A Socially Distant Hike

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A hike to socially distant one self.
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So I don't know about you, but this quarantine because of recent events has been driving me nuts. I was finally relieved when restrictions were eased and people were able to venture out again, even if it was limited.

I decided to take advantage of the eased restrictions and spend some time outdoors and go to one of my favorite spots for a hike. It was off the beaten path and would limit my human interaction to be on the safe side. I packed my backpack with a snack and water and drove my Jeep to the secluded trail that I would hike.

I arrived to the lesser known trail and was glad to see I was the only on there. I grabbed my pack and hit the trail. It was a nice warm, clear spring day with a slight breeze. I thought this was a well-deserved break after a longer than usual winter. I took my time on trail, soaking in the scenery and just escaping from the rest of the world...if only for a short time. I soaked in the sights and smells of Spring, the warmth of the sun, and the breeze flowing through the trees.

Hiking through the woods felt good and was a good work-out on the legs. I could feel my muscles tensing and relaxing the further I went on my trek. I also could feel my heavy balls swing like a pendulum with every step I took. Back and forth they swung. It felt good. They were heavy which caused my cock to react and grow semi hard. I was starting to get excited as my mind wondered from the hike to thoughts my swelling and expanding package. I would reach down every so often to adjust myself during my hike. I noticed I was starting to get more and more excited as my cock grew in my shorts and my boxers became increasingly damp. I continued to venture further down the trail.

I was starting to get tired and thought it would be a perfect time break. Some water and an energy bar would be a welcome treat. I made my way to an opening in the woods that overlooked a meadow. I followed the tree-line until I came upon a solitary oak tree and a crumble of big rocks. It was shaded and cool from the sun that warmed the open field. This would be a great spot to rest. I fished out the energy bar and water and proceed to take in the view. I finished up and continued to enjoy my surroundings. I sat upon the rocks like a throne and notice I was still semi-erect from my hike. I rubbed my cock through my shorts and it continued to spring to life. It felt good touching myself out here in nature.

I decided to unzip my shorts and pull them down to my knee to release my growing member. The air felt good on my thighs and manhood. I took the base of my shaved cock in my hand and slowly squeezed it. This caused me to swell even more. As my cock grew I stroked slowly and with purpose. My cock head was bulbous and well rounded. I was fully erect now at seven inches long and two inches wide. More turned on than I can remember in recent memory. It didn't take long with my upstrokes to get wet as I released a generous amount of pre-cum. As I got closer to my crown I pushed up the generous amount of the clear fluid through the slit. It was almost as if I had cum with the amount I had released. On my down stroke I watch the large dollop make its way down my shaft and on to my smooth swelled balls. This provided an ample amount of lube to prevent any friction while I slowly pleasured myself. I kept stroking myself for some time not wanting to relinquish this moment. I increased the grip on my cock and well as the rhythm of my strokes. All the while more and more pre-cum oozed from my cock head. I was well lubricated and fully stroking from the base of my balls and to the purple crown on the top of my shaft. My seven inches glistened from all my man lube covering it. While still stroking I took my other hand and grabbed my ball sack. I pulled my balls down to feel the tension in my shaft and head. The feeling was pure bliss. I kept up the assault on my pole while gently caressing my scrotum and massaging them in my slippery pre-cum. My balls were starting to become heavy with cum at this point. They felt like two delicate plums hanging the furthest I've ever known. They actually rested on the rock I was sitting on when I took my hand off them.

I was feeling restricted with my shorts around my knees so I decided to kick off my shoes and socks and remove my boxers and shorts. This was better as I was able to spread my legs further and better grip my cock and balls and move more freely. The breeze on my wet crotch and asshole was invigorating. I laid back on the rock and lost myself in my strokes, slowly from the base to the head and back down to my balls. I didn't want to cum to soon so I continued to fight off any signs of orgasm.

As I was looking down at the impending solo assault on my pole I had noticed the substantial amount of pre-cum pooling on my abdomen. I took my hand from massaging my ball and rubbed the generous spill of lube on my stomach and inner thighs tilting my head back with my closed eyes while never missing a stroke on my cock. I was now lubricated in my own juices. I was sliding one hand up and down my shaft while caressing my slick abdomen and the insides of thighs with the other. Damn I was turned on. This is erotic as hell I thought to myself.

I could begin to sharply sense the tell-tale signs of my upcoming orgasm as I assaulted myself on that rock next to the tree. I wasn't ready but I knew I couldn't hold out the inevitable forever. I decided I wanted to try something I hadn't before to release my self-pleasure. I finally took off my last piece of clothing which was my shirt and tossed it next to where my shorts were laying. Now I was fully nude in my entire adult splendor. I was still rock hard and my cock pulsed and throbbed while still leaking pre-cum. I gave myself a few hard and gripping strokes as I thought about my forthcoming move to bring my-self to climax.

I released my rigid cock and lay back propping up myself on my elbows. My cock pointed straight at my chest with an ever so slight arch. It pulsed and twitched as it leaked continuously. I started pushing my hips slowly up and down as if I was fucking but without a partner. My cock bobbed back and forth with the slow rhythm. It bounced and swayed about as I unconsciously flexed and relaxed. I started off slow and continually picked up the pace as my manhood moved in rhythm. While pumping this way my cock would fully swing between my thighs and the come up and smack my abdomen. There are ropes of pre-cum escaping my slit on the upswing and landing my chest and stomach. I could feel the pressure in my cockhead and I picked up the pace to a fast rhythm. At this point I swear my cock had grown longer and widener than when I previously started. The heaviness between my legs is intense as well as my balls swinging furiously against my ass with a soft distinct slapping sound. My cock slaps into the pooling pre-cum intensifying the effect. I reach under my leg to feel my churning balls and pull them by enclosing them with my index finger and my thumb. A ring around my scrotum. I pull downward on my scrotum as I continue to thrust my hips skyward. This forces my veiny and glistening cock to point grossly upward from my groin and flail in the air. The pulling on my sack creates and incredible and vibrant sensation in my cockhead. I am so close to cumming. I now move my hips faster as I pull down repeatedly on my swelling sack. I know I'm not going to last much longer. My cock is now bobbing back and forth at a feverish pace.

Without warning I feel my impending orgasm. The sensation starting at the base of my cock and slowly moving upward to my over swelled and glistening cockhead. I am not to be able to hold back. As I thrust one last time upward, I clench my ass as I start to feel my orgasm commence, creating an even stronger sensation in my more than usually erect member. At first I can see a pearly escape from my slit in my cock head and down my head and shaft. Little did I know what I was in for I thrust up again and it is full game on! My groin is on fire and nerves are on end. I shoot a copious rope of cum into the air above my naked body that land on my stomach and chest, another ample rope of seed escapes and splatters on the rocks next to me. I shoot three more generous shots of my pearly seed and it lands about my splayed naked body.

Wow. What a workout. The last drop of semen escapes me as I pull upward on my shaft and it flows down my swollen and engorged cockhead. I look about at the results of me taking advantage of my aroused state. Cum and sweat cover my body while I lay on the rock. I take another look around and soak in the gorgeous Spring day before collecting myself.

I get dressed and decide to head back on the trail and head back to where I started. I couldn't help but smile while hiking back to my Jeep. This was a great day to be alive. I will return to this place soon.

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