tagLoving WivesAimee's Amorous Adventures Ch. 02

Aimee's Amorous Adventures Ch. 02


I booked a cruise on a Windjammer cruise ship in the British Virgin Islands. The boat had about 150 people on board and I'm sharing a cabin with three other women. During the first morning on shore, before we boarded, I got to know them and they are all fun, young at heart, sexy and range in age from 25 - 41. I had an immediate bond with Tricia (41, big breasts, blonde, sensual) she is really attractive and seems to get my juices flowing so easily. I found this so confusing, until last week, I'd never even considered the thought of another man let alone a woman! Donna (blonde, tall, curvy, full breasted 32) and Lisa (25, Bi, slim, redhead, short, sexy firm breasts, freckled and self admitted to being really horny to meet a woman) are the other two in our cabin.

So I head off for a welcome aboard drink (and nine more) with Tricia and we got really well acquainted, very quickly. By the time I'd finished my second Daiquiri, I'm aching to kiss this woman, her full mouth was irresistible and I've never kissed a woman this way in my life. Is this what's been missing in my life? Our fifth set of drinks arrives and I'm feeling quite tipsy and I realize my thong is completely soaked! I've been imagining Tricia's breasts in my hands and mouth, my fingers tracing her thong and tickling her nether lips through her thong. I excuse myself to the head/bathroom to inspect my panties and my pussy. I know one is wet and the other aching for attention. I just get the door closed on the "head" when someone knocks on the door.

"It's being used, I'll be out in a moment," I say.

"It's me, Tricia. I want to freshen up while you are using the head; all the other ones are lined up. Seems everyone is drinking lots!," Tricia replies.

I quickly open the door and let her in. I lift up my skirt and slip down my thong, embarrassed by the fact that it's completely soaked with my honey but turned on by Tricia's presence, as she's the one who caused the flood. She is bent over the sink as she inspects her eye for something in it. I notice how short her skirt is and that she isn't wearing any panties. As I'm staring at her pussy, her sweet ass seems to be slowly pushing out towards my gaze and her skirt starts creeping up her thighs, over her sexy ass cheeks. I realize I'm completely fixated with her ass and smooth pussy lips. Her pussy is shaved clean, I'd considered doing that too (should have gone for the full Brazilian wax)! I'll have to ask her how it feels and how .....

I realize she is staring back at me in the mirror. I've been caught staring at a woman's pussy!

"Like what you see?"

Tricia turned around and sat on the edge of the sink, her skirt over her hips and her smooth pussy bare and pink was in front of my face. Her nether lips were slightly open and a drop of oozing honey was just starting to run down to her rosebud. She casually wiped it up with a finger and offered it to my open mouth. I tasted her honey and I came almost instantly. My tummy was aching and my vagina was quivering with feelings I'd never felt before. I leaned forward and kissed her smooth mound and tasted my first pussy. My pussy was on fire and contracting as I slid my tongue down between her lips and flicked her clit.

So this is what a pussy tastes and feels like, I was hooked! I sucked greedily at her lips and slid off the john and onto my knees in front of her. She sat up on the counter, pulled her knees up and held her legs open so I had full access to her pussy. I pulled back and stared. I'd never seen another pussy this close before. Her outer lips were flushed red with excitement, her inner lips pouted out slightly past her smooth outer lips. Her pussy was beautiful. Tricia reached down and pulled her lips apart and up so her swollen clit was exposed.

"Run your tongue around my clit, slowly and softly," she groaned. Her honey was starting to run down the crack of her ass, I licked it up and ran my tongue softly around her clit as she shuddered in pleasure. I continued to circle her clit and with-in a minute, she started to come. Her taught tummy was arched out, her hips bucked against my face as she started to moan loudly.

"I'm coming, Fuuuuucccckkk meeeeee!" she screamed as her pussy started to flow with her sweet juices. I licked feverishly at her clit and slid a finger into her throbbing cunt. She bucked against my hand hard and was panting loudly as she finished coming. I stood up and kissed her deeply, my face covered in her sweet juices, my thighs soaked with my own.

We adjusted our clothing and touched up our lips, and stared at each other, grinning madly like two little kids! I had lost my virginity for the second time and it was fabulous. I hung my wet thong on the towel rack. We both laughed at the thought of the look on the face of the next patron of the head when they discovered my wetness left behind. We opened the door to two very handsome guys, who seemed to be anxious to use the head until they realized what we had been doing. Talk about dogs in heat. Well, we were a pair of cougars in heat and the dogs were on our scent!

We returned to our table and ordered fresh drinks, this time champagne, to celebrate my new found passion -- pussy!

Tricia asked me to be her sex-slave (in training) for the cruise. Given my lack of sexual activity or any kind of erotic sex or interest from anyone other than my vibrator, I readily accept.

That first night we all have a few glasses of wine and are sitting up on the deck enjoying the sunset and the male crewmember's members. They all seem to be well hung and very attentive to our needs as guests (all four of us). Tricia took control and suggested they we (4) all go to the cabin and figure out what kind of sexy, revealing outfits we can trade with each other to get some hard cock in your eager pussy! Tricia's mission was to get her slave fucked at least ten times a day, 7 men & 3 women (she was Bi and would enjoy all takers too).

At the cabin the other girls are quick to strip down to thongs and start trading clothes. Tricia pulls out my bottle of vanilla scented pheromone oil and suggests we all put some on, to get the men's attention quicker. As I know where to put the oil, I had you three stand in front of me, one at a time, to be oiled. I slowly rubbed the oil on the under side of each breast, the high inside of your thighs and behind your ears and the back of your neck. The scent is intoxicating and we all now need to rub the oil into each other to make it more active, it mixes with your skin oils to really work.

Soon they were are all rubbing my body from head to toe and my G-string was now soaking wet, my pelvis was rocking slowly to their touch and my nipples are hard and erect! I got out four sets of nipple rings and had each of the girls put the rings each other. You need to suck on the nipples to get them really hard, and then slip the ring over the nipple. They keep your nipples hard all the time and the make my pussy ache and ooze for attention. They keep my really horny when I wear them and men love to see my hard nipples poking through my tops.

Nipple sucking soon turns into pussy rubbing and now all four of us are entwined in each other sucking and kissing and moaning and coming.

Tricia breaks the news and announces to the girls that I am officially the cabin sex slave, for the duration of the cruise, and they have make sure that we have someone fuck her every hour of the day, starting now. Tricia pulls out a 10-inch vibrator and tells the girls that they are to work my pussy with it while I suck Tricia's clit until she squirts honey all over my face and breasts.

Tricia straddled me with her smooth lips over my mouth as the girls work the dildo in and out of my swollen pussy lips. I start having a string of multiple orgasms and now Tricia tells them to use Her G spot vibrator on me to make me start to squirt. They are fascinated watching Tricia's pussy squirt all over me when she comes and they start working feverishly on my aching pussy, sucking my clit while the other slides the vibrator in and out of my pussy. Tricia holds my face tightly into her pussy by two hands full of my sweaty hair. My screams of orgasm are muffled in her wet pussy as I come over and over, and suddenly I start groaning deeply and heaving as I have my first really big g-spot orgasm, squirting my honey onto Donna's face and all over the dildo.

We continued playing and pulled two double mattresses onto the floor and made a play area so we all could play with each other all night. When we woke up in the morning, we had 4 naked bodies all covered in each others honey and sweat, we all showered and started to try and dress in each other's clothes. The three of them decided that we would dress me in as little as possible; they needed me ready, wet and accessible. So Donna and Lisa put one of Lisa's shortest skirts in white cotton and her tiniest Wicked Weasel white (sheer when wet) bathing suit top on me. Her top, was an "A" cup size and didn't contain my "C" cup breasts very well, my nipples were barely covered!

They carefully rubbed Vanilla oil on my inner thighs and freckled breasts and then they all slowly fucked my pussy with the pink dildo until I came for each of them. Even after all three of them, my pussy (which seemed to be a sex-mad cunt, now I understand where it is appropriate to call it a cunt, a hungry, dirty minded sex-craving pussy is a cunt) wanted more. Then they dressed me and had me bend over so they could see how easily my pussy lips appeared and I had to learn hoe to sit properly (knees always open) then they made me walk back and forth like a model for them, rubbing my thighs up high when I walked. I just realized why models walk that way, what a turn-on, every step rubs your lips together. I could feel my pussy getting wet, turning into a hungry cunt again.

They then informed me what I had to do at breakfast. I was to make sure that I sat on at least two guys' bare thighs and let my wet pussy lips slide on their leg and then apologize for the fact that I can't stop my pussy from being wet and I never wear panties. Then I was to slowly lick my honey off their leg while bending over, exposing my bare ass and newly shaved lips to my masters. If I didn't do it, I would be punished after breakfast. Being a horny slave, who loves to be punished, I pretended that I was too shy and only sat on one guy's knee. I couldn't wait to see what my punishment was going to be. So after breakfast they took me to the room for my punishment, I was so wet in anticipation!

Once they had me in the room, they stripped me naked and cuffed my hands to the window rail with my ass facing the room and I was looking out the window onto the gangway. Should be a nice view, anyway!

They opened the drapes and window. Lisa and Donna went up on deck to find a couple of guys to help with the punishment. Tricia tied a blindfold over my eyes and prepared something for my punishment.

"What are you doing?" I asked. I was now nervous, scared but most importantly sexually charged with excitement. My pussy was screaming "Feed me, use me, lick me abuse me," I was incredibly turned on!

"If I want you to speak, I'll tell you. The next time you open your mouth, it will be filled with hard cock!" Tricia roared at me. I could feel the honey starting to run down my thighs, my gut was wrenching, my pussy aching.

Donna had returned with two hungry guys, both had at least 10-inch cocks that were incredibly thick! One was built like a football player, tall wide framed, very muscular and Swedish blond looks, a hunk. The other guy was lean and mean looking. He had that other side of the street look, tattoos and long wavy hair and wild dark eyes. Tricia had them strip, inspected their cocks with her skilled hands and mouth and told them to each massage one of my breasts and an ass cheek while she coated their cocks with her saliva first.

"I love to deep throat men," she said then she coated them with lubricant. They then took turns sliding their huge cocks into your asshole while Tricia sucked my aching clit and fucked my hungry cunt with the dildo. Just when I thought I was really filled with fun, Lisa was outside the window.

"Hi, baby. Guess what Lisa brought home for you to play with." She had returned with another guy who slid his now freshly sucked, hard cock into my mouth through the open window. I reached around his hips and felt his hard muscular ass as he thrust his hard cock into my mouth. I tilted my head and leaned forward to get his cock right down my throat. As I let him down my throat he groaned with pleasure and grabbed a handful of my hair and bobbed my head on his cock. He gripped tighter as he began to pump thick spurts of hot come down my throat.

""That looks like fun, where do I sign up?" Said a guy as he walked past my busy mouth. Suddenly I realized I was completely exposed through the open window to all who walked past. What a turn on!

I had two cocks and a dildo in me, and Tricia's tongue on my clit when I started to squirt wildly as I had my fifth or sixth orgasm. After the two guys had both come in my ass, they changed condoms and started fucking Lisa and Donna while I finished sucking off the guy through the window. Little did I know that they had 7 more guys waiting at the window for me to suck off? The blindfold stayed in place and I had no idea who all had fucked me or who I blew! It wasn't even 11 o'clock and 10 guys had come in me and three woman had sucked me off! God I love condoms and I now worried if 24 were enough for four days on this cruise.

Next, they un-cuffed me and laid me onto the play pad. They had the three biggest cocks stay and the girls had them shower. Then they took turns sucking on their cocks until the guys were aching to come. They were instructed by Tricia to lie down around you. These eager guys did exactly as told! One slid into my pussy from in front, one slid into my ass from behind and the other put his huge cock up to my lips and I hungrily slurped at his thick cock. I could barely get it into my mouth it was so thick. This guy was not having me anally! Here I was on my first trip solo (no boring hubby), I'd never had anything but monogamous, hetro sex and I'd been fucked up the ass by two guys (it hurt for an orgasm, then I couldn't get enough) and have made out with three different woman, at the same time, been gang banged by how many guys? I truly believe I found my destiny; house wife by day, an insatiable Bi-slut by night? I had to sort out my feelings and quick.

Hubby didn't seem to exist!

Gary Indiana was where?

Part-time job at the Safeway?

All that was so far from my reality now, how could I work this out with hubby? Maybe this isn't happening to me, it's a dream. If I open my eyes it will be gone. It is a blindfold and that is a cock in my hand, a really huge cock. I wonder what color it is?

Oh well, back to the present, who cares, I'm coming again!

GOD! It feels so good to come.

The girls were now really horny and they joined the guys and started pumping their cocks and all three of them came all over my heaving body as Tricia fucked my cunt with the dildo and fingered your clit. I kept coming, orgasm after orgasm. I was insatiable. The guys were finished so we kicked them out and the girls led me to the shower, took off my blindfold and washed and scrubbed my tired but craving body clean and laid me on the play pad. I was told I had to wear the blindfold whenever they had some else fuck me or play with me, so I never know, when we were out on deck, which had fucked me or had their way with me! The thought of it made my pussy start to ooze again.

They took moisturizer and all three of them lavished my body with attention as they rubbed my responsive body down and massaged every inch of me. I didn't realize that a toe massage made me so horny! They then dressed me in my uniform; the white skirt and bathing suit top and took me by the hand to the couch.

Tricia read my instructions to me as Lisa and Donna watched me sitting, wide eyed and excited.

My instructions were as follows: I must get 20 pictures of my bare breasts and pussy with three other women's bare breasts and pussies before dinner or be punished again. I had to meet at least three new women. This time though you would be punished on deck, tied to the mast and the rest would be a surprise.

I was terrified, how do I pick-up woman? I barely knew how to meet a man; hell I had only slept with 3 men before yesterday! Now I had to get 3 other women to expose themselves with me! In front of a camera! I hope the punishment will be as fun as the last, 'cause I don't think I'll pull this one off.

Suddenly the men in shorts seemed easy to do! It was going to be a busy day! I thought I took this cruise to get away and relax. Apparently my other lips were now doing the talking and they loved their new look, couldn't wait to show themselves to everyone!

Tequila to the rescue! Shit, I've never drank tequila let alone straight tequila, and before lunch! Fuck it; I'm going to do this. I accept the challenge. Actually it has me oozing honey, again. I need some bees (LOL) to keep me clean.

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