tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAddicted to Attention Ch. 03

Addicted to Attention Ch. 03


We walked to the bowling alley around 8-30pm that evening to meet Tony, Melissa and all their young friends. The plan was to have a few sociable drinks with them, swap contact numbers, and get to know them even better. Cathy had shared my idea of tactfully exploring the other girls interest in being part of my Nude Aerobics Video project. We had all agreed that the boathouse right by the lake would be a stunning location. We already knew that Melissa's girlfriends hadn't objected to Des taking photos of the afternoon activities, earlier. In fact, three of them had appeared to relish the opportunity to pose seductively in front of the camera.

We had even decided to name our new property, Rome. A light-hearted reference to the toga dresses which both Cathy and I now wore with relish. They were comfortable, convenient and there was always the exciting danger of being exposed accidentally to an admiring male spectator. The men carried a bag containing their camera and a number of items for Cathy and I so that we didn't have to worry about our handbags. One of the few disadvantages of wearing togas, we had decided, was that there was nowhere to hide light make-up or combs etcetera.

The holiday crowds at the bowling alley were largely younger adults with few older than their fifties and no young children in evidence. The same type of people that had been present three weeks earlier, only more of them. Melissa and her friends were watching out for us. Luckily, they occupied a large table in a good position to view the activities. Ken went to the bar and got in some drinks and a plate of chips while Cathy and I joined our young friends.

Before long we were chatting amiably among ourselves and watching the patrons in the bowling alley below us. I noted that the place was considerably busier than previously. Darlene, a local girl that I had met three weeks earlier, with the nipple rings was actually Harold and Heather's daughter, as it turned out. She was nineteen and going out with Tony's workmate David.

"Don't tell Mum and Dad about our little show the other night." She whispered. "They would never understand." She paused. "I got a bit carried away with the crowd yelling like they did that night."

"Don't worry darling. We'll keep your secret. It was fun though, wasn't it?" I hastened to assure her.

We were soon friends, chatting easily.

Evidently, this had been worrying her as her parents, although liberal themselves, were quite strict in their attitudes with her. She was very attractive and, like her mother, had full voluptuous breasts with large dark nipples. Darlene was roughly the same age as Melissa but she was much darker in her complexion and had far fuller figure. Darlene was David's girlfriend and she usually only had the opportunity to see him at the weekends. David worked with Tony as a builder and often worked in their home town several miles away from Maple Lake, where they were in hot demand. I had assumed that they were brothers because they were so similar in looks, but they were actually not related at all. They had been pals from the time that they went to high school. Darlene became good friends with Melissa and they often dreamed of marrying as a foursome.

Meanwhile, Cathy had gone downstairs with Des and four of the others to try the bowling. I noticed that everyone seemed to watch more closely when the girls were taking their turn. Cathy would take her run and let the ball go, bending over slightly to get the bowl closer to the ground. She didn't appear to be deliberately exposing herself in an obvious way, pausing to rearrange her clothing after each run before walking demurely back. She was quite good at the game, often knocking all the pins over with one well placed shot.

To the casual spectator it appeared that any exposure of her naked bottom was entirely accidental. However, I could tell that she was enjoying the special attention that she was receiving from the crowd. The show was underway and although well attended there were probably more spectators watching the bowling than usual. Two of the other girls with equally short dresses, but wearing thong underwear, were attracting their share of attention too. We alternated the group as the night progressed, with Darlene and I taking turns at bowling as well. I hadn't played before and often had to make a second or third run to knock over all the pins, much to Ken's amusement.

All twelve of us had a really good time until around 1am, when we excused ourselves to return to the motel. Cathy and I were in the mood for a bit of loving and it became obvious to us that the men felt likewise. Ken walked between Cathy and I all the way home with his hand on our bottoms.

Thankfully, there were few people around to observe his behaviour as we walked the short distance to our unit. Our clothing was removed quickly as soon as we returned and we lay side by side having our bottoms lubricated liberally with Vaseline and our bodies massaged with scented oil. All inhibitions about making love in the same room seemed to evaporate as the night progressed. There was plenty of room and it was far more exciting to all sleep in the same bed.

At one stage I tensed, as Cathy kissed me passionately, but I soon relaxed and returned her advances with equal vigour. I had never been with another woman before in my life but I knew that both Ken and Des had fantasies about the prospect of seeing us engaging in this behaviour. I had already realised that Cathy probably had bi-sexual tendencies some time ago but before tonight, she hadn't made any overt sexual approaches.

I have to admit that I enjoyed her tender touch as she explored my vagina with her probing tongue some time later even although I was a bit hesitant initially, to respond with any enthusiasm. Des had a huge selection of sex toys, in a bag that I hadn't seen before, including body paints and chocolate syrup. In all the years of our marriage I had never tried anything other than a vibrator and an anal plug. He hadn't brought up any of these other possibilities as he considered me too prudish to respond favourably.

I couldn't help being a little sad that we had wasted so many years of our marriage by our lack of courage to talk more openly about our inner fantasies and desires. At this stage I was just grateful that I had read his magazines and unwittingly, by shaving my vagina and meeting him at the door a month ago without underwear, I had allowed him to express his fantasies far more openly. I realised that Cathy had a far more healthy and open attitude to sexual adventure than I did so I resolved never again to limit myself in the way I had for the last seven years of my marriage.

I coated Cathy's pubic area with flavoured syrup and carefully licked around her new piercing, even probing tenderly around her anus with my tongue.

"Let's see if we can all have some fun here?" Des suggested, pointing to his throbbing erection. He lay on his back, inviting me to mount him.

"Go on Barb." Cathy urged. "I can wait." Her eyes glistened with excitement. "You haven't tried Ken out in the rear yet?"

I looked at Ken and realised that I was being coerced into a four way situation that I wasn't sure that I could handle. I had butterflies racing in my tummy but I was determined not to let that prevent a new experience at this point.

"Why not?" I muttered, smiling at Ken uncertainly. "Be gentle then." Confirming my assent. "Just let me get comfortable first?"

With a degree of trepidation I lowered myself onto my husband, facing toward his head. There was no doubt that Des was excited by the idea of adopting Cathy's suggestion. Ken looked larger than normal, to me so I closed my eyes and leaned over Des's face and he began to tongue my nipples. Ken probed me with his index finger and I noticed that Des was moaning softly and increasing the activity with his tongue on my turgid nipples. I relaxed and let Ken ease his way gently inside my back passage, stretching my sphincter muscles to new limits until I was totally in ecstasy, with two eager members throbbing inside me. Cathy positioned herself to enjoy my first attempt to give oral sex to another woman while I was so fully engaged with both men. When we began to move in unison she had been the first to orgasm, shaking and quivering with delight as she indicated her approaching climax. Then, as she kissed me and Des erupted inside me, I enjoyed my longest and most fulfilling orgasm so far. With all the convulsive movement Ken spurted his hot juice deep inside my bottom at more or less the same time. His sperm soaked into my inner bowels and we lay there for at least half an hour afterward as all of us touched and kissed, pleasuring each other even further. My body tension had eased and I wondered why I had been so nervous about accepting the challenge. Cathy noticed the relief that I expressed.

"There, that wasn't so bad." She purred as she greedily attacked my tender nipples with her flicking tongue. "My turn as soon as I can, my sweet." She promised, gazing at me with adventurous eyes, filled with lust and a touch of envy.

We all showered together, talking easily among ourselves while we made coffee and sat down discussing the fulfilment that we had just experienced. It was hard to believe that we had only known each other for just a month. We finally slept, exhausted and sexually drained, all in the same bed. We had all experienced a very long and sexually active day.

I awoke finally at lunchtime to Ken's probing touch around my vagina and I signalled my readiness to resume intercourse with a passionate kiss. We were alone in the room. Cathy and Des were out in the main room, tidying or cooking. I was amazed at Ken's sexual appetite, only three years younger than Des, he had an amazing libido along with a strong athletic body. He just never seemed to quit.

As we walked out to the shower to clean up, Cathy remarked that she was glad he was still in good working order and that she hoped he wasn't wearing me down too much.

"Isn't he a treasure?" I giggled as I made my way past them.

I wondered to myself how Ken got through a day's work without sex. The man was a real stallion. I had never had so much sex in such a short time, ever before. I would be content to step aside when Cathy was fully recovered and able to service his needs, although I enjoyed his lovemaking more each time. I have to say that Ken was an amazing lover, slightly bigger than Des and even somewhat more skilful in his technique, but I was still equally satisfied with Des on an emotional level. His support had opened my eyes to the new pleasures that I was experiencing and his love was very important to me.

Any slight reservations that I had I felt when I talked to Cathy later about the sex between ourselves, were quickly put aside. We chatted as we normally did, and made little reference to last night's intimacy. She made only passing reference to the orgasm that she had experienced at my hands, very complementary and discrete, over the breakfast that she had made while I was showering with her husband.

I washed the bedclothes after breakfast, stained with baby oil from our activities. Luckily, we had the presence of mind during our encounter to put a sheet over the bed we had shared so as not to damage the expensive blankets.

Room service had come earlier, but we had called out telling them not to bother as we weren't dressed yet. We thanked them for asking but told them that we would take care of it ourselves. We worked as a team and soon had the place tidy and presentable. It was nearly 2pm by the time we had finished cleaning up after last night's sexual marathon. We checked out of the motel and packed the convertible's large roomy boot with all our gear.

We hired a gas Bar-B-Que and bought a heap of suitable meat on the way out to Rome. While Ken and Des had been getting the meat and arranging the hire Bar-B-Que, Cathy and I had paid Harold and Heather and he checked Cathy's clit ring. It had healed very well with no real complications. When asked, Cathy smiled and replied that she had no discomfort during any sexual activity and definitely had no vaginal intercourse as per Harold's instructions. Cathy allowed him to photograph his work and promised him she would be back to see him and his lovely wife again. This meant that we were free to travel back to the city either late Sunday or early Monday morning to avoid traffic delays.

We had invited the young group for an afternoon get together last night. It was extremely fortunate that we hadn't invited them for lunch. Cathy had cooked a magnificent breakfast and it had been lunchtime by then anyway.

As we drove past the rest area we tooted and waved to signal our arrival. Melissa, Darlene and Sue came with Tony, David and Cameron in Tony's station wagon. Jill and Greg came on the Jet Ski by water.

There was still three or four hours of daylight ahead so we planned to spend the rest of Sunday at Rome. I told Darlene that we had been to her parent's place and hadn't mentioned meeting her, leaving her free to mention it or not, as she wished. I deliberately hadn't mentioned the property purchase to her parents so she could tell them if she wanted to.

She was grateful for my discretion and we talked about the video project that I had in mind. She volunteered to participate very willingly once I told her that it wouldn't be marketed locally, but overseas. The other girls were enthusiastic about it too. Melissa was the youngest of them but told me that her 18th birthday was next week. Their young partners had no hang-ups about it either if it suited the girls to participate.

Jill, the other girl with nipple rings, even asked if I would need any others, as her older sister might be interested too. Caroline, Jill's sister, had done a lot of nude photography work in the last couple of years. I told her I would investigate the idea some more and probably start work on it next month.

Greg gave Ken instructions on driving the Jet Ski and allowed him to take Cathy for a spin on the lake. She came back looking flushed and suggested that I go out too. I jumped on the back with Ken and soon realised the reason for her excitement. I felt free to allow the vibration of the motor and the spray of water to stimulate my clit. I held onto Ken's strong supple body and had a tremendous orgasm as we rode along the water. I reached over to massage his penis at the same time and before long he was enjoying himself as much as I was. We went out further from the shore to recover our composure for the return trip. While we were on the way back I thought of Melissa and Tony and their mysterious absence yesterday, assuming that they had been having the same kind of fun. Another boat passed by on the way back and noticing that we were both naked, waved and yelled their encouragement as they passed by. This was as much fun as flashing truck drivers, only much safer.

We got back and Greg took Jill for another spin around the lake. Cathy gave me a knowing look and smiled. She had enjoyed her trip too. The afternoon was almost over when we all had our Bar-B-Que. Des looked comical, cooking sausages with an apron on and nothing else. I took a photo of him from behind, with people all around him as he passed out a plate of cooked meat. It was a classic shot and I resolved to get it enlarged for display in a prominent position on the kitchen wall at home.

Once the younger folk had packed up to return home we planned to turn the largest bedroom into our fun room with an extra large King-size bed so that we could all sleep together. After last night, we had all realised that it was much more fun to sleep in the same room.

We wished the electricity was on so that we could stay on in the house for longer but we moved the Bar-B-Que indoors and locked up the house. Before we left, we had another foursome with Cathy and I in the 69 position. Ken pushed his penis into my bottom with some difficulty and Des into Cathy's. It wasn't particularly practical but we all seemed to enjoy trying it anyway. It was a bit of a laugh and it forced my mouth closer to Cathy's genitals as Des thrust his penis forward.

It was the first time I had tasted another woman's juices, unmasked by flavoured syrup. It was different, but something that I could get used to over time. Nowhere near as unpleasant as I had once imagined.

We finally set off, after a swim to freshen us up and dressing for the return journey, putting the hood up to make Cathy and I more comfortable in the back seat. It was dark and the traffic light, so we made good time on the way back. We had all enjoyed the weekend and had discovered new aspects of our sexuality that had enhanced and strengthened our relationship. We were as close as four people could be. Des and Ken were completely comfortable with each other's partners and there was now no distinction between my making love with either or both of them together. At no point had there been any discord as yet, but both Cathy and I were determined to work out any argument that may arise in the future amicably and to the mutual satisfaction of us all.

I could hear Ken and Des talking as Cathy snuggled up against me and drifted off to sleep with her head against my right breast, like a baby, murmuring her satisfaction of the weekend events. I held her tightly and stroked her face. I drifted off to sleep, thinking of the adventures that lay ahead, with a contented smile.

To Be Continued...

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