A Tempting Vacation Ch. 08


“Good answer, and maybe I will let you sometime, but not on the day before I leave you alone with them on this island.” She teased.

“I won’t be alone, I mean your mom and Beth will be around to protect me.” Ron said in a playful tone. He had a suspicion, however, that if he needed protection, it would most likely be from Beth, and not the two girls lounging by the pool. His mind quickly drifted back to the way Beth had impaled herself on his tortured cock, and the incredible sensation it had been to feel a woman’s pussy clutching at his dick. He only wished that Amy was ready to “go all the way”, but Ron was certain he was in love with her, and until she was ready to do more, he promised himself that he’d wait for her. He didn’t know for sure how Beth would behave once Amy went on the ship with her dad, but he was prepared to call on every ounce of will power to remain true to Amy. He felt guilty now, seeing how jealous Amy was of the two college girls, and he couldn’t even imagine how mad she’d be if she knew exactly what happened on the beach. The only thing that eased his conscience at all was the fact that Amy herself had place him in the position of being at Beth’s mercy, and no matter how hard he might have tried to resist, he would have had no means of altering what had happened.

In a not so subtle manner, Amy redirected the conversation away from Shannon and Courtney, and back to Ron’s recent beach adventure. “So, enough about those little tramps, I want to hear all the details about what you saw and felt while buried in the sand.”

They were still standing in the kitchenette area, and Amy hopped up on the table, spread her legs and pulled her bikini to the side, allowing her fingers to gently trace across her puffy lips and swollen clit. “Come over here and tell me all the juicy details.”

Ron moved next to the table, his mind trying to determine exactly how truthful to be with Amy. As soon as he was within reach, Amy guided his hand to her simmering pussy before reaching into the rip in his trunks to retrieve Ron’s semi-erect dick. “Start at the beginning, did you just about die when Beth found us?”

“Well, yeah, I was pretty nervous.” Ron answered in the safest manner he could.

Sensing Ron’s reluctance to admit his lust for Beth, even after her confession moments earlier in the pool, Amy began to softly caress Ron’s stiffening prick as she continued with her leading questions, “Tell the truth, it had to make you hot when I helped her pull that lycra tankini off and Beth was laying practically on top of you with the tiny yellow bikini top.”

“Um, yeah, I guess it did.”

“Oh come on Ron, I confessed all my perversions in the pool a little while ago, I want you to tell me what you saw and felt, and how horny you were. Don’t be afraid that I’ll get mad, I mean, it’s not like she gave you a blowjob, or you two had sex or something.” Amy continued in her attempt to get Ron to open up to her.

Ron lightly pinched Amy’s clit hoping to divert her attention from his face, which he felt was betraying him and his secret about Beth. As she let out a surprised squeal and squirmed on the table, Ron successfully dove into the conversation Amy was pushing for, being careful to stay within the boundaries to which she was convinced Beth had adhered. “Okay, I’ll confess, seeing your hands on Beth, when you were pulling her top off, almost showing her nipple to me, my dick was so hard. And to be completely unable to touch myself, it was torture.”

Ron could tell that he had said the right thing, as Amy moaned louder, scooted her pussy more firmly against his hand, and grasped his cock even harder. He continued, “Then, when Beth began to rub lotion on herself, her big tits only inches from my face, and you nonchalantly tapping your fingers up and down my hardon, I thought I might explode.”

Amy’s pussy was gushing. Hearing Ron confirm the exact reaction she had hoped for was turning her on in ways she had never experienced. If Ron had told her at that moment that Beth had rolled over and sucked his dick as soon as she and her mom had left, Amy thought she’d cream all over Ron’s hand and the kitchen table. Even though she had fantasized about Beth with her and Ron back on the plane, she had never really thought seriously about it, and now, surprisingly, letting the idea invade her mind as an option, rather than a fantasy, was making her pussy smolder.

Amy tugged Ron’s now rock hard cock over closer to her steamy cunt, “Oh god Ron, this is making me so horny. What about my mom? When she showed up and lay down right on top of you. I bet that was torture, huh?”

Even though Ron’s cock was tender from the day’s events, it began to throb and get even harder as Amy steadily stroked him. His fingers were now drenched with her moistness, as he now pistoned two fingers in and out of Amy’s tight pussy. “Torture is not the word for it. Especially when Beth sat on top of your mom and began to give her a rub down with the sun screen.”

“Ummm, I figured as much, tell me, come on, please, tell me everything.”

“Ok, well, you know your mom’s face was only about six inches from mine, and I was scared to death she would find me under the bag. Then, when her and Beth came back from the water, looking so wet and sexy, my dick got completely hard. But when she stretched out along my body, her, well, you know, her crotch was right on top of my dick. The pressure was intense, but not unbearable. She didn’t seem to notice, and after a few minutes, she untied the straps to her bikini.” Ron paused briefly, glancing out the patio door to make sure no one was watching.

Amy noticed and said between labored breaths, “Don’t worry, no one can see in cause of the sun’s reflection. Just look every now and then to make sure mom and Beth aren’t coming back.” Grasping his cock even harder, she pleaded, “Don’t stop, tell me what you saw, and what happened.”

“Well, she raised up some and looked down at her boobs, I guess to see if her nipples were showing or something. Ah, well, I mean, your mom has some really great tits, and when they were hanging down like that only inches away, my cock started to throb even more. But about that time is when Beth straddled her back and I guess she didn’t notice my dick cause of that.” Ron continued to recount what had happened. The way Amy was moaning and gushing her slick juices over his fingers, there was no doubt that she enjoying this as much as he was. “So, every time Beth pressed her slick hands across her tan back, your mom’s great looking tits being smashed into the blanket covering my chest, then pulled away so that I could actually catch an occasional glimpse of her nipples. Not to mention that when Beth scooted down to sit across her ass, the pressure against my dick was intense and constant.”

“Ooh, keep going, I am getting close to cumming, please tell me everything.”

Ron pulled Amy’s hand from his increasingly tender dick, eliciting a disapproving look from his girlfriend. He gently pushed both her hands downward to her own sex, and said, “I want to watch you, while I tell you the rest, ok?”

Amy gave him an accepting nod as her fingers resumed where Ron had left off. “Mmmm, ok, so ……go on, please.”

“Like I said, when Beth moved down and sat on your mom’s butt, then started rocking up and back while she was rubbing the lotion in, I started to get really excited, I mean to the point I was afraid I was going to, you know, to orgasm.”

“Oh my, really? Did you have one?” Amy asked, her fingers now a blur as they flicked across her engorged clitoris.

“Well, uh, yeah, eventually.” Ron said, knowing Amy had no idea how true that statement was. “But, well, do you want me to tell you about your mom?” He said, certain of the answer before he asked. Amy’s glazed look and slight nod of the head spurred Ron onward. “I am not sure, but well, I think your mom was, well, you know, kinda feeling it too. I mean, Beth was basically making her crotch grind right across my boner, and I could see by the look on her face, and the way she was biting her lip, that she looked just like you do when you are getting off, …the way you look right now.”

Amy knew she was a major pervert, but hearing her well endowed boyfriend tell her that her own mother was unknowingly giving him an orgasm, and maybe even experiencing one from his big dick without even knowing it, was jus too much. Amy felt her body begin to shiver with the impending orgasm. She kept up the friction of her fingers, and listened as Ron continued.

“I was really afraid that your mom would feel my dick spasm and throb as soon as I started to cum, not to mention feel what would be like a gallon of jizz. Looking into her face, as she appeared to be feeling the same thing I was sent me past the point of turning back. Luckily, at that very moment, her pager went off, and Beth moved, allowing your mom to roll over and release the pressure. It was too late for me, and my dick exploded right up into the blanket. Thankfully, with everybody moving around, nobody noticed. But it was so weird, and such a turn on to be cumming right there with all three of you next to me, unable to touch myself, or have any control over my own body.”

“Ahhhggg, Oh MY. Mmmm, that is making me crazy just to think about it,” Amy blurted out as she gasped for air, her own orgasm taking control of her body at as Ron finished his tale.

Amy eventually opened her eyes as her convulsing body began to return to normal. Ron was there, watching her intently, his cock bobbing in the air only inches from her drenched pussy. “Step over here Ron, and try to slip your dick inside me, ok?”

“Are you sure you want me too, I mean, I don’t want you to regret this.”

“No, God No. I won’t regret anything. I want you to fuck me with your long, fat dick.” She panted.

Ron did as she instructed, and stepped over next to the table, his cockhead throbbing against Amy’s drenched pussy. He positioned the head at her opening, and began to steadily press it against her slick lips.

“Shit!” Amy exclaimed. “Here comes Beth and my mom. Of all the terrible timing. You go to the bathroom, and I’ll say we came in to fix some lunch.” Amy pushed Ron away, and began to wipe up her juices from the kitchen table even as Beth and Pam came through the door.

Luckily, Ron had left his gray gym shorts/pajamas on the bathroom floor after changing into his trunks. He wrapped a cold wash cloth around his hardon, managing to extract the steel that had only moments earlier been ready to impale his increasingly aggressive girlfriend. As he stood there, looking in the mirror, his right hand applying the cold, wet cloth to his cock, Ron attempted to think about how perverted it was for Amy to get so excited by him being teased and tormented by Beth, and especially her own mother. He thought if he concentrated on the demented nature of what they had been doing, he might be able to lessen the lustful urges coursing through his body. After his time with Beth on the beach, he knew Amy was playing with fire, and he didn’t want to risk something happening that she would ultimately regret, and likely blame on him. Ron especially wanted to steer clear of the situation Amy appeared to get the most excited about, which was tempting Ron with her own mother. Pam had been the object of Ron’s fantasies for months now, and while fantasizing about your girlfriend’s mom was one thing, the situations Amy had concocted so far on their trip was causing him to spend more time worrying about concealing his nearly perpetually swollen dick than having a relaxing and fun time with Amy.

He eventually joined the ladies for a quick lunch on their patio. Thankfully, Pam had pulled a modest cover-up over her bikini, but Beth and Amy didn’t see the need, and by the end of their lunch, Ron’s cock was once again ¾ erect and straining noticeably against his baggy shorts. He was actually grateful for the opportunity to decline their offer to go for an afternoon of shopping at the bazaar. It was so awkward to look both Beth and Pam in the face, after the events on the beach, that Ron looked forward to some time alone, time to think some more about everything that had happened so far.


Pam enjoyed the afternoon with her friend and daughter, and much like Ron, glad to have some more time away from the seemingly irresistible sexual urges that seemed to invade her brain whenever he was near her. Her mind seemed to kept flashing back to the way his penis had, unknowingly to him, jutted out of his shorts during the car ride down to Miami, and the way she had been forced to grind her ass into his crotch on the plane, and most of all, the way she had felt spying on her own daughter, greedily kissing and sucking on his perfectly shaped, impossibly large penis. Even at lunch on the patio, the way Beth and Amy flitted around in their bikinis, Pam had noticed the unmistakable bulge in Ron’s shorts.

Shopping had been fun, free of those thoughts that spurned feelings of guilt, feelings that ultimately put up very little resistance to the lustful and erotic urges that inevitably would overtake her body.

As they entered their room, Pam saw Ron stretched out innocently on the bed, asleep, and she began to wonder if Beth would be right about Amy’s intentions to offer her as a forbidden stimulate to her well hung boyfriend. And if Beth was right, Pam asked herself if she would have the nerve to continue along with the delicious ideas Beth had conveyed to her for tormenting Ron in Amy’s absence.


Ron awoke to the sound of the shower water running and the muffled voices of his sexy travel companions filtering through the bathroom door. For once, Ron had awakened without the need to hide a boner, straining to burst free from his gym shorts. He was relieved to not have to conceal his sizable erection as the bathroom door slowly swung open, and Amy’s head peered around the door jam.

Amy looked directly into Ron’s eyes, winked and flashed him a sly smile before turning back over her shoulder and saying, “It’s okay, he’s still asleep. And besides, it’s not like he’s going to see anything if he does wake up, I really don’t see what the big deal is.”

Pam knew that letting Ron peer into the bathroom while she got dressed was exactly the type of thing Beth had planned for her to tease Ron, but she did not intend to be so brazen with her own daughter standing next to her, if she would even do such a thing at all. If it had not been for the nearly unbearable heat and steam emanating from Beth’s shower, she would not have even considered allowing Amy to open the door.

“Okay, you win,” Pam relented, after making a feeble attempt to argue with her typically strong willed daughter. She had to admit that she was glad to allow some cool air to wash over her clammy body. “But at least go get me my bra an panties to put on, just in case.”

Ron was getting to the point that nothing Amy concocted surprised him anymore. Overhearing the conversation coming from the bathroom, he realized immediately that she was once again offering him a voyeuristic opportunity that he would be a fool to let pass by. He watched with great interest as Amy sauntered from the bathroom, clad only in a towel that was barely big enough to conceal both her bubbly ass and her perky breasts. She bypassed him, going directly to the dresser housing her mother’s lingerie. She offered a tantalizing view of her partially exposed ass as she rummaged through the drawer until she seemed to find what she was looking for, a lacy dark green bra with matching French cut panties.

Amy was already feeling that familiar pang of excitement building between her legs as she thought of Ron’s cock and the way it would be aching at the sight of her mom. She stopped by the bed, dropped the sexy undergarments across Ron’s bulging shorts, giving his boner the briefest squeeze, leaned over to Ron’s ear and whispered, “You will owe me for this later tonight.” Amy went to the closet just outside the bathroom, to retrieve her dress for the evening.

Ron watched as she slowly opened the door, noticing how the full length mirror hanging on the closet door redirected his gaze across the room, eventually allowing him to see directly into the bathroom. Amy stepped away from the closet, closer to Ron to confirm the angle of the mirror was, as she had tested earlier, just right to provide the view she intended. Satisfied, she dropped her towel, and quickly draped her frilly summer dress over her nude body, almost before Ron could redirect his gaze from the bathroom to comprehend her actions. Amy started to retrieve the panties and bra, when a wickedly good idea suddenly came to her. She deftly grabbed the leg opening of Ron’s shorts and pulled his nearly erect dick free, quickly grabbed the silky panties and wrapped them around his throbbing cock. She administered two quick strokes before Ron could even offer up a protest. She grabbed the equally sexy bra and turned to go rejoin her mother, leaving Ron’s cock swaying above his bunched up shorts.

Amy and Pam immediately picked up on some earlier conversation about her dad and his new girlfriend. Ron quickly lost interest in this conversation as Pam dropped her towel and began to put on the lacy green panties that Amy had only seconds earlier rubbed over his pulsing cock. The angle of the mirror allowed him a profile view as Pam bent at the waist and slowly tugged the panties up and over her toned, defined hips. He watched intently as she turned first left, then right, adjusting and admiring the snug fit the lacy silk provided her perfectly shaped ass. Her bare breasts were being offered to his eyes as well. Fighting the urge to reach down and stroke his cock, Ron continued to peek as Pam leaned forward and allowed the cups of the lacy bra to envelope her breasts. She adjusted her boobs within the bra, much like she had the panties.

Ron’s own lecherous thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his girlfriend’s voice. “Wow mom, I have never seen you with so much cleavage. You look great.”

“I know, this is that miracle bra I bought on my ‘woe is me’ shopping spree at Victoria Secrets. It looks a little silly on me, huh?” Pam said, not so subtly fishing for the complement to confirm what she already knew……that her breasts look incredibly sexy in the snug bra.

At that moment, Beth shut off the water and pulled back the curtain, eager to contribute her own opinion to her friend, “Don’t be so damn silly, your tits look great and you know it. Put those puppies on display later and we won’t pay for a drink all night long.”

They all laughed, even as Pam responded, “Well, you know it’s not really my style to show so much cleavage, so this sexy bra will work its magic safely concealed beneath my dress tonight.”

Ron only vaguely paid attention as Beth set out to change Pam’s wardrobe for the evening, focusing his concentration on Beth as she slowly dried off her body, often pausing, unknowingly offering him an unobstructed view of her incredible physique as she argued with her friend about her planned attire. Ron could hardly believe that he had actually had sex with such a beautiful and sexy woman, especially in the unbelievable way in which it had happened. His mind drifted back to the way she had wrapped her lips around his trapped prick, deliberately coaxing the cum from his body.

His thoughts were broken when he saw Amy once again exit the bathroom, discreetly pushing the closet door closed to terminate his view of the bathroom. She looked directly at his bulging shorts, turned and said, “Ron’s awake now, maybe we should let him get showered and ready to go so we can make our reservations on time.”

Beth, wrapped in a towel, readily agreed to give up the steamy bathroom for a cooler place to get dressed. She and Amy walked into the bedroom only seconds after Ron and rolled onto his stomach in an attempt to hide yet another hard on. His plan was to make a quick dash to the bathroom as soon as Pam came out.

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