tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Unicorn's Love Ch. 02.1

A Unicorn's Love Ch. 02.1


*To those who've been keeping up with the story, here's the juicy part it's been leading up to. If you haven't read the first two parts, read them first.*


Her scent had changed subtlety. And the new addition of the musk undertone was pleasant and arousing to Jarteth. Her natural smell was pleasant, earthy with an almost flowery smell.

Rose's eyes turned to the pale Adonis before her. Her lips repeated his honey-sweet name again. The questions rolled in the back of her mind. Where did he come from? Why was he here? They were silenced when her eyes trailed lower over Jareth's body, the blush deepening over her chest and face.

He was nude. Completely, and utterly, nude. What use did a unicorn have for clothing after all? As her scent changed to the sweet musk, Jareth grew more aroused. The ivory shaft twitched as he took in more of her scent. Seeming oblivious to his hardening manhood, he knelt down beside the princess.

Rose's eyes watched the flesh between his legs. As she did, she couldn't help the warmth that spread from her, a fire of desire that began to flow through her blood, warming her belly and loins. She could feel the sheen of wetness beginning to form over the pouty lips.

His nose picked up the subtle changes. Now, not as subtle as before. She was growing aroused. His eyes roved her form again. Suddenly he scooped her up into his powerful arms, cradling the woman against his strong chest. He turned toward the brook, his long strides taking him swiftly to the water.

A small, suprised, yelp escaped Rose's lips as she was suddenly held. She was unable to keep her strong musky-sweet scent contained as she was slung up into his arms quickly. His heartbeat was strong, and her hand splayed over his chest, feeling the strong beat. Her own heart fluttering like a caged bird beneath her breast.

Jareth holds a hand up to the brook, working a bit of magic into the waters. The brook widened and deepened into a stream, pooling before him. A small addition to his green.

Rose watched the action with wide eyes, impressed with the show of magic and suddenly very aware of Jareth's manhood resting against her bottom. A heated blush coursed over her body, releasing more of her musk.

A growl rumbles from Jareth's chiseled chest, vibrating against Rose. His smile showed amusement, his eyes showed possession and his body showed excitement and anticipation. He stepped into the water with her, easing her rag-covered body into the wool water.

The flowing water caught the cloth, drawing it away from her and exposing more of the bruised flesh beneath. Rose's arms wrapped around Jareth's broad chest pleadingly even as he lowered her into the pure waters, letting them sweep away the dirt of the woods.

Each moment in the water exposed more of her flesh; strips of cloth being swept downstream and out of the glade as her dress fell apart in the water. Soon she was chest-deep in the cool water, her nipples pert and hard. Jareth held her close, sweeping handfuls of water over her tangled hair. His strong hands worked through the mess of hair, gently pulling the tangles away. She was sure he was using magic to restore her body.

Jareth touched the hair, he knew when it was clean and taken care of it must have looked like sable and felt like silk. He longed to feel her in her true form rather than the shadow of herself he held before her. The scar on his forehead shimmers in the moonlight as he brushes his fingers through her hair, freeing it of the tangles, restoring the shine under the moonlight. He let the water dance around her, silently making it sweep away the remnants of her clothing with it. She had no use for it in his glade.

Rose stood against him, nude now. Her bruises faded slowly under the gentle care of the water, her skin cleansing and her hair flowing around her like brown silk. Her body shivered against his, but the skin was warm, and her breasts pressed against his stomach nicely, arousing him further. His shaft pushes against her stomach, hot with desire and need. He could still smell her through the water.

She shivers, one hand gently moving to the shaft of hard flesh that poked into her belly. Her fingers wrap around the skin and squeeze gently. She licks her lips lightly, closing her eyes and leaning against Jareth.

His strong arms wrap around her protectively, hips giving a shudder as he feels her hand wrap around his shaft. His arms lift, pulling his mate from the water and to the ground. Both dripping, he guides her to the stone slab in the middle of the glade and lays her down carefully on it.

The rock was smooth and warm beneath her. Her small hand didn't dare release Jareth's cock, squeezing just a bit harder, then massaging up and down the shaft, eliciting a moan from her pale moonlit lover.

His shoulders and back shivered as she began to rub up and down his cock. One hand slips down between her legs to her virgin slit. Wet from the stream and her own arousal, he slips one finger inside easily, bringing a moan from her throat, and an increase of activity from her hands, both of which now wrapped around his cock. He began to move his finger in and out of her slit, sliding deeper with each motion forward. His fingertip scrapes over her hymen, making him tense and shudder with anticipation.

Slowly her hands move up and down his cock, squeezing and rubbing, alternating in her massage. She could feel his body tense and shudder, urging her onto more. She didn't dare move from where Jareth had placed her on the stone.

He could hardly take it anymore. The prospect of taking his mate for the first time overwhelmed Jareth and he slipped his slick cock from her soft hands. His own hands encircle her wrists and draw her arms over her head, to the top of the rock. He licks his lips in anticipation holding her wrists in one hand he entreats a pair of strong flowered vines from the ground, wrapping them over her wrists, holding her arms over her head.

Rose gasps quietly, her body tensing over the stone, exposed and heated in her arousal. She didn't fight against the vines holding her hands, a moan breathed from her chest.

Jareth's hands moved over her hips, then inward and down to her inner thighs. He spread her legs; his knees holding her legs open, exposing her to him fully. Slowly he pressed his throbbing manhood into her slit.

Rose's back arches up, hips pushing back against Jareth's. The pain was sharp, but the feeling of being very full and the feeling of belonging to Jareth overwhelmed her. A long, low moan lifting through her chest. Her arms pull against the strong vines but remain tied tightly. With her arms so strongly restrained, her hips are left to move against Jareth.

He eases between her legs, pushing forward and pulling nearly out before taking her strongly, claiming her with his shaft. Her tightness engulfed him completely, squeezing and massaging him as her hips roll beneath him.

Rose wraps her legs around his hip, arching her back as she moans louder. Her body writhing in pleasure beneath him. She clenches her body under him, moaning out as her pleasure builds, sending her over the edge in her climax.

As her body began to spasm under his, Jareth pressed his hips strongly against her's, delving himself deep within her. Her spasms milked his shaft, releasing his pleasure with a roar of dominance over his mate, this pale filly beneath him.

As the last spurts of his seed fill her, he lays over Rose, covering her with his body protectively. A pale hand brushes the vines holding her wrists, the vines retreating, the fresh blooms filling the air around them with the scent of moonflowers.

Rose shuddered as her wrists were released. Slowly, her arms reach around Jareth's shoulders, wrapping around him and holding him tightly. Gently, her fingers trail through his silvery hair. As her dark eyes met his, she smiled.

A strong sense of fulfillment raced through Jareth as he met Rose's eyes. His heart was fulfilled, he had found his mate at last and he would not let her go. He could feel her own contentment as he pulled her close, leaving his shaft buried within her. Jareth rolled onto the soft grass with her, holding his mate tightly, protectively.

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