tagSci-Fi & FantasyAdventures of the Cohort Ch. 01

Adventures of the Cohort Ch. 01


Mikael raised his sword quickly, parrying his opponent's vicious blow, before spinning to his left to dodge another. His foes spun, too, raising their own weapons as they readied another charge; one struck low, towards his knees, and the other went high. Mikael rolled sideways, avoiding both swipes, and swung out. One enemy crumpled as his magical blade cut upwards through its legs, slicing through steel armour.

He stood again, breathing heavily, and turned to face the remaining combatant. It mirrored his posture, and Mikael's mind raced as he tried to ascertain its next move -- understanding his enemy's strategy was often more important than knowing his own. With a flurry of movement it lunged towards him, and Mikael stepped to one side to deftly remove its head. He exhaled loudly as his enemy collapsed.

He sighed with relief, dropping his head back to gulp in air. This had been a hard training session, as testified by the numerous steel suits scattered around the room. The Cohort's training room worked on animated suits to represent foes, and they fought with conviction. Wooden swords were used by the mock-enemies to prevent serious harm should a combatant fall foul of their tactics, but a blow across the head still hurt. Mikael had been fighting seven of them to enhance his skills against multiple opponents, and had come out without a scratch.

He sheathed his swords and waved his hands. The suits instantly began to reform and retreat, settling eventually upon the far wall amongst others like them. Mikael regarded them a moment lined up like guards on a battlement, and decided that in his next session he would attempt to fight eight. Seven was too easy now.

He exited the room via the large wooden door and made his way to his bedroom. He reached it after a short walk and quickly changed into his regular clothing, deciding that he had done enough for the day. He had been studying theological texts in the library before training, too, and was now rather tired of work. What he really needed was some relaxation time.

Mikael concurred with this thought and left the room, grabbing an apple from his table as he went. Walking down the corridor to the relaxation area, Mikael bit into it, savouring its crisp, juicy flavour. He enjoyed the food here immensely, and as such he promised himself that he would always take some sort of fruit along with him wherever he went with the Cohort.

It had been a few weeks since he had completed his initiation, and they had been an enjoyable few weeks indeed. He had trained incessantly, and learned numerous new skills. The library taught him things about history he never thought he'd want to know, and Quintia and Melissa had taken it upon themselves to teach him a little about magic and medicine. After all, he represented those Aspects too, so why should they be weaker in him? Unsurprisingly he had proven to be quite the prodigy, and was quickly developing his burgeoning talent.

His other abilities had improved, too, and Mikael was more complete a warrior than he had ever been. And it was not just the warrior in him that was satisfied by this place, either. As had been promised during his initiation, the girls he shared this Sanctuary with were more than willing to be entertained by him, and he was more that willing to entertain them. He'd had more sex in the past three weeks than the previous four months, and it had not let up.

At length he reached the leisure area and entered it, smiling as he looked around. He loved this place; it truly was a paradise for relaxation. In this particular room were numerous comfy couches and a roaring fire, but other rooms were off to the sides. Mikael had not been in them all yet, but vowed that he would thoroughly indulge in each one eventually - he always found himself distracted by something before he could fully explore them.

And exploring was not what he would be doing today, either. He walked to the far side of the room and pondered where to go next; he wanted to relax, and he could go either to one of the Sanctuary's many balconies - resting whilst enjoying the stunning view - or he could go to the baths. After a moment, he decided that the water sounded more appealing, and he set off down the short corridor to the pools.

The baths were not truly baths in the sense that they were not hand made. They were instead a series of large pools heated by geothermal energies that resided in the bottom of a small cave. Openings in the ceiling provided the place with ample light, but there were lamp fittings, too, for the evenings. A large pool of tepid water existed if someone wanted to swim, but it was the smaller pool that Mikael had seen more frequently used. It was fairly large - easily enough to fit the Cohort into at once - and was warm but not hot; just above body temperature and thus extremely relaxing to be in. A small ledge enabled one to sit within it, although most occupants would either float or sit on the side.

It was this pool that Mikael decided to use as he walked down the corridor, his mind already enjoying the lapping of the water as he came to two small rooms about halfway down the hallway. They stood on either side of him, and he quickly entered the door to his left, eager to get ready to bathe.

As always, he was taken aback by the comfort contained within. It was bedecked in cloths and rugs, and it would have been a wonderful place to relax if so many other places hadn't also existed in the Sanctuary. Instead, it was used as an area to store one's things when they bathed. Modesty was not needed in the Sanctuary, and so it was not a changing room per se, but it was somewhere where a bather would put his or her items whilst they enjoyed the water.

Mikael undressed quickly and put his clothing in the corner. He stood and stepped out of the room, shutting the door behind him, before walking slowly down the rest of the corridor to the baths. He was looking forward to immersing himself in the wonderful warm water.

He stopped walking abruptly. Noises emanated from the baths as the cave opened out before him, and he froze to identify what was causing them. After a listening a moment, however, he relaxed, and a smile crept across his face. He edged forwards.

Kristine came into view, perched on the side of the pool. The blonde paladin's back was arched, thrusting her large breasts into the air, and a look of delight was spread across her angelic face. She was moaning loudly, and Mikael could not help but move slightly to see the cause of her ecstasy. A smile spread across his face as he noticed a head topped with wavy brown hair nestled between his Sister's thighs.

He stepped back into the shadows and watched Kristine and Melissa. Melissa's huge breasts were visible in the water as she bent over, her arms wrapped around Kristine's legs, caressing her stomach. Her head lightly moved as she licked Kristine's pussy, and the blonde gasped in pleasure at every movement of the medic's tongue.

Mikael slowly grew hard at the extremely erotic display before him, and it was all he could do not to walk in and join them. They could not see him, and though he was sure that they would not complain were he to suddenly appear, their sex was well underway and he did not want to disturb them. He leaned against the wall of the corridor as Kristine began to moan louder, nearing her orgasm.

She reached out with one hand, taking a firm grasp of Melissa's brown hair. Her hips had begun to buck, and she was pushing them firmly against the medic's face. Melissa did not relent with her assault, and Mikael could see her tongue as it probed her Sister's trembling snatch.

Kristine cried out loudly as she came, her eyes opening wide, flashing blue as they caught the light. Her back arched further and her long blonde hair fell down to the rock floor as she revelled in her orgasm, her eyes unfocused. She remained that way a moment, her mouth open, her body twitching as the last throes of rapture spasmed through it.

As Kristine's climax faded, Melissa lifted her head up and grinned. The stunning paladin looked down and smiled back, a glint in her eye as she slipped gracefully into the pool. She pressed herself against Melissa and the two kissed passionately, their breasts squashed together enticingly. Mikael once more resisted the urge to run forwards and join them as Melissa reached around Kristine's back, returning her lustful embrace. After a short while of ardent kissing, Kristine's hand fluttered downwards, reaching between her Sister's thighs and grazing Melissa's pussy. The medic broke the kiss and gasped as Kristine's fingers entered her waiting snatch, and Kristine smiled mischievously at the reaction.

The blonde beauty lowered her head and sucked one of Melissa's huge breasts into her mouth, her gaze intently focused on her Sister's deep brown eyes. Her fingers continued to work their magic between the brunette's legs, and Melissa moaned in pleasure at the attention being paid to her. Her hands raked Kristine's back as she whimpered in delight.

The gorgeous paladin switched breasts, reaching up with her free hand to grasp the wonderful mound. Her lips passed over the nipple, her teeth biting gently down upon it, and droplets of water fell from Melissa's body as she shook with ecstasy. The medic was breathing heavily, her right hand running through Kristine's beautiful blonde hair, her eyes glazed as the paladin's fingers slid into her pussy.

Kristine continued for a short while, her hands and mouth busy on Melissa's body, before reaching up and grabbing her Sister by the shoulders. She spun her round, and Melissa reached out and grasped the side of the pool, their eye contact never breaking. The brunette pushed herself out of the water into a sitting position, and Kristine reached out and grasped her huge breasts. She swiftly lowered her hands to Melissa's thighs, pushing them apart and grinning as the medic lay backwards, her arms straight and her hands spread. Melissa groaned as Kristine kissed her pussy lips, her groan turning to a loud cry as the blonde flicked her clit with her tongue.

Mikael watched as Kristine truly set to work, her fingers moving to her Sister's snatch and joining her tongue in its efforts. She caressed every inch of the brunette's pussy, her fingers probing the medic's entrance as her tongue swept over Melissa's clit. Melissa was trembling, her orgasm already close. They've been at this for a while, Mikael smiled, his cock twitching again.

Melissa's climax hit soon after, her deep brown eyes widening in pleasure as her hips bucked and her mouth hung open. She rode through the orgasm, a long loud groan escaping her lips as release washed through her, before eventually collapsing backwards onto the stone floor, breathing heavily. Kristine laughed and pulled herself up next to her Sister, running a finger leisurely over Melissa's breasts as they smiled at one another. Melissa pulled the blonde in for a kiss, and her Sister complied, leaning in and pushing her tongue into the medic's mouth.

Mikael watched them enjoying the afterglow of their climaxes, before deciding that his raging erection needed dealing with. He was not, however, willing to walk into the baths. Both of the girls were enjoying each other's company at the moment, and it would be rude of him to intrude.

He waited, weighing up rudeness to his incredible desire, before he finally realised that he'd rather they weren't disturbed. His Sisters came before his own personal need. He breathed deeply, replaying the sight of the two women enjoying their orgasms, and realised that he had to do something about his erection immediately. He stepped backwards softly, and turned, in order to quickly and quietly exit the baths.

He hurried silently along the corridor, holding his erection and rubbing it faintly. His desire was frantic, but he didn't want to just masturbate. That would be such a waste in a place full of women who would chastise him for it. He would hurry through the Sanctuary until he found another of his Sisters, he decided, and hoped that they would help relieve him. I probably won't even have to ask, Mikael laughed to himself, looking down at his erect cock.

He reached the side room where his clothes were being stored and wrenched open the door, turning as he did to swing it shut again. There he stood a moment, once more replaying the sex he had just watched, before spinning back around in order to walk in and dress.

As he strode into the room he froze, his heart skipping a beat before a grin spread across his face.

Lucinda was standing there.

"Afternoon," she said, her eyes dropping to stare at his member. "Looks like you've been busy."

Mikael smiled mischievously. "Actually, Kristine and Melissa were the busy ones; I merely watched from the shadows. Now I'm all worked up and in need of release."

Mikael watched as Lucinda smiled wickedly. She was stood there in her casual clothes, a light top and a skirt to her ankles. The clothes were loose-fitting, and though they disguised her wonderful figure they did allow a good shot of her magnificent cleavage. Her jet-black hair fell straight to the top of her ass, and her emerald eyes practically glowed in the early afternoon light.

"You only watched from the shadows?" she asked, her eyebrow rising. "May I ask why?"

"I didn't want to disturb them. They seemed perfectly content with each other."

Lucinda grinned. "Oh, Mikael, you don't need to worry about that. Would you mind if, say, you and I were fucking, and Quintia entered the room? I certainly wouldn't."

"I... guess not. No, I definitely wouldn't mind that."

"Then remember that. Perhaps you should return to the baths and join them."

"They've finished," Mikael said playfully. "So I need someone else to help me take care of... this." He motioned to his still-erect cock.

"Well, I suppose I might be able to help," she said, sauntering slowly towards him, her eyes roving his body.

"I certainly hope so, otherwise I might explode."

"And we wouldn't want that," Lucinda added as she reached him, her hands grasping hold of his. She leaned in closely, tilting her head to whisper in his ear. "Unless it's inside me, of course."

Mikael groaned and planted a passionate kiss on her lips, his hands moving around her waist. She returned it, her tongue pushing into his mouth and her arms encircling his neck. They stood like that for a moment, Mikael enjoying the feeling of her clothes against his naked skin and her tongue jostling in his mouth. His hands roved over her back, feeling her silky hair and her lovely ass.

Mikael lifted one hand to his Sister's cheek, stroking it gently as they continued to kiss. She pressed herself into him, her wonderful body evident through the thin fabric of her clothes, and Mikael could feel her large breasts against his chest. His other hand gently squeezed her ass.

After a short while Lucinda unhooked her arms and stroked her hands down Mikael's chest. They stopped just above his member, and she broke the kiss. Her emerald eyes stared into Mikael's and the corners of her mouth curled into a sensual smile as she slowly dropped to her knees.

"Now let's see what I can do about this..." she whispered.

Mikael gasped as her lips encircled the head of his cock, her tongue dancing along the tip and her mouth forming a slight vacuum. She slowly lowered her head further, taking more of his length into her mouth, and Mikael groaned again in delight. The feeling was utterly exquisite, and he voiced his pleasure as her left hand dropped to play with his balls. Lucinda pulled away and looked up at him with a wicked smile, her tongue beginning to lick up and down the length of his shaft, caressing every inch of his swollen cock. She would reach the tip, swirl around the head and then kiss down the sides again, her fingers still toying lightly with his balls.

"The... Gods..." Mikael moaned, placing his hand on her head. Lucinda giggled.

Once more she took his tip into her mouth, sucking lightly, and her right hand moved to pump up and down on his member. She slowly lowered her head again, and as she did so her hands left his cock to grasp the bottom of her shirt. She pulled the garment up, revealing first her toned and slender stomach, and then her large breasts. Mikael groaned approvingly at the sight, and Lucinda pulled her mouth from his member in order to pull the shirt over her head and toss it away. He bent forwards, running one hand over her smooth back, before reaching around and cupping one of her breasts. Lucinda moaned as he thumbed her nipple, and her left hand swiftly returned to his cock as her right slipped underneath the waist of her skirt. Her long black hair lay scattered over her back, almost reaching her feet as she knelt.

Mikael groaned again as she sucked hard on the tip of his cock, her tongue stroking the underside of his head. The movements of her arm told him that she was simultaneously playing with herself, as did the faint flush that started to creep over her beautiful face. Once again she kissed down the sides of his member, but more intently this time, her own desire inflamed by the work her hand was doing between her legs.

Lucinda's fist pumped faster and faster on Mikael's cock as her mouth devoured him ever more hungrily. He leant back against the wall, moaning loudly as the obsidian-haired rogue sent thrills through him. Her own breathing was heavy, her right arm matching the speed of her left as her eyes fluttered shut. She was clearly near release.

She came quickly, her hand becoming still on his cock and the vacuum lost as her mouth opened to moan softly. Her other hand ceased its movement between her legs and her eyes closed in pleasure as the orgasm trickled through her.

It was not particularly powerful, however, nor was it long-lasting. In a matter of mere seconds it had passed and Mikael suspected that, rather than satisfy her, its fleeting nature had only made Lucinda more voracious.

His suspicions were proven correct when Lucinda quickly sprang back to her feet, looking at him with animalistic hunger. She began to kiss him ferociously, pinning him against the wall, her green eyes glazed with pure lust. Mikael pulled her close again, running his hands down her naked back, before stroking them around to her magnificent breasts. He broke the kiss and lowered his face to suck one of her nipples into his mouth, his hands cupping the large mounds. Lucinda moaned and reached for her skirt, pulling it down her legs.

It dropped to the floor, and they were both naked. She placed her hands on Mikael's chin and pulled it upright, so that his face was once again level with hers.

"Lie down," she instructed, smiling.

Mikael gladly obeyed, stepping passed her and reclining on the plush rugs. They definitely made the room more comfortable, and he couldn't help but wonder whether that was actually their purpose. Knowing the activities of the Cohort, it wouldn't have surprised him. Before that thought could truly take hold, however, Lucinda had slid down on top of him, her hands and knees on the floor as she held herself above him.

She leaned down and kissed Mikael, and he responded, moving his arms to her back. He pulled her down to him, but she resisted, and as Mikael pulled away she grinned broadly.

"I have something far more fun in mind," she said, twisting round so that her face was mere inches from Mikael's throbbing member, and her pussy glistened enticingly above his head.

He did not need a second invitation, and before Lucinda could say another word he had wrapped his arms around her hips, pulling her ass down so that he could assault her snatch with his tongue. Lucinda gasped and arched her back as Mikael began to fervently devour her; it was the rogue's turn to be pleasured. He licked around her pussy lips awhile, kissing them lightly before sweeping his tongue over her clit. He raised his hands to stroke her ass as she moaned, before pushing a finger inside her eager snatch. She delighted in it, her cry of ecstasy swiftly followed by another as Mikael thrust one more finger into her depths. He moved them slowly in and out as his tongue caressed her clit, her juices flowing down his wrist. His other hand roved over her back and ass, and he could see that his attentions were having the desired effect on Lucinda.

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