Africa Safari


"No. No White girls here. I have not seen a White woman since... " the chief thought carefully. "Not for many years anyhow." He finished, lamely.

"None of your people have heard of a White girl being taken by neighbouring villages?" he asked, wearily.

The chief shrugged, then called out the question to those surrounding them. There was a chorus of negative responses, then one man, who had been out hunting, trotted into the village with his catch of snakes and overheard.

"You wish to know of a White woman with the Bantu?" he asked.

"You know something?" Joe asked, eagerly.

The man looked at the chief, who shrugged.

"There is a White woman at Retewq." He said.

"For how long?"

"Not long. A few days. She is very sweet to look upon, though skinny. Her hair is an odd shade."

"That sounds like her!" Joe gasped.

"Is she one of your's? She has a strange appetite."


"They say she must receive a man's organ very often or else she suffers pain."


"That is what they say." the man shrugged.

"Where is Retewq?"

"Not far. Only a half day's journey north."

"You can not set out now. You would arrive after dark and be shot by the sentries." The chief said. Joe looked at his watch and realized that was the truth.

"You stay with us the night. I have to lovely daughters to offer you." the Chief beamed, throwing his arms around the giggling young women as they looked shyly at Joe.

"Well now. That's right kind of you, Chief." Joe grinned.

He stayed with the girls that night, surprising himself by taking both twice. Like most of the African girls' he'd had, they were astonished at his foreplay, and would probably be more than a little displeased with their next lovers.

After a hard day's march, he arrived at the environs of Retewq. As at the previous village, he was challenged and then welcomed into the village. He trotted in behind the young sentry, wading through a small stream and then climbing a low hill at the edge of a clearing.

He stopped suddenly, attracted by something moving only a few feet away. His eyes opened wide as he peered around a bush. There she was! Mandy was on her hands and knees, her legs apart and a look of satisfaction on her face. A dark skinned Bantu warrior knelt behind her, his cock plunging back and forth in her cunt.

The man felt Joe's eyes on him and looked up. He smiled and waved.

"She will be free for your use in a few moments, Stranger, should you want her."

"Uh, thank you." Joe stammered, watching the man, matter of factly return to his fucking. Mandy didn't even look up. Her eyes were closed and her jaw hung low. Her fat breasts were swinging back and forth beneath her as she humped her ass back against the man's plunging cockstrokes.

"This way, Joe-boss." his young guide gestured. Joe took a last look at the odd scene and followed him up the path to the village. A short time later he was explaining his journey again to the local chief, stressing the many Pounta he'd killed to reach here.

In the midst of the explanation, Mandy walked past, naked, her arms laden with hides. She didn't notice him again, her shoulders slumped and her eyes on the ground.

"We did think it strange, she was out on her own." The Chief admitted, glaring at Mbinga.

"I was very close by, Chief. If your man hadn't been on a swift river, I'd have caught up long since."

"Still, the matter is out of my hands." The Chief shrugged. "You may kill Mbinga for stealing the woman, but she has been properly sold to Lunga, who bought her not knowing of any prior ownership. If you want her back, you will have to buy her from Lunga or kill him."

Joe looked at the one called Lunga without a great deal of encouragement. The guy was huge!

"I'm sure we can work something out." He said.

"That is between the two of you. For now, you are an honoured guest." He gestured at the woman and food was brought. Joe sat down, knowing he had to observe the amenities first.

He ate gladly, sick of dried food. During the meal, which Lunga shared, Mandy came out from a hut and Lunga called to her. He had her serve him, looking at Joe challengingly, then slapped her on the behind, setting her cheeks jiggling as she moved on some errand.

After dinner, he moved quickly to Lunga, who nodded and tuned, gesturing to his hut. Joe followed him across the village until the big man sat down on a rough stool in front of the hut. Joe sat down next to him as one of the man's wives brought water.

They both sipped the water, a nominal welcome to his home, then Joe settled down to business.

"I hope this skinny, weak woman has not been a burden on you, Lunga." he said.

"No. No burden at all. I have enjoyed her love-tunnel enormously. It is very tight and friendly."

"Yes. That is true. Still, she can surely not compare to your wives."

Since his wives were standing behind him, Lunga could hardly disagree.

"Being as weak as she is, she will not long survive in Retewq."

Lunga frowned and one of his wives prodded him with her fingers.

"See. I told you."

"Shut up, woman."

"She is, as you can tell, of little real use in chores." Joe said, playing to the women. "She knows nothing about cooking or cleaning or any of the womanly duties."

"She gives a man a long hard ride." Lunga growled. "This is a woman's first duty."

"True. True. Still, in a very few days she will waste away until she sickens and then dies. Then all your money will be gone and you will have nothing to show for it."

"Why do you want her if she is so sickly?" Lunga demanded.

"Well, I will take her back to her people, where she will not sicken. There she will be happy and healthy once more."

"Woman. Come here." Lunga called into the hut. Mandy emerged a moment later and Lunga pulled her down to her knees beside him. His hands stroked her head, as if petting a dog, then cupped her breasts and squeezed them.

"And how much will you give me for this worthless woman?" he asked.

"I hear from Mbinga that you paid two goats for her." Joe said. Lunga frowned and glared across the village towards the man.

"This is true." He admitted.

"I do not have any animals with me, of course." Joe said. "But I do have the government paper that you can exchange for livestock with others."

Lunga nodded. He knew about money. Some of the villagers had been to the city, or to the farming towns not far south of the river.

"And how much of this paper will you give me?" he asked, stroking Mandy's breasts and belly.

"I will give you enough to purchase three goats." Joe said.

"Three goats. That is a low for one skinny woman."

"Yes, I know. But I can see that Lunga is a great warrior, and he deserves a high price."

"My women have spent many hours training this female in woman's duties. That is now wasted." Lunga observed.

"Ahh, but three goats. Think of what you may trade for that."

"Not as much as four goats."

"Four goats! That is too high a price for this one."

"Not for a man who has come so far and been to so many villages in search of her." Lunga observed shrewdly.

"You are a very smart man, Lunga." Joe sighed. "I will have to see if I have enough money." He pulled out his wallet and carefully counted the money in there, knowing how much he had but putting on a show. Finally he sighed and looked up glumly.

"You take the very food from my mouth, Lunga." he protested.

"Ahh, but such fine skin and soft flesh is worth it." Lunga smiled, sliding his hand down between Mandy's legs and squeezing her crotch. They had been talking in Bantu, of course. Mandy had never even looked at him during the conversation, her dull eyes staring at the ground.

Now she groaned low in her throat and arched her back, pushing her crotch forward. Joe watched in disbelief as she rubbed her pussy back and forth across Lunga's motionless hand, her eyes closed.

"See how much she wants my manhood?" Lunga's teeth gleamed. "Never have I met a woman like her. In truth, it is proving time consuming to satisfy her. She gets little done since she is always on her knees."

"Then we have a deal?"

Lunga looked regretfully at Mandy, who was still humping against his hand in slow, grinding movements, her head rolling around weakly.

"I will miss the tightness of her love hole." He sighed. "But we have a deal." He spit on his hand and held it out. Joe did the same and they shook hands.

Part Six

Joe handed the money over to Lunga, who gave Mandy's crotch a final squeeze, then took his hand away.

"She is your's." he said, eyeing the money dubiously. He knew what it could bring, but didn't really like the stuff. He looked back at Mandy, who was still humping slightly, he own hands coming down to her crotch.

"She is in need again." he observed. "I do not envy you having to return with her on your own. Perhaps I should accompany you so you are not overly tired by her."

"I'll manage." Joe assured him.

"So you say, yet she is obviously in need here. Will you not relieve her?"


"You may use my hut." He said, generously. He clapped his hands and one of his fat wives lifted Mandy to her feet and led her inside. Joe tried to think of a way of avoiding it, knowing the girl would probably be pissed off when she regained her senses, but couldn't find any alternative.

Where the Bantu had come to the conclusion that Mandy needed a rodding every so often, he couldn't guess, but they'd think him a poor master if he left her in pain.

He sighed and followed the girl into the hut, where the fat woman was placing her on her hands and knees. Mandy assumed the position eagerly, spreading her legs apart and raising her ass into the air. Joe's cock gave a lurch as he eyed her naked crotch and it's glistening fuck-hole.

He got to his knees behind her, his hands slowly running across her taut ass flesh. "Oh well." He said to himself. He opened his pants and drew out his bulging cock, pointing it at Mandy's cunt sheath. "Well, baby. I told you I'd ream you out after I got my hands on you. I just didn't think it would really happen so literally."

He pressed his cockhead against her tightly closed cuntlips and she moaned in response, pushing back against him. He had no idea what had happened to her mind since he'd last seen her, but figured she'd probably be seeing a shrink for the rest of her life.

He pressed his cock between her lips, forcing them open, then thrust forward, driving his cock deep into her cunt tube with a single stroke. Her chest swelled suddenly at a quick intake of breath, then she arched her back and almost purred in pleasure.

He pushed forward, jamming his cock fully into her tight, warm fuck hole until his balls rested against her. His hands slid up and down her sides, from her hips to her armpits, then up onto her shoulders. He ground himself into her, twisting his cock around inside her.

Then he drew slowly back, his hands sliding under her and squeezing her round tit meat. He began to fuck her, using slow, even strokes, using the full length of his cockshaft as he rode back and forth in her belly.

Lunga came in while he was rutting her and watched nonchalantly. Joe was used to the ease with which these people treated sex, but he was still bothered at the audience. Still, Mandy's box was stroking against his shaft with too much pressure and heat for him to pause.

He thrust into her again and again, his cock sliding in and out of her pierced fucklips as he rode her like a bitch dog. His hips moved faster and faster, sending his cock pounding down the tight silky fuck-tunnel to the bottom.

He felt his sex juices bubbling around in his crotch and knew he would cum soon. He knew that Mandy was on the verge of cumming too, and had to wait until then, otherwise the Bantu watching would think him weak. He clenched his jaw as he fucked into her, pressing his cock downward against her clit.

He slid his hand down beneath her, stroking her belly, then sliding it in between her legs to manipulate her clit. She gave a loud gasp and redoubled her own pounding movements, sending her ass slapping back against his thrusting cock-rod.

Then she came, arching her back and shaking her head from side to side as she gurgled in pleasure. Her body shook and trembled as the orgasm blasted through her and her cunt clenched and unclenched around Joe's stabbing cock.

She drew him in tight and his cum spewed out into her belly, bubbling down her fuck tunnel to her cervix and on into her womb. His fingers gripped her hair, drawing her head backwards as he bit deep into the side of her throat and sucked hard.

Finally he stopped and pulled his softening cock out of the sagging girl's sheath.

"Would you mind if I rode her a final time?" Lunga asked deferentially. His cock was sticking straight out from his crotch and Joe was amazed at the sight of it. To turn him down would be considered awfully unfriendly.

He waved and nodded, crawling a few feet away and sitting down. Lunga quickly knelt behind Mandy and held his enormously thick cock in his fist. Joe stared at it in awe as it pushed against Mandy's crotch hole. If that was what she'd been getting for the past week, no wonder she was insensible.

He watched in stunned amazement as her cuntlips spread wider and wider to engulf the massive organ. Then it slid into her, inch by inch by inch, until Lunga's belly was pressed against Mandy's sweet round teenaged ass. Joe shook his head slowly, wondering where she'd found room for it all.

Without preamble, Lunga began to pump into her. His strokes were powerful and savage, his body hammering into Mandy's ass cheeks relentlessly. The girl shivered and shook and bucked like a bronk ready to throw it's rider. She groaned and grunted and shook as another cum roared through her.

Joe watched her eyes roll back in her head, watched her body stiffen, then shake and shudder repeatedly. He watched Lunga's gigantic cock rutting brutally into her slit, spearing her with it's immense size and brutal force. His own cock stiffened again.

Ignoring her orgasm, Lunga continued to ride her, rodding his fat cock back and forth, driving it deep into the young woman's belly as he drove his hips in and out. After long minutes of fucking, Mandy came again, this time grunting in almost animal like madness.

Lunga jammed his cock deep within her quivering body and held still. Joe could imagine the fat wads of cum blasting into the girl's belly as Lunga came. Mandy whined and yowled like a stuck cat, then her head and body began thrashing madly.

Lunga pulled his cock back slowly, a look of satisfied bliss on his face. He held it for a moment, then drove deep into her body again, almost lifting her from the ground. He did it a second time, then a third. Finally, he pulled out, leaving Mandy to sag to the ground, almost unconscious.

The Bantu found a native skirt and hide top for the girl, and gave Joe the hide slippers they'd made her. Joe left the village, waving behind at the villagers as he led Mandy forward, the rope around her throat.

Out of sight of the village, he untied the rope, then, reconsidering, slid it around her narrow waist and retied it, afraid she'd wander off. They journeyed for a few miles before stopping.

"Mandy." he said, in english.

She looked up dull eyed.

"Remember me? Joe?"

Mandy continued to stare at him.

"I'm going to bring you back to your mother and father."


"Your mother and father. Do you understand me?"

She nodded.

"Say something then." he said, in exasperation.

She didn't say anything.

"Mandy? You remember who I am?"

"J... J... J... Joe?" she whispered.

"That's right, babe. Andy your name's Mandy."

"Mandy." she said, cocking her head.

"My name is Mandy."

"I know that, girl." He sighed and opened his canteen, swigging several mouthfuls of water.

"J... Joe?"

"Uh, huh."

"You're going to take me home?"

"That's right honey."

"To my mother and father?"

"Uh, huh."

"Not to the big man?"

"Nope. Forget him. You won't see him again."

"Or the other men?"

"I'll take you to your father and then you can go home to California."

"California." she said, wonderingly.

Her eyes were blinking repeatedly.

"I'm tired." she said, at last.

"Well, we'll be at the next village around noon." You can have a nap then.

They didn't make it nearly that far though. Joe wasn't thinking about how weak the girl was. They only made it a half dozen miles before they had to rest. During the rest, she fell asleep, and he figured they might as well camp and eat.

He woke her up to eat some dried food, then let her fall asleep again. "Probably good for her." he muttered, somewhat impatiently.

She slept most of the afternoon. They made a few miles before dusk, then she ate, exhaustedly and fell asleep again, sleeping until after dawn, when he woke her up. It was the first night's sleep she'd had in days, though Joe didn't know it.

She didn't talk much during the trip back to the other village, mostly just responding to his questions if he asked them. Still, at least she was responding.

She was reluctant to enter the village, but moved forward at once when he glared and raised his voice. They ate with the Chief, who eyed the girl with interest.

Joe decided to leave the village, rather than spend the night. He knew he'd have to offer her to the Chief if they stayed and wasn't sure if that would send her back into her bleak dullness.

A dozen miles outside the village, they stopped and Joe let her sleep again, cursing the delay. He kept careful watch as she slept away much of the afternoon. Then woke her and continued on until it was dark.

Now back in the heart of Pounta country, he didn't want to stay on the ground. He lifted her into the tree and tied her to a branch, then settled down himself and slept soundly.

After a couple of days straight travel, they had reached a roadway and were walking south on it, hoping someone would come by and give them a lift. Mandy had regained her senses, though she seemed strangely agreeable, for her, and not very spirited.

Since he'd never had the occasion to be with a woman who'd just been subjected to repeated rapes over a number of days, Joe wasn't sure what to do or say. After some time though, she finally voiced what seemed to be bothering her the most.

"I just don't understand." she said.


"I... Well... You wouldn't understand."

"Try me."

"I don't understand how I could do that."

"Huh? How you could do what?"

"You weren't there. You didn't see me." she groaned, shaking her head.

"See you doing what?"

"Promise not to tell my parents?"

"I promise."

"I was... I was a total slut!"

"A... "

"I was a nympho from hell! I screwed like I was crazy!" Her eyes were wild as she stared at him in disbelief.

"You have no idea how many times I came, how I acted, and the things I said!"

"Well, I'm sure..."

"No, no!" she shook her head. "You don't understand! I wanted them to do it! Not at first, but then, oh how I wanted it! How I groaned and wiggled and waved myself in their faces to get them to fuck me! Especially that giant man!"


"Was that his name?" she asked, wonderingly. "I never knew. All I knew was that he had this huge, big cock and I wanted it in me!"

"You were exhausted and beaten down. You hadn't eaten or slept..."

"But I knew it was wrong! I couldn't' help myself! I wanted his cock! I wanted all their cocks!"

"I ain't no shrink, Mandy. But what's wrong with wanting a good screw?"

"But they're savages!"

"They were men."

"Savages." she shook her head. "And I rutted with them like a complete slut, like a bitch in heat!"

"I don't think that's any big crime."

"You didn't see me." she repeated.

"Well, with a cock that big..."

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