tagFetishA Visit With Melissa

A Visit With Melissa


I am married. I never thought I’d stray, but one day I did. I have been to a few strip clubs in the city, including on where I knew that I could get a bit more than the standard lap dance. But never having the time or the opportunity to visit this one in particular, I made time in my schedule to visit a client for lunch only a couple blocks away. With a deep breath, I walked up the stairs and entered the club.

The young girl at the entrance asked me for ten dollars admission fee. She was cute, but you could see that she was never going to be one of the dancers there. She walked me into the place – it was very small, lots of mirrors, kinda dark, and empty. Within a few seconds, the place was filled with women dressed as you might expect (short, tight skirts and shorts, platform heels, the works) and my dick began to rise. I was seated at a small round table, and within 5 seconds a young woman seated herself across from me and introduced herself as Melissa.

She was dark skinned, had long dark golden hair and big brown eyes. And she was dressed in a small gold bikini top, very small matching g-string, a light colored mesh skirt that hugged every curve down to her ankles. On her feet were white platform heels with lots of straps and one that would its way up her shapely calf. With a big smile she continued her pitch, which was of course to get me into the private ‘champagne room’ where we would be undisturbed.

Since I was here for just such a thing, I agreed, and in we went. After the pricing for the time was set out, I paid the same girl that took my entrance fee, and I tipped her well, so that she might forget all about us and watching the clock (this was a suggestion of Melissa’s).

Taking off her skirt, she straddling my lap so we were face to face. Then she laid out the ground rules before anything really got started: no kissing and no fingers in her pussy. Other than that, it was up to me, and up to me as to what I wanted to spend – the more I gave her, the more she was willing to do. At first, I just asked her that since she said no fingers, what about my tongue. She seemed pleased about that, and with that, she lifted herself up and sat on the small table that was in the room. I lifted her legs so that her left was on my right shoulder, and her right was in my hand. I bent my head to her foot and ankle, and began kissing and licking my way up her leg.

Her head went back and she let out a low moan of pleasure. I was kinda surprised by this, since I kinda expected everything to be a show and for her to not begin this kind of reaction just yet. As I worked my way up her leg, I raised it to my left shoulder and aimed for her pussy. Quickly she became wet, and I licked her and sucked her until her hips began to shake in an honest orgasm! My hands had roamed up to her small but wonderful tits, and then to her back. I pulled her up to me as her orgasm subsided.

Now hornier than ever, I stood up and pulled down my pants and pulled her to my lap. She ground her pussy into my crotch and I held her close to me. She asked me if I wanted more, and I of course said yes! With that, she leaned over to her bag and fished out a condom. With a big smile and a bit of a laugh, she said that it was banana flavoured! I laughed as well, and we removed my underwear and she rolled it on.

With one hand on my shoulder and the other on my cock, she aimed it for her pussy and said “Now it’s your turn to cum!” In one quick slide and a gasp from me, I was buried deep into her pussy. Since I was so hot and ready for this, it didn’t take too long for me to cum. She was riding my cock and squeezing it with her pussy muscles and it brought me to a great big orgasm in what seemed like just seconds, but I’d like to think that it was a bit longer than that!

She pulled herself off of me and after I removed the condom, I put her back up on the table and licked her pussy again, and yes she tasted a bit like banana! Our time was nearly up so after a bit of post ‘holding and light touching,’ we got redressed. I straightened out my tie, she adjusted her g-string. I paid her the amount we had agreed on, and with that she reached up and planted a big wet kiss full on my mouth, complete with tongue.

We walked out hand in hand to the exit, and just before I walked back down the stairs and out onto the street, she thanked me for ‘cumming’ and for making her day start off so well! I can’t wait to go back there and see her again! Now I know why so many men are taking with the women that they meet at strip clubs!

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