tagLoving WivesAcrobatics 04

Acrobatics 04


Acrobatics 4- The Girls Watch Jack with his Wife

Jack walked directly into the bedroom and noticed that Karen was evidently in the bathroom. Normally he would never try to walk in on her but tonight was an exception. He stepped in the steamy bathroom with his wife and closed the door behind him.

"Welcome home Jack! You looked like you were having fun out there."

Without comment Jack dropped to his knees in front of his bathrobe clad wife. He reached up under the robe to grip her bare ass cheeks and he buried his face in her vagina through the terrycloth.

"Jack!" Karen tried to pull away from him but he pretended to desperately hang on. "Oooh poor baby. Did those college girls get you all worked up?"

Jack looked up at her with his saddest puppy dog expression and nodded yes. Then he opened his mouth and began to teasingly bite through the robe at her pubic bone as he pulled tightly on her ass.

Karen twisted away from him. "OK, OK. I'll play with you but you have to take a shower first. You're all sweaty."

"Oh thank you, thank you." Jack stood up and managed to get a couple of cheap feels from Karen in the process. He hurried into the shower without bothering to get bedroom clothes to change into.

Karen must have just finished her shower because there was no delay for the hot water. Within seconds the water started turning cold. Karen had obviously taken a long hot shower and used up all the hot water. Jack was suddenly in a race. By the time he finished, the water was uncomfortably cool and Jack was even shivering. Normally he would complain to Karen about being inconsiderate but not tonight.

Jack swung open the bathroom door with a grandiose arm waive. He stood totally nude in the bathroom doorway to face the bed. Karen was smiling and waiting for him as she sat partially under the covers. But the room was very different from usual. The bedside lamp was on, but there were also a few lit candles on the dresser. The family's best comforter was on the bed which was unusual for this time of year. Instead of the flannel gown, she was wearing a nightie that he'd never seen before. Jack's final surprise came as he realized that Karen was wearing makeup to bed and her hair was done.

Jack had a big grin on his face as he strode into the room. "Wow, look at the place! This must be a special occasion!"

"Gyirl, that's not so big. You need to get out more, maybe even take a look at a black man."

It took Jack a few steps in confusion to realize where that comment had come from. It was the speaker box and that was Joan's voice! He looked in his wife's eyes and she had a somewhat frozen smile with an intense look back to him. Jack tried not to show that he had heard anything but his pace did slow down a bit. Then it finally dawned on him that the girls were looking in the bedroom window at him, and Joan was saying he had a small dick!

"It looked bigger last night." That must have been Mary's voice.

Jack rounded the end of the bed and passed the window to the point where his face could only be seen by Karen. Jack's expression changed to an exaggerated sad face.

"Karen, it's the cold water. We ran out of hot water and the cold makes me smaller."

"Oh Jack, I am so sorry. Come over here and let me fix that for you."

Jack sat on the edge of the bed in a daze as he went through the motions of hugging his wife. "Wait a minute! You knew they'd be here. That's why you fixed everything up!"

"I didn't know, I just suspected. Now don't get upset about it. I don't want them to see us argue or anything."

This was unbelievable. His wife was encouraging him to put on a show for the neighbors!

Karen raised her face to his as she softly placed her hand on the back of his head. In a mechanical fashion Jack bent to accept his wife's kiss. His mind was in a fog of indignation but even so he could appreciate those full lips. Without French kissing they tenderly touched. Karen's head was back and her face was relaxed, clear signals that she wanted him. She ran a warm hand across his back down to his hip.

From the speaker box came some commentary. "It looks like we might get to see something. I wish we had chairs and maybe some popcorn." The two girls erupted into suppressed snorts and giggles. Jack tensed slightly at the noise but Karen just smiled. Finally Jack relaxed enough to realize it was funny and he chuckled just a bit.

Jack could feel Karen arch and offer her neck to him. Oh how he loved to nuzzle his face just above her collarbone. Normally this tickled Karen, but not when she was getting passionate. Jack realized that Karen was not just putting on a show, she really was hot.

Karen's obvious enthusiasm pushed Jack past his feelings of resistance. He wrapped one arm around her back and could feel the wispy nightie material along with her shoulder blades. Jack completed a deep inhale at the base of her neck and went back to those perfect lips. There was more movement in this kiss and their tongues lightly touched.

Jack caressed his wife's exposed neck with his open hand and slowly lowered it across her collarbone to lightly cup one breast. Karen gasped lightly making a slight body movement, and over the speaker box they could hear the gasps of two young women.

Karen was reclined against the headboard as she pulled on his scalp pressing his mouth more tightly against hers. Jack lay down next to her, with his back to the window, pulling Karen lower on the bed with him. They began to kiss more passionately as Jack gently stroked her breasts. Meanwhile Karen placed a hand on Jack's genitals and without actually gripping his penis she expertly lifted and caressed. Karen's lower body was under the bedding so Jack lifted up on the covers to join her.

"You stay above the blanket Jack."

He understood that Karen wanted him to keep giving the girls something to look at. Jack didn't know how this was going to work but he was wound up enough that he didn't really care. Jack caressed his wife's body down across her hip bones then down further to her thighs, all under the covers. His dick throbbed at the realization that she was not wearing panties. Karen moaned and spread her legs for him.

Jack moved his hand back up to Karen's vagina and the covers moved, exposing her to view. Karen didn't seem to mind and even pulled the nightie off. Jack lightly stroked her vaginal lips until he got around to her clitoris. Karen flinched at the contact and Jack could feel that she was very wet. He began to slowly stroke Karen's clitoris kissing her at the same time. Karen continued to gently play with his dick, which still was not viewable from the window.

As Karen seemed to get more excited Jack increased the tempo, with an occasional dipping of his middle finger into her moist vagina. He knew that when Karen started to moan as he inserted his finger, then she liked him to spend more time stroking her G-spot.

Karen seemed to be more carried away than usual. It occurred to Jack that maybe this was for show; however her wet pussy let him know that she was not totally faking it.

Over the speaker box came Mary's voice: "Look at his butt and the muscles in his back. He is so hot!"

Joan's voice: "I think maybe she's the one who's hot."

Mary's voice: "You seemed to think he was hot enough today, the way you smothered him when you hugged."

Joan's voice: "I guess so; you had us rubbing up against each other all day."

Mary's voice: "Well someone in there must be hot because I'm so excited my face is steaming and my pussy tingles."

Joan's voice: "I hear ya, gyirl."

By that time Jack was stroking exclusively on Karen's G-spot. He said to Karen, "If I wasn't so turned on by you right now that conversation might be distracting me."

Karen replied, "It just makes me even hotter."

That was all Jack needed to hear. He knew Karen wanted him soon. Jack kissed Karen on the nape of her neck and moved his lips across her collar bone to one breast. Karen had beautiful mature breasts. The top formed a ski slope shape to her nipples. And the undersides of her breasts were nice and full.

As Karen arched toward him Jack nibbled on her tit as he continued stroking her G-spot. He moved downward with his kisses and scooted on his stomach across the bed. Karen dragged her fingers along his very erect penis as he moved. She knew what was coming and tensed her hips in anticipation.

Jack ran his lips along the inside of Karen's thigh. He teased Karen just a bit with kisses on her inner thigh and along her vaginal lips but never interrupted his stroking of her G-spot.

Karen began to tremble. That was the sign Jack was waiting for. He immediately ran his tongue onto her clitoris. Karen flinched with intense pleasure and over the speaker box they heard, "Oh my god!"

Jack passionately pursued stroking Karen's G-spot with his fingers and her clitoris with his tongue. Karen was gyrating and trembling.

Karen said breathlessly, "Let's go from behind."

Jack could hardly wait. As he worked somewhat impatiently with the covers to help her turn over, inwardly Jack was relieved to know Karen wanted him to go from behind. With this audience Jack was a little worried about his performance and he knew he would have more control doggy-style. It didn't occur to him that Karen was thinking the same thing.

Jack rose up vertically to his knees with his throbbing erection standing up tight against his stomach. For the first time since he had entered the room the front of his body was visible to the viewers at the window.

Joan's voice: "Hey, that's more like it! He grew, and it's a nice size dick."

Mary's voice: "I told you. I don't even see how it will fit!"

Joan's voice: "Gyirl, just hold on. I think we're getting ready to see how."

Karen smiled as she looked for Jack's reaction over her outside shoulder. Jack gave her an exaggerated happy face smile as Karen said, "I knew you would impress them with a little help."

Jack was too preoccupied to comment back. His passion was consuming his mind. At that moment he could probably have sex in front of a football stadium filled with screaming fans.

As Jack pulled on Karen's waist, enthusiastically moving her around on the bed and into position, she made sure to turn exactly sideways to the window. Karen didn't want the girls to see the small amount of cellulite on the back of her thighs. However Karen had nice tits and she knew this position would show them off. She knew this position would also show off Jack's build and his dick.

Jack was almost blind with desire as he reached under Karen from behind and slowly inserted his thumb in her wet vagina. He stroked her as she wiggled her warm bottom against him. Then Karen began to push forward and backward, slowly at first and then with impatience. This was her clear communication for Jack to quit fooling around and fuck her.

Jack worked his dick into position up under his thumb so that the head of his dick was rubbing Karen's clitoris as his thumb was stroking her G-spot. But Karen didn't want much of this; she started slamming back against him so hard that he almost lost his balance. It was clear to Jack and the viewing public that Karen was saying with her body language, "FUCK ME NOW!"

Without further delay Jack removed his thumb and placed the head of his dick at her opening. Karen threw her head up and arched her back as Jack quickly straightened with his hands on her hips. Neither of them moved as they let that feeling of first genital contact course through them. It was a dramatic pose for the two girls at the window with Jack's veined dick in clear view just ready to fully enter his fiery wife.

Karen moved first. She slowly wiggled her hips from side to side and felt the head of Jack's dick move just inside the opening. Jack gripped Karen's waist and pushed forward only slightly.

From the speaker box came Joan's voice: "Mary I'm sorry, but I want to play with myself while I watch this."

Mary's voice: "I'm way ahead of you...gyirl."

The two girls sniggered but Jack and Karen were too involved to notice. Jack pulled back and Karen wiggled again as he pushed in further. They got into a routine of push and wiggle with only a small amount of progress each time. As Jack pulled back the couple rocked backward, and then forward as he pushed and she wiggled. Karen's tits slightly swayed with the movement. Jack noticed that somehow she had managed to flip her hair to the side of her head away from the window. Karen grimaced with each push and so did he. The grimaces were because of the intense sensations, not because of a fit that was too tight.

As they got close to full penetration Jack leaned forward on Karen's back and cupped her swaying tits in his palms. On the deepest push Jack lifted up on Karen's chest and they rocked back onto their haunches. He lifted Karen into the air and bounced her up and down on his lap. Their bodies shook with each bounce. Both of their chins were pointed upward and their eyes were closed.

Jack gently lowered her down to all fours and straightened up behind her. With the next thrust he snapped into her, slapping his thighs against her bottom. Karen's body shook and her tits swung wildly as they both grunted. He slowly pulled back and then snapped forward again. This time they both grunted loud enough to be heard through the window, "UNGHHHH!"

They continued to make a slow withdrawal and sudden thrust to loud groans. Jack began to rotate and clinch his butt to accentuate the end of each thrust. Jack and Karen both knew that their loud enthusiasm was a little bit for show but it was getting to Jack. He felt his balls begin to churn with that good feeling.

Jack did not want to come yet. On the next pull back he slowly pulled all the way out, clinched his kegel muscles tightly, and guided his dick back in all the way to the hilt. Karen knew exactly what he was doing and why. She was careful not to be too enthusiastic until he could calm down a little. For several thrusts Jack pulled all the way out then flattered himself by using both hands to guide his dick back to the mark.

If Jack and Karen had turned to the window they would have seen two faces up close to the glass. The girls were open-mouthed and bug-eyed as they watched Jack's wet glistening dick come into full view then become buried on the next stroke.

Jack got his second wind and Karen knew him well enough to sense it. He began to fuck in earnest by slowly increasing the pace of his thrusts. Karen made sure to push back against him in rhythm to his pace and her tits followed along swinging back and forth. Jack and Karen went through several rounds of increasing the tempo to almost frantic speed at which time Jack would squeeze their bodies tightly together and then start slow again.

Jack knew that Karen would need more than this to actually have an orgasm. He bent forward and reached around to stroke her clitoris as he fucked. After just a few moments Karen shifted her weight back toward him so that she could free up one hand to help. Karen moved his fingers out of the way and began frantically rubbing her clitoris. Jack moved his displaced hand to her tits as he continued to piston in and out of her.

He tried to sense the pace of Karen's hand movement and match it with his hip thrusts. Jack couldn't really keep up but he tried. Karen's face was contorted and turned upward as she got closer to an orgasm. Finally she was there.

She yelled out, "OH SHIT!" Her body convulsed in orgasm and Jack could feel the pulsing in the slick walls of her pussy.

Over the speaker box they could hear, "OH SHIT!" and then another "OH SHEEIIIT!!!"

Jack was the only one to not say 'oh shit' but he should have, because there was no way he could hold back with all those orgasms happening around him. He thrust hard and let the dam explode into Karen's welcoming pussy as he gave out a deep throated and extended grunt. "UHHHHHH!!" Jack clinched his butt along with the muscles in his back as his sperm spilled into her hot wet channel. Karen lost the support of her arms but Jack pressed forward anyway until they were prostrate on the bed with Jack on top and his dick still pulsing inside her.

He was totally spent as he whispered in his wife's ear, "I love you."

"I love you too."

Over the speaker box they heard Mary's breathless voice say, "That was so HOT!"

Jack and Karen lightly chuckled as the sound of heavy breathing coming over the speaker box mixed with their own heavy breathing. They kept the same position for a minute then Karen reached out with her hand, turning out the bedside lamp. The room was plunged into total darkness.

Through the silence of the night they heard Joan's still breathless voice over the speaker box, "I could use a good fuck like that."


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