tagBDSMAccepting Her Master Ch. 02

Accepting Her Master Ch. 02

byjosie girl©

(Hopefully, this story stands on its own. But you might enjoy reading the first chapter to get a better understanding of the characters.)

* * * * *

They stood there together in the living room, Tess naked in his arms, Phillip gently running his hands down the length of her torso, still slightly slick with sweat. The spanking, then paddling, and finally the strapping he had administered to her as punishment had left her weak and wanting. He now felt her naked body pressed firmly against him, the heat from her skin seeping through his clothing, fueling his desire for her.

Oh, yes, he wanted her. In every way a man could want a woman, a Dom could want his sub. He wanted her to give herself freely, feeling her arms wrapped around him in passion. He wanted to take her bound, restricting her movements to only those he allowed. He wanted the taste of his cock in her mouth, the feel of it in her body He wanted to possess her and brand her with his passion.

But he would not do it now.

He had just punished her. Severely, especially considering this was the first time they had come together, their first meeting. He had to discipline her for her disobedience and establish his mastery over her. He would not let that discipline be watered down with pleasure. Not yet would she feel the pulsing of her sex rise up and explode over and over again as he willed her body to orgasm after orgasm. Not yet... but soon.

"Pet," he said softly against her hair, "would you like a cigarette? It would give you a chance to pull yourself together."

She pulled away from him slightly as she sought his eyes. She saw the calm acceptance there, the care that he had for her. "Yes, Sir," she almost whispered, "I would."

He gently pushed her away and smiled down at her questioning eyes. "Then go sit on the porch, smoke your cigarette and I will bring us both a cup of coffee."

She started to the bedroom and he gently grabbed her arm. "Where are you going, my pet?"

"To get my cigarettes and a robe," she answered softly, embarrassed to be reminding him that she was naked and he was fully clothed.

"Ah, my sweet," he smiled, "your cigarettes are already out there and I do want to be able to look at all of you whenever I want to. You don't need a robe."

"But... but, Sir..." she stammered.

Phillip placed his finger against her lips. "Go sit on the porch, pet," he said, "I will be there in a moment.

He saw the confusion in her eyes. While the cabin was in a remote area, it was not totally out of civilization's reach. Earlier when they had sat together on the porch, a car had passed them. Tess would be thinking about that now, how she would be totally vulnerable to view should another car happen by. But as embarrassed as that would make her, she would not defy Phillip again. Not if she could help it. With a straightening of her shoulders, she leaned in, kissed his lips softly and said, "Yes, Sir," and then walked onto the porch.

Moments later, Phillip came to join her, two cups of coffee on a tray. She smiled up at him as he handed one to her. She stopped rocking and sipped the hot brew. With eyes twinkling, she said, "I can't believe You remembered my favorite coffee." The distinctive flavor of Costa Rican coffee was her favorite.

"Pet, there are things I remember about you that you don't even remember telling me," Phillip's voice was smooth a silk and just as steamy as the coffee in their mugs.

As Tess settled back with her mug, she heard the unmistakable crunch of tires on the gravel road that ran along side the cabin. She stiffened but did not move. Phillip smiled lazily at her and sipped his coffee as he continued to lean against the banister. Tess had no way of knowing that she was virtually hidden from the occupants in the car because of the shadows on the porch and the position of Phillip's body shielding hers. She thought she was blatantly on display. But she was determined to overcome her embarrassment at what she considered the most humiliating thing she had ever endured and remain where Phillip had told her to be. Tess forced herself to sit quietly as the car rolled past.

Phillip eyed her approvingly. "Very good, My pet," he softly. "You please me."

"Thank You, Sir," Tess smiled at him. She was still shaken by the idea of being nude in public but she had pleased Him. She sensed a satisfaction in herself that felt odd... but very good.

When the finished their coffee, Phillip and Tess entered the cabin once again. He hugged her and then looked into her eyes. "I cannot wait any longer, My pet," he smiled at her. "I want to enjoy My body." He rubbed his hand down her back, over her buttocks and squeezed the still-burning flesh. Surprisingly to Tess, the feeling that caused was not pain but desire and it ripped straight to her pussy.

"Go into the bedroom, lie down and put this on," Phillip said as he handed Tess a blindfold. "I'll be in shortly."

Tess stepped into the bedroom and looked at the over-sized bed... it was covered with a thick comforter and lots of fluffy pillows. Soon it would be covered with their bodies and the thought made Tess catch her breath. She lay in the center of the bed, pulled the blindfold over her eyes and waited Phillip. She did not have to wait long.

As Phillip surveyed the sight of his submissive laying naked on the bed, his heart hammered in his chest. He had trained her over the months to put him first so that through her submission, she would be complete. He had carefully and gently guided her to become not just submissive but His perfect submissive. He almost trembled with the anticipation of finally claiming her physically as he had claimed her emotionally and mentally.

He gently sat beside her naked form on the bed and stretched her arm out, securing her wrist to the bedpost. He moved to the other side of the bed and did the same to her left arm. Neither of them spoke and she felt herself shiver with... excitement, nervousness, and a touch of fear. No, Tess thought, as she pushed that thought from her mind. She trusted him completely. She visibly relaxed as she reiterated that truth to herself.

Phillip had noticed the tension in her when he had bound her. He also saw the tension fall away as she fully accepted that she was his to do with as he pleased. His heart swelled with joy. Still without saying a word, he sat on the bed and bent his face to her pussy. He could smell her arousal. He could see the dampness as it clung to her dark curls. He forced her legs together and licked her mound. He felt her shiver.

"Oh, Sir," she breathed. "That feels so good."

"I know, pet" he replied softly. "And when can you cum, little one?"

"Only when You tell me I can, Sir," Tess answered breathlessly. This would be her first test of controlling her climax until given permission. Phillip did not intend to make it too difficult for her but he did intend for her to recognize that her pleasure was his to command.

"That's right, my pet," he breathed his hot breath over her mound. He licked again and again was rewarded with her immediate response.

Suddenly, he pulled her legs apart and buried his mouth against her clit. Tess writhed in the intense pleasure. She felt his teeth gently nip and pull at her clit and she bucked up to meet him. He soothed the exquisite torture with another lick and then pressed his finger into her cunt. His fingers were immediately soaked with her juices.

"Aahhh," Tess sighed. Her hips started a rhythm moving against his fingers. Phillip watched as her pussy seemed to grab him, her breasts rising and falling with each shallow intake of air. She spread her legs wider in an effort to draw him harder into her. He smiled at her passion.

As he finger fucked her, his tongue played with her clit. Occasionally, he let his teeth nip gently as he continued to plunge into her dripping pussy. He soon felt the involuntary tightening of her pussy muscle. He knew she could not hold out much longer.

"Please, Master, may I cum?" Tess could barely speak, her voice ripped with passion.

Phillip smiled through his own rising need. "Soon, pet, soon," he crooned, "But not now."

He heard her whimper but her hips never stilled. Her juices flowed out of her pussy and down into the crack of her ass. He took his other hand and stroked the crevice slowly and settled around her back portal. He teased lightly, not forcing, just applying the slightest bit of pressure. He continued to finger fuck her cunt as his mouth worked her clit.

"Ah, Master, please now?" Tess was begging.

He raised his mouth from her dripping cunt. "Please what, my pet?"

"M..may I cum now, Master?" she was almost yelling.

"Cum for me, pet. Cum now. Cum hard for Your Master." Phillip tensed, knowing the explosion that would immediately follow his words.

He was not disappointed. Tess bucked up, arching into the air, while her pussy spas med around his fingers. He continued working her cunt and his finger still teased her ass, forcing her climax to crash and build upon itself over and over again. Finally, with a long hot lick to her pussy, he pulled himself away.

Tess felt him get off of the bed. She heard the rustle of clothing. And then she felt his weight upon her as his cock plunged into her. She had thought her passion spent but his long, slow, deep thrusts soon had her panting again, once again arching up to meet him, trying to unsuccessfully increase the pace.

Phillip would not allow her the slightest bit of control. He kept the pace steady as he slowly and deeply fucked her, bringing her closer and closer to the edge again. She strained against her arm bonds in an effort to bring him closer to her but it was no use. She could move her hips but little else. He was in complete control of this joining, this mating, this fucking and all she could do was let him have his way for as long as he wanted to ride her.

The heat became unbearable. The friction between his cock and her pussy had started a fire she could not bear. He felt her body begin to tremble and he whispered hoarsely, "Cum for me, My pet. Cum now."

Once again, she exploded, spasming around his cock, bucking up to meet him with an intensity she did not know she possessed. She did not know that she had driven Phillip almost to his breaking point with her passionate responses. But she would soon realize it.

Quickly Phillip got off her. He reached up and untied her arms and slipped the blindfold from her eyes. Without allowing her time to adjust, he pulled her up to her knees and he lay on the bed. "Suck me, pet. Take it all in your mouth for Your Master," he commanded hoarsely.

Finally, Tess would be allowed to give Him pleasure. She settled between his legs and licked is throbbing cock. She tasted herself as she licked him from balls to tip, letting her tongue squeeze lightly into the slit and licking up his pre-cum. Then she let her mouth slide down the length of his cock until she felt it bump against the back of her throat. Sucking as she slid her mouth up and down, she felt him grow and harden even more. She worked faster, cupping his balls with her hand, feeling the weight of them as she caressed him. She finally felt that pulsing on the back of his cock and knew he would soon pour his seed into her mouth. The thought of tasting him, swallowing his seed made her work hotter and harder.

Phillip grabbed her hair in both his hands and pushed her mouth roughly down on his cock and groaned as he exploded in her mouth. It was all she could do to catch every drop. But she would not let one taste of it escape. She had wanted this so many times and for so long. She would not waste any of it; she anted to savor all of him.

As his orgasm subsided, Phillip relaxed against the bed and eased his hands in her hair. "Lick me clean, pet," he whispered. He felt the suction released as her tongue traveled up and down his cock, licking every trace of his climax away. She licked slowly and thoroughly and finally released his cock from her mouth as she slid her body against his and lay on his chest.

"Thank You, Master," she whispered.

Phillip laughed quietly. "You are most welcome, My pet," he said. "Most welcome indeed."

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