tagNovels and NovellasAccustomed to Her Face Ch. 12

Accustomed to Her Face Ch. 12


Sleeping Beauty

You still have on your party dress -- the little black one -- with your ruby cashmere shawl. You're still wearing your pretty patent leather flats and have your red sequin clutch. You have the string of pearls I bought you. Your hair is tied back with a red bow -- your lipstick is deep red. You are not wearing panties.

And now you are leaning over the stone balcony railing outside our hotel room on the 17th floor overlooking Central Park. I am standing behind you. Your legs are spread. Your clitoris is throbbing in a new and delicious way because of the clamp I've fitted to it as you spread your legs like the good little submissive you are.

We arrived from the club. We checked in and hurried to our room. You were so tipsy and aroused that you nearly knocked me down to fuck me in the elevator. I took you outside on the balcony and bent you over the stone rail. I took the clamp out of my jacket pocket and unceremoniously -- almost rudely -- slipped it onto your already swollen clitoris -- and tightened it as you moaned and involuntarily gushed on my fingers.

Your inebriation has helped me out here -- you were unaware of exactly what I was doing until you felt the clamp -- a brand new sensation.

The lights of the city below are magical. It's chilly on the 17th floor. I'm playing with your pussy lips. I'm tightening the clamp again. You moan louder.

"Oh, bad, bad Daddy. That's so nasty."

"Do you like it, baby girl?"

"Oh yesssss -- Oh, Daddy -- yesssss."

Your clitoris is squeezed up and out by the clamp and I'm stroking it very gently. You are whimpering and squirming in your arousal and your aching need.

"You are lovely, darling." I say.

I take the small bottle of lube from my pocket. I put an ample amount on my fingers. I lift your skirt and slide my wetted, slippery digits between your pretty ass cheeks. You are surprised,

With my left hand, I reach down to your cunnie lips and play with them gently while I begin to tease your ass-hole with my wet, slippery right hand.

You are breathing hard and irregularly. This is also new.

"Oh -- Oh -- Oh, Daddy! What are you doing? Oh -- that's so nice -- but -- I don't know..."

"It's OK, darling. Daddy's going to make you feel very good tonight. You've been such a naughty little girl, haven't you? Opening your legs for all those people to see -- coming for them -- playing with Charlene. Now it's time for you to give yourself to Daddy."

I slip my finger easily into your ass and begin to work it. And I reach to squeeze your extended clitoris with my other hand -- squeezing hard.

You squeal as you squirm, "Ooooooh -- Ooooooh. That's so naughty, Daddy."

I reach under you and tighten the clamp another little bit -- but every little bit feels extreme. You moan and whimper.

I'm working your ass with my finger. You are breathing heavily. I slip a second finger into your ass, stretching you and working you open. You've never experienced this or anything like it. You shudder.

"That's my baby girl," I say as I pick up the pace. You pussy is actually dripping onto the stone of the balcony. You groan deep in your throat as you shudder again. "You like it, don't you, baby."

"Oh God -- Oh yes, Daddy. I was a naughty girl tonight, wasn't I?"

"Yes, baby, very naughty."

"What are you going to do to me, Daddy?"

I slide a third finger into you. You groan again. I squeeze your clitoris again.

"A little tighter, baby girl." As I tighten the clamp. The throb has become a delicious pain and you squirm and squeal and my fingers in your ass are driving you mad -- they've become incredibly arousing. You become aware that you are being driven toward orgasm by the throb in your clitoris and my fingers in your ass. The stroking of your sensitive ass hole is going to make you come -- but in such a naughty way...

I slide my fingers out. You feel frustrated. You hear me unbutton my trousers.


You hear my putting lube on my cock.


You feel the head of my cock slide between your ass cheeks and come to rest at your stretched ass-hole.


"Now, baby girl -- relax for me -- relax." You feel the head of my very hard cock push firmly -- it's stretching you open. You struggle to relax. I ease up.


"You were a naughty girl, baby."

"Yes Daddy"

I push again. It is extreme -- but you are so aroused.

"Yes, Daddy. Yes."

I push again. You groan as your flesh yields and allows the head of my cock inside. And I push. It is stretching you way open. The sensation is very extreme.

"Oh -- oh, my God."

"That's it, baby. Take me in."

You whimper and squirm. The sensation is very extreme and arousing.

You are shaking. You are giving in. At last, you completey relax -- you submit. "Oh, Daddy -- I love you sooo much. I only want to make you happy"

My cock now slides all the way into your ass. It's amazing. The pain in your throbbing clitoris and the extreme stretch and friction in your ass hole -- I begin to work my cock slowly in and out. Pushing you -- pushing you.

You are groaning and squirming back on my cock. Then, as if a dam bursts, you cry out, "Fuck me hard now, Daddy -- make me your little slut."

"Say it again, darling."

"Make me your little slut, Daddy. Fuck me really hard. I need it -- please, Daddy."

And so I oblige. I begin fucking you hard, my hands holding your waist. You are moaning and I know you are close. One last push -- harder and faster.

You scream. You are over the top. You are beyond words. You are groaning as you take my cock deep in your ass. You are writhing and riding me, driven by the pleasure and pain. You are driven higher and higher and you are losing yourself completely. It is divine and so very nasty.

You feel yourself collapse into a state of wanton surrender. You are consumed by the sensation. You are building to a moment -- to something -- to something like in a dream...

"I'm almost there, baby," you hear me say in the distance. "Get ready, little girl."

My cock swells.

You are about to explode and then...

You feel my cock begin to pump and it sends you over the edge -- but this is an orgasm like no other you've ever had in your sweet short life. You open your mouth to scream, but no sound comes out. You begin to shake and nearly convulse. The pleasure is so extreme that you are seeing stars. You come so long -- so hard. You seem suspended in time.

My cock is done pumping but I'm still fucking your ass.

"Darling -- oh, my little baby."

You find your voice and scream as you come again -- and again.

"Daddy! Daddy! Oh, Daddy!"

I thrust my cock deep into you and hold it there, clutching you by your waist -- hard -- and I push extra hard into you suddenly. "You're mine."

"Yes, sir."

"You belong to me."

Yes, sir -- I am your submissive -- your pet."

"You've been a very good girl."

"I'm glad, Daddy. I only want to make you happy."

"Good girl."

"I think I almost fainted."

"Yes, baby"

"I love you, Daddy."

"I love you too, Darling"

"Daddy --"

"Yes, baby."

"Would you please tighten the clamp a little more and fuck me again."

"Of course, my little love."

And so I do. You scream as I tighten the clamp. And I fuck you hard. You come -- and this time you do faint away -- shuddering and screaming my name then falling silent, your arms and legs drooping.

I withdraw from your limp body. I carry you to the bed. I spread your legs wide and carefully remove the clamp. I think to myself that I'll fuck your sore pussy before breakfast.

You are breathing deep and steady.

I undress you and curl up next to you. You are whimpering in your sleep.

I whisper to your ear. "I love you, baby girl."

You stir and wrap your legs around me -- my cock stiffens again. I slide into your cunnie easily. "Fuck me, Daddy."

I thrust. You begin to ride me. God -- you are so sweet. So tight.

I feel you go limp, but it's too late -- I don't care -- I continue to fuck your lovely sleeping body 'till I pump my seed deep into you.

"My little girl -- what a great pleasure you've just given me."

I fall asleep still on top of you... my lovely little pet.

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