tagBDSMA Silk Rope Fantasy

A Silk Rope Fantasy


Imagine yourself, for a moment, in the half-light of evening, standing in the cozy cabin of a luxury yacht...the warmth of little delectable morsels radiating from your soft belly, as I slowly lower your top from your shoulders, my firm hands massaging your arms and chest into relaxation, as the garments fall away....

The natural ease of my touch makes you weak in the knees, but you're not permitted to lie down just yet:

I place your hands on a polished mahogany railing, just below shoulder height; feeling more stable, you again relax into my caress, skin tingling as the unfamiliar sensation of soft silk rope begins to slide down your back...

Deftly looping a turn of silk through your elbows, you inhale sharply as you realize I am drawing your arms together behind your back, ever so slowly...The devilish rope now takes a turn around your bare waist, which slowly slides up just under your breasts, pressing them high - only to be followed by a new loop in the crease of your arms, trapping your soft nipples between two lines of silk - your every little movement arouses and stimulates your erect nipples, as you come to realize you are completely at my command...

A necklace of silk now intersects the rope at the center of your chest, taking a turn before diving down towards the space between your legs...

So enraptured are you by the sensations up top, you failed to notice I had gently lowered your cute skirt to the floor, and am now sliding your feet apart, as you feel my hardness press into you from behind...

Quickly I slip a small knot onto the rope before passing it between your legs, drawing it up against the crack of your sweet bottom and securing it to your bound arms...

Oh My God! That little knot has nestled into your clit, and every little movement of arms or neck, pulls it deeper into the cleft of your silk panties, which are getting moist with desire, and turning me on immensely.

As the evening light fades, you can barely make out my movements in the half-light; My touch surprises you, first to your left cheek, then caressing your right thigh; It's as if I'm everywhere at once, hands and lips gliding unchecked along soft skin...an 'everywhere massage', heightening your sensitivity as I lighten my touch to a whisper, as you reach outwards against your bonds, straining for my touch...

Remotely, you become aware that much of my attention has transferred to your feet, as each ankle is lovingly entwined with a dozen turns of silk, and secured to a bronze ring nearby - as the rope tightens, your feet are drawn inexorably apart, sliding slowly along the polished teak floor, till they come to rest against a bulwark on each side...shuddering, as you feel both dangerously (yet deliciously) exposed, with your legs well spread and your sweet nether lips starting to pout open with desire...

I kneel before you, the sweet aroma of your desire flaring my nostrils as I kiss gently from one knee up across your mound, and down to the other...pausing ever longer with each pass, my tongue dwelling just above your clitoris for what seems like an eternity...

Then suddenly, with a low growl, I bite into the teasing silk rope, dragging it from your slit with my teeth, pulling it to the side and dragging your panties over in the same motion, exposing your sweet pussy to the cool evening air - yet in the next moment - you feel my warm breath between your legs, and shiver as the tip of my tongue slides ever so gently, finding the base of your vagina, exploring from side to side, as I work my way up through your lips - as my tongue reaches your swollen clit it abruptly slides to the side of your pink hood, swirls across the top, and descends again in waves, plunging a little deeper into your sweet essence with each slide...

Eagerly drawing the nectar from you with my hungry mouth, you shake and shimmer with the first waves of orgasm...but my rhythm never changes, my tongue like a clockwork machine, dancing slowly up and across your clit, slaloming down again, no minute portion of sweet pussy lacking the thorough ministrations of my tongue....

Your shuddering orgasms have pumped my veined cock to its limit, the swollen helmet erect and proud, straining for your soft wetness....

Soon it will be time to enter you from behind, as you stand tied, bound, and spread, mine to take ever so slowly... long strokes, stretching every inch of your love tunnel from lips to cervix...

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