tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 07

Allison's New Life Ch. 07


Diana was in stitches listening to Allison bitch about Roger.

"What's so wrong with getting it in the ass anyway?" she moaned, flopping on the bed next to her friend.

"Got me," said Diana, grinning, "I think it's just dandy!"

"Fuck... What am I going to do Diana?" Allison looked up at her, "I just don't know what I'm going to do."

"You need to get out," her friend replied, cheerful but perfectly serious, "There's a strip club having an amateur night tonight... let's have a girls night out and we'll go be amateur strippers."

Allison giggled, "You know, I never thought I'd say this, but that would fit my mood perfectly right now! And there's no way Roger would ever be caught dead in a strip club... lemme go get dressed and we'll blow this joint!"

Thirty minutes later two incredibly gorgeous - and slutty looking - ladies walked out of their building. Dressed in a short plaid skirt with a tight white button-up tank top, Allison's boobs jiggled sexily in the red bra that was clearly visible through her shirt. Underneath her skirt was a tiny red g-string, and she was also wearing thigh high white stockings, as she moved the skirt's hem showed off the lacy tops of her stockings... it was an outfit that she'd had to hide from Roger but that she'd had for quite awhile. Diana was looking the knockout as well, her long hair brushed it was shiny and black, the tips swaying gently above her curvy ass which was barely covered in a black leather skirt. Her top was a silky dark red kimono type thing, with an oval opening from the buttoned collar to just between her breasts where more buttons traveled down her front. She looked like a sexy Asian hooker and the girls were easily admitted into the back entrance to try out for amateur night.

Diana went right before Allison, swaying seductively and wrapping her body around the gold pole in the middle. Extremely flexible, she stood on one foot in just her black lacy thong and bra and lifted her other leg so that she was standing and doing the splits, one hand behind her ankle as she held it high over her head. The crowd of men around the stage went wild. Allison laughed at her friend's audacity and sparkling eyes, jiggling her ass at the audience the pretty Asian unhooked her bra and turned, jiggling her small tits at the cheering crowd. There was an awful lot of money hooked into the straps of her thong. Waving the bra over her head wildly, she threw back her head and let out a howl as she tossed it out into the crowd.

Allison watched its flight as it curved gracefully over the crowd of jumping men... and then her mouth went dry as just beyond the man who caught it there was a pair of brown eyes staring intently at her peeking through the curtain.

Gasping, Allison felt weak-kneed as she pulled her head back into the curtain, shocked and shaky as Diana pranced offstage.

"Come on," her friend whispered, "You're up!"

"I can't," her voice was shaking, trembling as much as her body, "HE's out there!"

"Roger?!" Diana's expression and voice was seriously alarmed.

"No..." her heart was pounding madly, "Todd, he's out there..."

"WELL THEN GET YOUR ASS OUT THERE!" Diana's voice was madly excited and she pushed the trembling brunette onto stage.

Frozen, standing in the middle of the stage, she felt caught like a butterfly in a net as Todd's warm brown eyes pierced hers. The cheering of the crowd and the pounding rhythm of the music seemed very far away as they stared at each other. Then he nodded, encouragingly, and she felt something inside her release. Swaying slowly, she began to move to the music, her eyes constantly coming back to focus on his face. He sipped his drink as she began unbuttoning her white shirt, curls swaying seductively around her face as she bared her red bra to the crowd.

Leaving the shirt in a heap on the stage she stepped up to the pole and pressed her groin against it, lowering her body and moving back up as though she was humping the pole. Todd smiled, very slightly, and she thought how incredibly good he looked, his wavy black hair brushed back carelessly from his face, slightly tanned skin, and those eyes... those eyes that she couldn't look away from. Throwing her head back she lifted one leg to slide around the pole to the other side of it, using the crook of her knee to swing her body back and forth.

Turning her back she bent over at the waist to pull down her skirt, shaking her ass as she worked it inch by inch down her long legs. Standing there in just her red bra, thong and white garters, she turned back to see Todd smiling very broadly now. His encouragement had more of an effect on her than even she knew. Her dancing became more seductive, more sensual, more graceful as the sight of him did devilish things to her body; her hands caressed her breasts and stomach, sliding down her thighs and back up. The clasp to her bra was in the front and she undid it, shimmying her chest at the crowd who whooped and cheered as her big breasts bobbled and shook. Tossing her bra off to the side, she ran her hands over her bare breasts, hips swaying and grinding as she pinched her nipples and thrust her chest out, one hand sliding down her stomach and under her thong to rub against her clit.

Suddenly, it was like she came back to herself and realized that she was in front of a group of men, openly fondling herself. Blushing furiously she grabbed her clothing and rushed off the stage to where Diana was cheering openly.

"I can't believe I just did that," whispered Allison, collapsing against the wall.

"Oh it was perfect!" Diana crowed with triumph, "Absolutely perfect! If he's not out there waiting for you when we leave I'll eat you out all night myself! That was fucking HOT!"

Buoyed by Diana's enthusiasm Allison grinned a little as she slipped her clothes back on, "I hope so," she whispered, more to herself as her friend jumped and danced around in enthusiasm and victory.

As they left the back door a tall broad-shouldered straightened up from where he'd been leaning against a wall across the street. Allison could feel butterflies filling her stomach as she looked across at Todd's familiar form, her mind was in turmoil as her body ached...

"Go on," whispered Diana, "I'm going over to Chad's... this is way too hot for me to handle with out getting some tonight!"

Diana gave her a sharp push, making her stumble a few steps. Blushing, head hanging slightly she walked with quick short steps over the Todd, standing right in front of him but without being able to look him in the face.

Two fingers under her chin lifted her gaze to his, warm brown eyes looking curiously down at her, "Hello Allison."

"Take me home with you," she whispered.


They kissed passionately as he struggled to close his door without releasing his grip on her, hands running all over each other's body, reacquainting themselves with each other's bodies. Allison jumped onto his body, wrapping her legs around his waist as his mouth devoured hers and he carried her like that into his bedroom. Once there he pressed her against the wall as his fingers undid the buttons on her shirt, and she lifted his shirt over their head. They had to lift their mouths away from each other every so often, but immediately they'd find each other again, and she sucked his tongue as he shoved it into his mouth. Shedding clothes frantically, he lifted her up again so that her legs wrapped around his waist and he shoved his dick into her spread pussy, slamming her back against the wall as she cried out in pleasure as his thick meat speared her roughly.

Hands pressed against her breasts, holding her against the wall as they flattened in his palms, every thrust banging her lower back and ass against the wall. She was in heaven, her arms clinging around his shoulders and legs wrapped tightly about his hips to keep her up. Moaning wildly as he fucked her quick and hard, the ecstatic girl clenched her pussy tightly around his thrusting shaft, loving the way his thick cock stretched her tender hole. The pain of it was beautiful as he pounded her, her nipples and breasts burning as his hands abused them, and her cunt aching as his cock ravaged her body. Clit pressing against his groin with every thrust, she was quickly cumming as the roughness of it overtook her.

"OH GOD TODD!!!!!!!!! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!!!!!!!!!! I NEED IT! OH FUCK ME I'M CUMMING!!!!!!! I'M CUMMING!!!!!!!!! OH FUCK TODD!!!!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!"

Slamming her hips one last time against the wall he groaned low in his throat as her tight pussy squeezed spurt after spurt of his cum into it. Holding her up, still lodged inside her, he brought them over to the bed which they promptly fell on and rolled over so that her soft body was underneath him.

"You need to shave," he said softly, lips nuzzling her neck.

"My new boyfriend doesn't like it," she said softly back. A pause and then he pulled back to look at her.

"You have a new boyfriend," he stated.

Nodding, Allison felt pleasure sweep through her as jealousy suddenly flared in his eyes...but as quickly as it was there it was gone, "His name's Roger... he's quite the gentleman." she was surprised at how cynical and sarcastic her voice sounded.

"Aaah..." Todd looked understanding, "And so you decided that I'm not a gentleman." she giggled at the irony and he grinned back, "Well in that case, I believe that you're going to be shaving tonight."

She looked, and felt, a little startled, "But what will I tell him?"

Todd shrugged, "I don't know... I suppose you could tell him that you spent the night fucking your..." his voice trailed off, "What would you call me?"

"My hero," she said, kissing his lips, "Roger won't fuck me, he only wants to make love."

"What a silly silly man," he murmured, "And I suppose you're here with me because you want a good fucking..."

"Please," she moaned as his fingers began stroking down her sides and teeth bit into her neck. Lifting her hips beneath him, she reveled in the feeling of his hard body, and the fact that she finally felt contented sexually... and yet was still going to get more. His dick was growing harder and thicker within her pussy as he leaned back and began kissing her breasts. As his dick got harder and harder in her, he pulled back so that she was sitting on his lap, his dick deep in her pussy.

Allison began riding him as his mouth devoured her nipple, biting it hard as she moaned and bucked on top of him. With her head hanging back her brown curls swayed behind her as Todd sucked her breast flesh, leaving hickeys all over the creamy flesh. She didn't even care that there would be marks, she was finally getting what she needed. Rocking her body on top of his, she moaned as his dick completely filled her tight hole, squelching into his previous load of cum. Her pussy was starting to burn with need again as his hands and mouth roughly manhandled her breasts and nipples, it was everything she needed and more.

Pulling his face up from her heaving, marked chest she cupped his face in her hands as they kissed, his hips moving powerfully beneath her.

"Ohhh... fuck... where the hell have you been anyway?" she moaned as her pussy clenched down hard on him, filled with pleasure that had been long denied to her.

"On a business trip," strong arms pressed her more firmly against him, "I'm leaving for another one tomorrow afternoon."

Allison's movements slowed as she realized that he was going again, "For how long?"

"A month... I'll be in Holland, then back for a week and then another two weeks in Turkey. After that I'll be home for good..."

"A month?" her voice was small and disappointed. He nodded and kissed her, nibbling her lower lip and pressing his dick firmly into her pussy, she moaned and then suddenly turned fierce, "Then fuck me, fuck me hard now... we'll make the most of it tonight." Her mouth fell on his again and their tongues met as they rocked against each other.

Moaning and gasping they came together again, Allison shuddering with ecstatic pleasure as Todd moaned her name into her curls. Afterwards, he held her in his arms, stroking her back lightly.

"Let's go shower," he said, kissing a path along her shoulder, and then pulling her up.

In the shower they washed each other, lathering each other's bodies with soap and helping the water wash it away. Allison was beautiful with water running over her slick body. Todd slipped his fingers into her pussy and ass, raising his eyebrows at the tightness of the latter hole.

Rubbing his body behind her, hard dick between her ass cheeks he asked in her ear, "So I guess being a gentleman means no ass fucking?"

Allison shivered as his wet dick slid slickly between her cheeks, "Being a gentleman means not even fucking, much less degraded me." She turned in his arms, wriggling a little as his dick pressed against her stomach.

"Well I'll degrade you," his voice was husky as his hands cupped her firm ass cheeks, then he grinned, "Speaking of which."

A few moments later he was kneeling in the tub as he lathered her trimmed mound with shaving cream. Allison sighed with relief as her mound was slowly bared. When he was finished Todd washed her gently and then ran his tongue along her slit, making her moan and shudder.

"Come on," he said, turning off the water, "In the tub is not a safe place for doing what I'm planning with you."

Very wet and very horny they were kissing on the bed, licking the wetness from each other's bodies. Looking down she could see hickey's all over her breasts.

"Why so many hickey's?" she asked.

"Because," he said, lifting his mouth from her nipple, "Tonight you're mine and I felt like marking you."

Allison giggled at his answer, realizing that he was jealous of her boyfriend even if he didn't say so, the hickeys on her breasts testament to him marking her as HIS. Which she most certainly was until they faded, there was no way she could lie away love bites located there so Roger would have to wait until they were gone before he'd be getting any of her body.

Flipping her over, Todd put her on her hands and knees, rubbing his thick hard on along her ass crack. Allison shivered with anticipation as his head started to press against her tight ass hole, lowering her upper body onto her forearms so that her ass was even higher in the air. Panting a little as her ass was stretched for the first time in a long time, she moaned her pleasure as he began working his thick dick in and out of her hole.

"Harder Todd," she begged, "Do it harder, hurt me..."

With that encouragement, Todd slammed the rest of his dick into her ass, a burning path into her body that made her back arch in pleasure as he began pulling out before shoving back in. Moving her body in time with his thrusts, she impaled her ass on his dick as his hips moved forward, panting and moaning as the pleasurable pain swept over her. Oh yes, she was finally getting everything she wanted. Todd was enjoying the incredible tightness of her hole, as well as the ripples of contractions her asshole was making around his dick as he buried it completely in her back door. Reaching under her breasts he pulled on her nipples, twisting them harshly with his fingers and pulling them as he squeezed them tightly. Allison moaned and wriggled her ass back against his body, making his cock stir her insides as her firm cheeks moved against his groin.

Bucking and heaving against her, he began to really roughly ride her ass, pulling on her boobs roughly as he pillaged her sore, stretched ass. Allison's fingers were buried in her pussy, her upper body supported by one arm as she rubbed her clit. Pulling his hands away from her breasts, Todd rested one on her moving hip as the other swung down with a sharp CRACK! as he slapped her ass.


Allison shivered as her ass was slapped, the sharp jolts of pain just increasing her pleasure as she frantically rubbed her clit, head bent over in ecstasy as her orgasm started to build. As she started to wail wordlessly, heat spreading over her entire body as she came, Todd gripped her brown curls with his slapping hand and pulled her head back so that her back arched and her ass and head were high in the air. Using her hair he pulled her body hard back against him as he began to send jets of cum deep into her convulsing ass, her tight sphincter milking him dry.

Finally exhausted, they fell against down on the bed, his dick still lodged in her ass. Groaning slightly, he made himself get up and go to the bathroom to wash off his dick. When he came back Allison was fast asleep on his bed and he smiled to see her face looking so innocent in repose... although there was a slight, satisfied smile on her pouty lips. Crawling in beside her, he wrapped her soft body in his arms and fell asleep.


During the night, his dreams were filled with phantom pleasure and sex as he and Allison fucked even in their dreams, dick moving slightly in and out of her wet pussy. Eventually they both came and fell into deeper sleep, Todd lying on top of her and pressing her body down into the bed, a comforting hard weight on top of her.

When she awoke the next morning it was with Todd's body still on top of her, and his morning wood slowly moving in her pussy as he dreamed pleasant dreams of the girl who was in reality underneath him. Wiggling happily, Allison began moving her body beneath him, enjoying the stretching of her pussy around him as he began to move more on top of her, his body responding to the pleasure coursing through his body. Realizing that it wasn't a dream he groaned as he awoke, lust rampaging through his entire body as he awoke to the beautiful girl who had his dick swallowed in her tight pussy.

Moving very quickly and very roughly, he wrapped his arms tightly around her body as her legs clamped around his waist. Breathing heavily, Todd had almost no control as he had wakened with lust running through his veins, he battered her pussy with his assault, fucking her hard and fast. Fortunately, Allison had already been very aroused when she woke as well, and she actually started cumming before he did, her body convulsing in his arms as her pussy rippled and she cried out in pleasure. With her orgasming beneath him he began thrusting into her so hard that her body actually started moving upwards on the mattress. When their heads were only about an inch away from the headboard he finally came, gasping and arching his back as his cum shot into her juicy pussy while she moaned and shuddered in his arms.

It was a very bittersweet farewell when he dropped her off at her apartment. He came in, looked around and complimented her on her bedroom, commenting that next time they should try out her bed. She clung to him as they kissed goodbye, wishing that he didn't have to go... wishing that she didn't have to go back to Roger... they kissed sweetly and passionately. The gentleness of his arms around her and the kisses didn't bother her in the slightest, she was completely fulfilled after the night before.

For the rest of the afternoon she stayed in her room, curled up in her bed with her eyes wide open. Not crying, although she felt like it... just thinking. Wondering. Trying to decide what she should do. Although Roger called twice she didn't answer the phone and she didn't call him back either. Eventually Diana came home and crawled into bed with her where Allison spilled all and Diana held her as the confused girl finally allowed herself to cry, her entire life seeming in turmoil and confusion. Diana stroked her hair and murmured comforting words that Allison barely heard.

They fell asleep like that, Diana holding her comfortingly.

All of Allison's dreams that night were filled with black hair and warm brown eyes... and with all of that a fleeting smile that made her heart ache when she awoke and found that it was Diana holding her. Confused, unhappy, she nestled closer into her friend's arms as she fell back asleep.

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