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A Sexy Scene


Let me hold your beautiful, round, soft breasts in my hands. I love feeling how warm and heavy they are, yet how soft and pliable. And still, amid all that softness are these stiff little nubs digging into my skin. What happens if I rub my palms over those? Ooo. A moan and a shudder, very nice. Let me just squeeze and knead your beautiful tits for a moment, and rest assured I'll be paying attention to your nipples again.

God, I love playing with your tits. It wouldn't matter if you had little tits, as long as you liked having them played with, it'd be a true joy for me to see what kind of reactions I could get from you by having my way with them. As it is, as full and round as they are, they're really a lot of fun. I can't wait to slip my hard cock between them. I love tit fucking, and yours look just perfect for that.

Still, I need to pay some more attention to your pretty little nipples. They're standing out so long and proud, just begging for more attention than the little bit they've gotten. While I hate to let go of the perfect handful I've got now, those hard little things have been digging into my palms the whole while, so I guess its about time I lingered there, eh?

Gently, I simply run the length of one finger across the underside of each nipple, hearing the hiss of your breath at the sensation, then a moan on your exhale. I think you like this. And I'm not finished, not at all. There'll be more moaning before I'm through.

Slowly, I trace the edge of your aureoles, my fingertips zeroing in on each revolution, until they're rubbing right up against the sensitive protrusions, around and around and around.

I get a gasp from you when you feel me add a thumb, enclosing each nipple between two fingers. I very carefully caress using just finger and thumb, and I see you squirm at the tease. You want more sensation than that. I know you and your desires, so after I've given your nipples some gentle, frustrating treatment, I suddenly and with no warning clamp down hard on them.

Your eyes fly open at this sudden burst of intensity and you give me a look mingled with pain, gratitude, lust and desire for more. It's one of the most arousing looks I've ever received from a woman, and I feel my cock twitch in anticipation of the kind of treatment I'm going to be able to deliver to you.

For maybe a minute, I simply hold your nipples between my thumb and finger, squeezing as tightly as I can. Watching your face, I can tell you don't really know how to react. There's a part of you that's outraged by being treated in this fashion, but there's another, more vocal part, that desires this more than anything else. The tips of your nipples have gone from dark to almost white, and I hold them for a moment more before releasing them. The blood rushing back in is just as intense a sensation as the initial shock of having them pinched so hard and so long, and I hear a small cry from your throat as I retreat for a second.

I simply stand back for a second and watch you try to assimilate what you've just felt. Your chest heaves and your breathing is labored, but once you've had a bit to recover, you turn your gaze back to me and silently beg for more.

Well, I'm certainly not one to deny a lady a reasonable request, so I step forward, reach out and flick your already-abused nipples with my fingers, and enjoy the reaction it gets. Since one seems to be received positively, I do this over and over many times, until there's a steady moan coming from you, and a little start each time you feel my fingers slap your sensitive nubs.

When I tire of this for the moment (maybe a couple minutes - I'm sure it seems like an hour to you) I once more clamp down hard. Yet, this time, I don't just grab and hold, though you seem to like that plenty. No, now, with your stiff little nipples held tightly between my fingers, I begin to pull. Slowly the flesh stretches until I've got them extended away from your body maybe an inch or more. I watch your face closely as I bounce those nicely large tits using your nipples as handles. I'm sure the weight of your lovely breasts is helping to pull harder on your poor nipples, but you don't ask me to stop. No, if anything, the sounds you're making indicate you want more.

So, with your tits bouncing, stretching your nipples more than you thought possible, I begin twisting. This elicits more than simply a moan. No, what I get for my efforts this time is an all-out cry of surprise. And yet, I still don't get a request to stop. If anything, you relish this abuse, derive pleasure from it. But that's okay. I like it, and if you didn't derive pleasure from it, I wouldn't enjoy putting you through it.

I'm amazed at how much reaction can be achieved just from manipulation of a woman's breasts. But I do enjoy getting that reaction. It's what makes playing with a girl's tits so much fun.

Now, I could do this for hours. I truly love what playing with your tits does for you, and subsequently, for me. I'm hard as can be by now, and I'm pretty sure I could do anything I wanted with you by this time. I know I could step up and place my cock between these tits I've been abusing and you'd gladly let me pump between them until I sprayed cum all over you, but I'm going to hold off on that for the moment, though I'd love to do it. Or I could pull your head toward my body until your lips came in contact with the drooling head of my cock, an action that I'm confident would result in those lips opening and engulfing my throbbing shaft as deeply into your throat as you could get it. I know what a cock slut you are, and trust me, I plan on using your body to get off, but not quite yet.

Lowering myself to my knees before you, I bring a hand up the back of your neck and into your hair. When you feel my fingers tighten, you turn your gaze to me, a glaze of desire evident on your face. You're beyond words now, it's a good thing you trust me, and know that I only treat you this way because you enjoy it, and through your enjoyment, I get pleasure from it.

When you feel the hand in your hair pull forward, you let your face approach mine, and our lips come together. This kiss has a hint of desperation in it, at least from your side. It seems you can't get enough of what I've been doing to you, and the way you're kissing me is essentially you begging for more. For a few minutes, I simply stay there, our faces locked together, my tongue exploring your mouth. You aren't restrained by any physical means, and I know you'd simply love to wrap your arms around my neck and hold me close as we kissed, but the ropes and chains are in your mind, and they hold at the same time as tightly as actual cuffs would, and yet pull and release as you battle the impulse to do what your emotions tell you to.

After some time, I draw my lips away from yours, and smile as you try to follow. The look in your eyes when they finally open is one of abject lust, and it's possibly the most erotic thing I've ever seen.

For a moment, you plead with me silently not to stop. Your horniness knows no bounds at this point, and the thought of being left hanging is unbearable.

Well, trust me when I say I have no intention of leaving you hanging. I give you a crooked smile to tell you I'm continuing where I left off, and begin kissing my way down your chin, throat, to the swell of those beautiful, well abused breasts. For several minutes, I kiss my way all around their rounded perfection, carefully avoiding the nipples I'd given such concentrated attention earlier.

While I take my time at your lovely tits, my hands are anything but idle.

Reaching down low, I start at your bent knee and slowly, gently caress my way up your inner thigh. The higher I get, the more heat I feel against my skin. As with your breasts, though, I stop short of your aching cunt and simply feather my fingers in the crease where leg meets crotch.

And while I'm doing this near your desperate pussy, I close my mouth over one of those incredibly teased nipples.

For a while, I simply suck, lick and worry that nipple with my mouth before switching to the other. Before long, I've nursed your breasts enough that your arousal has bumped up several notches, and almost any kind of contact to your pussy is likely to set you off cumming.

Or is it? Instead of a gentle caress or a simple pressure against your most sensitive spot, I remove my hand from teasing you and bring it sharply against your wet, sensitized cunt. Again and again I spank your pussy, and the sounds you make are of pain, frustration and ardor. I'm sure by now your clit is flooded with blood, and so is getting a good amount of the abuse my spanking is dealing out. All I know for certain is that you're panting for release, but what I'm doing isn't going to get you there.

Then, when your body seems to be nearly overwhelmed with sensation, I stop. My lips leave your tits, my hands leave your cunt. From inundation of feeling to none. Your body heaves, your breathing comes in gasps. For a minute or so, I simply sit back and admire my handiwork. I feel like an artist, your body is my canvas, and intense arousal is my medium.

Leaving you in place, I lay beneath you, placing my face between your spread legs. From here, the only thing I can see is pussy. It's the most beautiful sight I can think of. You shaved it some time ago at my behest, and that knowledge is arousing in itself. Raising my head, my lips come in contact with your soaking lips. The taste is exquisite, the odor divine. A couple minutes ago, my tongue at your pussy would have gotten you off immediately. However, I've managed to let you cool down just enough that I get to start you on the uphill climb one more time.

Wrapping my arms around your thighs, I start in on your pussy in earnest. Your moans and writhing let me know you're mine to do with as I please, though there was no doubt of that from the beginning. Still, as your cunt floods my mouth and coats my face with your arousal, I get more worked up than I have been so far, too, and that arousal just makes me want to get you off rather than tease any more.

From our position, I know you'd gladly stretch yourself out over my body and swallow my cock whole, but I had plans for my cock and my jizz from the start, so I just leave you upright, restrained in your own mind as I drive you mad with my mouth and tongue.

Then, suddenly, it takes over. I feel your body shudder, your hips pulse involuntarily, and your pussy literally squirts its orgasm out at me as your moan builds nearly to a scream. This cum is huge; you ride my face through it while I gladly take all your cunt has to offer.

When it appears the greatest part is over, I scoot out from under you and sit up. My face is awash in your pussy. It may not be the most masterly thing, but I have no intention of wiping it away immediately. Instead, it's necessary to take care of this desperate need in my cock.

Standing, I step up to you, our gazes locked together. I know you want to simply collapse, but you know your next duty is to get me off. I let you go first, so you have to make sure I'm next.

Placing my cock between your luscious breasts, I mash that beautiful, soft flesh around it. Oh, god, does this feel good! My cock's been drooling enough slick fluid that it doesn't take much to ease its passage, so within moments, I'm fucking your glorious tits.

Now it's my turn to moan. Your body makes me feel spectacular, and all the things I did to you aroused me so much that it isn't going to take a lot to get me over the edge. Within a few minutes, I feel it barrel up on me, and soon, I'm moaning out loud while my cum spurts out of my cock, up against your chin and all over your breasts. I pull myself from between your tits soon enough to get a couple shots across your cheek and into your hair.

Then finally, the frenzy ebbs. The last has dribbled from my cock and it's begun its slow droop to rest. The look you give me says you're ready for more, if I care to give it, and I have to chuckle at the incredible sexual capacity of the female body. I hold my hand out to you, a cue you take as it being okay to remove yourself from your self-imposed restraint, your hand rising to rest in mine. I help you to your feet, steadying you when you realize you'd been in that kneeling position longer than you'd estimated.

For a moment, I simply look down at my handiwork, and I don't mean just the artwork in cum across your face. Lowering my face to yours, we share another kiss, this time with your gorgeous curves pressed against my body. You're warm in my arms, and I hold you there for a while. However, I can feel the results of your orgasm beginning to dry on my face, and as erotic as it had been, it's now starting to get a little uncomfortable. I'm sure that eventually the same will be true for you. So, raising my lips from yours, I step out away from you and lead you to the shower to clean up...

But that's an entirely different story...

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