tagMind ControlA Strange Day

A Strange Day


Oscar Shuter was shy. He had good reason to be. He was and always had been a plain looking guy with no outstanding characteristics that would have drawn attention to him. He was average height with an average build and had a face that people forgot almost as soon as he left the room. Now at forty-four he was balding and only the "monks ring" remained of his unremarkable brown hair.

He drove to work alone in his small unremarkable car, listening to the news on the radio as he went. A car cut in front of him for the fifth time as he plodded along on the slowly moving city streets. A car horn sounded from behind him as the car beside him moved inexorably to the half-car length space between himself and the car in front. The horn sounded again but too late; the car to his right was now in front of him and was the sixth one to cut him off in the past five minutes.

The driver behind him screamed something unintelligible while leaning out his window but Oscar wasn't listening. He never listened to that sort of thing anymore. He used to; he would often let the anger of those around him infect him, a senseless directionless fury that spilled out in the form of road rage on the busy city streets. Now he simply let it wash over him as he let most of life's frustrations flow past.

The line of cars ahead surged forward and three more cars managed to make it through the intersection half a block away. The cars once again came to a stop and Oscar allowed his mind to zone out as it did most days on the drive in.

Seven green lights and twenty-five minutes later he found himself at the front of the line waiting to go through the intersection as soon as the light changed. He looked around him at the people rushing to and fro and sighed. None of them took the slightest interest in him nor even looked his way, despite his staring at them, almost willing someone to notice him for once.

He heard a strange sound and creased his eyebrows in curiosity at the popping noise coming from overhead. He leaned forward and craned his neck to look up. He saw a nimbus of light, a bizarre ball of flame hovering over an electrical connection on the lighting pole. The capacitor seemed to shimmer and he felt a tingling sensation over his entire body. He looked down and saw the hairs on his arms standing up straight. He blinked in surprise and looked at himself in the rearview mirror. What little hair that was left on his head was pointing straight away from it at right angles. He looked like he had a badly done afro.

His engine died and when he looked ahead again the ball of fire was dancing on the hood of his car. It seemed to spin and a kaleidoscope of colors passed in front of his eyes. He was dimly aware that passers-by were staring and pointing at him with their eyes wide in amazement.

He felt a dim sense of satisfaction that people finally noticed him.

He felt his mouth go dry and his eyes began to ache. He put the backs of his hands to his eyes to rub them, to ease the pain, and an electrical arc shot from both his hands to his forehead.

He heard an eerie keening sound accompanied by a staccato series of clicks. He realized suddenly that the sound was his own screaming and the chattering of his teeth as the burst of electricity passed over and through him. Then the world went dark and he knew no more.

************************** **************************

When he opened his eyes again he was lying on his back and staring upward. There was a drop-ceiling of white tiles with a black filigree pattern. He blinked in confusion and then the patterns in the ceiling tiles seemed to move. The sight made his stomach churn and he closed his eyes and groaned as the nausea surged through him.

"Take it easy," he heard a woman say.

He felt someone leaning over him and he opened his eyes again to see a woman staring into his eyes. She studied him for a moment and then gripped his wrist to feel for his pulse. The room swam in front of his eyes again and he closed them immediately.

"You're probably feeling a little woozy," the woman said confidently. "You've had an electrical shock and you were brought in unconscious."

He swallowed and opened his eyes again. He grimaced at his surroundings and then looked at the woman again. She was dressed in hospital whites and had her shoulder length black hair tied back in a ponytail. Her glasses were wire rimmed and round and they sat on the bridge of her nose giving her a bookish look. She looked Filipina and had an attractive face and a slight build.

"How are you feeling?" she asked him. "Do you feel like you're going to throw up?"

Oscar blinked again and nodded weakly.

"That's fine," the woman said, "you've had a nasty shock and you will probably have a headache and nausea for a while."

She placed a pale blue bucket on the side of the gurney and put her hand on his forehead.

"You feel a little clammy too," she said. "If you have to throw up just do it in the bucket. We'll take it away and clean it for you."

She smiled then and Oscar tried to smile back but another wave of queasiness swept over him and he swallowed to try to make it pass.

A voice called out from the din in the background and the woman turned to speak to someone. As she did, her white blouse opened up slightly giving Oscar a limited view of a white lace bra underneath.

Oscar's eyes were drawn to the sight of her bosom as if they had a life of their own. He blinked once or twice and swallowed as the queasiness seemed to abate. He closed his eyes and then reopened them, content to treat himself to the view inside her blouse.

She turned back and looked at him again, noting that his eyes were now fixed on her chest. She gave him an odd look and then opened the top four buttons on her blouse. She leaned down and pulled her bra forward giving Oscar an unobstructed view of her pebble-like nipples.

"Is that better?" she asked.

Oscar looked at her curiously and nodded. Although he still felt violently ill from his ordeal, the sight of her tits was certainly a thrill. He wondered why she was showing them to him but he was glad she did.

She smiled and let her bra snap back into place and then re-buttoned her blouse.

"I'll be back in a while to check on you," she said. "If you have to throw up, just call out and someone will take away your bucket, okay?"

He nodded again and then she rushed off.

Oscar lay back trying to think. No woman had ever casually showed him her tits before and he was wondering why this woman had done it. She had simply opened her blouse and gave him a good long look and then turned away like it never happened. Another wave of nausea overtook him and he decided to give up on thinking for awhile.

He turned his head to look to his right and saw that he was in the hallway of an emergency room. People rushed here and there, most of them hospital staff. They rushed back and forth, passing his gurney without even glancing his way. Occasionally a person dressed in civilian clothes would pass him, most of them looking bewildered and lost as they seemed to search for their way around.

He closed his eyes and leaned back again trying not to think about his churning stomach. A cacophony of sounds, bits of conversation, shouting from various parts of the building, the electrical hum from the overhead lights and a score of other sounds filled his head. He began to think if he could just get some fresh air and some quiet, he would feel a lot better.

"How are you feeling?"

Oscar opened his eyes in alarm and then relaxed when he saw the Filipina nurse. She smiled at him and looked at him with concern.

Oscar nodded weakly but felt to ill to talk.

"Just rest," the nurse said. "The doctor will see you soon."

When the doctor came to examine him the nurse stood to the side. She answered the doctor's questions and then stepped back.

"I don't think you have any permanent damage Mr. Shuter," the doctor said. "We'll have you stick around for another few hours and then I think you can go home, barring complications. You'll likely experience some headaches, dizziness and nausea so I wouldn't recommend driving or operating any other equipment for a day or so. I'm sure it'll pass by tomorrow, almost certainly by the day after tomorrow.

"See your family doctor as soon as you can and he can probably do a much more thorough examination. I don't see anything seriously wrong at this stage though, aside from the headaches and dizziness."

The doctor gave him a reassuring smile and then walked away. Oscar watched him go and then turned toward the nurse, but she had already left. He frowned again and closed his eyes as another wave of dizziness swept over him. He thought that a cool drink would probably settle his stomach but he didn't think it likely that he'd get one soon. He grimaced, giving a quiet grunt of discomfort and then tried to relax.

"I thought a cool drink would help to settle your stomach," the nurse said, appearing from nowhere with a glass of ice water with a bent straw sticking out the top.

She held the glass in front of him and put the straw between his lips. He sipped at it slowly and sighed as the chilled water hit his stomach.

"Better?" she asked, once more the attentive nurse.

He nodded and took another sip and she put her hand behind his head to help steady him. She cradled his head against her chest and he gave a sigh of contentment as he felt her small breasts pillow his aching head.

She unbuttoned the three top buttons on her blouse and held his head steady as he gazed at her white lace bra. She put the water glass down on a rolling table and pulled the bra away from her breast again, giving him a clear view of her nipple. She held his head steady as he looked longingly at her nipple and then she shifted and placed her nipple against his lips. He suckled at it gratefully and she held him gently against her.

"Have you had enough now?" she asked gently.

He shook his head slowly and sucked her nipple between his lips again. It hardened in his mouth and stuck out from her breast like a tiny eraser against his tongue. He looked up at her and smiled.

"Thank you," he said.

She gently lowered his head to the pillow and then re-buttoned her blouse.

"What's your name?" he asked her.

"I'm Nurse Gonzalves," she said. "You can call me Gina."

"Okay," he said. "Thank you Gina."

She smiled and walked away. He lay back and closed his eyes once more.

Had he imagined the whole thing? He couldn't be sure. He certainly felt as though it were real. He remembered the sight and feel of her nipple between his lips and smiled.

His head began to hurt again so he decided that he'd had enough of thinking for a while.

After a long time Gina returned.

"It seems you're going home now Oscar," she said cheerfully.

She wheeled his bed into a private room and handed him a clear plastic bag with a bundle of clothing in it. He looked at it and realized it was the suit he was wearing on his way to work, although now it was much rumpled from having been stuffed into a bag for the better part of the day.

"You change into your clothes and I'll come back with your release forms," she said.

Although he was still a little light-headed, he felt reasonably well. He was looking forward to going home for a nap. The hospital was far too noisy and had too many distractions for him to rest here.

Gina returned and had him sign some forms. She also gave him a prescription from Dr. Wills and told him to go home and get some rest. She sat him in a wheelchair and took him through the front doors and flagged a cab for him. He got into the back seat and looked back at Gina as she waved goodbye. He gave his address to the cabbie and sat back and closed his eyes for the trip home.

"Here we are," the driver said.

Oscar opened his eyes with a start and recognized his apartment building outside the car window. He realized then that he must have drifted off as soon as they pulled away from the hospital.

He blinked once or twice and looked at the meter. He was surprised to see that it was not on.

"This one's on me," the driver said.

Oscar thanked him and stepped gingerly out of the car. He looked back once more at the cabbie as he drove away and wondered to himself why he hadn't charged him for the ride. He shrugged and then went to his apartment.

He sat on his couch and lay back with his eyes closed. He wasn't there for more than ten minutes when the phone rang.

"Hello?" he said with a sigh.

"Mr. Shuter?" a voice said.

"Yes, that's me," he replied.

"I've got your car downstairs," the man said. "Do you want me to put it in your parking space?"

"Yes," he said with some surprise, "that would be nice."

"Okay, no problem!" the man said.

Twenty minutes later there was a knock at his door. Oscar went to the door, shuffling his feet because his head hurt so badly. A burly man wearing an orange glow-vest stood there and handed his car keys over as soon as the door opened.

"I towed your car from the scene this morning," he said. "I thought I'd bring it over after I heard you were discharged from the hospital."

"That's great," Oscar said weakly. "How much do I owe you?"

"No charge," the man said with a smile. "It's on me."

Then the man turned and walked away leaving Oscar to stare after him in amazement. He closed the door and shuffled back to the couch. He'd only just sat down when there was another knock on his door. He sighed and walked back to the door and opened it.

A pretty girl in her early twenties stood there holding a white paper bag. She had brown hair that hung past her shoulders and was dressed in a light green pullover and blue jeans. She had that girl-next-door look, although none of the girls living next door to him had ever looked the way she did.

"Hi," she said happily. "We got a call from the hospital that you needed a prescription so I decided to deliver it."

She handed the bag over to Oscar and he blinked in confusion. The girl put her hands on his shoulders and led him gently toward his couch.

"I'll make some tea and then you can relax," she said.

She fetched a glass of water and opened the vial of pills. She put one of the pills between his lips and then handed him the water. He swallowed the pill and then the girl breezed into the kitchen. He listened as she filled the kettle and he sighed again.

Things were just becoming way too confusing.

A few minutes later she returned with a cup of tea made just the way he liked it. She smiled when she put it down beside him. She studied him for a moment as he sipped his tea and crouched on the floor at his feet.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" she asked.

She cocked her head to one side for a moment and then peeled her pullover top over her head. She sat back on her haunches and smiled at him. Her breasts were covered by a white bra. Although she was not overly well endowed, her tits seemed to be a respectable B-cup. She reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and her nipples came into view.

Oscar loved tits! It had a great deal to do with the fact that he didn't get to see a lot of them. In fact, with the nurse this morning and now this girl he didn't know, he had seen more tits today than he had since his last trip to a strip club.

Oscar stared at her and his cock rose to full erection in his pants. He whimpered a little bit and then the girl casually reached for his zipper. She pulled it open and then she pulled his penis out. Without saying a word, she took it into her mouth and Oscar lay back with a gasp.

He had paid hookers for blow jobs in the past from time to time and those girls had made him cum nicely. He realized now though that those girls had done what they did disinterestedly, doing only what they needed to do to earn their fee. The girl before him now lovingly mouthed his erection, stroking the shaft with her hand as she gently licked and tongued at his rod. She hummed as she inhaled his cock, softly grazing his flesh with her teeth. She took just his head between her lips as she handled his shaft with both hands. She took his cock to the back of her mouth and he felt her throat open with his head as it slipped past.

Oscar gasped again and then he felt his orgasm let go. The cum rushed from his balls and spewed into her mouth and she held him fast between her lips. She smiled around his shrinking cock and tongued it until it was clean of sperm. Then with a happy gurgle she swallowed his load.

"How are you doing now?" she asked, rising to her knees and smiling at him. "Feeling any better?"

Oscar nodded and reached out to cup her left breast. She smiled and leaned forward helpfully. He hefted it and felt its softness, pinching the pinkness of her nipple and savoring its fullness.

She put her hand on the back of his head and drew him close. With a grateful sigh he took her nipple into his mouth and sucked at it. She held his head tenderly as he suckled and stroked his balding head.

He removed his mouth from her breast and stood her up. He undid her jeans timidly, expecting her to scream at him or push him away but she simply smiled.

He pulled the zipper down and then pushed her pants down past her hips and then to the floor. She wore a plain white cotton panty and he could see her pubic hair bunched up behind the soft white fabric. He pulled her panties down and gasped as he took in the sight of her pussy. The hair was darker than that on her head. It was a tangled mass of curls that almost completely hid her vagina. He put his fingers in the hair and parted it to reveal her lips. A musky scent came to him and he felt his erection rise again.

Without being told to, she stepped out of her jeans which had pooled around her feet. She kicked her panties aside and then crawled into his lap, straddling his thighs and putting her hands on his shoulders.

"Just sit back," she said quietly.

She gripped his hardening cock with one hand and guided it to her opening. When it was lined up she slowly sank onto it. Oscar groaned as she enveloped him. She eased her way all the way down until she was resting on his thighs. With her hands on his upper arms, she began to ride him.

Curiously, her expression never changed. She kept her eyes open and continued to smile as she bounced up and down. Oscar grimaced as he felt himself getting close again. She began to grunt each time she impaled herself on him but her face remained passive and her eyes never closed.

When he felt his orgasm cum again she stopped bouncing up and down. She instead started grinding her pelvis against his and Oscar almost passed out, it felt so good.

He put his head back and stared at the ceiling as the last of his sperm pumped into her. When he was done he looked at her again and she was still smiling at him with the same expression she had come in with.

"Feel better?" she asked.

"Uh-huh!" he gasped.


She got to her feet and began to dress. When she was done she smiled at him again and turned toward the door.

"I hope you feel better," she said, and then she left.

With the memory of her body and the scent of her sex on him, Oscar fell into a contented slumber.

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