tagErotic CouplingsAbducted by an Angel

Abducted by an Angel


Hello. I should start by introducing myself. My name is Michael, I am a five foot, seven inch, scrawny guy from a small town named Spring Arbor just outside of a much larger city named Jackson in Michigan. Well, if you can picture the class looser, the one guy with glasses and happens to be smart, but not very athletic, and throw a brown rug for hair on top and plain brown eyes, and you have just created me in your mind! I went through school for thirteen years and managed not to get beat up or picked on about two days of that time. O.k., I think that you probably have a pretty good idea of me, now just age that loser by five years or so, making him twenty-three, and you have me. Still a loser, still too smart for my own good, and still living in the small town where I grew up.

Now I have to somehow describe perfection in such a way that you can picture her in your mind. Tammi has black hair so dark that sometimes it almost looks blue, wild hazel eyes that range in color from green with a little yellow in them to blue as the pictures of the ocean in National Geographic to as dark brown as her hair is dark black. She has the typical figure that most men equate with a slut, smallish breasts, tiny waist, long legs, and always smiling in such a way that you just know that she is up to something. But "slut" is the absolute last word that could be used to describe her. She is smart, always nice to everyone, helps little kids and small animals, is even nice to the jocks that consistently beat me up back in school. She is an angel in every sense of the word. I have been in distant lust with her for almost seven years now, from when she first moved into town and said "Howdy" to me with her cute southern accent. Now, after living in Michigan for all these years, the only time you can hear her accent is when she has been drinking and it is so cute. However, I am getting ahead of myself.

A little under a year ago I was surfing on the internet, when I found this chat room type area and signed up for it. Being the type of guy that I am, the only sex I could get was cyber! I was on this chat room for about a month when a person entered the chat with a name I didn't recognize. I said hello to Angel_1269 and went back to chatting with the entire chatroom. Of course, you know, Angel_1269 and Tammi were one in the same, but try to suspend your knowledge of that for a moment, and Let me finish my story.

I would log in to that chat room daily just to see who was on, what was up and so forth, but after a week I started getting private messages from Angel_1269. Not anything to overt, just smileys and "wanted to chat with you"s and other such stuff. I finally managed to catch up with her on line and we had a private conversation about where I was from and all about my life. I stayed on chatting with her for well over six hours that night! I didn't realize it until many days later, she hadn't told me anything about herself! She had managed to keep the conversation centered on me.

I tried for days after that to chat with her again, but much to my dismay, she never seemed to be on and never answered my messages. I figured that she was one of those people who chat you and act interested in what you have to say but then never talk to you again. My life went on, no harm, no foul. Then almost another month later, and headed into the autumn here, I was surfing the net and had forgot that I even had my chat room window open. As I was looking at Stepen Hawking's website ( I am such a fan of his work!), a message popped up with the words "Now is the time to get serious if you are interested!" and it was from Angel_1269!! I quickly answered it, telling her that I was very interested!

She and I went into another private chat, only this time she was asking me very private, intimate questions. "do you masturbate?", and "have you ever had sex with another man?", and "What is your favorite fantasy?". I answered all of her questions as truthfully as I could, and when she asked about my favorite fantasy, I told her about a fantasy of mine that involved being forced into sexual relations with another prisoner and then described Tammi as the other prisoner. I went into as much detail as I could, and then, right after I answered that question, Angel_1269 logged off!! I waited until all hours of the night hoping that I hadn't scared her off or something, but she didn't come back on line that night.

Time went on and as the nights got colder, and darker, I eventually forgot about the conversation that we had that night. Walking home from the party store on the corner, I had this weird feeling, like I was being followed. I kept looking behind me, and even started walking faster. I could finally see my house, and I slowed my walking back down to normal and thought to myself, "Mike, you have got to stop being so damn paranoid!". If I had spoken those words instead of thought them, I would have just finished the word "paranoid" when suddenly at least three very big men grabbed me and covered my head with a burlap sack!

I fought them as best as I could, but I am scrawny and these guys were like WWF Stars! They didn't talk, just forced me into a pickup and drove down the street holding me down by my wrists. I couldn't see, I couldn't move, and although it sounds stupid now, at the time all that I could think about was that I didn't want to loose control of my bladder!! After about fifteen minutes, the truck stopped and they again dragged me along into a building and up some stairs. I was still very terrified, and when they stopped moving I heard keys and then they threw me into a small room. I quickly ripped the sack from my head and looked around. The sack had been used and for a second all I could smell was grain dust. Then my eyes adjusted to the room that I was in and I could see that the room had no windows, was about seven feet long and five feet wide. There was a mattress leaned against the wall, and I could smell the mildew in the air. Up in two of the corners about eight feet off of the floor were two video surveillance cameras, and both seemed to be on. I looked into them and then gave them each a single fingered salute!

waited for what seemed like hours for someone to tell me what the hell was going on, and then the door opened again, before I could move to try to escape, the large guys shoved a frail looking dark haired woman into the room with me, her hands were bound behind her back. She stumbled, I caught her and held her up she was close to the same height as me, and then I realized who it was! I let go of her and moved around to untie her hands. I asked her if she was alright, and she said "Yeah, Steve, I am fine."

I told her that my name was Mike, not Steve, and asked her if she knew what was happening. She started to tell me that she had no idea, but she was interrupted by the door opening! A tall woman, about 6 feet plus tall, walked in flanked on either side by a very large 200+ pound over six feet muscle bound guy. All three of them had masks that covered their entire face and head, except the woman whose blonde hair hung out of the bottom of the mask. The woman was built very well, and was wearing some very sexy lingerie that was black lace. The two apes were both dressed in jeans and stained, once white, t-shirts.

I started trying to act tough, demanding to know what the hell was going on and who the hell did they think they were. The bravado lasted about a minute, until one of the apes knocked me on my ass with one swipe! The blonde woman points to the mattress and the ape that knocked me flat moves over and puts the mattress in the middle of the room. The woman then demands that the two of us, if we want to live long enough to leave here, would do what we were told!

I managed to get up on my feet and the blonde ordered Tammi to strip. After Tammi was nude in the middle of the mattress, the ape shoved me towards Tammi. The bitch ordered Tammi to strip my clothes off of me and make sure that I was "in the mood!"! I watched helplessly as she moved over to me, I was froze with both fear and suspense! I couldn't believe that this was really happening, the object of many of my masturbation fantasies, undressing me in front of a woman and two men! Tammi, I noticed had a small strip of hair just above her pussy, but the lips were clean-shaven, her nipples were extremely small, very pointy and very pale pink, sitting atop her smooth ivory breasts. I was so caught up in what was going on that I didn't have my mind set right for this encounter and my member laid flaccid between my legs. I watched in horror as the blonde bitch moved in and grabbed Tammi by the back of her long hair that normally laid fairly straight down her back to between he shoulder blades. Using the hair as a handle, the bitch shoved Tammi's head towards my cock, and laughed as she watched Tammi take my manhood into her warm, wet mouth.

I tried not to let the feelings that Tammi was sending through my body effect me, but I am only human and what she was doing, combined with how long I have wanted it, felt better then anything that had ever been done to me! I felt my cock beginning to stir and grow, my own lustful thoughts betraying the way I wanted my body to respond. The bitch looked triumphantly over Tammi's shoulder and ordered Tammi to stop and me to lay back and enjoy. Like I had a choice! I looked from one ape to the other and then lowered myself to the mattress and laid back.

Watching Tammi climb over my body was exciting enough, but as she did so, the blonde woman reached down between Tammi's legs and felt up her pussy, making sure that Tammi was wet enough for me. That sent my cock from hard to throbbing in less time then it takes a computer to figure out one plus one! The blonde licked Tammi's ear and said, "I didn't know the nerd had a monster in his pants. Try not to hurt yourself!" Then she twisted Tammi's head around and kissed her full and deep right on the lips!!

Standing up, the blonde said, "Fuck him so hard that he can't keep himself from cumming, and I might just let you go. If not, well, maybe we can try again next week!" The two apes began laughing with the blonde as I felt Tammi's pussy envelope my stiff cock. For someone of her reputation, Tammi sure could fuck! I had heard all kinds of rumors about her being a virgin and that she never let any guys go all the way with her, but she wasn't a virgin, and she definitely knew how to fuck! she ground against me until I was very near cumming, then she would stop and switch to a up and down motion until I would get close again, then she would change to a circular motion! Tammi managed to keep me from cumming for about two hours of just fucking on that dirty mattress.

Tammi leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear, "Mike, do you love me as much as I have heard you do?" She paused for a couple of strokes, and then continued, "I have wanted you for years, but have been to shy. Then when I found out about you being in that chat room, I set you up so I could have you. Now that I made your fantasy come true, would you cum deep inside me to make mine come true too?!"

I don't know if it was what she said, how she said it, or maybe the fact that I knew that I was finally safe, but I started fucking her with long deep strokes shouting out my love for her. After around ten minutes of that, Tammi started shaking against me and I could feel the wetness from her pussy sliding around my balls. She was cumming for me, and that realization was all it took to make me cum deep inside her with one final thrust!

Tammi and I laid there wrapped in each others arms for a few moments before she smiled at me and then Tammi, my long time dream girl, the object of my lust, my love, actually thanked me! Tammi sat up carefully, so as not to have my cock slide out of her, and introduced me to Jack, Mark, and Terri who helped her make my fantasy come true. I, of course, recognized them as the people that we were in high school with, and I laughed out loud. Tammi asked me what was so funny, and I told her that I never thought that I would ever thank Mark and Jack for being the bullies to me!

Tammi and I have been together ever since, and she recorded the entire incident on two separate tapes through the two security cameras. We watch them every once in a while to keep our sex lives interesting! Maybe I should start renting them?!

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