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All Hallows' Eve


This is my entry in the 2012 Halloween Contest. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please take a moment to vote for it (just once, thanks!) Comments are appreciated.

~ ~ ~

Chapter 1

John lived for one purpose. To love his wife Jill, passionately, without reserve.

He placed his arm around her waist from behind, softly caressing her hips. His wife never failed to turn him on, even when she was preparing their evening meal.

She smiled back at him, "After dinner, darling. We can have another try for that baby."

"Looking forward to it." John kissed her on the neck, gently pushing her shirt aside so his lips could touch her soft flesh, inhale her sweet perfume. That perfume! It always did it for him. She made it herself to a secret recipe, using some crushed flowers from their garden. That, combined with her natural scent was an incredible aphrodisiac. He found it hard to resist it. He couldn't resist it. His hands wandered from around her waist, higher, to in front of her, up inside her shirt.

Jill sighed and put down the knife she was using to cut up the pumpkin. She loved John very much and was accustomed to him getting excited as soon as he touched her. It was very endearing. She knew she didn't have to do much yet, but putting the knife down made it less likely there would be an unfortunate accident. She bumped back into him, felt his hard cock pressing against her.

His hands responded by moving up to her firm breasts, cupped them, circled her nipples. John's own masculine scent had the same effect on Jill, as hers did to him. Jill was desperate to get pregnant, having John's baby would complete their family, she just knew it. She never discouraged any attempt by John to get himself into her, his sperm into her, those cute little sperm swimming vigorously upwards inside her, to make that baby.

This was the right time of month, she had been checking the calendar. Half-way until her next period. With luck she could get him inside her before dinner, and again later on. "Let's go to bed, Johnny darling," she suggested.

"Here will be fine," John replied, feeling even more aroused now. His hands lifted her skirt up, pushed her panties down. His breathing became ragged.

"Why not?" she thought. "As long as he is inside me." She turned around to face him, feeling hot and wet. She dragged him over to the kitchen table, lay on top of that with her legs apart. It didn't take John long to slip it into her, and pump away like crazy. She felt the hot wetness of his sperm inside her. Maybe tonight the baby would start. Maybe.

~ ~ ~

Chapter 2

The baby was not conceived that month, to their disappointment. Well never mind, next month. Meanwhile they would fuck themselves silly for the practice. Unfortunately disaster, as they say, struck. Jill developed black sores on her arms. She had contracted the Plague. This was before the days of antibiotics, so she slipped away rapidly. As did her parents.

Jill's unmarried sister Kate had been living with her parents, but following their death had nowhere to stay. John gallantly offered for Kate to stay with him, however he had no eyes for her. His thoughts were directed towards Jill, now lying in a grave a little way down the road, in the village cemetary. Each day he would walk up the narrow lane to the cemetary, and lay a flower on Jill's grave.

A couple of years passed, with John and Kate settling into a routine. She cooked and cleaned in return for board at the house. John worked in the local village as a carpenter. John's grief lessened, but he still thought of Jill, wished that it had been him rather than her that was carried away by that awful disease. Each evening, after work, he made the trip to Jill's grave to lay his flower.

Kate, meanwhile, was evaluating her options. Unmarried, living with her brother-in-law, no-one suitable in the local village, no-one that caught her eye, anyway. As the months passed she started to realize more and more why Jill had married John. He had a raw manliness, a sensuality, a ruggedness, that was hard to avoid liking. He always treated her properly, but never seemed to notice her, as a woman, a sensous woman, a woman with needs.

Being a practical country lass, Kate thought that maybe both of their problems could be solved, if she could convice John to fall in love with her. She could help him forget Jill, and she would have a husband. Having a lover wouldn't be so bad either, she thought. The nights were getting harder to get through knowing John was in the bed in the next room.

On the weekends she watched John chop the wood for their fire, stripped down to shirt-sleeves. His muscles rippling under his shirt were strangely erotic. On this particular Saturday, October 31st, she felt herself being driven crazy by desire. There was John chopping, sweat glistening on his brow. The musky smell of the wood stove permeated the house. As Kate watched her hand dropped down and rubbed between her legs. She just had to do something before she exploded.

After John had brought in the evening's supply of wood and dropped it into the box next to the stove Kate slipped out of her thin jumper, undid the top couple of buttons of her blouse.

"Hot in here," she remarked, doing her best to display as much of her tits as she could without looking as if she had just gone crazy.

John glanced at her, as if she had indeed just gone crazy. But then his eyes looked through her, over to where he had a single rose sitting in a vase, ready to be taken and placed on Jill's grave. Seeming not to notice Kate, or her tits, he moved towards the vase, ready for his evening trip to the cemetary.

Kate quickly moved between John and the rose, and tried to kiss him.

"What?" John sputtered, pulling away. "What are you doing?"

"Kiss me, John," Kate replied.

"No!" he firmly rebuffed her. "I will never cheat on Jill."

"But, she's gone!"

"Do you think I don't know that?" he glared at her savagely. "No-one can ever take her place. You are sweet, but you aren't her."

He grabbed the rose, shouldered his way past her, and headed out the door for his nightly mission. Kate slipped on a coat and hurried after him.

~ ~ ~

Chapter 3

"John!" wailed Kate as she ran after him. "You won't be cheating!" She caught up to him. "We both deserve a little happiness! Won't you consider marrying me? At least we won't both be lonely the rest of our lives. Maybe you can come to love me too."

"Never!" John strode on quickly, rose in hand. The night seemed lighter than usual, with the moonlight streaming through the trees. As they approached Jill's grave they both got a shock. There was Jill standing next to it, with an unearthly expression on her face. She held out her arms to John, who smiled and walked towards her. "Jill! You've returned!"

Jill closed her eyes, and puckered up, waiting for John to kiss her, and join her. Before John could touch the risen Jill, Kate screamed: "No!" She rushed inbetween then, grabbed Jill and planted her own lips on her, frantically. Jill shuddered and collapsed on the ground, Kate falling on top of her, unconscious.

"What have you done!" yelled John, dragging Kate off his wife's form. But when he did that, there was nothing underneath Kate except dust. A small breeze picked up the dust and blew it back over the grave where somehow it seemed to belong.

John stamped his foot in frustration. Had it all been a dream? Perhaps he was going loopy? What with Kate trying to kiss him, and Jill seeming to appear at the graveyard, maybe insanity was beckoning.

Kate was still collapsed on the ground, and John was feeling increasingly nervous, as if something was watching him from around the cemetary. Hurriedly he picked up Kate and bore her back to their home, in his arms.

He put Kate on her bed and covered her with a blanket. She opened her eyes tentatively. "John?"

"You've had a fright, go to sleep."

"Kiss me, John."

"I told you before, I'm not doing that. I'm staying faithful to Jill."

"But I am Jill!" she cried.

"What? Don't taunt me, Kate. Go to sleep, you're babbling."

"But ..."

"We'll talk about it in the morning."

"OK, darling."

"Don't call me darling!" John replied roughly.


Next morning John woke groggily. All Hallows' Day! And ... what? Kate was in bed next to him, running her hands over his chest.

"What the hell?" he yelped. "Get out!"

"But Johnny, it's me, darling!"

"I know who you fucking are, but you are still my wife's sister. Now get your hands off me."

"No, Johnny. Kate's in the graveyard. I switched with her. You've got me back." Her hands moved downwards.

"Don't touch me!"

"My love, don't you remember my touch? I remember you. I remember that little heart-shaped mark on your cock. Remember when I used to kiss it? When I used to suck it? Remember that? Kate wouldn't know about that ... would she?" Her hand paused. "Would she?"

"No of course she wouldn't! That is, you wouldn't! Now you've got me confused."

"I knew she wouldn't. Our love was too strong for that. Now kiss me. Touch me. Continue from where we left off." She slipped her hand down to his cock, started stroking it.

John rolled over, facing her now. Her face was not dissimilar to to Jill's. And she seemed to know things that only Jill would. And we was feeling very frisky. And lonely. And confused. "Jill ..."

She kissed him, pressing her breasts against him, wiggling them in the way he remembered well. It was Jill! He abandoned himself into the moment, kissed her breasts, grabbed her ass with his hands, pulled her closer. His cock was hard, thick. Thick and hard. It moved urgently towards her ...

~ ~ ~

Chapter 4

Months passed. Three of them. Kate/Jill became accustomed to waking up with John's cock shoved right up her, his hands urgently caressing her breasts. It seemed as if he was making up for lost time. She encouraged him, kissing him passionately, pulling him to her. His mouth on her breasts was, like, electricity. She was working to a timetable, unbeknown to John. She didn't want to seem desperate, but after the third month things were getting hairy. She made sure they did it every night. The harder and deeper the better. She loved having his cum oozing out of her once they finished. Maybe this time there would be a baby.

As the fourth month rolled by (January) she woke up, started cooking the usual bacon and eggs, but the smell was too much. She rushed outside and threw up. Yes! She grinned. Finally! Her late mother had told her what to expect.

Over the next few months she was certain she was pregnant. No more periods. Lots of nausea. Everything was going to plan. Their love-making became more sweet, less intense. She didn't need his sperm any more, just his love. As she felt his cock sliding in and out of her, her hips responded in kind. Night after night.

Now for the next phase ... By June she had a noticeable "bump". It was time to talk.

"Johnny darling, we are going to have a baby!"

"That's fantastic!"

"Yes, well, there is a slight complication."


"You know how I took over Kate's body last All Hallows' Eve?"

"Sure. The happiest day of my life. Apart from marrying you in the first place." He grinned.

"Well, you wouldn't believe the things I had to do to get a year with you. But one year is the max."

"What are you saying, darling?"

"I have to return next All Hallows' Eve. Now you have a choice. Join me, or stay here with my sister."

"Kate? Are you insane? What do I have to do?"

"Just trust me."

~ ~ ~

Chapter 5

All Hallows' Eve came around again. John looked lovingly at his wife. "What do we do now?"

"Just follow me, my love."

She was heavily pregnant, so the walk was slow. They walked hand in hand to the cemetary. He hadn't visited it since he had got his wife back.

As they approached her grave, there was a figure standing next to it. It was Kate. She shuffled forwards.

"Let her take you, darling," said Kate/Jill to John. "Then you can join me in the afterlife."

"But what of our baby?"

"Kate will raise it for us. That is her destiny."

"What do I do?"

"Just kiss her."

He looked at the zombie Kate. His love for Jill overrode his doubts. He moved over to Kate and kissed her. Nothing happend. He kissed her more passionately, his body responding to hers. Finally, he died. At last! He rejoined Jill, in the afterlife, together, forever.

Kate collapsed on the ground. She woke up a few minutes later, felt her stomach, felt the kicking. The baby was coming ...

The church clock tolled. Midnight. Babies born on All Hallows' Day had special powers, so they say ...

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