tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Secret Between Friends Ch. 02

A Secret Between Friends Ch. 02


It had been nearly two years since Amber and I had our wild, secret encounter in the cabin. To my knowledge, it was still a secret between the two of us. Amber and Jerry were engaged, and I was looking forward to "prowling" the single women at her wedding (in my experience, there are few events that lend themselves to passionate one-night-stands like the alcohol and romance-fueled environment of a wedding).

Amber and I had kept in touch...but had never discussed what had happened that stormy night. We'd been meeting weekly for coffee, as she needed someone to vent to about the frustrations and stress of the wedding. Jerry was uninterested in the details, leaving the majority of planning to her alone (with some help from her mother, who lived nearly 2 hours away). While I was unable to assist with the planning, I was more than willing to be there as a friend.

Our small talk followed the usual pattern - "not enough time in the day", "Jerry just isn't capable of helping, and doesn't try", and "I can't believe how expensive things can be", among other familiar complaints. After about 30 minutes, we were finishing up our meeting. As we were walking out, Amber asked a question.

"Chris, can I have Katie call you tonight? She has a favor she needs to ask you."

"Sure...tell her I'll be home any time after 7:00."

Amber's friend Katie had been a secret crush of mine for years. At 5'10", she was blessed with the leggy build of a runner. In fact, she'd been quite successful in High School and College, competing in the 400m. In the years since, she'd maintained a challenging 6-day a week running schedule, and the results were evident. She had shoulder-length brown hair, and wore the "sexy-librarian"/"Smart-girl" glasses that drove me wild. While her running took its toll on her bust, she wasn't afraid to show off what she DID have...it wasn't uncommon to see her wearing hot pants and heels during the summer, or mini-skirts during cooler months, often with the tiniest of t-shirts or barely-there tank tops.

I was quite anxious to learn the favor she needed. My mind had wandered to every adult film I'd ever seen, hoping that her "favor" was similar to theirs.

Promptly at 7:00, my phone rang.

"Hey Chris, it's Katie!"

"Hey Katie, how are you doing tonight?"

"Not bad...just planning Amber's Bachelorette Party."

I was intrigued to find out what they had planned (for some reason, I always loved imagining what a group of crazy girls do in the less-public parts of these parties), but decided to get straight to the point and asked what favor she needed to ask me.

"Well...umm...I don't really know how to ask this, but..."

"Go ahead and ask...the best way is always to get straight to the point."

"Well, Chris...I wanted to ask you to provide 'entertainment' for the party. I guess you could say that I'm asking you to be our stripper."

I was totally shocked. While athletic, I'm nothing special from a build/muscle standpoint, and I generally don't dance unless I'm several drinks into the evening (and then, it's far from "sexy"). I inquired why they didn't just hire a professional.

"Well, the girls are liking the idea of getting just a normal, average - yet attractive - guy. Think about it like "Amateur Night" at the titty bars...you guys go wild for them. Also, I guess we could say that we have a few criteria we're looking for...and they aren't willing to agree to them."

I was shocked by what she'd just asked. To be honest, I'd never entertained the idea of doing something like this. I had no intention of indulging her request, but I had some curiosity as to what the "criteria" that a professional stripper wouldn't do.

"Well, #1. We want you to be at our party for at least 2 hours. #2. When one of the girls tells you to remove an item of clothing, you have to do it...and within 30 seconds. #3. Of the 2 hours you'll be present, we want you to be completely naked for at least a full hour. #4. When naked, we'd very much appreciate you being...ummm...erect."

I'd be lying if I said the thought didn't have a certain appeal. While Amber has never been a superficial person, her friends tend to share a certain aesthetic appeal.

"Why are you asking ME?"

"Well," she responded shyly, "Amber told us a story a few years ago...about walking in on you while you were stimulating yourself. The idea has stuck with a few of us ever since. You were the natural choice."

I was shocked that Amber had shared this...even more surprised that a few of her friends had remembered the story, and wanted to create a similar situation. My pulse quickened as adrenaline coursed through my veins. I don't know if it was the thrill of living life, or the fact I hadn't been laid in a few months, but I eventually agreed to provide their entertainment.



What did I get myself into?

The week raced by quickly, and I started to get nervous about my impending performance. Katie had told me to dress casually...half the appeal was getting a guy the knew to perform for them on request. I dressed in my best pair of Jeans, a pair of stretchy imitation silk boxers, and a button-down dress shirt. I hoped they would enjoy their evening.

I walked up to the door, and rang the bell. Leslie answered.

Leslie was one of those women that is naturally blessed physically. The type that gives off the air that they don't even have to try. She was fit, with a tight tummy and shapely rear, but had hips that filled out her jeans perfectly and what appeared to be large b-cups, or small c-cups. A ponytail and bangs finished her effortlessly sexy look.

"HE'S HERE!" she screamed, as she took me by the arm and pulled me inside.

I saw a total of 6 women...all of them attractive in their own way. I started to blush as they whistled and shouted to me as I entered the room.

"You're blushing already? Just wait until we give you something to blush ABOUT!" Katie shouted. It was appearing that they'd already had a few glasses of wine, each.

"How about we take your coat?"

I declined, stating that I could take care of it, but was quickly reminded that I had 30 seconds to comply. I handed my jacket to a short, petite redhead named Nikki.

I was offered a glass of wine as I tried to settle in and relax. I was told by several attendees that they appreciate what I was doing "for my friend".

After about 20 minutes, I got up to freshen-up my glass of wine. As I walked back, Katie informed me it was time to entertain them.

"Are you going commando?"


"Good. Then lose the jeans. We were watching Risky Business earlier, and we want to see if you look as good as Tom Cruise did."

I looked at her in disbelief, but the look on her face told me she was completely serious. I dropped the jeans, and revealed my black boxers. I worked hard to stay soft...after all, I didn't want to appear TOO anxious.

The whistles resumed, and I began to get a little self-conscious. What had I gotten myself into? I'm already embarassed, and this isn't the worst that I'd obligated myself to do!

Nikki decided it was time for some music. I leaned up against a counter, and the inebriated girls started to dance. Their furtive glances told me that their suggestive movements were designed to illicit a certain...response, from me. Oh, and it certainly was working! Try as I may, I was losing the battle against a full-blown erection in a room full of drunken 20-somethings.

"Oooh! Lose the shirt, next!" screamed Leslie.

With a few drinks in me, this request was much easier to complete than the prior. Again, the whistles and cat-calls resumed as I stood in the middle of the room in nothing but my boxers and my socks.

"Chris, when they told me you agreed to do this, I expected you'd wear a few more layers!" Amber shouted. "You might as well lose the socks, too...they're doing nothing for us!"

I obediently removed my socks, and decided to join the dancing, wearing nothing but my last stitch of clothing...a stretchy/silky pair of loose boxers, which did little to hide what was underneath.

As I commenced with my admittedly awkward dancing, the ladies took note. Suddenly, I was the centerpoint for all their suggestive dancing.

Amber was the first. She came up tight to me, with my leg between hers, and hers between mine. She proceeded to undulate her hips in a manner that reminded me of that passionate night years earlier. My erection strained against my boxers, as her hand slid down to cup my buttocks. She made eye contact as our hips joined in unison.

"Hey, I think it's my turn!" yelled Katie as she came up to me. She began in nearly the same fashion, but soon she dropped to the floor as her hair flipped...making me gasp as it caressed my bare inner thigh. As she stood back up, her hands caressed my skin. I audibly moaned as my silk-shrouded cock briefly slipped between the cleavage of her low-cut shirt.

"I think he's enjoying himself!" Leslie chortled.

The others continued the impeccibly erotic dancing, using their hips, asses, hands, and any other body part they could to keep me rock hard and throbbing. I lost track of time, as this fantastic experience continued. Only one thing stopped it...Amber.

"Time to lose the boxers, and come over here!"

I was reluctant to remove my final item of clothing. Even with a few more glasses of wine, I viewed it as my last line of defense. Unfortunately, Amber didn't see it this way. She pounced as she saw my hesitation, and quickly yanked them down to my ankles.

The whistles and shouts reached a new high as I stood there in front of them. Completely naked and fully erect in a room full of attractive female 20-somethings. My erecton delivered the familiar sensation of complete arousal...not quite an ache, but probably its VERY pleasurable cousin. I was completely engorged in from of a half-dozen women...many of which I'd fantasized about when jerking off. It was as if time had just slowed to a standstill...


My mind was brought back to the present by a swift spanking. It was Nikki. Her innocent features apparently belied a truly naughty girl. It was a matter of seconds before the rest of the girls converged on me - dancing, spanking...even a little unexpected groping. It seemed as if every one of them went explicitly to "moved" that would jostle or caress my cock and/or my balls. It was heavenly. Despite being the only naked individual in the room, the attention it provided was quite pleasant. It's quite nice to have your erect penis be the center of 6 women's attention!

After a short time, the crowd had cleared out slightly. When I asked where Amber, Katie and Leslie were, the other girls didn't know. It was only a few minutes later that they returned and everything resumed.

As the evening progressed, things slowed down. Katie and Leslie sat on the couch and invited me to join them. I took a seat between them.

"You appear to be calming down a bit," Leslie stated while gesturing down to my cock. Her fingernails slowly started tickling my inner thighs as she asked, "Why don't you put your arms around Katie and I. We'll be nice."

I complied, placing my arms around their backs. They moved their arms, pinning my hands behind them. They each crossed their legs, swinging them over mine as they leaned in toward me. They pulled my legs apart, leaving my manhood exposed and vulnerable. I couldn't escape, and their hands continued to caress me. I could smell the faint fragrance of wine on their breath as they kissed my neck and their tongues found my ears.

"Amber, it's time to put your money where your mouth is!"

"So funny! You just HAD to say it like that!"

"Yep...couldn't let that one go!"

Apparently, drunken bravado about sexual prowess isn't just the realm of men. Amber had bragged to Leslie and Katie about her abilities with her mouth. With such a statement, the girls decided to make a wager. Amber claimed she could bring a man to climax in less than 3 minutes. Her friends decided to take her up on her boasts.

I was to be the test subject.

Amber walked into the living room, and removed her shirt revealing a red satin bra.

"Yeah...wouldn't want him to cum all over your shirt!" Nikki laughed.

I was overwhelmed. The restraint of Katie and Leslie only served to further arouse me...I doubt I'd have had the will to resist the promise of another round of oral from this goddess - even if I was free to do so.

Amber knelt between my legs...I was helpless to resist. She grasped the base of my cock as she licked the final few inches to the tip. She gave me a suggestive wink.

Before long, she plunged my manhood into her mouth, and I felt her tongue sweep across the edge of its head.

My eyes rolled back, and I let loose with a lustful moan.

"3 minutes? I don't think he'll last 30 seconds!" Nikki teased.

Amber's head began to bob...each movement took me a fraction of an inch deeper into her mouth. I could feel her warm breath as she pulled my erection in and out of her mouth. Her tongue flitted about, exploring places that I'd forgotten I had. Her spare hand began to play with my balls.

I gained a brief moment of awareness, and looked around the room. I was naked and restrained, having a lifelong friend perform oral sex on me while 5 of her best friends watched. The looks on their faces ranged from insecure smirks to rapt concentration. Their gaze was enough to send me over the edge. I groaned as my body became stiff.

"He came!!! Hurry up and pull him out!!!"

I learned that to avoid any "funny-business", they wanted to see me blow my load. I had one of the most incredible ejaculations of my life...I was throwing rope after rope of sticky seed in Amber's face, in her hair, on her chest, and across her bra. Nikki remarked how it kept coming and coming. Katie pointed out that they'd been working me up for well over 3 hours, so this was to be expected.

It turns out the didn't break the 3 minute mark (however, for my own good I'm not going to disclose the time).

As the party died down, I proceeded to get dressed. Katie came up to me and asked if I had a date for Amber's wedding. I replied that I did not.

"Well, neither do I. Perhaps we can go together, and just maybe afterwards I can break tonight's record...if you'll let me try."

She winked as she slowly turned and walked toward the door.

I think this is going to be a fun weekend...

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