A Tempting Vacation Ch. 12


Ron was doing his best to push through the growing tequila haze, urging his senses to remain aware of the fantasy-come-to-life in which he found himself, doing his best to push his tormented body to the sexual release denied so many times in the past few days. Unfortunately, his drunkenness and the rubber sheath could only achieve a stalemate with the Cialis and debauchery being inflicted upon him.

As Hilda's now steady rhythm continued to rock him against the couch, Courtney exclaimed next to him, "OH God! Yes! Here...I ... Cum, baby......yes..yes...yes...!!!" Her body began to shake and quiver against him as Hilda's fingers concentrated unrelentingly across her engorged clit.

Courtney's entire body was still shuddering when Hilda screamed out and dropped her entire weight onto Ron's lap, burying his cock as deeply within her as possible, and at the same time causing Shannon to fall back against the couch. Hilda pressed down as firmly as possible and began to rapidly grind against him, effectively maneuvering his pulsing prick to stimulate the previously virgin regions of her pussy, as well as tug and pull at the concentrated nerve endings at her opening that were most tightly stretched around the base of Ron's prick.

"Oh yes, mmm, God what a cock.....what...a....cock.........oh oh oh!" were the only words Hilda managed, the rest of her exultations consisted of only grunts, moans, and ultimately screams of pleasure.

Hilda eventually slowed her movements, and had barely joined Courtney in limply collapsing against Ron in a post orgasmic bliss when there came a pounding at the door of the RV.

"Nancy!!! Nanc!!! Open the damn door!"

"Hilda was jarred from her reverie by the urgent voice, and swung her leg to the floor, allowing the still rock hard cock to gradually escape her snug confines. "Oh wow, mmmm." Hilda said as she caressed her now empty womanhood.

Bam Bam Bam....."Damn it Nanc, I know you're in there with that kid, now open the door!"

As "Hilda" went to open the door, Shannon was doing her best to straddle Ron's now available thigh, desperate for the stimulation she needed to join the other, now satisfied women, in relief of the unrelenting arousal of the past 20 minutes.

As soon as the door was unlocked, Mandy stormed past "Hilda", who was still tying her thin robe around her tingling body, stopping in her tracks at the sight of the three bound spring breakers on the couch. "Damn Nancy, what the??? Fuck, look at that damn cock."

"No shit, why do you think I still have them here..........you want to give him a run?"

"Thanks for the offer, but his mom is out there raising hell about finding her boy." Mandy explained, watching as Shannon almost pathetically tried to hump Ron's leg.

"His mom?" Nancy repeated, "He brought his mom on spring break with him?" she asked incredulously.

"Well yes, that's how a lot of HIGH SCHOOLERS come to spring break." Mandy answered, eager to see her friend Nancy's reaction to know she had just fucked a high school kid.

"Oh fuck......." Replied the 23 year old "Hilda the Mistress". She had bedded more than a few "contestants" from the spring break tour, but never one in high school. "Look at his cock........how was I to know?"

Mandy was now barely suppressing the laughter at her friend's expense. "You probably didn't come out of character long enough to even let him talk, much less ask him what period he had lunch....., or maybe if he was even 18?" She finished, the giggles eventually escaping around her words.

"Bitch!......help me get him out of here, quick. And don't ask him how old he is, he could be 18 and still in high school, but I don't even want to know."

Mandy went to the couch and pulled the still writhing Shannon aside, for the first time hearing the muffled buzzing emanating from the girls' crotches. "God Nanc, you are even torturing these poor girls........think they're in 8th grade yet?" again Mandy was having fun needling her sex obsessed friend.

"Shit, I forgot about the eggs, grab the remote there on the floor and turn them off." Nancy instructed, ignoring Mandy's poor attempt at humor.

Both girls bodies noticeably relaxed as the eggs ceased vibrating, however Shannon was still teetering on the edge, saying, "Please, please let me fuck him before you let him go......please I need that cock in me."

"Sorry babe," Nancy said, "The kids got to go." The bound, half nude girls did look incredibly sexy, their pert titties now fully on display from the vigorous movements of the past few minutes. "Let us get Joe High School here back safely, then we'll see about you."

"I need to get this sleeve off him, so hold him still." Nancy directed to Mandy, as Ron's now very drunken condition didn't bring much stability. She dropped to her knees and began to roll the sung rubber casing back up to the tip of his cock.

"Good god!" exclaimed Mandy as Nancy rolled the sleeve toward the tip, the thickening tube of rubber growing until it was a single roll, lodged tightly around the base of his tortuously blood engorged and pulsing cock head. "That thing looks like it is ready to explode..be careful."

"You want to finish him off?" Nancy offered Mandy, "real quick?"

"No time, his mom wasn't fucking around out there. I think she is afraid you took him away and had your way with him. Good thing I got here in time to protect the poor lad, huh?" Mandy burst out in laughter yet again.

"Okay, okay, I hear you, but we can't send him back out there with this humongous hard on." She replied, unceremoniously rolling the sleeve the remainder of the way off. Ron jerked from the intense stimulation and sudden feeling of freedom.

"Sure we do, here, I brought his trunks. You should see the bikini's his mom and her friend are wearing.........modesty is not really their concern, plus it would be fun to see them react to his trunks about ready to burst at the seams. At least it will look to them like you didn't actually fuck him, right?"

"Whatever, sometimes I think you're more twisted than me. Why don't you get him dressed and I'll get the key to unlock the cuffs."

Mandy sat Ron on a nearby bar stool and began to slide his trunks up his legs. She could tell the poor kid was having trouble focusing his attention on her as his head wobbled slightly side to side. His cock, on the other hand, was anything but wobbly, and it was all she could do not to reach out and grasp him, but he really did look like he might fire off at the slightest touch. Not wanting a face or hair full of jizz, Mandy kept things innocent, and gently helped him slide the green trunks up and over his immense appendage.

Nancy went to a small bowl on the bar, just feet from the couch and retrieved the handcuff key that had been there the entire time. As she turned to head back to Mandy and the boy, she glanced at the two semi-nude girls still bound and helpless on the couch. A devilish idea came over her, and she stopped a their feet and again retrieved the remote for the vibrating eggs.

"This just doesn't seem fair, does it.....I mean I came, you came, but you, you're still all hot and bothered, aren't you?" Nancy spoke in a sweetly condescending voice, her attention bouncing between Courtney and Shannon before she hit the button on the remote to reengage the eggs.

Shannon uttered something between a moan and a whimper, her ass immediately commenced grinding against the couch. "While Mandy and I return Ron to his mommy, I think it would only be fair if you." She said, pointing at Courtney, "helped your friend her out while we were gone."

Nancy then moved Shannon until she was reclined along the sofa, one leg on the floor, and the other foot now pressed against her friend's thigh. Nancy smiled sweetly at Courtney as she reached down to untie Shannon's bikini bottom and pull it free of her writhing hips, "You know what she needs, right?"

Courtney, her own pussy again tingling from the vibrating egg, knew what was expected, of her, but even though she and Shannon had kissed, sucked on each other titties, and even kind of touched each other's pussies on several occasions when sharing a boyfriend, neither had ever gone down on the other. "I......I ...don't ...know, I mean I never...."

Nancy dropped back into her Hilda role, saying, "You vil do as I say, now pleasure the bitch!" She then grabbed Courtney by the neck and firmly guided her over until she essentially fell face first against Shannon's needy pussy.

Mandy had been watching her dominatrix friend, a slight smirk indicating her never-ending amazement at her friend's perverted nature. "Hey Nanc, you should use that one thing we sell, I know we have one here in the box somewhere, let me get it."

In short order, Mandy gave Nancy what looked to be several straps of leather. Nancy took the first one, which was really a collar, and buckled it around Courtney's neck. The next two straps fastened with Velcro around Shannon's upper thighs. She then hooked a smaller adjustable strap from an eyelet on each thigh to Courtney's collar, effectively forcing her face right into the other coed's crotch.

"There now, we must run, but you two behave while we are gone."

Mandy helped Ron, hardly aware of what had just transpired, to his feet as Nancy quickly slipped into a sexy one piece swimsuit. "Come on, we need to hurry and get cock-boy here to where he belongs, so we can get back and have some fun with those two."

"Shouldn't you give him a bag of prizes, I mean isn't that supposed to be why you took the winners away to start with?" Mandy prompted.

Realizing Mandy was right, Nancy opened one of the big product tubs and scooped all kinds of prizes into a shopping bag. She was giving way more than normal, as she responded, "Ron baby, if anybody ever deserved a bag of prizes, it's you, my god Mandy, you are really missing out on a fine pieced of cock meat with this one."

"Well, I guess I'll have a clear play for him while you're in jail on statutory rape." Mandy threw out one last shot at Nancy's potentially poor judgment. Both girls traded smirks and giggles, the last thing they heard before shutting and locking the door to the RV was Shannon, "Oh god, yes Court, that's the spot, right there, mmm......"

Stepping into the still bright sunshine was a little shocking, and as Ron swayed left to right, Mandy and Nancy each had to take an arm to keep him upright. "Come on, I think they were over by the pool bar."

Walking in the foliage covered path just to the side of the pool, Mandy soon pointed out Beth and Sue, their incredible bodies and tiny bikinis drawing quite a crowd of admirers at the bar.

"So, do we walk him over there and just hand him over and say, 'sorry about the big hard-on, but here is your son back'?" Nancy asked.

"No dumbass, let's just point him at them and slip away to watch what happens from another angle. It should be pretty damn funny."

"Okay, Ron....Ron, do you see your mom over there? You think you can make it over to her?" Mandy asked the inebriated youngster, placing the bag of liquor and erotic products in his hand.

"Mom? My mom is here?" Ron responded in a panicked tone. "How did she get her?" His voice even more petrified than before.

The two girls traded alarmed glances before Mandy continued, "Ron, honey, your mom is just worried about you, she is over there by the bar, in the orange bikini. Don't you recognize her?" She finished, directing his gaze with her hands on each side of his face.

"Oh, that mom." Ron laughed...."Yeah, I know her." He replied, then leaned closer to both girls, almost falling over before motioning them in tight to hear him whisper, "I know her so well," he paused to gather his balance, then went on, " I know her so well I even fucked her this morning in a store dressing room."

Before Mandy or Nancy could fully comprehend his last statement, Ron staggered off, shopping bag in hand, his seemingly forgotten erection still tenting the front of the snug green trunks, and wobbled across the pool deck toward Beth and Sue. Just as the other pool goers began to notice Ron's drunken stagger and misshapen swim suit, the deviant twosome slipped further around the poolside path for a clear view of the reunion to come.


Beth and Sue had watched the banana eating contest without much thought of Ron, fully expecting him to join them in a matter of minutes. After ½ hour or so, as the competition came to an end and the crowd began to dissipate, Beth started to become a little uneasy about having let her rather drunk "son" out of her sight. They found themselves moving against the flow as most headed back to the beach. Even Sue's ardent fan, who had been repeatedly grazing his hard on against her bubbly ass, seemed to reluctantly accept her departure.

After raising hell with several of the know-nothing security personnel around the stage, Beth finally was directed to someone named Mandy, who at least gave the impression she'd see if Ron was still backstage. Beth was afraid he had been taken by Courtney and Shannon back to their room. She knew they had experienced a firsthand view of what Ron was packing that first night, from the bathroom window, and didn't doubt they'd do everything in their power to get him alone.

Suddenly Beth heard a smattering of giggles, then outburst of laughter coming from those remaining around the pool. She looked up to see numerous people looking past her and pointing. About that time, Sue grabbed Beth by the arm, saying, "Ah, you might want to see this."

Beth quickly turned to be confronted by an obviously drunk Ron, his cock obscenely erect and on display behind his swim suit. "Sue.....MOM!" he said much louder than necessary, "What's up?" he smiled, seemingly pleased to see them, and apparently unaware of the scene he was causing.

"Ron!" Beth took it all in as she spoke. "Where have you been?" Quickly realizing the spectacle created by his bulging shorts, she continued, "You need to cover yourself, I mean, look at you" she said, directing not only his blurred vision to his crotch, but allowing Sue's eyes to justifiably join them in staring at his misshapen swim trunks.

Haven never been anywhere near this drunk before, the alcohol fueled response was much more confident and nonchalant than would ever come from a sober Ron, "Yeah, that's something huh? Been like that for days now it seems." He was grinning from ear-to-ear as he nearly toppled over, causing Sue to grasp his left arm and prop him up.

Sue had to stifle her laughter at the drunken teenager, while continually doing her best not to blatantly stare at his crotch. She had been abnormally aroused every since they'd gotten to the beach, crediting it primarily to having been drawn into the opportunistic teasing of a surprisingly well endowed Ron at the boutique, and further stoked by the sexy contests and aggressive attention from the college boy near the stage. Sue had no inkling her body's response was in overdrive due to the fact Beth had slyly slipped a chemical stimulant into her drink. Everything factored together, she was as horny as she'd been in ages.

Beth was initially taken aback, but seeing Sue's eyes darting to Ron's protruding trunks, she composed herself and quickly regained her bogus role of his mother, speaking sharply to young Ron, "You young man, had better quit talking and get to our room. You are completely wasted and in deep trouble! Come with us right now!"

Ron, still oblivious to the poolside gawkers, was a little startled by Beth's biting words, and tried to follow her command, but nearly tripped over his own feet as he turned to head for the room.

"Sue, will you help me out here? Maybe help walk him back to the room while I take these bags from him?"

There was no doubt Ron needed some assistance, so Sue stepped in front of him to get his attention. "Ron, we are going to walk slowly to your condo, so just put your hands on my shoulders and walk right behind me, ok?"

Typically shy and discreet, Ron's tequila persona was lascivious in his ogling of Sue's purple bikini, so inadequately straining to conceal her luscious titties and the rest of her otherwise petite, yet curvy body. Sue, having carved out a career of having men leer and lust for her, was no stranger to this look, yet today, in her hyper-sexual condition, felt her body tingle in response to this teenager's unbridled lust for her.

Choosing to ignore his stares, she turned slowly and repositioned his hands back on her shoulders. She began to slowly shuffle to the sliding door of the condo, just past the lounge chairs near the back edge of the pool deck. Ron figured out the cadence and managed to keep up without falling over. After only a few feet, he closed the gap with Sue, yet remained unaware of his cock beginning to bump into her lower back with each step.

Sue, on the other hand, couldn't miss the repeated jab, then firm descent of his cock against her back before the friction would lessen, then reappear once again as another stab into her back with each new step. God she wanted to turn and free his persistent cock, and get a clear look at what had been tempting her since that morning's shopping trip, blatantly displayed, yet still concealed by the snug shorts he'd been wearing all day. Knowing that attacking the kid was not really an option, she resolved to relish their current interaction, and continue to assist Beth with her son, contenting herself to stealing some tempting peeks of his bulging shorts when she could safely get away with it.

Beth walked along beside, also noticing the interaction, but choosing to ignore it. She could feel the extra heat between her legs, crediting the lone Sensuvive tablet she'd taken. Knowing Sue and Ron had taken twice as much stimulant as she had, she felt certain they were primed and open to some sexual maneuvering. Always ready to take advantage of, .....or even create, a sexually charged situation, Beth's mind was working overtime in her analysis of the current state of affairs. Perhaps the Sensuvive tablet had her more primed than usual for some fun, although she doubted it. She knew who she was, but sometimes even amazed herself at the perverted depths to which she was willing to delve for pure sexual pleasure, as she announced, "Almost there you two,..... and Ron, we need to get you sobered up before dinner tonight, ..........so it's straight to the shower for you young man."

More to come.....

Chapter 13 in process.........here's a sneak peek:

........"Oh my, I really think we should do something about him, I don't want him to fall and hurt himself." Beth paused for a few seconds, pretending to contemplate all her options, before she continued,. "Ah, Sue, this is really awkward, but, well, given that you are a nurse, and used to dealing with male nudity, well, maybe you could help out here. I mean, it would be just too weird for his mom to see him naked like this, don't you agree?"

It took Sue a few seconds to comprehend what Beth was suggesting. When she did her conscience was telling her to say no, but her body screamed for a chance to see Ron, or more specifically Ron's hard cock. "Oh, I don't know. Do you mean you want me to help him out of the shower?"

"Well, actually I was hoping that since you still have on your bikini, you would be willing to get in there with him and help keep him upright until he can get washed up. If you weren't a nurse, and didn't handle men, well you know, didn't do what you do every day, I would never ask, but I am sure you can treat this professionally. What do you say?"

Sue hesitated, even as her pussy began to smolder. She couldn't remember the last time she had felt this horny. She wanted desperately to get in the shower with Ron, but she also had to force herself to behave in a purely clinical manner. "Well, this is really really strange, but, well, if I do this we obviously can't let anyone else know. I mean even though it is totally innocent, it just wouldn't look right to Amy, Pam or Dave, you know. Do you think Ron will keep quiet about it?"

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