst the husband carried on with his. This was unacceptable. Wouldn't it be better if they were in a loving relationship where both parties properly understood the needs of the other? They agreed that such a relationship would be virtually impossible with a man. They looked at their parents relationships, where both sets of mothers had given up work to become stay-at-home-mums. The solution of course would be to be in an all girl relationship Louise said! They both giggled at this. Louise pressed on - I mean two girls who understood the needs of each other, who respected the other and where both could have successful long term careers without having to deal with horrible men was surely better than marriage?

Alice readily agreed. She said a relationship such as theirs was an example of two girls working perfectly together. Louise could not disagree. She sensed the moment. Moving forward, she planted a kiss on Alice's lips. Alice did not resist. The rest was beautiful. It seemed to come naturally to the both of them. They stripped off but, at Louise's insistence, they kept on their black flat shoes, white knee socks and school tie. She said it made them look sexy. First they knelt on the bed and kissed, their big teenage tits rubbing up against each other. Then they played with each others breasts, gently kissing them, sucking on the nipples and massaging them. Following this, they licked each other pussies, learning how to massage their lover's clit and to bring about an orgasm.

The next time they met, things got a bit more interesting. Louise had been brave enough to visit a sex shop and purchase a strap on dildo. They fucked each other with it. Alice in the missionay position, Louise in doggie. Again they kept on their black flat shoes, school tie and knee socks.

For their next session, Louise had decided that they should purchase new outfits, apparently they needed something more appropriate for their love making. Something sexy. Something for their eyes only. And they were the outfits they were wearing today. They had been bought just for their own pleasure and neither of them had ever thought that they would be wearing them for an old perverted man and a man that Alice described to Louise as her "Master".

Louise was still not convinced that she should be doing this. "Alice, I don't think this is right. I mean, didn't we promise that we would only love each other? That man would only hold us back. Are you sure about him, he is old? Very old, right? Should we really be allowing such a man to take us this way? Should you be calling him your "Master"? I don't think this is right. I shouldn't be doing this. Perhaps I should go home..."

"Look, Louise, it's going to be ok. I underatand your fears but, as I said earlier, once you have sampled a man with a big cock, it is impossible to go back. And it is glorious. I can't believe we have been so wrong for so long. A girl needs to serve a man, someone who will dominate her, someone who will order her what to do and she will feel that she has no choice but to obey. Inside, you know it is true. Up and until now, we have just been too proud, and foolish, to admit it."

Louise looked down. She knew that Alice was right.

When she had first phoned her a few days ago, all excited and out of breath, and told her what had happened with Freddie, Louise's initial reaction was one of disgust and horror. How could Alice do all of those horrible things with another man? And then, to make matters worse, betray her trust by revealing their secret to him? Louise slammed the phone down and refused to talk to her. The next day, for the first time in several years, she avoided any contact with Alice. It was only that evening, when Alice arrived, uninvited at her home, that she was forced to confront her. Her parents were out so she could vent her full anger at her. But Alice did not flinch. She understood why Louise was so angry and once she had finished shouting at her, Alice calmly explained to her in detail what had happened, and why it had happened.

And Alice proved to be quite persuasive. She explained why young girls needed a Master. Despite previously believing that they could be independent, she had rapidly discovered that she in fact needed to be dominated, controlled, led and generally abused by a powerful man. Those who clung on to the misguided belief that they were independent and just needed to be "loved" by someone, were always invariably missing one crucial fact: being fucked roughly was what girls needed and wanted. And it was this last point that resonated most loudly with Louise. When Alice had made love to her, she was the one who liked it rough. However, the idea of a man, instead of her friend, treating her roughly, raping her, taking her in every hole against her will, ignited some hidden dark fantasy that she could not just ignore. Try as she might.

So rather then confront her inner demons, Louise ran upstairs to the relative safety of her bedroom. She wanted to be alone but Alice quickly followed, wanting to comfort her, to tell her everything would be ok. She did this by making love to her. Louise may have been crying her heart out, but soon they were both stripped off, down to their white cotton socks, school tie and flat black shoes. In no time they were embracing, kissing, tits rubbing up against each other, pussies grinding forward and hands lovingly caressing each others bottoms. Alice then took out from her schoolbag the strap-on-dildo and told Louise to get on all fours on her bed. Louise was only too happy to oblige since this was her favorite position. Alice then climbed on and entered her from behind.

Fortunately for the both of them, there was a mirror on the wall directly in front so they could see exactly what was going on. As Alice began to fuck her, both sets of tits began to shake. Louise, mouth open, began to gently pant, she liked it this way. She liked to be fucked like a dog. However, after a minute or so, things took an unexpected turn. Alice began to spank her bottom and started to call her "a naughty girl." She had never done that before. Louise was shocked but maintained her position on all fours. Alice then grabbed hold of her long black hair and, yanking her head back, began to fuck her hard. With her other hand she carried on spanking her and calling her a "dirty naughty bitch who needs a Master".

Louise did not know what to do. Her mouth was open in horror and she was begging Alice to stop, to be gentle. But Alice continued to fuck and spank her hard, her language becoming more and filthier. She wanted to teach Louise a lesson. A lesson that being fucked rough was the only way forward.

And it worked.

Despite her best efforts, Louise could not help but become utterly aroused by the hard fucking. The feeling of being taken roughly, even by another young schoolgirl, ignited in her previously unknown levels of passion. She started to wonder how it would feel if she was instead being roughly fucked by a man? A man with a big fat cock who would rape her, as he had raped Alice. She had always preferred it rough, but she now understood that she needed things to be rougher. A lot rougher.

As she looked into the mirror and saw Alice pound away in her pussy, her big tits bouncing up and down and her face screwed up in anger as she spanked her naughty bottom, it was at that moment she knew that she needed a man to dominate and fuck her. A young girl was not enough. She needed a cruel man to spank, fuck and rape her. As she understood this, she came...

Back at Alice's home...

Louise was still nervous about what was happening to her. "I am still not sure. What if I can't take his cock? You said it was huge, much bigger then the dildo! I am not sure I can handle that?"

"Of course you can, don't be so silly. You have a body built for big cock. Trust me. If I could handle it, so can you. Now come on, we have already kept our Master waiting for too long..." And with that, Alice began to lead Louise, reluctantly, out of her bedroom and downstairs where their Master was eagerly awaiting their arrival...

Freddie Jackson, high ranking General in the British Army, commander of Her Majesty's forces in the Middle East and generally respected worldwide for his grasp of complex military matters, was also a confirmed pervert. He was a man who took enormous pleasure in gratifying his gross sexual appetite through the abuse of the young female flesh. Generally his victims tended to be young wives, coerced into performing for him; but, every now and again, he would stumble across the delights of teenage schoolgirl pussy. And, if truth be told, this was his favorite kind of pussy. Innocent. Virgin. Tight. Corruptible. What more could an evil old pervert ask for? Well, two schoolgirl pussies, to be precise.

And that was what he was about to experience.

He had helped himself to a glass of Alice's father's fine 12 year malt whiskey, sat himself down in a comfortable leather chair and awaited the arrival of his two young victims, one of whom he had raped just a few days earlier. He took a gulp of the fine liquor and contemplating how good life was for some people. Then, he took out a big fat Cuban cigar, lit it up and puffed away as he looked forward to the day's events.

He did not have to wait too long for, a couple of minutes later, Alice and Louise both emerged and a stunning vision of teenage schoolgirl slutty beauty was presented to him. Both were dressed in their little tight schoolgirl uniforms showing off their bodies to the maximum for this evil man's pleasure and, on seeing them, choked on his fine malt whisky. He had of course seen Alice before, but this was the first time he had had the pleasure of meeting Louise. She was, if anything, slightly more beautiful than Alice, although for understandable reasons, she seemed a great deal more nervous. As they had entered the room, tottering on their ridiculous high heels, Louise looked down, not daring to look up at her new Master. Her face was bright red and her big chest heaved up and down, no doubt terrified with what was about to happen to her. Rarely had Freddie been offered such an innocent beauty to abuse and his huge cock responded accordingly.

They came to stand a couple of meters away from Freddie, who remained seated in his chair. Louise clasped her hands in front of her and looked down, unknowingly adopting the classic submissive pose for a naughty whore. She indeed did feel utterly terrified being in the presence of Freddie, dressed as she was, waiting for him to abuse her. And she had never felt so naked in all her life, without actually being naked. She knew that her skirt was too short to properly cover her bottom and that the tops of her black stockings were on display. And, wearing no bra, the thin cotton material of her shirt afforded her naked breasts no protection from the leering eyes of this old man.

And leer he did.

Alice, who appeared to be only slightly more confident than Louise, also clasped her hands in front of her but she was at least able to meekly look up towards her Master. It had been a few days since he had raped her mouth, pussy and arse - the hatrick of holes - and she was still rightly nervous of being in his presence. Although she had come to enjoy the attack, since it had appealed to her inner desire to become a submissive whore, just like her mother, she was still unsure of what was expected of her and her lover, Louise. She knew that whatever it was, it would involve them submitting their young bodies to whatever disgusting request their Master desired. No doubt their pussies and bottoms would have to be made available to his enormous cock, and with one, or possibly both of them, having their bottoms spanked or whipped. The thought of the pain that all this would involve, and also of the pleasure, made the whore lick her lips with desire. Her pussy had already started to leak juices and her nipples were once more piercing the thin cotton of her shirt. She was eager for things to begin...

"Master, as you asked, please meet Louise, my lover. I hope our appearance meets with your approval?" Alice felt it was her duty to speak first, and introduce her lover to her Master.

Freddie had not been able to keep his eyes off the teenagers', such was their beauty. And of course he was satisfied with their appearance, more than satisfied and was struggling to keep his emotions in check. He wanted to stand up and fuck these whores right there and then; rip open their blouses and suck on their succulent, big tits. Play and spank their bottoms. Lick their pussies. And then cum over the angelic faces, defacing their beauty with his old evil seed. However, he needed to remain in control and not turn into some hysterical adolescent school boy. So quickly he got a grip of himself - he was their Master, the man who was always in control, he could not allow these teenagers to sense his desperation.

"Yes, yes you have dressed just as I had hoped. You look like perfect teenage schoolgirl whores. Very good! Very good!" He said, despite his best efforts, struggling to contain the emotion in his voice. He took a big gulp of whiskey, which helped him calm down.

"And so this is young Louise. Please to meet you at last, my dear. Alice was right, you are beautiful. Very beautiful. Look up at me, please." Louise obeyed and slowly moved her head up and, for the first time, looked directly at Freddie. She saw a good looking man in his 60s smiling up at her. Somehow his look was reassuring and, instinctively, she smiled back in a sweet, girly way. "I am glad you could make it. You have so much to learn. So much to learn... No doubt Alice has explained to you why you are here?"

She slowly nodded her head.

"And how do you feel about this? How do you feel about being here to serve my big cock?" He said this in such a matter of fact way that his calmness did much to unnerve poor Louise. And of course Louise did not know what to say or how to handle the situation. All she could do was just look down again at the floor, her face burning red with embarrassment.

"You know you will have to suck my cock?" Freddie pressed on, enjoying humiliating the young teenager. "And you will also have to fuck it. In your pussy and probably in your bottom." Still nothing from Louise. "Are you able to do this? Are you happy with this?"

Louise wanted to turn around and run out. She was terrified. The way he was speaking was as if he was her teacher giving her a particularly difficult assignment. But he was no normal teacher and this was no normal assignment. Every ounce of intelligence that this bright girl possessed was telling her that this sick perverted man should not be allowed to lay even one old finger upon her young body. But she remained routed to the spot. Her high heels did not, or could not, move and take her away from this monster. She could not be sure why she was behaving in such an irrational way, but she had a suspicion that her soaking wet teenage pussy may have had something to do with it.

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