tagBDSMA Tempting Vacation Ch. 12

A Tempting Vacation Ch. 12


"You go on with the girls Ron, Sue and I will come up in a few minutes to watch the games." Beth said, giving her blessing to his departure. Watching the tiny thong clad asses of Shannon and Courtney escort Ron up the beach toward the resort pool, Beth hoped she'd made the right call in sending Ron with two such sexy little hard bodies.

So Ron is Amy's boyfriend? I thought Pam told Dave that they weren't dating." Sue asked almost as soon as Ron and the college girls were out of earshot.

Realizing their lie had been exposed, Beth responded in an effort to downplay the relationship, "Well, they really just started 'dating', if you can call it that, a couple of weeks ago. But Pam didn't want Dave to get all freaked out about Amy having her boyfriend on vacation, so she told a little white lie. You won't tell Dave will you?"

"No. If you will keep my Cialis a secret, I can certainly return the favor. Plus I understand how protective Dave is of Amy" Sue responded. She liked Beth and didn't want to betray her trust, but her impression back on the boat of Amy had been one of a manipulative little teenager that had only recently figured out the secret of controlling men, including her own father. Knowing Ron was Amy's boyfriend might prove to be an interesting piece of knowledge before this trip was over.

"The drinks are probably making me talk now, but....well, if Dave saw Ron in those trunks, and knew he was dating Amy, he'd sure enough freak out." Sue said, feeling a growing heat beneath her bikini bottoms, yet trying to make a mild joke of the situation. "Sorry, I know I am talking about your son, but ......wow, I mean no wonder those college girls picked him to join them at the pool."

The pause in the conversation as Beth tried to figure out the best way to respond was interpreted by Sue as Beth having been offended by her comment. "Um, I am so sorry, I just got a little carried away there, I shouldn't talk about Ron that way."

"Don't worry about it, I mean, you look at coc, er penises for a living, I can't expect you not to notice Ron's. If the roles were reversed, I am sure I'd be thinking the same things you are, if not worse." Beth replied, wanting to keep Sue at ease. " I consider myself a 'hip' mom, but stumbling upon the revelation that your son is hung like a porn star is more challenging to deal with than I thought. I am trying to play it cool, and I sure couldn't make him change from the new trunks after I had you and the sales girl agree to encourage him to buy them. I am even wearing one of my tiniest bikinis is some sort of twisted show of support for him to feel comfortable so exposed in public like he is." Beth continued with her manipulative lies.

Before Sue could further the conversation, they heard the PA system by the pool announce the beginning of the games.

Beth stood, grabbed her by the hand and said, "Come on, let's go see what's going on at the pool. We need to stop talking about all this sexy stuff anyway, I think the tequila has taken control of our minds as it is, so we should change the subject before one of us says something to really embarrass ourselves."


By the time the two half drunk and completely horny women reached the pool area, still wearing only their new skimpy bikinis, it was packed with partying college students, all crowding around the pool for the best view of a temporary stage that had been erected for the games.

Beth and Sue used their considerable sex appeal to squeeze past the assortment of jocks and partying frat boys making up more than half the crowd. After numerous lewd comments and more than a few not so subtle gropes, they were right up front.

They could not see Ron or the two girls, but after only a few moments, a stunning raven-haired girl emerged from behind the screen across the back of the stage. She was wearing leather hot pants that laced up the front, leather thigh high, spike heeled boots, and a matching black leather bustier, which displayed her ample cleavage. Her shiny hair was pulled back in a tight pony tail. All in all, she presented a rather imposing vision. Only then did Sue nudge Pam, pointing to a sign that indicated the sponsors of the contest were a web site called bound4plzr.com and one of the big tequila companies.

The leather clad girl began to work the crowd, "Hello my little play things! I am Hilda!" She barked into the microphone in a not too bad fake German accent. She produced a riding crop from one of the tables of props behind her and began to stroll along the edge of the stage, taunting those within reach with the crop. "Who wants to be my slave for the evening?"

The crowd erupted as most every male and numerous females seemed to be volunteering for the assignment.

"I don't think anyone here has the stamina." She laughed, "All this leather is making me all hot and bothered." She continued, dipping her hand just inside the waist of her black shorts. The crowd exploded once again. "Enough about my problems, let's get on with our fun, and see if anyone else can be made into an obedient slave for me today. Our first game today is called Blue Balls.........let's meet the slaves in waiting."

Ron, Courtney, Shannon and the other contestants filed onto the stage, all still wearing only the bathing suits in which they had been attired when recruited from the beach. The crowd began to woof and whistle, as most all of the girls had obviously been selected for their curvaceous bodies proudly displayed in less than modest bikinis.

Sue thought that Ron looked noticeably uneasy standing there between the two attractive co-eds. The penis that had been such the topic of conversation just moments ago seemed to be a little frightened as well. Rather than the can't-tear-your-eyes-away-bulge displayed on the beach, his trunks now snugly displayed just enough to warrant a second look, without screaming out that he was hung like a horse.

"Very goot!" exclaimed the leather babe, interrupting Sue's wandering mind. "The object of our contest is for each team to gather as many pink ping pong balls from the pool as they can, and to collect only two blue balls."

As she continued to explain the rules, Sue was diverted by the not-too-accidental friction coming from a short, body builder type standing directly behind her. Her first inclination was to pull away, but already pressed up against the stage, she had no where to go. He wasn't being too aggressive, but was managing to randomly rub his apparently hardening penis against her ass. The events of the day seemed to have her ripe for the uninvited stimulation being directed her way. So, feeling increasingly naughty and horny, Sue decided to have some fun, and while never acknowledging his presence, would occasionally ever so slightly push her toned ass back into the college boy's crotch.

Beth failed to notice Sue's rather discreet dalliance, instead focusing intently as the events on the stage progressed. All the contestants were waiting to down the tequila shots generously supplied by the contest sponsors.

Ron had never taken a shot of tequila, or a shot of anything else for than matter, but as he bit into the lemon wedge, and the sour fruit subdued the after taste of the shot, he decided it wasn't too bad. As the tequila began to swim around in his brain, the sexy hostess strolled up and down the line of contestants, passing out what appeared to be an extremely over sized pillow case, along with a small plastic bag.

"So that each team will have the same opportunity to gather the balls, each boy must be wearing the same trunks, and since there is no where for them to change, we are providing you your own privacy curtain." The sexy hostess exclaimed. "So when I say 'Go', you should each pull the bag over your heads and change.......but first, to make things a little more interesting, we must make a couple of adjustments."

The crowd again roared their approval, even thought they had no idea as to what lay ahead. Ron, even though he was rapidly feeling the tequila shot, effectively topping off the earlier drinks on the beach, was growing increasingly nervous about this contest into which he had been drafted.

"I would like the females to remove the contents of your bag, and secure your boy-toy's hands behind his back," came the command from leather girl. Any mock protests by the guys were quickly put to rest by her authoritative voice and prodding riding crop.

Ron rather quickly found himself in the same predicament as the other 3 boys in the contest, his wrists handcuffed together behind his back, unable to shield his bulging swim suit from the gaze of the boisterous crowd. Hilda continued with her instructions for the game, but Ron was more concerned with his steadily growing cock, and its increasingly obscene protrusion against his trunks.

Before he realized what was happening, one of Hilda's assistants had confined Courtney and Shannon by having them wrap their arms around his waist, then handcuffing Shannon's right wrist to Courtney's left, and vice versa. The end result was that the two girls on each team encircled their "boy toy" with their arms, their bound wrists ensuring that they must work in tandem for the remainder of the competition.

As Courtney and Shannon stood on each side of Ron, their ensnared hands now dangerously close to both his ass and his crotch, Shannon leaned into his arm, the warm skin of her breasts pressing into him, and whispered, "Looks like you are having fun."

She motioned with her head to his protruding trunks, just as Courtney allowed her hand to give his rather obvious cock head a quick but firm squeeze. Ron looked to the crowd, hoping that no one was really taking notice of his unmistakable excitement. To his dismay, numerous onlookers, both male and female were openly pointing at his erection. Most were laughing and giggling, although more than a couple of girls stared intently with facial expressions denoting both disbelief and lustful curiosity. Included in the later group were Beth, and Amy's likely step-mother to be, Sue.

The boy behind Sue had become more persistent, and she could now tell he was completely hard, as he randomly rubbed his dick against her ass. It was obvious to her that his penis was much smaller than Ron's. Even as she gazed up to the stage at Ron's bulging trunks, she imagined how it might feel to have something so big and hard pressing against her ass, and she ground back a little more noticeably into her lucky admirer's crotch.

Beth felt slightly bad for Ron, but then again, how sorry could she feel for a boy with a cock his size, and two sexy co-eds eagerly groping him without regard to their surroundings. Beth continued to observe Ron and the way he stood their helplessly handcuffed, and her mind began to modify some of her recurring fantasies she had been planning to fulfill during the remainder of their trip together.

Several of Hilda's helpers came out and handed one of the girls a pair of white trunks, then placed the over sized bag over each threesome's head, letting it drop down to just below their knees.

As they did so, Hilda continued with her instruction for the contest, "Now, when I say go, you are to remove your boy toy's trunks, and assist him into the ones you have been given. As soon as you have done that, remove your bag and quickly proceed into the pool, where you are to retrieve as many balls as possible in the time allotted, and stuff them into your boy toy's trunks, but remember, only two blue balls. Ready......Set........Go!"

The filtered light penetrating the cloth material allowed the three teammates decent visibility as the girls began their task of getting Ron changed into the provided trunks.

"Okay, Shannon," Courtney instructed, "You slip around and pull down from the rear, and I'll take the front."

"No fair!" Shannon protested, "if you get the front taking them off, we should switch places to get the new shorts on."

Courtney agreed, and as they maneuvered the ¼ turn round Ron's body, she added, "we have to be quick though, if we're going to win the contest, so don't get distracted, okay?"

Both girls giggled their agreement, even as they made every effort to rub their near naked bodies against Ron as they repositioned themselves for the task at hand. They quickly grasped the waistband of the foam green trunks and began to tug them downward. In only a matter of seconds, Ron's cock sprang free and slapped against Courtney's well toned abs.

"Umm, that feels nice, and so damn big!" Courtney stated as she steadily slid her body down against Ron and his now rock hard cock. Shannon was doing the same behind him, his cuffed hands feeling first her bikini covered crotch and now her full, soft tits as she squatted to pull the trunks further down his legs. Courtney continued her decent, as first her own rather impressive boobs raked across Ron's erection and then her face did the same. She kept up her end of the task, pushing her hands, and therefore Ron's trunks, further down, past his knees and calves. Her mouth, however, began a much more exciting, albeit brief, undertaking as she kissed and licked up the shaft of the granite hard cock bouncing against her face. Just as she managed to plant a kiss on the engorged head, Shannon helped Ron slip his feet from the trunks and exclaimed that it was time to rotate positions.

Ron was at a loss for words throughout the entire ordeal. It was all happening so fast, he didn't know how to respond, or if he should protest, and as Courtney had begun using her lips and tongue to toy with his dick, protesting quickly became the last thing on his mind.


Beth and Sue watched as Shannon and Courtney began to undress Ron beneath the over sized white bag.

The fact that the bag stopped at around knee level meant that as the girls for each team crouched down to remove the trunks, their bodies from about mid-back down came into view. Their barely there bikini bottoms offered the audience a sexy image as they tugged away the only clothing each boy was wearing.

"Oh my God!" Sue blurted out, "Look how they scooted around, one of them has her face right in his crotch!"

Beth had indeed noticed, adding, "That little tramp is unbelievable, look at the way her head is moving under the cloth, it looks like she's giving him a blowjob!"

Almost immediately, the sexy asses beneath the sheet began to shift around, until the girls had changed places. It was obvious that the new girl resumed with the oral attack on Ron's cock as the girl in the rear attempted to coordinate their bound hands to help him step into the new, white trunks.

Ron was amazed at the boldness of Shannon and Courtney. Shannon didn't hesitate, immediately stretching her lips wide, managing to wrap them around his pulsing and swollen cock head, all he while assisting Courtney is tugging the new trunks up his legs. All in all, his dick was in her mouth no more than 7 or 8 seconds. As they pulled the rather tight shorts up past his cum filled balls to the base of his dick, she allowed him to slip from her lips with an audible 'pop'. The new trunks were pulled up and over as much of Ron's swollen cock as possible, but an inch of so of shaft and the entire purplish head continued to jut up from the tight material. Just before her hands were forced to follow Courtney's as she began to raise the bag up and over their bodies, Shannon managed to grasp Ron's cock and tuck it safely over at an angle so that his pulsing head was trapped just beneath the snug waistband of the shorts.

Ron's cock covered, but hardly concealed, he and the girls began their awkward shuffle to the steps leading down the stage and into the pool. Courtney and Shannon were now back on each side of Ron, their handcuffed wrists ensuring that each had one hand positioned across his crotch. The crowd whooped and screamed as the girls obviously began to grope and massage Ron's substantial bulge, in an exaggerated display of trying to conceal his package. Ron could feel his face flushing with embarrassment, and tried to hurry the girls along to the added concealment of the pool water.

As the threesome eventually submerged themselves in the waist deep water, Ron's embarrassment lessened, due mostly to the concealment the water offered, but also due to the alcohol induced lust-filled pride at possessing an obviously impressive cock and having two sexy college girls practically raping him in front of an approving crowd. Seeing the way Beth and Sue, not to mention several other co-eds, ogled him as they shuffled to the pool helped to fuel Ron's brain with sexual yearnings that once again successfully purged any guilt related to Amy far from his thoughts.

Sue had turned to watch the action in the pool, thus breaking the not-so-subtle contact with the horny young man behind her. She made eye contact with him for the first time since he had begun to press his hard penis against her ass. He was cute, in a drunken frat guy sort of way, and the lustful look in his eye was unmistakable. Sue saw the way he was unabashedly admiring her barely covered breasts, and thought for a moment he was actually going to reach out and grab them. She was on the verge of welcoming such a bold move, but was just sober enough to know that it would ultimately be a bad idea. .

Sue was incredibly horny, both from the bump and grind of her admirer, and from watching Ron and his enormous cock being groped and displayed on the stage. She had enjoyed the feel of a hard cock, even though it was obviously smaller than Ron's, pressing against her ass, but knew her avoidance of any further groping was the right decision. She also knew that he would be back for more as soon as they followed the action back to the stage.

Once in the water, Courtney and Shannon became less focused on Ron's cock and more intent on gathering the ping pong balls floating around them. They eventually came to a synchronized pattern of gathering as many balls as possible, and stuffing them into Ron's stretchy trunks. And even though the girl's hands didn't linger over his cock, they did seem to concentrate their efforts on forcing the buoyant balls down around his still semi-swollen dick.

After only 5 minutes, Hilda signaled that the contestants must stop gathering ping pong balls and return to the stage.

Back on the stage, each team stood awaiting further instruction from their mistress, Hilda. Each boy stood there in his tight white trunks, his own bulge at least partially hidden by the many ping pong balls that had been stuffed down around his cock and balls by his ever-so-eager teammates.

"Zis is goot!" Hilda proclaimed in her best pseudo mistress accent, as she deliberately strolled past each team, running her riding crop over the misshapen trunks of each boy. "You have successfully completed part 1 of our contest."

She went on to explain that each team must now remove only the red balls from their boy's swim suit. The team to produce the most red balls while allowing two blue balls to remain in place would be the winner. Her assistants began to unfasten the handcuffs binding the girls to each other, only to confine their hands once again behind their back, and direct all three members of each team to step into a small kiddie pool that was provided to catch the ping pong balls as they were set free.

"The only other rule is that you must retrieve the balls without using your hands. You have two minutes........GO!"

Courtney and Shannon looked briefly at each other, then to Ron, and quickly realized what was expected of them. They dropped to their knees and each pressed their faces firmly against the lumpy front of Ron's tight white trunks. The still damp, thin fabric allowed them to distinguish the red from blue balls. They were taking great pleasure in running their nose, chin and especially their mouths over Ron's balls and once again rock hard cock as they pushed ball after ball over the waist band of his trunks and into the small plastic pool in which they were kneeling.

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