tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 15

Allison's New Life Ch. 15


A few days after Todd had left Allison couldn't contain her curiosity any more - especially not with Chad and Diana also pushing her. The horny duo were dying to find out what she had in that box. So, about four days after he'd gone, they sat in the living room and opened it. There was only one thing in the box, an unmarked video tape.

Putting it in the VCR they turned on the TV and Allison and Chad gaped as they recognized the scene before them. Diana just turned her head in interest as they began watching a poker game where Allison's body was passed around to various winners. It was obviously a security camera in the corner of his living room, taping everything that happened.

"Fuck…." breathed Diana as the gang bang started, watching as Allison lowered herself onto the incredibly long black cock.

As the tape continued to play Diana reached over and pulled Allison towards her, stripping off her friend's clothes while still watching the TV. This started immediate movement as both Allison and Chad began stripping her, while the two girls reached their fingers down to each other's sopping pussies moaning as their hands wriggled inside wet slits. Chad was torn between watching them and watching the tape, the live girls won out and he began caressing Diana's breasts as he watched them finger each other. Both the girls were moaning and he pulled them each onto his lap, one on each leg. Passionately they kissed in front of him, running their hands over breasts and back while his fingers replaced theirs in their pussies.

Allison bent down to suck Diana's hard nipple into her mouth, letting the moaning Asian return her attention to the TV screen. Chad's hands slid under each of their butts, and she rocked back and forth on his fingers as they filled her pussy, moaning her pleasure. Letting Diana concentrate on the TV, she pushed the girl back, licking down her body and moving her mouth into her pussy. Sliding out from underneath them, Chad got behind Allison and began pressing his dick into her pussy, stretching her out as she licked and sucked sweet juices from her friend. She moaned as he pressed her body forward into Diana's pussy, and feminine hands wrapped through her curls massage her scalp as she stuck her tongue into the tight hole before her.

Pressing two fingers into Diana's cunt she began fucking it as she sucked on her friend's clit, moaning occasionally as Chad really began to bang hard against her. Part of his attention was on the TV where Allison was still being used by any number of guys and part of it was on the extremely hot action happening in front of him. Diana was treat to watch when she was enjoying herself, smaller boobs jiggling as she bounced a little, pert lips open in an "o" while she moaned. One hand wrapped in Allison's curls the other pinched her dark pink nipple, rolling the tiny bud between her fingers and her eyes glued to the television where Allison was now sixty-nining with the sorority girl.

Moving her hips up and down, Diana crowed her triumph as her orgasm rolled over her, spreading burning pleasure through her pussy as Allison's fingers deftly rubbed her g-spot. Everything was light and ecstasy as she arched her back and pressed her groin down onto Allison's fingers and tongue, vibrating harmony as the suction on her clit made her cum a second, smaller orgasm. Happily content she pulled herself up and went behind Chad where she started caressing his shoulders and nipples, whispering in his ear as he fucked Allison. Pressing back against him Allison started concentrating on her own pleasure, her hanging breasts rubbed against the rough fabric of the couch as she bit her lip and moaned.

Behind Chad the small Asian girl was still whispering dirty words in his ear as she nibbled his ear lobe, reaching one hand around to caress the smooth curves of Allison's ass, her other hand pinching her boyfriend's nipple.

"Fuck that little slut," her sweet voice whispered, "fuck that dirty whore while your girlfriend watches you, stretch that tight cunt with your dick… she's your step-cousin… do you like fucking her like she's a dirty whore?"

On and on her voice whispered in his ear along with the moans and whimpers coming from the TV as guys sandwiched the two girls, in front of him Allison was bucking and heaving, working her own way to an intense orgasm. Gripping her tightly he began slamming his hips against her ass, feeling the clenching of her pussy around his dick, Diana slid one finger into her mouth and then worked it between his ass cheeks pressing the barely lubricated digit against his ass hole. It was something she'd never done before and even though it felt a little uncomfortable, Chad moaned as she pressed her finger into his virgin ass… it send the oddest sensations rippling through his body as she worked it in an out of that tight hole.

With that impetus he pulled out of Allison's pussy - pressing Diana's finger further into his ass as he did so - and shoved his dick into her ass, listening to her shriek and gasp as the tight hole was stretched. He moaned in pleasure as her tightness gripped him, her back door clenching as his did around the finger inside him. Having their two assholes impaled turned him on incredibly and as Diana's other hand reached underneath them and pinched Allison's clit, he began cumming hard. Allison cried out and came as her clit was gripped tightly between two fingers, between her ass milking him and Diana's finger working inside him he felt completely dry by the time he'd finished cumming, like he couldn't possibly have any cum left in his balls.

Diana left the two on the couch and came back a minute later with her strap-on on her. Kissing Allison she sat on the couch and pulled the bigger girl onto her lap, impaling her pussy on the rubber cock. There was just something about Diana that was so demanding and confident, it reminded Allison of Todd. Speaking of which, he was now in her ass on screen while another guy fucked her pussy… god the tape had to have been running for at least an hour already… how long had that gang bang gone on? Riding Diana she moaned in pleasure as soft lips closed around her nipple, they were so sensitive it just made her entire body shudder with delight. Small hands caressed her, pinching the tender bud that wasn't in her friend's mouth as her other hand gripped the firm curves of her ass as she bounced.

Watching Allison ride his girlfriend's rubber cock was getting to Chad and he began fondling himself, caressing his balls and teasing the head of his dick. Watching both the gang bang and the two girls was incredibly stimulating and he was getting hard again. Squatting a little behind Allison he pressed her forward with his hands, guiding his dick to her tight ass…. Fuck… it felt even tighter now that her other hole was filled with a rubber cock. Sliding all the way in he sighed in happiness and wrapped his arms around both girls as he began to move forcefully in and out of her.

Allison bounced and shuddered on the two cocks, gasping as her holes were filled and slightly emptied, her insides quivering with ecstasy. Being filled with dick, even if one of them was rubber, was just such an incredible experience, she felt lightheaded… it had been so long since she'd been filled like this. Throwing her head back she moaned her sexual joy, moving as much as possible against their thrusting groins.

The three moved together in lustful harmony, pumping and shuddering, so many hands caressing body parts it was hard to tell who was touching who and where. Diana was the first to cum, the strap on teaser rubbing hard against her clit as Allison's body was pressed onto her. Quickly following her was Allison as her friend moved more roughly and wildly beneath her… and that set Chad off as well as the two girls squealed and groaned in fulfillment.

Chad went to the bathroom to wash off his cock and the two girls lay on the couch, Allison on top of Diana so that she could keep the rubber dick in her, slight movements making her moan a little. They watched as the tape finally wound down and Todd and the big black guy picked up Allison's limp body, heading for the shower.

"Fuck, that was hot," said Diana.

"The tape or us?" Allison grinned.

"Both… but especially the tape," her friend confessed, "I've never done anything like that before… I was a little jealous watching."

Allison reminisced for a moment, "I don't know if I would have done it if I had a choice… but yeah, it was a crazy good experience although I think I might be scared if I knew I was going to do it again. I was so sore afterwards…"

"But a good sore," Diana pointed out.

Laughing Allison told her, "Yes a good sore you horny bitch."

"If I'm a horny bitch, why are you still on my dick?" Diana lifted her hips a little for emphasis, pressing the rubber cock into Allison. The pretty brunette just laughed and kissed her friend, finally lifting herself up and off the rubber cock.

"Cuz you're comfortable," she replied, "And in case I got horny again."

Diana pouted, "So I guess that means you're not now…"

Laughing, "Not really."

Looking back at the TV Diana mused, "I wonder what it would be like…"


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