tagBDSMA Very Good Slave

A Very Good Slave


His slave waited for her master to come to her. She had prepared her body exactly as master had instructed. Her pussy is hairless, soft and smooth, her breasts proud and excited. She has bathed and ensured that she is clean and sweet. She is naked on the bed watching the porn clips and learning how to suck and lick her master. She is breathless with excitement, the pictures making her so so wet.

She stands to look in the mirror. she is flushed and her nipples are erect and hard as she squeezes them. Her master has told her she must keep her nipples erect and ready for him. Her pussy lips are swollen her clit is erect and demanding. Her pussy juice is running down her soft thighs. She is allowed to taste but she must not finger fuck herself or come until master gives permission. She must watch all the clips he has ordered it. She must also make sure that her pussy is wet and dripping.

She is so excited that her pussy aches. Master has not told Her when he will come to her. When he arrives she must kneel on the floor, spread her knees then lean back with her arms behind her pushing her tits out.

He comes into the room, she immediately gets into position. She displays her body for him, master can see her tits and pussy as she drips juice on the floor. He inspects his slave walking round her touching and teasing her. He squeezes her nipples, brushes her clit and parts her pussy lips to see her juice dripping. He orders her to stand and bend over so he can see her tight ass - slick and wet.

He stands looking as he strips. She is shaking now desperate for his mouth or touch. He lifts her chin and drives his hard cock into her hot wet mouth fucking her and using her. He moves away and she cries out for more. He studies her enjoying the look and feel of her watching as her body moves towards him silently beging.

He rams his cock into her cunt then her mouth. He fucks her mouth hard enjoying the feeling of her as she sucks in his cock with every thrust trying to get his glorious cock deeper into her throat.

Master teases his slaves nipples and breasts making her groan with desire and lust as he fucks her. He takes his cock away and his slut cries out in frustration. He orders her to stand in front of him as he sits in a chair. She is naked and her skin is glowing with the heat of desire. She knows she must not ask for release until he has not given permission. She waits and he sits back and devours her with his eyes telling her to turn slowly on the spot so that he can see all of her.

Master orders his slave to stand on one leg and raise the other on the arm of the chair. Master can now see her pussy so swollen and slick with her juice. He blows on her pussy gently but does not touch her. His slave is now shaking with lust. He has no pity. He pushes his slut to her knees and orders her to lick his balls.

Master reminds his slut that he will not touch her or allow her to orgasm until she learns to suck and lick him exactly as he likes. His whore has studied the clips well. She gently and softly licks him with the tip of her tongue. His smell and taste taking her closer to orgasm. She slowly licks and slurps his balls with her hot wet tongue sliding over him. The master orders her to lick him from the tip of his cock to his anus.

He spreads his legs over the arms of the chair. She can see he is smooth and hairless. She groans in delight as he orders her to show him what she has learnt. She knows that she must take her time. Master is so hard and his cock is standing up. His slut slave covers his cock with her mouth. Swallowing him and his balls at once. Drawing back she moves to push her tongue into her masters anus fucking him and loving him as he tastes so so good.

She knows that she is giving her master pleasure, he groans as she pushes her tongue into his anus. She makes sure that master is very wet then she takes her mouth away from his anus and gently starts to rub her nipples against his balls and anus. His hard cock jerks as he feels his slut rubbing her body against him. He closes his eyes but he wants more. He orders her to deep throat him. She is not used to this and gags a little at first. He orders her to take his cock and his balls into her mouth.

He fucks her deeply enjoying her, making her eyes water as she swallows more of him at each thrust. Now that he is really wet he demands that she rub her hard tits against his anus again. Her pussy is dripping and she is close to orgasm but her master has forbidden her to come. Master orders her to stand and position her cunt over his cock - but not inside her. Once in place he pulls her to him roughly pushing his cock into her cunt and taking her nipple into his mouth he bites on her making her start with pain. He has her other breast in his hand and squeezes her hard. He can feel her hot sweet juice pouring from her cunt and coating his hard cock.

He pushes her back to the floor and tells her to lick his cock and balls clean of her juice. She smiles up at him as she slowly runs the tip of her tongue all over her masters cock, balls and anus. The taste of her juice mixed with his pre come makes her wild with lust.

Her eyes beg him to make her orgasm but he has more in store for her. He pushes her away from him. he is not pleased and she must work harder. He orders his slut onto all fours, her face to the carpet and her ass high so that he can see her pussy and anus totally exposed. He rubs the cheeks of his slut ass watching as he spreads her pussy lips apart. She is moaning with the need for release and she bites her lip hard to stop her orgasm.

Master spreads her knees apart then gently strokes her bottom and thighs making her shake and quiver. Master teases her clit gently pulling it and extending it. he parts her pussy lips to expose the red tender inner channel and runs the tip of his tongue from her anus to her clit pausing to nibble on his sluts clit. She is groaning and now she cannot help herself she begs her master to let her come. He stops just before she explodes. Leaving her jerking and moaning. She is not allowed to orgasm. Her punishment is to give her master a back rub. His whore makes her master comfortable bringing him wine to revive him she stands waiting for his next command. He orders his slut to give him a no hands back rub. Using only her mouth, tits and pussy. She works hard to make him happy. His slut licks and sucks her masters balls gently sucking them into her warm hot mouth she caresses his anus with her tongue till he is groaning with pleasure and lust. His slut is so so hot she cannot contain herself.

Her master turns over and he caresses her body. She is so hot that her body cries out for release. Still master does not give her permission to orgasm. He teases, pinches and caresses his slave enjoying the play of emotions as they run through her delight, frustration, pain and pleasure.

Master wants to taste her so he orders his slave to squat above his mouth so that he can lick her. He tells her she can come when her ass is full. He then produces a long thin dildo and he starts to lick her. At the same time he starts to push the dildo into her ass, he pulls it out then pushes it back in oh so slowly. With each thrust he pushes his tongue into her gaping cunt lapping her juice as it flows. The combination takes her to the edge and back but she holds out. finally the dildo fills her ass and he flicks is tongue over his slaves clit. She explodes all the pent up lust and passion flowing out of her as she screams her release her body shaking and trembling. It is almost more than she can bear but master does not release his slave. He gently bites her clit ensuring that her orgasm lasts and lasts - leaving her breathless and spent.

He lets his slave rest for a moment then spreads her out on the bed with her head on the edge. Master stands over his slave and orders her to finger fuck herself as he fucks her mouth. Master fucks her hard as he tells his slave how she must fuck herself. He loves to see his property laid out for his pleasure. He fucks her feeling his orgasm build his cock harden and pulse, demanding release. He cums just as his slut cums again. She gulps his cum down, greedy for his juice. He lays down and his slave licks him clean. Finally, She curls up beside him to sleep always ready for him.

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by Anonymous09/02/17

Fucking A!

Decadant! Ouch. That is bad ass, man. The control aspect is fucking phenomenal.

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