tagNovels and NovellasAccustomed to Her Face Ch. 37

Accustomed to Her Face Ch. 37


Love's Breath

Sweet. Beautiful. You rose from sleep to the warmth of our bed. Your lungs filled; your young heart beat softly now - softly - at peace. Lying on your belly, you felt the weight of the blankets, the softness of your pillow. You smiled and stretched - your eyes still closed - how lovely to be so wet between your legs - and a little sore.

You felt my hands grip your waist firmly from behind. Firmly, but, at the same time, tenderly. You felt my weight shift on top of you, pinning you down. You felt my hard cock pushing - and you obediently spread.

You squealed as I entered you. One slow luxurious stroke. Deeply impaling you.

"My Little Love." I spoke softly. "My very Own."

"Yes, Shujin - Daddy. I am yours."

Then, a slow fuck as you rode the waves of your excitement. Slow and strong and deep. And all the time pinning you down with my weight - holding you tight with my strong hands.

You mewed and squirmed. You thought about how those strong hands would always be there to hold you. They were there to keep you safe. They were there to protect you and please you and to take pleasure from you - to use you.

You groaned, "Yessss." It felt so good to be taken this way. "Oh, God! Yessss."

I was keeping you on the edge. You whimpered. "Pleeeease."

"Soon, Little Girl."

"Pleeeease. I need it. I need it now." But my pace was steady. And you were rising - rising like I wanted you to.

"Hush, Kitten. You're not ready yet."

You felt my pace slow - it was excruciating. You felt me lift, my cock remaining deep inside you. You felt my fingers massaging something wet on the base of your spine. You recognized the fragrance - it was the same oil you had experienced in your playroom.

You felt me applying more oil - up your spine - the top of your head - on your forehead - and around your nostrils and on your lips.

Then my weight was on you again and I was fucking you slowly, easily, resting on you. At first, the pleasant, musky fragrance of the oil on your nostrils seemed perfume-like and as you breathed through your mouth, the oil's flavor reminded you of humid, sultry summer nights. But slowly, the vapors of the oil filled your head and throat with a strange warmth.

You squirmed beneath me.

"That's my good little pet," I purred. "Breathe, my love." I continued slowly screwing you - deep. You felt your pussy spasm and gush. Involuntarily, you took a deep breath and it filled your lungs with a delicious heat and you felt your heart ignite.

"That's right, sweetheart, breathe deep.

"Oh - oh, Daddy. I love you so much." You took another deep breath.

"Good girl. I love you too, baby."

Another spasm, gripping my cock perfectly as I quickened my pace the slightest bit. You settled into your own rhythm of breathing and slightly undulating under my weight. You gave yourself to the wonderful, intoxication of the heat coursing through your young, lithe body.

Now, you are drinking the animal glory of our conjugation with every breath. It is like a dance - you beneath me, me above - holding you, guiding you, controlling the pace as you submit to it.

You arch up, back against me. I wrap my arms around your belly to gain better control. You spasm again. You hear me moan softly and you thrill to the sound and with the knowledge that you are pleasing me - your Shujin.

Your spine is electrified. Your third eye is opened. You are mine and mine alone. You feel my swollen cock sliding exquisitely in and out, in and out. Faster now. And you squeal and shudder.

"Daddy! Oh Daddy! Mmmmmm. Soooo gooood."

You are close and so am I. "Now, Little Girl. Give it to me." I slide my hand down your belly, reach down between your legs. I take your clitoris between my finger and thumb and roll it, squeezing. You feel me bite your neck.

It is explosive. You are filled with electric fire. You are acutely aware of my cock, and its tip especially. You feel as if you will greedily drink my come.

Suddenly you are particularly strong. Your breasts feel full you have the sense that your hips are more voluptuous. You feel something strange and wonderful stir in your womb. You feel - how to put it - connected to something - to womanhood - so strong and beautiful - with a kind of depth - a deep knowing - yes - with wisdom.

"Good Kitten," I purr.

Suddenly you arch and scream and squirm. Your pussy grips me. The orgasm is all consuming. You hear me gasp. You feel me swell. You feel me begin to pump. You are being filled with my semen. And it is as if you are drinking me - and greedily. You push back against me. You know what you want and you will have it - have me - have more.

You breathe deeply again. My cock is still hard, I am pressed deep into you. I feel you spasming and flexing and gripping me. It is superb and irresistible.

You think briefly of your strange dream - sexy - but you can't recall. You feel an odd but wonderful movement inside you. You undulate again, fucking me. You smile. There is something different since your dream. But what? Well - that can wait. But for now...

"Come on, Daddy. More. Come again. I need more."

Your heart is filled with love and you know I am feeling it too. "God, I love you, Little Girl."

"Breathe deep, Daddy," you whisper.

Then, it is as if I have no choice. A long and wonderful build and then it is as if you are drawing my come from my eager cock all over again. And I come - so strong and sweet while you purr, "Naughty Daddy. Good boy. Give me every drop. It's mine and I'm hungry. My naughty, naughty Daddy. You know I'm still not done with you. But, then again, I will never be done with you, will I? Naughty Daddy."

You squirm again and I gasp. I withdraw my cock, but you quickly roll over and pull me back between your opened legs. My cock is is inexplicably hard and you pull me into you. You embrace me. "Take your time, Daddy - there's no hurry - you know I'm yours. But you will fill me again, Daddy. You belong to me too and I'm far from done."

Your finger nails dig into my back. You are so delicious. My very own Little Girl. Yes - mine indeed. I kiss your mouth. "I love you, Konekochan." And I fuck you slowly.

You writhe and I feel your pussy grip me. You kiss my ear and say softly, "Mmmmmm. Sweet, sweet boy."

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