tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Tempting Vacation Ch. 08

A Tempting Vacation Ch. 08


Ron was making his way through the sand, trying to remember exactly what Beth had instructed him to tell Amy. He was finding it hard to get his mind focused on anything other than the recent memory of Beth slowly coaxing every last drop of semen from his body, while his girlfriend’s mother sat there only two feet away, completely unaware. He had been is such a daze immediately afterward, he didn’t even know how Beth had gotten rid of Pam and he had finally snapped back to reality when he felt the sand being scooped from atop his encased body, and Beth began to instruct him on what to say to Amy. To make matters worse, while Ron had been washing the sand away in the surf, Beth had taken everything with her to meet Pam, leaving him without anything to help conceal the ripped seam down the front of his trunks.

Now, not only was he having to get his mind focused on the inevitable conversation with Amy, he was having to walk up the beach with his trunks twisted around so that his cock wouldn’t escape from the sizable rip down the front. Ron realized he probably looked ridiculous with his trunks twisted and his hand plastered to his hip, but it was the best he could do. He finally reached the beach adjacent to their hotel pool, made a final adjustment to his trunks, took a deep breath, and went to find Amy.


Amy had been talking to some other girls by the pool, and didn’t initially see Ron making his way toward her. He was no more that 20 feet away when she looked up, her face breaking into a giant grin.

“Hey, Ron, over here!” she called out to him. She could see right away that he was trying to hide the opening she had cut in his trunks. She certainly hoped that Beth had managed to free Ron without acknowledging the degree to which they had collaborated in teasing him.

Having been perpetually horny since that morning, and what she referred to now as the “donut encounter”, Amy was eager to have some more fun with her well-hung boyfriend. She still couldn’t fully explain it, even to herself, but the sexual arousal that had overtaken her body as Beth, knowingly, and her mother, unknowingly, tormented Ron as he lay buried in the sand was undeniable. Realizing that Beth, and possibly her own mother, were to some degree lusting for her boyfriend’s impressive penis was almost as thrilling as being able to tease Ron by exposing him to such unattainable temptations.

As Ron carefully maneuvered toward them, Amy stole a glance at her new friends, Shannon and Courtney, but it was difficult to tell whether or not they were noticing her approaching boyfriend from behind their dark sunglasses

Amy stood to greet Ron with a nice long hug. She noticed he didn’t move his right hand to hug her back as she said, “Hi honey, I was beginning to worry about you. I am glad to see you made it back in one piece, did everything work out okay?” Amy asked vaguely, now aware of the attention being paid to them by both Shannon and Courtney.

“Ah, yeah, um…everything’s fine.” Ron stammered, glancing briefly at the two attractive girls staring intently at both he and Amy.

“Oh, sorry, how rude of me, Ron, I’d like you to meet my two new friends, Courtney and Shannon.”

“Hey”, Ron said, nodding his head shyly in their direction.

“Nice to meet you.” Shannon said, holding out her hand.

Ron paused awkwardly for several seconds, looking past the outstretched hand to the oil covered co-ed to which it belonged. “Yeah, ah, nice to meet you too.” He finally said as he turned his body slightly away from both girls and briefly shook first Shannon’s, then Courtney’s hand. He quickly returned his hand to conceal the hole in his trunks, confident that he had prevented an unintentional display of his penis.

Realizing it would be much safer to gain some needed distance between his slowly expanding cock and the two college girls lounging before him, Ron said, “Uh, Amy, I think I’ll cool off from my walk up the beach with a quick dip.” And before she could even respond, he turned and jumped into the refreshing water. He was glad to see that the pool area was almost empty. With the exception of Amy and her friends, there were only two other couples sitting around a table near the bar. Evidently the younger crowd was at the beach.

Amy, still incredibly horny from the events of the day, was not going to let Ron escape that easily, and turned to dive in after him. Ron saw Amy gliding toward him beneath the water, and readied himself to tell her the biggest lie of his young life.

Amy emerged from her dive right in front of Ron, taking advantage of the opportunity to run the palm of her hand across his trunks, gently caressing his lovely balls and now flaccid cock. “So…..” she began, “tell me what happened.”

Ron glanced over Amy’s shoulder at the two girls, Shannon and Courtney. Their shades kept him from knowing whether or not they were watching them, but he pulled Amy further to the center of the pool anyway, not wanting any distractions while he did his best to relay the story Beth had concocted.


Pam and Beth were sitting at the poolside bar of the hotel near the spot where Beth had practically raped helpless Ron. Beth knew he had wanted it as much as she did, but she was still feeling a little guilty about breaking the trust Amy had for her. If it hadn’t been for the way Beth herself had been unfairly and unintentionally tempted by Pam going on and on about the size of Ron’s cock, she might have held back. But once she had seen the way Ron’s engorged cock was pressing up against the damp blanket as he lay there trapped beneath her, completely at her mercy, she had been unable to turn away from the opportunity Amy had intentionally put before her. The irony wasn’t lost on Beth. An exhibitionist and tease most of her adult life, and she had been the one tempted to the point of no return.

“I just don’t know Beth, I mean I know it would be fun and exciting, but….I think I would feel to guilty for deliberately being a, well, a cock-tease to Amy’s first real boyfriend.” Pam said, jarring Beth from her own feeble attempt at a moral dilemma, continuing with the same conversation they had been having since getting to the bar.

“I guess I can see your point.” Beth responded, picking up her part of the conversation as if her mind had never strayed. “but, let me ask you this, and try not to get mad. Do you really think Amy doesn’t know how Ron is drooling over us so far? And she doesn’t seem to be getting too upset about it to this point. I mean think about it, when you first saw them in the bathroom together, didn’t you say that she was basically forcing him to watch me sunbathe just outside the window while she sucked that big thick cock of his?” Beth said, graphically describing Ron’s penis for her frustrated friend. “Forgive me for saying this, but it seems to me that Amy is kind of enjoying watching Ron walk around trying to hide the erections we keep stirring up for him.”

“Well……I’m not ready to agree with you on that, although she does seem pretty cool with things,…..but that still doesn’t give me the green light to purposely toy with Ron’s mind….ah, and body.” Pam could feel her face flush as she recalled how she had done just that in the back seat during their trip from Tennessee.

Beth smiled slightly, knowing her friend was allowing herself to consider the idea, and then she said, “Look Pam, I am not suggesting you pull a Mrs. Robinson on the boy. Let’s just have a little innocent fun. When Amy goes on the ship with her dad, we’ll go shopping for some things I have in mind, and plan to provide a little “inadvertent” stimulation for our well-hung friend. You know how innocent and sheltered he is, you’d probably have to throw yourself on top of him, stark naked before he’d even consider you would intentionally try and tease him, and that’s the beauty of the situation that has presented itself to us. We have a perfect subject for some prolonged teasing.”

Pam hesitated, still uncertain she could commit to such actions, “I don’t know, maybe, but I am still afraid of this harming Amy in some way.”

“Okay,” Beth responded, sure she could orchestrate things to her satisfaction, “let’s just have a little test. Tonight, we’ll try to give Amy an opportunity to either let Ron have the chance to ogle you, or not, and we’ll see what she does. Based on her action tonight, you’ll either go along with my plans, or not. Agreed?”

“Well,” Pam paused only briefly, glad Beth was potentially giving her an excuse to go along with what she agreed would be a deliciously exciting couple of days of prick-teasing. “Ok, I’ll agree to go forward based on how Amy behaves tonight. God, I feel so dirty and devious, but I’ll do it.”


Ron had avoided giving Amy any significant details, whether fact or fiction, about his time spent buried in the sand with Beth. She pushed for more specifics, and Ron quickly saw the wisdom in Beth’s plan to tell Amy that he had spoken up as soon as her and her mom had walked away. He went on to explain that before Beth could dislodge enough sand to discover his prick beneath the blanket, Pam had rounded the bend, luckily causing Beth to leave him to go divert her attention while Ron freed himself and scurried to the surf. Even though he himself found this implausible at best, Amy seemed to swallow it, hook, line and sinker.

Still standing toe-to-toe in the 4 ft deep pool water, Amy began to press Ron about what it had been like trapped beneath the sand while her mom had unknowingly pressed her body across his nearly exposed penis. “You don’t have to be embarrassed, you can tell me it made you get a woody, I know it must have. I won’t get mad.”

Based on Amy’s behavior to date, Ron wasn’t really concerned about her getting mad, but he was still somewhat uncertain about how much he should tell her pertaining to his very real reaction to Pam inadvertently grinding her pelvis onto his cock. He decided to take it slowly and gauge her reaction as the tale unfolded.

“Well, ok, I admit, it was pretty exciting.” Ron confessed.

“What about when Mom untied her bikini top right in front of your face, I bet your eyes about popped out, didn’t they?” Amy said, failing to conceal the excitement in her own voice. Before Ron could answer, she reached her hand out and tugged his swelling, but still flaccid cock from the opening in his trunks.

“Amy! You can’t do that here, in the middle of the pool.” Ron whispered, not wanting to draw attention to her actions.

“Sure I can. I mean, I am so hot right now. Feel for yourself.” Amy panted, guiding Ron’s hand inside her bikini bottoms.

“Wow, you aren’t kidding. Does talking about me getting a boner ‘cause of your Mom really turn you on that much?” Ron asked, even as his finger began to slowly dip into his girlfriend’s steamy cunt.

“Ah, yeah, I guess it does. Do you think I am some kind of pervert?” Amy went on before Ron could answer her question. “I mean, I don’t want you to, well, you know, have sex with my mom, or Beth for that matter, but….well, I can’t really explain it. I just get really horny knowing they are making you get a hard-on.” On a roll, and anxious to share her recent sexual urges with Ron, Amy continued, “I even like to think about Beth and mom seeing how big and hard your cock gets, and how they must wish they could suck it, or maybe even slip it between their legs and fuck you silly. But they can’t, cause you’re all mine.”

Amy stopped stroking Ron’s cock, and her hand grew still. “Do you think I am horrible? I hope not. I mean, you must kind of like what I have been doing on this vacation. I can’t even believe it myself, I mean the way I have turned into some kind of adrenaline driven exhibitionist nympho, but I can’t deny how horny I am, and I mean all the time. So…tell me what you think about all this.” Amy concluded her confession.

The guilt Ron felt about Beth slowly bobbing up and down on his cock as a result of Amy’s perverted plan to bury him in the sand was waging an all out battle with the part of his brain that was thrilled by Amy’s confession. Ron may have been somewhat young and naïve, but he knew enough to let his guilty feelings lose this battle. After all, he rationalized, he shouldn’t beat himself up to badly for something that he had no control over. If Amy hadn’t been intent on teasing him so mercilessly, then Beth wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do what she did. Ron wanted to play along, but only under Amy’s rules. He loved her and certainly didn’t want to hurt her. He just wouldn’t let things get out of hand from now on.

“Are you kidding me. You are the sexiest, most amazing girl I will ever know. I think it is so hot, the way you want to do so much sexy stuff. It just seems that some of the things you’ve done on this trip have been like playing with fire. It is weird to be so turned on, and so scared of being found out at the same time. It is all so new to me, it’s not really my style, you know?” Ron answered his girlfriend, even as she resumed stroking his rapidly hardening cock.

Amy knew precisely what Ron meant about their games being so foreign to his shy, sheltered upbringing. She also knew that his internal struggles were part of what was making this even more fun and exciting for her, not to mention giving her more of a sense of security about what he would, and more importantly, would not do.

Amy hugged Ron around the neck with her left arm, never allowing her right to relinquish its grasp on his cock, saying, “I am so glad you don’t think I am some sort of tramp or something. Of, course, your big hard dick in my hand pretty much gave me the answer I was hoping for before you ever said a word.” Amy smiled up at him, giving his cock a firm squeeze, then said, “Come with me, let’s take advantage of mom and Beth being away to have some privacy in the room.

“Isn’t that a little too normal for you?” Ron joked, poking his hard dick into Amy’s hip, grabbing her before she could escape his long arms.

“Nope, I mainly want to see you climb out of the pool with this throbbing dick, and walk past my new friends, Shannon and Courtney” She whispered, tugging on it to further make her point.

“No way Amy! You can’t be serious.” Ron, cognizant of Amy’s recent confession of her newfound perversions, added, “Can you?”

“Well, you don’t have to get out with you dick poking out of the rip in your trunks, but if you twisted them around some, give yourself a few minutes to, you know,, calm down a little, you wouldn’t show anything except one very impressive, and unmistakable bulge”. Her damp breath had barely washed across his skin before she gave his steel hard cock one last squeeze and turned to make her way toward the pool ladder, directly in front of Shannon and Courtney.

Ron stood there in the middle of the pool, finding himself becoming more aroused by the thought of showing off for the two girls, and he quickly made up his mind that if Amy thought he was too timid to meet her challenge, than he would have to prove her wrong. He didn’t, however, want to get arrested for indecent exposure, so he swam underwater to the opposite end of the pool and back, his hardon lessening slightly with each stroke. Finally, as he waded toward the ladder, he tried as best he could to press his semi-hard cock over and down, away from the ripped seam of his trunks. If she wanted him to “show off” for her new friends, then he’d give them a show and see how far Amy really was willing for him to go.

Strangely enough, Ron felt a new wave of excitement pass over him. Regardless of the situations Amy had placed him in already on this trip, he had not intentionally displayed himself to anyone before, and the anticipation of what he was about to do was sending a shiver through his body.

Amy had already exited the pool by the time Ron arrived at the ladder. He adjusted his dick one last time. He was pretty sure his trunks were twisted enough that no flesh would be exposed, but he was also certain that the wet material, plastered to his still throbbing cock, would provide the spectacle Amy had asked for. Ron took one last, deep breath, and began to climb from the pool.

Amy was watching intently. She never really thought Ron would go through with her dare, and as his body emerged from the water, she was even more surprised at his brazenness. The protrusion his penis was making in his wet and clinging trunks was unmistakable and actually quite obscene. Amy felt herself grow even more excited as Ron made his way over to where she sat next to Shannon and Courtney.

As Ron strode closer to the three girls, he noticed Shannon stiffen slightly in her lounge chair, he gaze apparently directed at his crotch from behind her dark shades. She not so subtly nudged her friend’s arm, alerting her to the sight Amy had orchestrated for them. Ron felt more than a little self-conscious about the way all three girls were ogling him more and more, the closer he got to them, but he also felt a rush, knowing that he was intentionally offering his cock to their lustful stares. He pretended to be unaware of the display he was providing, and stopped at the foot of their lounge chairs, and asked Amy for a towel.

Amy was observing the two co-eds in her peripheral vision, and noticed that Courtney was even less discreet than Shannon had been in the way her eyes locked directly in on her boyfriend’s bulging trunks. She tossed Ron the towel, and watched, along with her new acquaintances as Ron tussled his hair dry beneath the cotton beach towel, his cock bouncing and swaying slightly in conjunction with the movement of his upper body.

Part of Ron was enjoying the show he was providing, but the still shy and insecure part of his personality was making him more than a little uncomfortable about being so blatantly on display. Suppressing the bravado he felt in the pool when taking Amy’s challenge, Ron dropped the towel from his head and nonchalantly held it in front of his crotch, blocking the view to Courtney and Shannon. “You ready to go in and get some lunch Amy?” Ron asked, anxious to break free from the steady gaze of Amy’s new friends.

“Maybe you could rub some oil on my back, before you go.” Courtney interjected before Amy could answer. “And me too,” Shannon chimed in.

“Sorry girls, he’s all mine from here on out, we have to grab lunch then go do some shopping.” Amy answered for Ron. Somewhat surprised by their forwardness, Amy was actually glad to remove him from the proximity of Shannon and Courtney. Even though Beth was aware of her recent attempts to tease Ron, Amy knew she didn’t have to worry about either her mom or Beth going to far with him, but…..the reality of having two very sexy college girls lusting for your boyfriend suddenly settled in Amy’s brains as a bad idea. She had been so focused on the torment she was placing Ron in, she realized she hadn’t taken into account that Shannon and Courtney might be willing to pursue Ron past the point Amy wanted them to. Obviously, Amy had not made the connection that these were the same two girls she spied molesting Beth and peeping at Ron that first night, for if she had, she would have realized the danger in parading Ron and his swollen cock before them.

Amy quickly led Ron into their room, and as soon as the door slid shut she began to rant, “Can you believe those two? Wanting you to rub them down with oil. Of all the nerve, just because they think I don’t care about them seeing your big dick, they try to get their slutty hands on you.” She paused, looking directly at Ron, then down to his still semi-swollen cock. “I bet you’d have liked to oil them up, wouldn’t you?”

Perpetually uncertain as to what was going on in his girlfriend’s mind, Ron took the safe answer, “Of course not, I mean, only if you told me to.” He said, breaking into his most endearing smile.

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