A Stupid Prize


It's a boring Wednesday morning, A unemployed guy is sitting home half listening to the radio, thinking to himself how bad his life is. When his phone rings.

He answers, Hello.

Is this Michael Days, the man on the other end says.


You just won the stupid prize of the day from ksyt.

I did, he says in shock.

Yes and all you have to do is say I'm more stupid then ksyt.

O.k., I'm game, I'm more stupid then ksyt.

All right, your prize is… a tour of the weather channel, please hold for details.

Then music starts to play and the man comes back on the phone.

Are you still there?

Yes, now what's my real prize?

That's it.

That is a stupid prize.

Yea, I know.

Here are the details, a yellow cab will pick you up at 3pm and drive you there and you will have a ticket to go on their tour for free.

But the tickets are free anyhow, so all I get is a cab ride.

That's right, be ready at three and he hangs up.

Thinking it's a boring day, he decides it's something to do.

The cab pulls up about 3pm and he gets in.

So your stupid huh, the cabby asks.

Just shut up and drive he replies.

Ok, pal.

They arrive at the studio about three thirty-five.

He gets out and walks throw the door and to the counter.

Hello, the woman at the counter says.

I'm here for the three thirty tour, I won the ksyt stupid contest.

Oh they just left, but you can catch them if you go throw that door and take the first right, and she hands him a tag.

He puts it on and goes the throw the door.

Throw the doors and take first left he thinks to himself.

He takes the left he comes to and walks until he comes to a door.

Great, I'm lost now, he says to himself.

Just then the door opens and knocks him down.

A woman with short blond hair, and a great body steps out, she has on a black leather skirt that falls just above the knees, white silk blouse, white thigh highs and black high heels.

Oh I'm so sorry she says, and reaches down and helps him up.

It's ok, he says.

She looks at him, and with a big smile says,

Your Michael Day, 2000 starting pitcher for the Boston red sox.

Yea, you heard of me?

You bet, I followed your career, you played for the Kingston sox's 98-99 before getting moved up to the majors for the 2000 season, your fourth starting game you throw a fast ball dislocated your shoulder and after that I couldn't find anything on you, what happened.

I'm glade I have one fan, I only wish I knew her name.

Kristina Abernathy.

Well, it's nice to meet you Mrs. Abernathy.

Please call me Kris.

Ok, Kris.

He reaches behind his head.


Did you bump your head when you fell?

No, it's my shoulder.

Come back to my office, I think I have something that might make it feel better.

I don't want put you throw any trouble, it will be fine.

It's no trouble, just follow me.

He follows her back to her office and they go in.

Take off your jacket and sit in the chair.

He takes off his jacket and sits down.

She looks at him.

Oh you have your red sox jersey on.

Yea, number 199.

Why number 199 she asks, as she goes throw her desk?

Because they signed me on January of 99, even though they didn't bring me up until 2000.

Oh here it is, she takes out a green jar from her desk.

Take off your shirt and I'll put some on you.

He takes his shirt off and puts over the back of the chair with his jacket.

Kristina walks behind him and start to rub the cream on his shoulder.

How dose that feel?


He turns his head to speak to her and when he dose she kisses him.

Oh, I don't know what just came over me, I've never just up and kissed a guy I've just met.

It's all right, I liked it.

You did?


She starts to rub his chest.

Mike relaxes more.

He stands up and walks around to her.

Mike takes her firmly in his arms and starts to kiss while squeezing her firm ass.

Kristina lifts her right leg up and starts to rub his with it.

He unbuttons her blouse as they're kissing and takes it off her.

Her breasts are nice and firm.

Mike massages them throw her black lacey bra.

Kristina starts to moan.

He goes down and starts to kiss her breasts and suck on her nipples though her bra.

He nipples are hard.

Make love to me now Mike she asks softly.

He lies her down on the floor.

Then He gently removes her bra and kisses her cheek, then her neck, then her belly, he reaches up and takes her black lacey panties off and slowly lifts her skirt up.

Once her skirt is up he kiss her thighs and then he softly kisses vagina, her vagina is nice and silky.

Kristina is now breathing really heavy and moaning loader.

Slowly he puts his tongue in her.

She's really wet.

Mike loves the taste of her.

She's holding his face as close to her vagina as she can.

Oh, baby, don't stop.

He starts move his tongue in and out of her as fast as he can.

Oh, yes I'm going to cum, Kristina yells out.

She cums his mouth.

Her body goes limp.

Mike gives her lips a kiss, lies down beside her and cuddles her.

Kristina looks over at him and says,

That was great and now it's your turn.

She takes off mikes pants and underwear.

She looks at his cock and smiles, then takes his cock into her hand storks slowly.

He starts to get hard.

Kristina licks the bottom of his cock.

His cock is as hard as a rock now.

Kristina takes the head into her mouth and sucks on it.

Oh baby, that feels great.

She slowly takes the rest of his rock hard cock in, until she has it all in.

Up and down she starts to move her head, running her soft red lips up and down, playing with it with her tongue and suck as she goes up.

This is the best blowjob I've ever had, mike says.

Kristina smiles.

Stop, Kris, I want to fuck your mouth like it's wet pussy.

Mike takes his cock out of Kristina's mouth, and stands up.

Kristina gets on her knees.

Mike slides his cock into Kristina's mouth.

He moves his hips back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of her mouth.

MMMM, Kristina mumbles.

Kristina, I'm going to cum, mike yells.

Mike quickly pulls his hard cock out of Kristina's mouth.

As he dose a little cum drips on Kristina's chin.

She takes her tongue and licks it.

Kristina looks up at him, and asks, Why did you stop?

Because I don't want to cum yet.

Lay down, mike tells Kristina.

She lays down and mike gets down on the floor with her, bends her knees and spreads her legs apart.

He crawls up between her legs, takes his cock into his hand, rubs it against her pussy.

Put it in me; fuck me mike, Kristina yells.

Mike shoves his cock in her has hard as he can.

Yesssssss, with that she cums again.

Mike fucks tight pussy as hard and fast as he can.

Kristina wraps her legs around him.

Kristina I can't hold out any longer, I'm going to cum.

Cum in me, she cries out.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, Kristina at that moment mike cums in her pussy.

Mike rolls off her and lays there next to her.

Mexico coolers.

What, Kristina asks.

Before, you asked what happened to me.

The shoulder didn't ever recover, the team dropped and I ended up going to medico and managing a team there, we won the championship.

So why did you quit?

The sponsor went broke and so did the team.

Just then his cell phone rang.

Mike grabs it out of his pants pocket and answers.


You bet.

I'll be on the next plane.

Mike hangs up.

What was that all about, Kristina asks.

That was the general manager of the red sox, they just fired their manager, saw how well I did in Mexico and they want me to take over.

That's great, I'm sure you'll do great.

Thank you.

Mike and Kristina gets up and gets dressed.

Mike kiss Kristina and tells her he'll call her and come back and visit her whenever he can.

Mike promise things you can't keep, a different city every week, which means different women.

I won't even be a memory.

With that mike kissed her and walked out the door.


Mike is out on the field helping a rookie pitcher, from the dugout a player yells.

Mike, your wife's on the phone and says if you want to be there when your baby is born you better to the hospital now.

Mike yells, bob take over I have to get to the hospital, Kristina is about to have the baby.

Mike runs off the field, out of the pack and race off to the hospital.

The end.

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