tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAbused at the Spa Ch. 05

Abused at the Spa Ch. 05


Jim realized that if I wanted the information, that since torturing the girls wasn't going to get it, that I would have to beat it out of him. He wasn't interested in enduring any pain and was more than happy to have me work on the women. As I approached him he looked up at me.

"I have a proposition for you." he said. "You've been doing an admirable job of getting even with these two cunts for me, but they haven't suffered enough yet. You want the money and I was going to split it with Lisa. I'm not a greedy man but I am a poor loser. I'll split her share with you if you finish what you started with them and if you will let me enjoy a bit of it myself." he said quite to my surprise.

"And just how much would that be?" I asked.

"Oh, a bit over a hundred grand." he replied.

"And how do I know I can trust you?" I asked.

"You don't. But then again you have nothing to lose. The worst that will happen is that you'll enjoy the rest of the night working on these two cunts and if necessary you can do to me later what you have in mind to do right now." he said. I thought about it for a few minutes as I gazed over at the two bound beauties. He was right.

"Deal." I said.

"One last detail." he interrupted. "I'd like to sample your little China doll over there." he said. "I've never enjoyed the pleasures of an Oriental lover before and I hear they are wonderful," he said.

Cindy bent down behind Jim and untied his cuffs from the chair. She helped him to stand up and began to open his pants. She removed them and slid her hand down to his crotch and wrapped her talented fingers around his shaft. Jim sighed with pleasure as Cindy sank to her knees and swallowed his cock. She sucked his cock into her mouth as her talented tongue worked its magic on his cock.

"Ever share her with anyone else?" I asked as I walked back over to Lisa's bound body. Jim shook his head.

"Have you ever been fucked by two men at once?" I asked as I looked down at the terrified, young beauty. She did not reply. I jammed the whip handle between her asscheeks. "I asked you a question, cunt." I hissed as I gave the whip handle a hard twist and it pressed into her tight asshole.

"No!" she screamed.

"Jim, that will have to wait." I said. "Cindy, bring him over here."

Cindy slid her lips from around Jim's cock and rose from her knees. She reached down to his throbbing shaft and grasping it in her hand, led him over to Lisa's bound body. His cock brushed Lisa's lips as he pressed forward. Lisa refused to open her mouth but Cindy solved that problem by pushing a spiked metal ball about the size of a golf ball between her suspended tits. Mashing her tits together, the sharp points of the ball dug into Lisa's already aching titflesh. Lisa's mouth opened and Jim watched as his cock slid in past her tonsils and down into her throat.

I stepped back between her open thighs and slid my cock back into her tight lovehole. I winked at Cindy and nodded in Suzanne's direction.

"Are you ready?" I asked Jim as I thrust hard into Lisa's open pussy. The action was fascinating. Each thrust into her cunt caused Lisa's body to lurch forward and bury Jim's ramrod even deeper in her mouth. The movement also caused her huge tits to bounce in the direction of her chin until the clamps holding her nipples reached the end of their tether and pulled tightly as the mass of her breasts kept going. Then her breasts mashed together around the spiked metal ball. The pain in her chest was intense. In moments Lisa's mouth was filled with hot cum as Jim exploded deep in her throat.

I continued to thrust into her loins and could feel her trying desperately to make me cum as her powerful love muscles massaged my invading cock. She was desperate to make me cum before her nipples were ripped off. I pounded into her soft flesh as I felt my own balls about ready to explode. Jim smiled at me as I took my final thrusts into his onetime lover and partner and filled her body with my hot seed.

Cindy had been busy. She'd lowered Suzanne's legs and turned her body around so that she faced the opening under the high bar. She also had strapped in place a little item I'd used on her only once. It was a belt with a rolling pin attached. The belt was elastic and the rolling pin was covered with rows of carpet tacks, the sharp points facing out. The neck strap could be adjusted to regulate how far down her body the roller could travel. Cindy had it set so that the roller sat just below Suzanne's nipples. The elastic belt was fastened loosely around the suspended blonde's back, just below her shoulder blades. Jim sat quietly, his limp cock still in Lisa's mouth as he watched us prepare Suzanne for her next ordeal.

Cindy and I reached for the ends of the pole holding Suzanne's feet apart and raised it up to waist height and attached to the uprights of the high bar. Suzanne's body was arched backward, her ass fully exposed and her thighs open and slightly raised while her knees were bent. Cindy helped Jim to get up and led him to a chair between Suzanne's creamy thighs. As he buried his face in her seething pussy, Suzanne's body began to buck.

Jim would not be denied. As much as she twisted and thrashed about, he kept his face buried in her seething cunt. I came around behind her and tightened the strap across her back, pressing the sharp tacks into the smooth skin of her firm breasts. Cindy picked up another spiked, metal ball and pressed it between Suzanne's' beautiful mounds. She began to massage Jim's spent cock as he ate the beautiful blonde's seething pussy.

When Jim had had enough of Suzanne's dripping cunt and Cindy felt his shaft was hard enough, we led him behind Suzanne's body. Stepping up onto the trampoline, his cock brushed the underside of her firm asscheeks. The leggy blonde began to thrash about as his cock wedged between her firm asscheeks. I tightened the belt on the rolling pin and the tacks now gouged at her pendulous titflesh. I had Cindy unlock Jim's wrists and he grabbed the handles of the rolling pin. Cindy carefully guided Jim's shaft up into Suzanne's' wet pussy and as he began to thrust his cock into her loins, he rolled the tack-covered pin over her panting tits. The tacks were long enough to scratch deep into her titflesh and if he pressed hard on the roller to even break the skin.

Suzanne screamed in pain as she felt hundreds of sharp points pricking her sensitive titflesh. As the roller rolled over the fullness of her chest, the spiked ball pressed deep into the sensitive inside of her deep cleavage. Cindy watched as he thrust up into her tight pussy and abused her huge tits. She stepped behind him and as he slid his cock from her tight pussy, she guided it to her dry and very tight asshole. As Suzanne thrashed to get away from his invading shaft, Jim pulled hard on the roller, holding the tall blonde in place as he bounced on the trampoline and sank his ramrod deep into her tight asshole. Jim began to pound into the helpless girl's firm ass as he mashed her tits under the roller. Her head flailed from side to side as she screamed in agony.

Cindy and I raised Suzanne's legs even further so her body became more vertical. Jim adjusted his position slightly and continued to ram into the young womsn's ass. I stepped up onto the rim of the trampoline and Cindy guided my cock between her swollen love petals. As Jim's cock slid out of her ass, I thrust my cock deep into her drenched cunt. Holding onto the bar for balance, I thrust into her loins as Jim thrust back up into her tight ass. We both skewered the beautiful blonde as Jim continued to mash the roller over her bleeding breasts. Her loins were on fire and her powerful love muscles clenched and unclenched furiously as she tried to make us cum so we'd stop assaulting her poor body. In a matter of moments we both cut loose with an explosion of cum that filled her twin holes.

Exhausted, we withdrew from her tortured body. The magnificent blonde hung in her bindings with her legs raised and spread wide and cum oozing out of both of her holes. "Why don't you have Lisa clean your cock now that it's been in Suzanne's ass?" Jim smiled and walked over to his lover, his cum-coated cock bouncing as he walked. Straddling her face, he shoved his cock deep into her mouth as she realized that if she didn't one of us would start to beat her aching body.

Cindy came over to me and squatting down in front of me began to lick the tip of my cum-covered cock. "Thank you, but I'd like Lisa to do that. Why don't you go and pleasure my new partner?" Cindy rose and then walking over to Jim bent down behind him and began to tongue his ass as his cock buried deep in Lisa's mouth and his hands punished her suspended titflesh.

When he finished in her mouth Jim went to sit down as I replaced him with my cock in Lisa's mouth and Cindy's tongue in my ass.

"Give me a hand," I called to Jim as I pulled my cock from between Lisa's lips. We walked over to Suzanne's suspended body and after fondling her rather harshly for several minutes we cut her down and carried her over to Lisa's tortured form. We strapped Suzanne's body to the bar holding Lisa's nipple chains, so that her pussy and ass, dripping with cum, rested on Lisa's face and her own tortured tits were thrust over the crossbar. Cum dripped out of Suzanne's abused body and dripped onto Lisa's cheeks and into her mouth. I unhooked the roller from Suzanne's chest and her beautiful tits were covered with hundreds of small indentations and bleeding pinpricks. With a rag, I rubbed alcohol over her cuts and she screamed as her tits felt like they were on fire.

Jim dropped back into the chair to watch the two lesbians go at it or at least Lisa go at it in Suzanne's pussy. Cindy walked over and kneeling between Jim's legs and smiled up at him.

"I have a proposition for you." I said as Cindy walked over and knelt down between Jim's open thighs. "Would you like to really get even with these two?"

Jim looked up at me and smiled. "What do you have in mind?" he asked.

"How would you like to get even with these two betraying bitches on an ongoing basis and make some money in the process?" Jim looked interested.

"I suggest that we buy an isolated cabin in the mountains about an hour out of town. We set it up with a dungeon of sorts and rent it to paying customers with the girls as the entertainment. I know some well-healed types who'd love an opportunity to torture and fuck two such beautiful women," I said. "And when there are now paying customers then we can enjoy working on them ourselves."

Jim smiled and the two women cringed. "Deal," Jim said as Cindy reached between his legs and wrapped her slender fingers around his cock. "I like the way you think. This could be the beginning of a long friendship," he joked as Cindy fondled his cock.

"Let's see, you've cum twice. That should give you enough staying power to satisfy me," she quipped as she lowered her mouth to his shaft and began to toy with his balls. Jim threw his head back and enjoyed the pleasure that Cindy was bringing him as he thought about how the two bound beauties across the room would suffer over and over again in the future.

When Cindy got him hard enough for her liking, she stood up and straddling his hips, guided his hard shaft up into her steaming love channel. Slowly she lowered herself onto his tool, clasping and massaging his cock as she descended onto his shaft. He looked like he'd died and gone to heaven.

Once all the way onto his cock, she placed her arms on the back of the chair and proceeded to grind her hot pussy onto his shaft. His hands came up to her magnificent tits and he began to knead her firm titflesh. Cindy began to ride his cock with ever increasing energy. Her head began to flail about as she moaned deeply and her body gushed with orgasm after orgasm. Jim began to meet her thrusts and the speed and intensity of their fucking increased. I would take Jim a long time to cum but that was what Cindy had been hoping for.

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