tagMatureA Small Mistake, Big trouble Ch. 08

A Small Mistake, Big trouble Ch. 08


Kristi was going to make the best of her time alone. She shaved her legs and pussy making sure there was no stubble anywhere. She put on just a little make-up, a little eye shading and lipstick. She pulled her hair back and fastened it with a clip. She accented her look with a small pearl necklace and matching earrings. Looking in the mirror she smiled knowing she looked good. She went to the kitchen, grabbed some fresh fruit and an ice tea and headed out to the deck. The sun was hot and felt good on her body. Yes, Kristi was completely naked and she loved it. She was doing all this for herself, no one else. She felt sexy and alive and she was going to enjoy herself.

She was working on an all over tan and there were still faint lines around her breasts and bikini line. Not enough to worry about burning but there was still a difference. She rubbed some lotion on her breasts. Even though her nipples were a little raw from last night, the lotion felt good on them. She twisted and pulled lightly on each nipple, making them stand up and it sent a tingle to her pussy. She sighed at the feeling.

Next she rubbed some lotion around her pussy. She always loved the feel of her freshly shaved pussy and today was no exception. It felt very good to slide her hands over it and before she finished, she rubbed her clit. "Yes" she softly moaned.

Kristi settled in to the chasse lounge, put on her broad brim hat and sunglasses and relaxed. Grabbing a strawberry, she opened her book. She was reading The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, one of the trilogies of erotic fairy tales. She found it in a used bookstore near work and had decided to buy all three. She had just started it but so far it was pretty good. It was good enough to keep her slightly horny. Oh yes today was all about her.

The doorbell rang. Kristi tried to ignore it. It rang again. She slammed her book down. "Damn who could this be?" She got up and headed to the front door. Passing through the kitchen she found one of Tim's shirts on the back of a chair. It was Lebron James NBA shirt and it barely covered her. She was showing a lot of side boob and if she moved too fast, she would fall out. It just covered her ass but she didn't care. She just hoped they were gone by the time she got there.

Maggie Wilson was beside her. It had been four days since Tim had made love to her and she needed him badly. Her daughter Mary was at camp so she could spend more time with him but he hadn't showed up since Tuesday. How could he do this to her? She thought about calling but that wouldn't solve her problem. No, she needed that beautiful big cock in her pussy and no phone call would do that. She knew his address so she decided to drive over to his house. It was a crazy idea but she wasn't thinking straight.

Kristi opened the door. "Maggie Wilson! What are you doing here?" she said surprised at her present.

"Is Tim home?"

"No, he is out." Kristi didn't invite her in. There was an awkward moment of silence.

"Can I come in?" Maggie asked.

"Yes, Where are my manners? Yes come in. Follow me." Kristi had known Maggie since high school. They traveled in the same circle but even then Maggie was the center of the circle. Maggie liked that role and she lorded over girls like Kristi. She could get any boy she wanted and was proud of the fact. That she was a cock teaser never stopped the boys from coming back for more. The two drifted apart after high school and only when Maggie returned to town with a rich older husband did they reconnect. They were never close friends. Kristi considered her to be a real bitch. She had rumors about her around town.

Maggie entered the house and shut the door. She followed Kristi to the deck. As she did she noticed how short the shirt was on her. "Christ, I can see her ass cheeks. I hope I wasn't interrupting something," she thought.

"Here, have a seat." Kristi directed her to one of the lounge chairs. As Maggie sat down, Kristi realized it was the cushion from last night. She smiled as she said, "Ice tea?"

"Yes, Thanks."

As she poured Maggie her drink, the shirt shifted and one of her breasts fell out. "Sorry. This is Tim's and it was all I could put on short notice." As Kristi sat down, she covered it. "So why the visit? I haven't seen you in over a year."

"I need to see Tim. It's important."

"Well, he's not here. Can I help?"

" I don't think so. I just need to see him."

Kristi sat up. "He isn't in any trouble, is he? He didn't do something wrong with Mary?"

Maggie waved her hand. "No, no, nothing like that. Mary thinks he is great and so do I. That's part of the problem." Maggie stood up. "I better go. This was a bad idea."

"No, sit down. Let me guess what your problem is?" Kristi calmly said. "If I'm wrong, no harm."

Maggie sat back down. "Ok but I don't think you can."

Kristi leaned forward. She looked right at Maggie and said matter of factly, "You have been fucking my son."

Maggie's jaw dropped. "No, no!" She buried her face in hands. "Yes, yes I have. I'm sorry. I feel so bad." She looked up. "How did you know?"

"It didn't take Sherlock Holmes!" Kristi smiled. "You haven't seen me in over a year and you suddenly show up on my doorstep. You urgently needed to see Tim. It's obvious." She shrugged her shoulders.

"Is it that bad?"

"Let's see. He hasn't fucked you in, say 3 days."

"4 is more like it," Maggie interrupted.

"Ok, 4 days," Kristi continued. " You are so horny you can't think straight. Nothing helps. Oh, you tried masturbation but its no good. All you want is his cock in you, right?"

"Yes. How do you know?" Maggie looked at her quizzically.

"Show me your pussy."

"What? I will not!"

"Do you want my help? Stand up and show me your pussy!"

Maggie didn't know why she did but she stood up. Undoing her belt, she dropped her shorts.

Kristi dropped to her knees in front of her. Looping her fingers in the waistband of Maggie's pretty light blue bikini panties, she lowered them. The air hitting Maggie's pussy made her gasp. Her pussy had a thin strip of trimmed hair but otherwise was shaved. Kristi moved closer and inhale the scent of Maggie's pussy. It made her own pussy tingle.

Maggie's pussy looked just like Kristi expected. The lips were red, puffy, and swollen. She slid her finger along them and found them wet with Maggie's juices. Maggie groaned from the touch. Kristi leaned closer. Her breath caused Maggie to shudder. Maggie's clit was hard and erect, poking proudly out between the swollen lips. Kristi couldn't resist the sight and she flicked it with her tongue. Maggie pushed her pussy forward and moaned, "Oh God."

Kristi stood up and returned to seat. Maggie just stood there, confused.

"I think I can help you, if you want it?"

Pulling up her shorts, Maggie sat down. "Yes, anything."

"There are three things you can do. One continue fucking Tim. Two stop fucking Tim. Three find another way to release your tension."

"That's it?" Maggie sagged back into her seat. "That's all you got?"

"Look, my work has been testing a new medicine and Tim's part of it. There seems to be some side effects."

"Side effects?"

"Yes some women are experiencing the same symptoms you are. Sexual tension, etc."

Maggie shook her head. "I don't understand. I'm not taking any pills."

"Let me brutally candid here," Kristi said. "Tim has cum on you and in you. You most likely have swallowed some, right?"

"Yes." Maggie put her head down.

"That's how you are getting the side effects. Now do you understand?

The light went on in Maggie's head. "Its in his cum?"

"Yup!" Kristi replied. She took a piece of a paper and wrote on Amy's phone number on it. "Here, call this number and she can help you too." She got up. "Ok?"

Maggie realized the visit was over and got up too. "Thank you. It doesn't solve my problem today but it might help." They walked towards the door.

As Kristi opened the door, one of her breasts popped out. This time she didn't cover it up. "I'll talk to Tim but I'm not promising anything. I'm serious about there may be another way to help you. Think about it. Call that number too. I mean it." She kissed her good-bye on the cheek. As she did, she brushed her ass.

Maggie sat in her car. She had lots to think about. Backing out of driveway, she thought, "Yes, lots to think about."

Kristi threw Tim's shirt on a chair and headed back to the deck. She realized for the first time she had the upper hand on Maggie and she was going to use it.

As she lay back on the lounge, she had to laugh. "So my son is screwing that bitch Maggie," she thought. "She was a cock teaser in school. Married some rich guy and has fucked behind his back according to rumors and now she's in a fix. Well, Amy said we need third woman for our test. This might be the answer. And the other idea? We'll see how that goes."

She picked up her book and began to read. "No more interruptions!"

As she read she found herself getting more involved in the story. She could picture herself being Beauty and being ravished by the Prince. She absent-mindedly spread her legs as she read. Reading more, she began to move her hand to one of her breasts and touch her nipple. Her fingers slid smoothly around it due to the lotion and it grew harder. She pinched it and the feeling went straight to her clit making her sigh.

The book was an easy read and she was flying through it. The deeper into the story she went the more excited she became. Her hand moved to her pussy and found it wet and slippery. Her finger slid along her slit and parted her lips. She dipped one inside the opening and twirled it around. She arched her back and moaned.

Not missing a word, she added a second finger and slowly began moving them in and out. It felt fantastic. Her pussy gripped the two fingers as they moved leisurely in her. There was no rush, no frantic need. Kristi was enjoying the constant even feeling of pleasure and she took her time. It was her time.

The hot sun and the heat from her pussy made her body glow with a thin sheet of sweat. She licked her lips making her pale lipstick shine. In her mind she was in her own world, one of pure bliss. Without increasing the speed of her movement, she took her thumb and began circling her clit. The feeling was exquisite. She groaned loudly, not caring who heard her.

She put the book down and used the hand to pinch her nipple. She could no longer concentrate on her reading; all her thoughts were on how good it felt. She could feel her orgasm building, growing. She needed to cum yet she didn't want the feeling to end. When she started cumming, it was smooth and easy. It didn't overwhelm her but it was one she could ride.

"Oh yes!" she cried out. "Oh yes!"

It lasted a long time and it ended she was completely spent. She took the fingers that were in her pussy and brought them to her mouth. They were covered with her juices. She rolled her tongue around them and sucked them into her mouth. She licked them clean savoring the taste of her own juices.

"Whew, that was great!" she said out loud and leaned her head back on to the lounge.

"Hey mom, you home?" Tim yelled as he entered the house.

"Yes, honey, out here," she replied.

Tim headed out to the deck. "Hi mom" and he kissed her on the cheek. Darlene was with him. "Hi, Mrs. Clark. Oops! She turned away embarrassed.

"Hey, don't be embarrassed. Its ok," Kristi said.

Darlene turned around. Here was Mrs. Clark lying naked on a lounge, her son and his girlfriend standing here and she was acting at if it was an every day thing.

"Look, Darlene, Tim has seen me naked before. We're pretty open here at home. I can get something to cover up if you want me to. And call me Kristi, please."

Darlene couldn't help but look at Kristi's body. She looked great for her age. There was something about that pearl necklace that seemed to accent that fact she was naked. Her breasts were big but firm looking and her legs looked so tanned and smooth. Darlene glanced at Kristi's pussy. "No it's ok." She stammered.

Kristi noticed that Darlene had looked her over and made a mental note. "Good. Tell about your day."

Tim started off and as the conversation continued, Darlene became more relaxed. She joined in, adding to Tim's explanations and thoroughly enjoying herself. She didn't mind when Kristi reached out and touched her knee. Everything was completely normal and she felt right at home.

She glanced at her watch and stood up. "Wow, it's later than I thought. I have to get going." Darlene kissed Tim and then turned to Kristi. "Bye, Kristi. This has been great talking to you." She leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. As she did she placed her hand on Kristi's thigh. It seemed like a perfectly natural thing to do but she let it linger there a moment longer. "I can see my way out. I'll call you tonight."

Both watched her leave.

"She such a great girl," Kristi said to Tim. "I'm so glad you two are together. You better be treating her right."

Tim knew what his mom was hinting at. "Yes mother, I am."

"Tim, you'll never guess who dropped by today."


"Maggie Wilson. She said she needed to see you."

"Really," Tim quickly replied. "Must be about Mary and swim lessons."

Kristi patted the lounge cushion. "Sit here. We need to talk."

Tim sat at the end of the lounge.

"I know all about what's going on between you and her," Kristi smiled. " I hope you are fucking her good. You must be as she seemed pretty upset you haven't been over there for 4 days."

"I've been kind of busy and..."

"No need to explain," she interrupted. "But be careful. She's a bitch and she uses people. She's married and that means a husband. I don't want you to get hurt. She said she been home tonight."

"Ok mom, I'll be careful. Anything else?"

"Yes, about last night," she began.

"I'm so sorry, mom. Believe me. I never meant it to happen." Tim started to explain.

" I know, baby." Kristi stroked his cheek.

"All guys were talking about hot MILFs and then one of them mentioned you were hot. Then I wanted to prove to them you were more than that. You are so beautiful that I wanted to show them. I wasn't thinking. It got carried away. I'm so sorry." As he talked, tears ran down his cheeks.

"Don't cry. It wasn't your entire fault. I could have stopped it but I didn't. I liked all the attention they were giving me. Ok?"

"Ok," Tim mumbled.

"One other thing," she added. "It was a one time happening. Never again. Right?"

Tim nodded.

"One other thing, I'm not proud of what I did. Really can't explain but it was like I couldn't stop myself. I know how guys are and they talk."

"Don't worry about that, mom. It has all been taken care of. Trust me. Mom. I do love you."

"I know that, baby. Now how is that medicine working out?" Kristi said changing the subject. "Any changes?"

"Yes for the better," he said. "I don't feel as tense or depressed. I don't feel that overwhelming urge. But that might be due to other things." Both laughed at that.

"Stand up and let mommy look," she said.

Tim stood up and Kristi sat up swinging her legs over the side. She spread them so Tim could stand between them. She undid his belt and snap. Sliding his shorts and boxers down, she looked up at him. "Let's see what we have."

His cock hung limply between his legs as Kristi grasped it. It still felt heavy in her hands. She started stroking it and it began to grow. As it grew she could feel her pussy becoming wet. It happened every time. His cock became rigid and hard.

"Doesn't seem to be any change here."

Tim looked down. He could see this beautiful lady working her magic on his cock. She could make it feel harder and bigger than any woman could. He spread his legs as she reached and cupped his balls.

She loved the feel of rolling his balls around with her fingers. For some reason they always felt cool to her touch. Tim was started to breath faster and he moaned. "Oh mom."

Pre-cum was beginning to drip from the tip and Kristi licked it off. She placed her lips on it and began to suck. Slowly she worked the enormous head into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it as she continued to stroke it. She began to bob her head up and down, taking a little more into her mouth.

Tim began to move his hips. "Oh fuck!"

She took it out of her mouth and licked the length of it. Running her tongue from tip to base and back, she teased the sensitive spot just under the head. He groaned from the feeling. "I'm goin' to cum."

Quickly she put his throbbing cock back in her mouth and began to suck it. Her hand moved faster, stroking him harder. She felt his cock pulse as his cum hit the back of her mouth. She swallowed quickly taking it most of it. A few drops trickled out and fell on her breasts. She kept him in her mouth until he stopped cumming. As she felt him grow softer, she released him. "Feel better now?"

He staggered backwards and flopped into a chair. "Jesus, mom, you are the best," he gasped.

"Thank you and if you are going to fuck Maggie Wilson tonight, you better get going." She gave him a wink.

Tim walked up the front door of the Wilson's house and knocked. He waited a few seconds and knocked again.

The door flew open. Maggie greeted him dressed in a white t-shirt and a white bikini bottom. "Christ! So you decided to show up after all," she said angrily. She turned and walked away.

He followed her. "Damn she has a fine ass," he thought. He shook his head. "Don't lose focus."

"Hey I'm not at your beck and call like those others."

She stopped and turned. "What the hell do you mean by that?"

He moved up close her. He could smell her perfume. She smelled good. "You know what I mean. I'm not your first boy you had."

She swung her hand to slap him but he grabbed her wrist. "Get out you ungrateful bastard. Get out!" she screamed at him. "Get out!"

"If that is what you want then I'll leave." He looked her in the eyes. "But I think I have something you want, you need. Don't I?" He took his hand and rubbed it up the front of her bikini.

At his touch she melted. "No, no, stay. Please stay. I need you so badly."

Tim kissed her hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Her hands roamed over her back and she moaned around his tongue. She pulled his shirt over his head, breaking their kiss for that instant and then kissed him again. She pressed her body against his warm skin. Tim grabbed her shirt with both hands. There was a small tear at top so the shirt ripped easily. He tore it off her.

"Oh God," she squealed. Her kisses were now frantic. She cupped his face as she kissed, nibbled and sucked on his lips. Standing on one leg, she wrapped her one leg around him and she grounded her fabric-clad pussy into his crotch. She could feel his enormous cock against it.

Her hands fumbled at his belt and rapidly undid it. She pulled his shorts down and then his boxer. His cock sprang and she grabbed it. It was hard but she could feel it getting bigger in her hands. From the simple touching of his hard-on, Maggie came. She buried her face in to his shoulder and moaned, "Oh dear God!"

She dropped to her knees and put Tim's big cock into her mouth. She wasn't as good as his mom but what she lacked in technique she made up in enthusiasm. She bobbed up and down and managed to get more in her mouth than anyone. She stroked him in time with her head movements. Her other hand was deep inside her bikini, frantically rubbing her clit. It was hard and swollen and she pinched it between her fingers.

Suddenly she pulled her mouth off his cock. "I'm cumming again," she yelled and she pressed her face into his crotch.

Tim picked her up and bent over the arm of the couch. He untied her bikini and threw it away. He pressed his cock up against her pussy opening and Maggie spread her legs wider. "How do you want it," he growled.

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