A Tempting Vacation Ch. 12


"Mmm, I don't know for sure," Courtney replied, squirming more and more in response to the vibrating egg, "But I say let's just go with it, 'kay Shan?"

Ron looked from one girl to the other as they were seemingly uninterested in any input he might have on the matter, as Courtney continued, "God...look at his cock, it is still as hard as ever. Look how red and puffy the tip looks, and it just keeps oozing......god that's fucking hot!"

Courtney was scooting off the couch as she spoke, until she could drop to her knees, struggling slightly to regain the equilibrium she lacked due to her bound wrists behind her back. "Come on, help me get a taste while we can."

"Okay," Shannon replied, "but every time I move this egg seems to buzz another spot, and, mmmm, and it really is, aahhh, working on me."

"Me too, but let's just concentrate on this cock until we get the eggs out, then maybe she'll make us fuck him........mmm, it really gets me hot to think about being forced down on this long fat piece of meat, neither of us able to move our hands at all." Courtney answered Shannon, but stared intently at Ron throughout every word.

Ron could feel a jolt from Courtney's explicitly depicted yearnings. "Ah, I have a girlfriend." Ron pronounced, followed immediately by guffaws of laughter from the coeds. "No, really, I promised her I wouldn't be with anyone else."

"Oh baby, I just have this sneaky feeling that Hilda in there doesn't give a shit about your girlfriend, so you might as well just forget about her and have some fun this afternoon."

By now, Shannon had joined her friend on the floor, and both managed to lean in until their lips were almost touching Ron's encased penis. "Look at that, it looks like somebody turned on the cum faucet, there is a steady stream now." Shannon announced. "Let's take turns licking it off, that should help Mr. true love here to forget about, what's her name, Tammy."

"AMY, ...It ......is.......Amy." Ron responded, his voice trailing off as the girls ignored him and began to alternately lick the pre-cum from his already damp balls.

Ron looked on as Courtney licked up from his balls, over the exposed skin of his shaft and then transitioned to the black sleeve. The visual stimulation, while certainly arousing, did not compensate for the immediate absence of sensation as her tongue and lips pressed against him. Finally her steady trek reached the protruding head, and she sucked fiercely, apparently intent to coax every drop from him. While the pleasure was substantial, the black encasement covered up the ultra sensitive underside of his cock head, and he knew there was little if any chance he'd be able to cum while wearing the thin rubber sheath.

Shannon dipped her head and directed the same oral assault to Ron's genitalia as did Courtney, with much the same results for Ron. Both girls were moaning and squirming continuously as the vibrating eggs worked there magic. And each pass seemed to extract more and more cloudy fluid from Ron's straining prick, plainly contrasting against the black casing until such time as one of the sexy bikini clad college girls slurped it past their puffy lips.

After about 4 or 5 turns each, Hilda reemerged from the hallway, wearing a thin white robe, tied loosely and hanging to just below her ass. Her black hair was still slightly dripping from her shower, and even as she approached the threesome Ron could see way the dampening robe clung to her large, firm boobs, as well as smell the fresh clean scent of her body wash.

"Enough!" Hilda declared, and firmly tugged on the hair of both girls until they leaned back away from their object of desire. "The key should be delivered soon, and I will grant your release........but now that I am fresh and clean, I feel we should have another shot." She assisted each girl back to their original position next to Ron, and in doing so, her loosely tied robe began to reveal the generous cleavage of her splendid chest.

Ron looked down, the rubber sleeve coated and shiny from the combination of saliva and the copious amount of pre-cum still streaming from his cock. Ron's condition did not go unnoticed by Hilda, as she retrieved the tequila, salt shaker, and a small bowl of lemons.

"Okay, let's have a quick body shot, courtesy of your benevolent mistress." Hilda laughed, as she placed the lemon bowl on Shannon's lap, the salt between Courtney's tanned thighs, and the tequila bottle next to Ron's cock. Next, she deftly slipped the robe over her shoulders, allowing it to drop to the ground and reveal her nude body to the three spring breakers.

Ron was transfixed on the busty girl before him. Courtney and Shannon likewise took in her superb form, but the never ending vibration between their legs continued to take more and more of their attention from the events transpiring around them.

"Okay, now Ron, if you would, please help me prepare my right nipple to adhere to the salt." She said as she placed her right knee between his and Shannon's legs and leaned forward, her large breast and erect nipple only an inch or so from Ron's mouth. All protestations of his commitment to Amy cast aside, Ron tilted his head and began to lightly lick the still expanding nipple. Hilda grabbed the back of his head and pulled him tighter to her bosom, forcing him to engulf her entire areola to be swathed by his inquisitive tongue.

"Enough!" She barked once again, as she pulled free of Ron's enthusiastic suckling. She replaced her engorged nipple with the rind of the lemon wedge between Ron's teeth, and leaned across Ron's wavering erection to slide her left hand down and grasp the salt shaker nestled against Courtney's red bikini bottoms. She could feel the coed's body hum with the vibration of the egg before taking the shaker and coating her damp nipple.

She then reached down to grasp the tequila bottle. Instead, Hilda's left hand wrapped tightly around his rubber covered shaft, and pulled upward with reasonable firmness before acknowledging her error. "So sorry, but still hard as a glass bottle, very nice indeed." Now successfully producing the bottle from between Ron's legs, Hilda turned it up and filled her mouth with the uniquely potent alcohol.

Tilting slightly to her right, Hilda guided her salt covered breast to Shannon's lips, tolerating the growing heat of the tequila still held in her mouth in favor of having the cute girl tenderly licking and kissing her ever erect nipple. She then pulled Shannon's head up by her hair, pressed her lips to the expectant mouth of the nearly panting teenager, and allowed the liquor to seep past their firmly sealed lips and exploring tongue.

Ron was watching with keen interest, never having seen two girls kiss before. The sight was most erotic, and to his surprise, he could feel another noticeable jolt to his groin, and his cock throb beneath the tight sleeve.

Hilda tugged Shannon's head over closer to Ron as she broke their kiss, and guided her to the lemon wedge still held tightly between his teeth. Shannon, her body tingling from the vibrating egg as well as the sensual kiss from Hilda, tried to maximize her body contact as she licked and sucked the lemon juice from Ron's mouth and chin, but Hilda held her firm and too quickly pulled her back to sit back against her bound hands on the couch next to Ron.

The sexual tension, erotic anticipation, tequila buzz and vibrating egg had Courtney ready to explode by the time Hilda turned her attention to the hard bodied spring breaker. Courtney's attempt to savor the luscious breast presented her by their "mistress" was short lived, as Hilda, all too quickly for Courtney's taste, broke free from her greedy lips and guided her through the same erotic sequence as with Shannon. With the sour taste of the lemon juice still swirling across her taste buds, she once again found herself still bound and seated at the end of the couch, teetering precariously on the verge of an orgasm.

Hilda, her left foot planted on the floor in front of Ron's wavering erection and her right knee still wedged snugly between Ron and Shannon's thighs, looked from one coed to the other. Delighted to see them continuing to squirm from the remote control toy, she pulled first one, then the other up to a kneeling position on the couch, each now facing Ron.

"Now it is the boy's turn to have a shot, and I need each of you to assist me." As she spoke, Hilda swung her left knee onto the couch and scooted forward until she was firmly straddling Ron's lap, her now damp pussy pressed solidly against his granite shaft. She could feel its thickness as her outer lips did their best to frame the exposed skin at the base of the rubber sleeve of his cock. She followed the girl's gaze downward, actually shivering involuntarily at the sight of the impressive penis extending up against her flat stomach and just past her belly button. The thought of impaling herself on such a large cock filled Hilda with equal parts lustful exhilaration and apprehension. She certainly did not intend to pass up the opportunity to take advantage of such an enormous cock.

"I think Ron deserves two shots for all the humiliation he has endured today, so I'd like you each to moisten a nipple for the salt." Hilda then pulled each girls head closer, until they were able to lick and kiss over the breast closest to them.

Ron watched intently as all three girls were essentially squirming on or against his tortured body. Shannon and Courtney tenderly, yet urgently sucked her taut nipples as Hilda responded by more firmly grinding herself against Ron's dick. The day's sexual activities coupled with the Cialis raging through his bloodstream had his body crying out for an orgasm, but the rubber encasement was doing its job, and preventing the stimulation that would provide release. Amy was once again forgotten in the haze of alcohol fueled sexual torment to which he was being subjected and Ron began to grind back against Hilda, seeking friction where there was none to be felt.

After several moments of this writhing and grinding, Hilda pulled the girls free of her saliva coated breasts and began to sprinkle salt onto her damp skin. Courtney was still sitting on her knees and as the vibrating stimulation from her core continued to overtake her body, she simply diverted her lips from Hilda's lovely tits to Ron's neck, urgently kissing and nibbling on his tanned skin. Her own breasts were trapped against Ron's arms and side, the ever loosening triangle of bikini having slipped to allow her fully erect nipples to stab into him. Pushing higher up on her knees, Courtney's exploring mouth and tongue eventually reached the side of Ron's face, her damp, frantic breathing washing over his ear.

Unlike Ron, Hilda felt every centimeter of his lovely, thick cock as she ground up and down its substantial length. She pushed his reclining body ever deeper into the couch as she slid higher up the rubber sleeve, until her salt covered areola rested on Ron's lover lip. Immediately he began to lick and suck the salt from her luscious breasts. As Ron pleasured her taut nipples, Hilda looked to Shannon, appearing on the verge of orgasm as she leaned trance like into the bound boy-toy, her forehead pressed against Ron's shoulder as her hips seemed to gyrate in rhythm to the unseen stimulation to which she and Courtney were each inevitably being forced to succumb.

Hilda grabbed her by the upper arm, pulling up higher on her knees, and presenting the mouth of the tequila bottler to her lips, saying, "Here, give him the shot, as I did to you."

Shannon accepted the tequila, pulling away as Hilda filled her mouth to overflowing. The mistress then grabbed Ron by the back of his hair, pulling him away from her chest until his head was reclined against the couch. This movement caused Hilda to slide even further up until her clit and engorged lips were slipping along the exposed head of Ron's cock.

After the tortuous frustration of the rubber encasement shielding him from feeling Hilda's grinding movements, the sudden realization that her slippery pussy was now sliding up and across his own equally slick cock head, was yet another stimulation to his sex frenzied body.

Applying gentle kisses and probing licks to his ear, Courtney was beginning to whisper between her labored breathing. "God,.....I ..can ...see your,....ah, your ah cock. It looks.....enormous...oh god....I might ....mmm, cum soon. I....think....Hilda is...mmm..getting ready to ....oh my good, look at....her pussy.........she ...."

As Courtney's labored sentence fragments continued, Hilda kept Ron's head firmly pulled back, preventing him from observing the erotic action being descriptively panted into his ear. He closed his eyes, trying to take in the unbelievable scenario he'd been thrust into as the coed further excited him with her graphic language.

He could feel Shannon moving next to him, and the next thing he knew, her lips were pressed to his, and as he softened his lips to meet her kiss, the tequila trickled from her mouth to his. As she allowed more and more of the fiery liquid to escape her soft lips, he did his best to swallow. In only a few seconds, his mouth was on fire, but Shannon pressed even more incessantly against him, her tongue exploring his lips and mouth in as an erotic kiss as he could endure.

Ron's brain, increasingly dulled by the day's alcohol consumption, eventually managed to refocus on Courtney's raspy words, even as Shannon assailed him with her sensual kisses . ".......her pussy.....mmm..looks like ......oh god, this fucking egg is gonna make.. me... cum!.........her pussy looks like it is ready to swallow your big cock ......mmm......god I wish it were me........god I want, ...mmmm, I want to wedge your big fucking cock inside me so bad.......oh fuck, fuck, fuck!!....."

Hilda was taking it all in, her cunt smoldering as she teased both Ron and herself with the continual back and forth movements. Unable to endure the self inflicted teasing any longer, she slid her yearning womanhood over him until just the exposed head of his prick was nestled at her entrance. Wanting to prolong the delicious anticipation, Hilda kept her position and filled her own mouth with the tequila, allowing a small taste to trickle into her throat. She pulled Shannon away from Ron' lips, leaving her positioned much like Courtney. Shannon responded and immediately began to kiss and suck on Ron's neck and ear lobe.

Hilda pulled his hair forward to offer him her remaining salt covered nipple, at the same time, deliberately skewering herself deeper onto his cock until she steadily lodged his engorged head snugly within her tight opening. The invasion of such an exceptional, perfectly shaped and over sized cock head brought some initial discomfort, which rather quickly gave way to pure hedonistic pleasure along with the lustful apprehension of the substantial shaft still awaiting her descent.

As Ron greedily pursued the salt covered orb presented him by Hilda, he tried desperately to thrust his hips upward. His reclined position on the couch however, coupled with the immobility resulting from his bound arms and the weight of Shannon and Courtney pressed so tightly to his upper body, kept him more or less motionless and at the mercy of Hilda's deliberate movements.

After only 20 seconds or so of sucking and licking her free of the salt, Hilda again pulled his head upward and met his lips with her own. She held her face firmly against him, feeling his body moving from the frenzied oral assault being delivered by both co-eds, until his lips parted. As soon as Ron's tongue probed against her lips, Hilda allowed the tequila to spill forth into his mouth as well as down over his chin. The alcohol running down his neck only further enticed the girls to more urgently lick and kiss their way from the sensitive skin where his neck and shoulder joined, up until they were essentially joining Hilda in a giant group kiss.

The tequila was quickly absorbing into Ron's blood stream, his brain and body overcome with a carefree and uninhibited feeling. He felt much of Hilda's impalement, yet again remained deprived of the stimulation her body would normally inflict upon the rubber shielded skin designed to be the trigger of a much needed orgasm. Watching her face react, seemingly to each centimeter of his cock, coupled with the two college girls attempting to grind out their own pleasure as they kissed and wriggled against his body, continued to motivate Ron to keep striving for release,

Breaking free of the kiss, Hilda leaned back slightly and watched Ron succumb to the intensely erotic scenario to which he was being subjected. Her movements inadvertently sunk another two inches of throbbing prick past her stretched opening. The overwhelming fullness sending shivers of pleasure over her body, Hilda stopped to absorb the sensations, then rose ever so slightly before reversing course and steadily taking another couple of inches. Her juices were now flowing steadily as her usually tight pussy self lubricated to accommodate her deliberate effort to take the entire fleshy staff throbbing between her legs.

At the same time, Shannon managed to nudge Courtney away from Ron's panting mouth. The latter again snuggled her nose and lips to his ear, glanced down to his cock now steadily disappearing into the increasingly aroused Hilda, and resumed her explicit utterances between labored breaths. "Goddamn, her pussy is really struggling to take your big cock........God....I've got to ....get this....fucking.....egg out of me....and try.....mmmm....try you on for .....size"

Hilda kept up the deliberate progression, up slightly, then firmly down, until she had most of Ron's penis squeezed firmly insider her overstuffed cunt. The sounds of arousal coming from all around her were affecting her as well, particularly the erotic descriptions coming from Courtney. Seeing the co-ed, her hands still bound by the handcuffs, her bikini top pulled askew, and her bottoms noticeably discolored from her arousal to the vibrating egg, Hilda couldn't resist reaching out to her.

Placing her hand on the young girl's waist, Hilda deftly slid it down over the developing goose bumps, until she could slip beneath the tiny thong. She could feel the vibrations as her fingers slid over the well trimmed pubic area, and encountered the wet heat emanating from her core.

"Oh god!" Courtney exclaimed as her clit was directly stroked for the first time since being bound and tormented with the egg. "Ahhh. Yes! Please, let me cum..." she panted in Ron's ear. Hilda continued to tease Courtney by varying the pattern and pressure applied via her nimble fingers even as she began to slowly ascend up Ron's shaft.

Ron was still locked in a passionate kiss with Shannon, who was also nearing an orgasm even without the stimulation Hilda was bestowing upon her friend. He could feel, to some degree, the tightness of Hilda's cunt clutching him, even through the rubber sleeve. As she began to slowly lift her body up, exposing more and more of Ron's steel hard shaft, Hilda grabbed Shannon by the hair, redirected her to the engorged nipple of her left breast. Steadily, Hilda picked up the pace of her maneuvering fingers inside Courtney's bikini, as well as with her own hips, now gliding a little more easily around the long cock.

Hilda pulled Ron still closer, and resumed the kiss where Shannon, now essentially trapped between their bodies, had been forced to leave off. She continued to move more rapidly up and down Ron's unwavering erection, more and more frequently allowing herself to drop all the way down, hitting places deep within, previously foreign to anything but her largest vibrator.

As Hilda neared orgasm, the kiss she shared with Ron became less and less engaged, until she was essentially just moaning and whimpering against his lips. Courtney was doing much the same against his neck and ear, as Hilda's fingers and the merciless vibration of the egg had her teetering on the edge of her own powerful orgasm.

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