tagToys & MasturbationA Tentacled Dream Come True Ch. 01

A Tentacled Dream Come True Ch. 01


The silence of the cavern was peaceful rather than foreboding as Alice stepped carefully along the ground. The walls were interspersed on occasion with bioluminiscient crystals growths in warm shades ranging from magenta and scarlet through gold to chartreuse.

There was something within this cavern that she had to discover. A great treasure awaited her. She was on an adventure into the unknown, to claim this happiness.

Alice carried a staff that was smooth along most of its length, and ornately wrought with copper wire and gemstones at the top. Clad around her body was silk, velvet, and leather, from the cap that perched jauntily on her head to the light boots she wore on her feet.

Ordinarily, such an adventure would have companions, but Alice was alone in the cavern, letting the glow of the stones lead her way deeper into the recesses of the mountain. After a time, the trickle of water broke through the silence, and Alice followed the sound to an underground pool. She paused at the edge, testing the water with her staff. The rock had worn away, leaving a gently-sloping bank with which one could easily descend into the water. She knelt down and dipped her fingers under the surface.

She studied the space before her. The ceiling was so high that it disappeared beyond the light of the rainbow crystals. The water stretched out before her, reflecting the crystals dotting the walls. Her gaze moved along the shoreline as she assessed her options. Further down the water she saw moss-covered rocks, the lifeform glowing green, blue, and indigo. It was very soft to the touch, but she wondered what sort of dangers might lurk in such a place like this. As was the cliché in movies, books, and games, beauty often was nothing more than a veneer for danger or evil.

She looked down at herself to see what she might have that would aid her in her quest. A belt held several pouches of varying sizes, but she was quickly interrupted in her search.

"Greetings," she heard someone say. She turned around to see a tall figure silhouetted by the glow behind him. Her eyes moved along his lanky robed form, registering the mass of tentacles that originated from his head. Two long ones reached to his knees, and the rest only extended to his navel, or where she thought his navel might be

She stiffened at the sight of the Illithid, or mind-flayer, whatever these beings called themselves. His skin was a muted green-blue, and his long fingers were steepled in front of him, emerging from a pair of dark sleeves.

She took a step back, shifting her staff in front of her. "Who are you?" she asked politely.

"Sogoth," he replied. "I have been waiting for you, my dear." He took a step forward.

"Why? Are you here to help or hinder my quest?" she asked.

"I am the end to your quest. I have what you seek."

She raised an eyebrow. In the soft lights of this cavern, his eyes appeared like dark pools of nothing. He took several more steps forward, and she found herself unable to move.

"You seek happiness, and it is what I will give you."

"You won't eat my brain!"

He paused before chuckling softly. "No, those you speak of live in a realm of fiction. What I offer is much more... mutually beneficial." He reached down, running his fingers along the front of his robes. "I offer you much more than any mortal male could ever give you. Be my consort, and know contentment to the end of your days."

She stared at him, noticing the way his tentacles moved, writhing gracefully with a life of their own as he closed in on her. She glanced down at his groin area, registering the fact that she was indeed curious as to what lay under that fabric.

One of his longer tentacles gently hooked around the arm that held her staff before winding around it. She tried to pull back, but his grip was inexorable, the smooth appendage now securely wrapped around her forearm and wrist. As she tried to pull free, he closed in on her, and several tentacles wrapped around her shoulders and middle.

"Think of these tentacles focused on only one thing - your pleasure," she heard him hiss as he caught her other wrist with his hand. "Our kind places great importance on the pleasure of our mates." A tentacle tightened around her chest, tautening the material over her breasts.

She stared up into his eyes. The fabric on her legs slid up her thighs as a tentacle found its way under the hem of her skirt. As she felt the appendage slither up her thigh, her loins tightened in anticipation, suffusing her with a warm tingle that snaked in tendrils up her belly and down to her knees. A quiet whimper slid past her lips, and she twisted around in his embrace.

"What did you imagine awaited at the end of your quest? A pile of gold?" he asked as the tentacles slid along her body, ensnaring her further. "Can gold warm you at night, and pleasure you?"

She gasped softly as the tentacles pulled her closer, bringing her body in contact with his own. Something strained under his robe, against her thigh. Instinctively, she ached for it, and squirmed against him.

"Then prove yourself," Alice challenged. A thick purr rumbled from his throat as he tightened his embrace, wrapping an arm around her. A tentacle reached its destination between her legs, sliding against the thin material that covered her most private parts.

She looked up at him, studying the features of her captor. Anyone familiar with fantasy, particularly that of the tabletop gaming kind, would easily call this creature an illithid or a mindflayer. For all she knew, this creature could be lying, but somehow, she had the absolute certainty that he spoke the truth.

A tentacle wrapped around her neck lightly, and his other hand massaged her breast. She let out a moaning sigh as she felt the tentacle firmly rubbing at her groin, applying pressure to her sensitive parts through the fabric. She could feel that same fabric getting wet as her body responded to him, producing warmth and slickness in anticipation.

She ground against him with no reservation, making her need and willingness clear. His embrace tightened, and the tentacle between her legs navigated its way past the fabric, its tip rubbing against her clit. Her toes curled as another tentacle guided itself between her legs, sliding between her nether lips and wiggling against her inner walls.

"Sogoth..." she breathed, arching against the grip he had on various parts of her body. He lowered his hand to pull at his robe, tugging it open to reveal a sizeable erection. She ached at the sight of it, and reached for it with her hand. The grip on her arm loosened itself, the tentacle remaining loosely wrapped around her forearm as she wrapped her fingers around him. She couldn't quite close her fingers around him, her nails just out of reach of one another.

Fuck, but that was a good-size cock. And it could provide a pleasure that hard coin could not. She ached for him, and the tentacles that were teasing her only magnified her desire.

"Yes, my mate. It is all for you." He thrust his hips against her hands, and she felt the throb of his male flesh as it flexed slightly.

"I want it inside of me now," she breathed as she reached down to take note of a tight and heavy sac. She raked her nails along his left inner thigh, feeling him twitch against her arm.

"So eager for this, are we? Naturally, I am only too happy to oblige..." His grip on her loosened enough that she could walk a bit, and he led her to a patch of especially thick moss, glowing with blue, indigo, and violet, with a glimpse of teal here and there. When she lowered herself on it, she was pleased to note that it had nearly the same comfort and give of a well-made bed. Tugging at her boots, Alice was quick to divest herself of her other accessories, now wearing nothing but a silk camisole and panties.

The tentacled being stared down at her, letting out a growl of approval, his cock twitching hungrily in front of him as he did so. She lifted her behind when he reached down to pull off her panties, and the material of the camisole was pushed to just below her breasts. She wiggled at him, and he cupped her face tenderly.

"My dear Alice. Just remember, I am yours, always." He lowered himself over her, several tentacles reaching under the fabric to caress and massage her breasts, another hooked behind her neck and yet another curled its way through her hair. She felt a hand slide under her knee, and shivered as they locked gazes. His eyes drew her in, and she stared at him as she felt him nudge at her entrance. A fresh ache pulsed through her, demanding relief.

And then he was inside of her, sliding in and filling up what seemed like her whole being. She arched again as she became lost in the totality of his need.

"You're so... fucking huge," Alice breathed. A chuckle met her ears.

"All the better for a Teuthid to please his mate with," he stated as he started to thrust within her. She reached up, grabbing hold of his robes for leverage, wanting more and more of this glorious male specimen. He leaned down, his hips snapping up and down as he drove into her fiercely, saturating her consciousness with their shared experience.

Her lips parted in a wide gasp as pleasure seared through her veins, and she clung to him as he continued to mate with her enthusiastically, her body welcoming the delicious friction caused by his flush sliding against hers.

He speared her with a particularly vicious thrust before slowing down, shuddering in pleasure. He lowered his hips, pressing himself firmly into her, and she wrapped her legs around his middle, keeping him firmly inside of her. He let out what she might call a coo, nuzzling the side of her face as he stroked her cheek and temple with his tentacles.

Suddenly, an insistent beeping cut through the peaceful silence of their breathing and the trickle of the stream. Through the fog of pleasure, she recognized the sound of her alarm clock, and let out a low groan as she felt her consciousness begin to stir, pulling her away from this place.

"We will see one another again," Sogoth promised. "Until then, my dear."

And then light flooded Alice's eyes as she blinked, seeing the sunlight come in through her bedroom windows. The next thing she became aware of was the slickness between her legs. Her thighs and pussy ached warmly with arousal, and pressing her thighs together only intensified the sensation.

Wow, that was one hell of a dream, she told herself as she rolled over, grabbing her massage wand from her nightstand drawer. The Hitachi always did the job quickly enough, and she pressed the wand against the crotch of her panties, which was already wet.

A fluttering sigh moved past her throat as she touched the vibrator against her groin. She was so aroused that the cloth barrier had no real impact on her experience, and her hips swayed as she thought of how Sogoth had thrust into her so passionately, filling her. Even now she felt empty and aching, wishing she had a big dildo to play with.

Perhaps it's time to buy one of these, flitted this thought through her head, barely registered by her conscious mind. Her other hand slid into her panties, spreading the moist lips open, and she pressed forward against the toy as it buzzed away merrily against her clit. Images of Sogoth's actions made their merry way through her head, leaving her wishing all the more fiercely that she had something to fill herself with.

No dream had ever been this vivid, or... sensational. The purr of Sogoth's voice, the way his tentacles slid along her body, arms around her, his maleness filling her so thoroughly... it felt far more like a memory.

But such beings weren't real. The fantasy genre was nothing but just that, fantasy. Well, imagination was better than nothing, and she continued to fantasize about, -?remember?- Sogoth, as she pressed the massage wand against herself, gasping and arching as she climaxed.

The dark-haired woman lay there for several minutes, feeling the pleasant tremble of her knees as she let her body bask in and absorb the last waves of orgasm. Lazily, she ran the wand along her thighs and stomach, relaxing until the snooze alarm went off.

Well, time to get up for the daily grind, she told herself. After all, she had to earn a living and support herself, and that was the reality of it.

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Fantasy Or Real?

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