tagNovels and NovellasAccustomed to Her Face Ch. 14

Accustomed to Her Face Ch. 14


My Voice

You light the candle. You fill your glass and take a hot mouthful. You put the Whiskey bottle on the little night table. You pick up the portable CD player I left for you as a gift. It has a bow on it. You put on the headphones. You press PLAY.

My voice begins speaking so softly and so seductively:

Now, little girl – are you warmed up?

I hope so.

I want you to take off your clothes, dear, and settle yourself onto your bed.

Imagine I'm sitting on the chair. I'm wearing my heavy, forest green terrycloth bathrobe – the one with my initials embroidered over my left breast. I'm here to play with you.

I love playing with you, darling. I love the way you smile and the way you sigh. I love the way you move as you get excited, shifting your weight – you don't know you're doing it – but I can tell. I can tell.

Sometimes when we're at table and you are shifting in your seat that way – you are thinking about getting me later – you are thinking about taking me to your bed. Sometimes as we're finishing our desert, sipping our coffee – sometimes you are already undressing me. You are thinking about fucking me, aren't you, baby?

I love the way you look. I love the way you laugh. I love the way you hold me close when we get home. I love feeling you tremble. I love you.

For now, I want you to begin to play with me by touching your upper lip with your finger – right there in its center and I want you to stroke it very, very gently – to the corner of your pretty mouth. Yes – like that. Then stroke your lip again to the other corner.

Feels good, doesn't it – like when I brush my mouth against your lips.

You're such a good girl. Now stroke your lip for me again. So softly, so gently. It's OK if you touch your bottom lip too. That's it. I'm watching you, sweetie. Stroke your lips again – and part them slightly for me. I want you to think of my kiss. Touching you gently just like that. So tender.

The night is young. We've got all night to make love. You are my darling girl. You will come for me in just a little bit. You will spread your legs so I can watch you – in a little bit.

With your other hand, I want you to touch your breast. Again, sweetie, gently – gently for now – while you stroke your lips with your fingers – my kiss – and my hand now playing with your nipple.

I want you open your mouth just enough to slide you finger in over you bottom lip and gently touch your tongue. I want you stroke your tongue to get your finger tip wet, then carry this wetness out to your bottom lip so now, as you stoke your lip, it's moist.

Reach just inside again to stroke your tongue. Get your finger tip wetter, dear, and stroke your lips – get them wet – take the wetness from your tongue to your lips and back again. Think of my kiss. Think of my tongue, gently exploring your lips. Gently exploring your mouth.

Are your nipples getting hard, sweetie? Play with them gently. Squeeze your nipples – first one, then the other. That's right.

Dip two fingers into your mouth to get them very wet and take that wetness now to your nipple. Play with it a little bit and cup your breast in your hand. Squeeze gently and slide your hand over the curve of your breast.

You are beautiful, darling. I love these shapes – the curve of your breast – the curve of your neck – the curve of your hip – the curve of your leg where it meets the curve of your sweet cunnie lips. Your sweet, wet cunnie. Wet and warm and beautiful.

Dip the two fingers back into your mouth again. Get them very wet and take that wetness now to your other nipple. Play with that nipple and cup your breast in your hand. Squeeze it gently and slide your hand over the curve of that breast too. Yes – and slide your hand over your belly – another lovely shape.

I adore these shapes and the way they reflect the soft light of your room. The shadows and highlights reveal these contours made of your flesh and defined by your soft skin. I adore sliding my hands over these shapes. I want to possess them – just for these moments we are together. I want to own their femininity.

Now – lift your hand back to your mouth – back to stroke your lips again. Back to dip your fingers into your mouth, wetting your lips, stroking your tongue. My kiss. And while you touch your lips, touch your breasts with your other hand. Touch your breasts and slide your hand over your belly – and low – below your navel. My caress.

Reach more deeply into your mouth, darling. Turn your hand over so your palm is up and you can reach your finger to touch to roof of your mouth. It's ticklish. Stroke it with you fingertip. Stroke behind your front teeth. So sensitive.

Play with your nipples just the way you like it, sweetie. Stroke, pinch, tease. That's right. And now, sweetie – now be a dear and spread your legs so I can see your pussy.

Slide both hands along the insides of your legs. Slide your hands – gently – up over your pussy lips, up over your belly and back down. I want you to gently part your pussy lips – I want you to give me a little peek – let me glimpse your cunnie – pink, sweet.

I'm untying my robe. I'm opening it slightly. You can see the pale skin of my chest – hairless – and, as I open the robe more, you can see the red-blonde hair – there – above my groin, still in shadow. But you know what's there, beginning to swell, beginning to stiffen – getting ready for your touch. You know my cock is there. You know my balls are there below it. You know what they taste like. You know how they feel.

Dip your finger tip between your pussy lips, darling. Tease yourself. Stroke you clitoris gently now. Make yourself very wet.

With your other hand, reach back to your mouth. Slide two fingers inside and suck them. Caress your fingers with your tongue while you tease your clitty. My darling. My sweetheart.

You are so inviting sucking your fingers like that. You are so sexy. I can't wait to feel your lips caress my cock. I can't wait to feel you suck me.

Stroke your fingers out of your mouth and back in – feeling your tongue, feeling your lips. Wet, warm. You taste so delicious – your kisses are like pink mimosa flowers on an early summer night. Perfumed and heady.

The fragrance of your pussy is starting to caress my face while you play with your clitoris. Slide you finger down and dip it into you cunnie now, my pet. Spread you legs a little wider, baby – I want to watch you.

I want you to squirm seductively for me. That's it. Show me how you'll make love to me. I love that look in your eyes. I love the expression on your face. You are excited and ready for me.

My cock has grown hard now. You can see it standing where I'm stroking it slowly with my fingers – very gently – barely touching. It will feel large in your mouth when you take it in. It will taste the slightest bit musky – and clean – and the taste of pre-come – salty – the thought of these things now – makes your pussy wetter.

My cock will slide into your mouth while you suck it. It is hot in your mouth when you take it in. You will make it harder and wet. You will make me want you even more.

You are so beautiful. Your legs are spread open. I can see your pussy. It will be so sweet to slide my hard cock into your slick, velvet grip. Squirm for me, darling. Like a slow, seductive dance. Show me how you'll move under my weight as you fuck me. Show me how you will please me. Stroke your clitty. Show me.

I want you so badly. You are so pretty and so inviting. I want to taste you. I want to kiss you – there – where your leg joins you pussy lip – right there. A tender kiss. A tender nibble while I stroke the inside of your legs.

I will push your legs wide open – with my strong hands – wide open while I kiss your pussy – and nuzzle my mouth between the lips – there – where your fingers are playing – there – wet, warm, sweet. Soon I will have you. But you will come for me first.

My cock is hard and I'm stroking it while you watch me. It's long and thick. You can see the veins swollen, pumping the blood that has made it stand so ready to take you. My hand is slowly moving along it. It will stretch you wonderfully as it pierces your willing body.

I need some wetness so I can stroke my cock harder. Perhaps your saliva, darling so I can stroke it hard.

Play with your clitty, darling. I want you to come for me while you watch me stroke myself. Squirm and play with your clitty. I know you know just what to do to make yourself come. Come on, baby. Rise up – quickly now. Urgent now.

Think about how I suck your clitoris. Gentle at first then harder. Think of how good I make you feel. Think of how you squeal for me when I bite you.

I'm stroking myself harder, but I'm going to wait for you. Think of my cock – my hard cock – I'm stroking it – getting it ready for you. Do you want it now, darling? Are you ready for me?

Are you ready to feel my weight press you down into your bed? My cock just at your pussy lips, sliding along them as I begin to push – working them open, looking for the opening – now finding it – pushing in – just the tip – then out again – flirting with you.

I kiss your mouth. I thrust. I slip into you easily. I stretch you open. Time to fuck you, my love. Spread wide.

Play hard now, darling. Think of me fucking you so deep and so hard. I'm holding you strong and sure. You are mine, little girl. My cock thrusts tell you so. They make it so. Come on, baby, squirm under my weight. Give it to me.

Look at me stroking my cock, sitting on the chair. Spread your legs wide open. Show me how you do it. Show me how you make yourself come.

Come for me, baby. Think of my fucking you now. Watch me stroking my cock. Wet, glistening.

I'm going to come soon. You will watch the cream leap from my cock's tip. You know what it smells like. You know how it tastes. You know how to swallow it as it pumps deep in your throat. You want to feel its heat inside your pussy. My come deep inside you.

My come lives in you afterward – it lives for days. You carry my life inside you after we've fucked. So make me come. Come on, baby – come for me.

Come for me. Come now. I'm almost there. Come on, baby. Come now.

Now. Come now. No – really – come now, little girl. For real – come now. Give it to me for real – right now.

Say it while you come. Say it – I love you, Daddy. For real, sweetie – say it... I love you Daddy.



Good girl.

Say it again. Say it – I love you, Daddy. For real, sweetie – say it... I love you Daddy.

Come now.



Squeeze hard. Enjoy it, baby. Come hard for me. That's it. That's it.



Watch now – watch the come shoot from my cock. I call your name. I love you, baby. I'm stroking hard – squeezing – milking every drop. It's flowing – hot and slippery. I'm still stroking and squeezing it now. Pumping it. Pumping it.

My darling baby girl.

You give me such pleasure listening to your voice. Listening to your words urging me on. Now it's been my turn – it's been my turn to urge you – to make you come for me.

My sweet little girl.

My darling baby.

My own little girl.

My pet.

You have come hard and long. You pick up the phone and dial. I answer.

"Daddy, that was so wonderful. What a nice thing to do for me."

You hear me breathing hard. You know just what to do.

"Oh – oh my wonderful bad, bad Daddy. Come for me, Daddy. You're right here with me. Fuck your little girl. Come in my pussy, Daddy. Come in my soft, warm pussy. It's yours. All yours, baby. Fuck me, Daddy."

You hear me groan quietly – you know I'm going to come. "Daddy, I want to come with you. Come now."

I whisper, "Yes, darling." You hear me groan. "I'm coming."

"Good Daddy. Fuck your little girl." And you come too. Hard. You scream, "Daddy! Daddy! I love you, Daddy!"

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