tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 08

Allison's New Life Ch. 08


Being with Todd for one incredible night and having him leave again had left Allison more despondent than she would have thought possible. She moped and sulked for a few days, never leaving the house as Diana and Chad tried valiantly to cheer her up. After the second day she started accepting calls from Roger again, although she kept making up excuses as to why she couldn't see him yet. Every night, before bed, and every morning she would stand naked in front of the mirror, fingertips running over the hair growing back on her mound and the hickeys that were slowly fading on her breasts. Todd's possessive marks on her body were disappearing a little more each day, and it made her want to cry even as she felt relieved that she would be able to stop thinking up plausible excuses for Roger.

Listlessly she went on with life, dates with Roger that seemed dull now, and he never came home after the dates anymore - not because he didn't want to but because she didn't invite him in… the only time she ever got off now with him was when he ate her out in the car after she gave him head. Most nights she ended up crawling into Diana's bed (when she was home) and cuddling with her friend - and sometimes with both her and Chad - for comfort away from the loneliness. But she never cursed Todd for leaving her in this position… mostly she just missed him even more than she had before, only now she had to admit to herself that she missed him and that made it even worse. She missed the spontaneity and passion, his stupid dorky jokes, the fact that she never knew what he was going to do next… not to mention the way he fulfilled her needs in bed. Things were definitely worse than ever with Roger and sex, she didn't want to sleep with him at all since all it did was tease her and remind her how much he was lacking in what she needed. Actively avoiding him for too long had its price too though, as he looked at her with wounded puppy eyes, not understanding why she pulled away from him.

Life took on a monotonous pattern, and finally one day she broke it while sitting in front of her computer, searching story, toy and porn sites while fighting off tedium. Things were definitely hot online… she found a whole site that was filled with girls taking huge cocks up their asses, another where it was all gangbangs and orgies, and yet another with just bondage and whips and chains. Her pussy was wet and hungry from looking jealously at these girls, all in positions that she'd been in before… all doing things that she kinda wished she was now. Finally the pretty brunette found a site that made some life spring back into her dull hazel eyes, sitting up straight she looked through it in awe as page after page of kinky sex toys available for her to buy passed by her eyes.

Biting her lip… she wondered if she dared… well, she could always put it on her credit card - which her parents paid for anyway - and it would be billed a strange non-name that looked like it could be just about anything. The toys would arrive in a non-descript brown box… as a large black butt plug popped up on the screen, almost identical to the one Todd had had her work into her poor ass, she decided that she needed to.

Looking over the site, she wanted to be conservative with her first choices, her first time buying any kind of sex toy at all. Although was infinitely better than having to go to an actual store and look over the products… here there was no one to see her shame as she picked out a medium sized rubber butt-plug, the same kind of tweezer clamps on a Y shaped chain that Todd had put on her, and a modest 5" slim waterproof vibrator. Feeling very naughty, she also ordered a strap-on that had a big hanging 8" thick rubber cock and a smaller cock on the inside of it for the girl wearing it. Who knows, maybe Diana would be willing to try it out with her… couldn't hurt to get it anyway. Knowing her sexy friend, she was probably already intimately familiar with the techniques and uses of a strap-on.

That night Roger got invited inside for the first time since Todd had left, and it was a decision that she almost regretted as he slowly and gently thrust into her wanting pussy and moaned into her curls. Heaving underneath him, she pretended to pant for breath and gasp as he made love to her, all the while wishing that she hadn't invited him in. It wasn't even as if she could pretend he was Todd, because Todd would never leave her wanting like this - unless he was just teasing her to get her riled and then he would immediately become harder and rougher as she begged him to fuck her. Faking a passionate orgasm under Roger's thrusting body, she thought glumly that maybe she should just dump him.

"Oh…" he sighed in completion as he rolled off her and pulled her close, hands stroking her sides, "I love you Allison."

She tried not to tense up when he said it, and fortunately he didn't seem to notice as he kissed the back of her neck. He didn't even notice that she didn't say it back as he fell asleep, completely contented that their love making was finally perfect.

That night, after Roger had fallen asleep, Allison slipped out of his arms and went into the other room. Sitting at her computer she was too emotionally exhausted and stressed to even cry. As she sat there, looking at pages of girls being tied up and abused, Diana came out from her own bedroom - small breasts bouncing slightly. Allison looked up startled, she hadn't known her friend was home - if Roger had known there was no way that they'd have had sex, that was for sure. Now she kinda wished she'd known and had that excuse.

"What are you looking at?" Diana's voice seemed loud in the silent room, and Allison lifted her finger to her lips as she leaned back to show her friend the pages of pain and pleasure.

"Roger's here," she said softly.

Diana raised her eyebrows, "Don't tell me he's finally gotten over his thing about having sex when I'm home." her voice was just as soft now.

Allison snorted, "Hardly," she shivered a little as her friend's hands rested on her shoulders, small breasts pressing against her back as the pretty Asian looked at the webpage, "We didn't know you were here."

"Aahh…" said Diana, her small hands sliding down Allison's front, softly teasing her nipples to hardness, "And how was it then?"

"Bad," Allison moaned and arched her back, Diana's fingertips pinching down hard on her nipples, "I had to fake an orgasm."

"Poor baby," Diana's voice was sympathetic in her ear, shivers going down her spine as the girl's lips pressed against her neck, nipples rolling between her fingers, "Let me help you out then… I got an orgasm tonight, only fair you should too."

Diana pulled the chair around so that Allison's body was in front of her, and she straddled the taller girl, kissing her deeply as her hands mauled the big breasts and tugged on her nipples. Running her own hands up and down her friend's sides, Allison toyed with Diane's perky boobs, moaning softly as her friend's teeth bit into her nipple, painful pleasure making her shudder with anticipation and desire. Sliding her fingers into Diana's pussy, the pretty girl bounced on top of her fingers as she nibbled and pinched Allison's nipples. With one hand on a small perky breast and the other making soft squelching noises in Diana's pussy, Allison was more turned on that she'd been all night, especially with the rough attention being paid to her sensitive breasts. Diana gripped her right nipple firmly between her teeth and began to pull it away from Allison's body, making the brunette's back arch as she moaned and her fingers pressed more roughly into the wet pussy on her lap. When her nipple was burning with pain and completely stretched to its utmost limit, it finally popped out of Diana's mouth and bounced back into place, tingling with sensation. Lowering her mouth to Allison's other nipple, Diana repeated the process, enjoying the feel of Allison's fingers stroking inside her body.

"Oh please…" Allison whispered softly, her hazel eyes looking glazed and pleading into her friend's brown ones, her empty pussy on fire with need and her breasts burning with the rough treatment that they'd finally been given.

Sliding her body off of Allison's lap, Diana knelt between her friends legs, sliding her hands under the girl's thighs and pulling her slightly forward more on the chair. With her friend's black hair swaying between her thighs, Allison laid her hand on the moving head, moaning passionately as the soft tongue slid up and down her pussy lips.

"Fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk…" she shuddered as Diana's tongue slid down to her ass hole, tantalizing the nerves there. Arching her back, her breasts bounced on her chest as she panted for breath, the tip of a pink tongue wriggling its way into her tight asshole. Allison was in heaven, she hadn't felt this good since the morning right before Todd left, her pussy juices leaked heavily down her ass crack onto Diana's tongue as it wiggled inside her asshole. As Allison twitched and bit back loud moans, Diana pulled her tongue from the clenching hole and began to lick the juices that were seeping from the pink wet pussy in front of her.

Pressing two small fingers into Allison's tingling asshole, she began to really munch her friend's pussy, tongue sliding everywhere as she sucked and nibbled. With her ass full of finger and her pussy quivering, Allison had one hand firmly on Diana's head as she pressed her hips further and further towards her friend's face, the other was playing with one big boob, pinching and pulling on her nipple.

Her friend slid her thumb into Allison's gaping pussy hole, squeezing her hand slightly to press her thumb and the fingers in Allison's ass together, making the most marvelous sensations run through her spasming friend's body. Allison shoved her hand in her mouth and bit down as Diana sucked her swollen clit into her mouth, biting down gently on the heated bud… only her hand kept her from screaming her orgasm as she came violently in the computer chair, jerking hard as the pleasure crashed through her, hand holding Diana's head tightly against her quivering pussy.

Finally she began to breath more normally, and the death grip on her friend's head loosened. As Allison slumped in the chair Diana eagerly lapped up the sweet juices that had leaked from her friend during her ecstatic pulsing, causing the sensitive flesh to twitch a little as her tongue rubbed against it. Pulling her hand out of Allison's holes she finished cleaning the juices from her sweet cunny and ass, and then got up and leaned forward, hands on each arm of the chair and small breasts swaying slightly. With parted lips she leaned forward and kissed Allison on the mouth, her tongue pressing between the soft lips to share Allison's taste with her. Allison moaned as the taste of her own pussy filled her mouth, and her lips clung to Diana as her friend pulled away.

"Thanks Di," she sighed happily once their lips parted.

"Anytime," her friend grinned, "But now I'd better go back to bed before Roger wakes up and finds out that I'm not only home, but I'm having rampant sex with his girlfriend?" Allison laughed softly as she watched her friend go back to her room, ass jiggling as her hips swayed.

Taking her friend's advice she also retreated back to her own room… but rather than crawling back into Roger's arms she lay with her back to him and closed her eyes, remembering a rather different pair of arms.

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