tagGroup SexA Seduction Fantasy Ch. 01

A Seduction Fantasy Ch. 01


The evening started with you in a medium sized bedroom, but there was no furniture. Though I haven't met you until now, there was no doubt in my mind as to your identity. I had instructed you to kneel on the floor, on top of a very thick, plush furry rug. It was soft and warm against your knees. You were to keep your eyes closed until I permitted you to open them.

You heard two sets of footsteps entering the room, but no other sounds. Suddenly though, gently, you felt the touch of silk on your forehead as a pair of hands stretched a dark scarf around your eyes and knotted it behind your head. After carefully adjusting the edges to ensure no sight would be possible, you heard a woman's voice say, "Victoria, you may open your eyes now."

You knew that you wouldn't be able to see anything, but you strained to anyway. But the scarf was well bound, and only darkness met your eyes. A shiver of excitement, nervousness, and arousal passed through your body. Then you felt two larger hands at your sides, grasping the edges of your shirt. Slowly, you felt the shirt being lifted from your body and you helplessly raised your arms to allow it to be pulled over your head, leaving you kneeling in your skirt and bra. Did I mention the room was just a hair on the cool side? We noticed because your nipples started hardening into small bumps that stretched the thin cotton of your bra. You hadn't been expecting this occasion, so you were wearing your everyday bra and a simple black cotton thong, but the sight was no less sexy for the lack of lace...

Once the shirt was out of the way, you heard a man's voice instruct you to lift your arms straight up. As you held them there, you heard the distinct sound of velcro being opened, and then felt a pair of foam lined wrist restraints being closed around your wrists. Funny, you hadn't noticed anything hanging from the ceiling when you came in; yet now your arms were suspended above you and largely immobile. You could easily loosen the tension simply by standing, but the length of the restraint was perfectly set to keep you bound while you remained on your knees. With both arms up like that, you could feel your breasts being lifted and pulled together slightly, and you knew you were on display for us. Then a set of hands unclasped the bra from behind you, lightly touching your back as they slid around your sides and underneath your tits, where they rose following the contours of your breasts lifting the bra from them. You could feel the soft skin on the palms graze gently across your nipples briefly.

You realized suddenly that with your arms already bound, we'd left no way to get the bra off of your shoulders. Then you heard to soft clicks of a scissors and the undergarment fell to the floor. Kelly's voice whispered hotly in your ear, "We'll have to replace that for you later..." Then she stepped away, and a few moments later, you felt the zipper of your skirt being slowly opened, and then awkwardly had to balance first on one knee and then the other while your last outer garment was taken from you. For some long minutes after that, you felt and heard nothing as we stood and looked at you.

Held in your position of submission partly by our restraints and partly by your own resolve to stay on your knees, you were a beautiful sight. The soft curves of your breasts were accentuated by your bondage so that the cleavage between them deepened considerably. Your nipples were standing highly erect and the bumps and ridges of your areolas were prominent. Your tapered body appeared long and slender in that pose, and you could feel and smell what you knew we were beginning to see -- the growing darker patch on your black thong where your wetness was starting to seep through the cotton material. You wondered when we would take the last remaining covering away from you to expose you completely. Instead, a hand on each side pulled them up slightly to better accentuate the outline of your nether lips inside the fabric. To your slight humiliation, a lone fingertip came to rest directly on your swollen clitoral hood through the panties. "My god," you thought to yourself, "I'm so turned on that they can even see *that*! I might as well not even have anything on." The smell of your sex grew more distinct.

You heard my voice softly in your ear. "Kelly and I are going to share some things with you. Sometimes you may know whom they belong to or what they are. Sometimes you will be wrong. Ultimately we may allow you to see what you've been experiencing a little later..."

You felt a finger run across your lips. You didn't notice much of a fingernail, but then couldn't remember if I'd ever described Kelly as having long nails. The finger was wet and you smelled and tasted a faint flavor of pussy. You knew then why I enjoy Kelly's pussy so much, with its clean, natural, light but unmistakably feminine fragrance. The finger slid past your lips and into your mouth and you sucked on it, eager to capture the essence on it. Then it was withdrawn.

"Leave your mouth open," instructed Kelly softly from somewhere in front of you. A pause. Then a mouth came forward to connect with yours. The lips were soft, and the tongue gently probing. You responded hotly with your own tongue, feeling the wetness of this mysterious kiss. The mouth withdrew and was replaced by a different one. The lips were still soft, and the kiss equally passionate, yet different. You couldn't place a mental finger on it. Was the first more aggressive? Less? More tender or gentle? Rougher? You couldn't tell. You knew you were being swept up in your passion and losing the fine edge your mind normally possessed. Each kiss had moments of sweetness and moments of passion and while you felt fairly certain that two different people had kissed you, you didn't know which was which. In fact, you weren't even certain that it hadn't been the same person twice...

The next feeling was not so ambiguous. For the briefest of touches, you distinctly felt my cock being stroked across your lips, and then it was gone. We watched amused as you strained forward against the restraints to recapture it. Did you even realize you were leaning forward?

A hand reached down to your panties and pushed them aside slightly. You felt a very large dildo being pressed against your sex. You knew this was the same toy I'd described in my first story. Frustrated, tempted, and turned on, you tried to push your hips down on it but the position limited you. Finally you did feel the head slip just inside, and for a few short strokes you felt the 2" cock spreading the first few inches of your pussy. All too soon it was withdrawn and lifted to your lips. Kelly whispered in your ear, "Show us what you wanted to do to my husband's cock." She flicked her tongue in and around your ear and the nape of your neck as encouragement.

You were shocked at yourself when you opened your mouth wide to accept the thick toy, slick with your own juices. I know you probably have always thought, as do I, that scenes of women sucking dildos in movies are ridiculous, and that no woman would ever do that. Yet here you were in a strange bedroom, doing as we instructed. Sucking your own vaginal essence from a thick latex cock, wishing it were back inside you and that my real cock were in your mouth instead. Knowing that the only way to achieve that was to earn the right to fellate me by showcasing your skills on this dildo. But it was more than that, you realized to the burning sensation in your cunt. You wanted to be licking this cock, straining to take as much of it in your mouth as possible. This toy had been inside of you. It had been inside of Kelly many times. You imagined it moving inside of her body, giving her pleasure. The thoughts were taking you to a peak somewhere deep inside.

Someone began firmly licking your nipples, lightly pulling at them with their teeth. The pleasure rushed straight to your sex, making that burning feeling even hotter. The mouth trailed down your body leaving a path of wetness as it approached your closely trimmed mound. You felt that you were imminently going to be kissed down there. There was no letup on the dildo in your mouth either, although a hand came down to rest on the back of your neck lightly.

Did you feel long hair brush against you as the head neared your moist opening? You couldn't be sure -- but then you knew of my love of eating women, and it made sense that I would be showing you. You just didn't know! The head inched nearer your wetness and stopped. No tongue touched your damp clit and tasted your sweetness. No finger opened your lips to seek out your canal. Only...a cool sensation. It built until you recognized it as air. Someone was blowing on your clit, harder now, and the cool pressure tickling your over-aroused bud, while you lewdly sucked on our thick latex dildo finally overcame your physical barriers. You experienced a strong mini orgasm, your body trembling from the faint stimulation. Slowly, the dildo was withdrawn from your mouth and you felt new wetness seeping from your pussy and running down your thigh.

A wash of gratitude, shock, and mild embarrassment crashed down around you. You had just orgasmed while essentially not being touched. We had used your body for our teasing pleasure, playing you like a fine instrument until we coaxed you over the edge. And yet here you were, still bound almost naked in a subservient position while we looked upon you. What could be next?

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