tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 16

Allison's New Life Ch. 16


Later that week Diana finally got bored with Chad, she said that he was too easy to push around. She'd kinda figured it was over when he'd allowed her to stick her finger in her ass, it was something he'd told her that he'd never want done and yet he'd just taken it from her. When a guy was whipped, Diana was pretty much done, and Chad was definitely sexually whipped. It was hard for Allison to picture him in any kind of submissive position sexually, even to demanding Diana, but that was apparently what had happened. Still, he came around the house fairly often and Diana allowed him to keep the key (something rather unique, she claimed it was for his cooking - and he did come over quite often to make them dinner.), there were no hard feelings between them. In fact Diana still used him fairly regularly for sex, she was just also having sex with a couple of other guys - also former boyfriends who had been delegated down to fuck buddies after she'd tired of them. Allison was rather amused at her friend's cavalier ways… from what Diana said she was craving someone like Todd, someone who would take control of her wildness and tame her, but so far all that happened was that she ended up dominant over her boyfriends.

Things in the house got a lot more interesting though, with the two or three new guys. Allison thought that the tape of the gangbang might have had something to do with it when Diana had two guys over at once and all three of them disappeared to her bedroom. Apparently anything the little Asian hadn't tried once was enough to rouse her curiosity to incredible heights.

What convinced Allison that Chad had really and truly become whipped by Diana was the day when she peeked into their room - after they had broken up - and saw him tied face down over the bed, a pile of pillows beneath his hips, and Diana pressing the strap-on into his ass. He was moaning in discomfort as she stroked his back, murmuring about what a good boy he was. Apparently he had a previously unexplored submissive side to him… Allison could understand that the right person just brought it out of someone. What interested her the most was that Diana seemed to want to find someone to be submissive to and yet she was doing things that were incredibly dominant. Well, maybe she was just treating her lovers the way she wanted to be treated since they wouldn't treat her that way. Allison could certainly understanding the craving.

Still, watching Chad's ass-cherry being lost to her petite and beautiful friend made her extremely hot, but she didn't want to interrupt. Instead she went back into her room and masturbated, shoving the rippled vibrating probe in and out of her ass as she listened to the sounds of Chad cumming while Diana pounded his previously virgin back door. Just picturing what she had seen was hot, especially when she could hear everything that was going on as well. Playing her fingers over her swollen clit she bit her lip as she came, ass clenching around the probe that filled it.

Later that day when she saw Chad waddling a little as he moved around the kitchen, fixing them dinner, she just shook her head.


Todd called that weekend, making her extremely happy. They talked, and she told him about watching the tape with Chad and Diana. There was definite jealousy in his voice, although he didn't show it too much. It wasn't as if he was threatened really, just that he liked to have complete control over her body. The thought occurred to her that she might have been willing to have that threesome with them just because he would punish her for it later…

At first they just talked about what he was doing, the fact that they both missed each other, and what they had both been up to. After about forty-five minutes the conversation took a definite sexual turn as he demanded details of her sexual activity with Diana and Chad. She also told him about her suspicions about Diana's recent activities as well as the deflowering of Chad's ass. The latter made him quiet for a moment before he wanted more details about her thoughts on Diana's desires.

Slowly the conversation turned more towards her and what she wanted.

"Are you naked?" he asked.


"Touch your breasts," Allison moaned softly as she caressed herself at his orders, the fact that he was in her ear and telling her what to do making the experience that much more pleasurable, "Squeeze them, and again a little harder," more moans, "Now pinch your nipples, crush them." Breathing heavily she clenched her teeth as her fingers closed on her nipples much more tightly than she would have done on her own. "Do you know where your toys are?"


"Get them."

"I have them." she held the box in her lap.

"Put the suction cups on… how many times did you squeeze the ball?"

"Three," she was gasping a little as her nipples were pinched so tight.

"Squeeze it three more then," his voice was wicked, knowing how much this would hurt her. Her breath hissed out, she could barely squeeze the ball at all on the third time because there was so little vacuum left in the suction cups. Nipples extremely distorted, they almost touched the plastic of the cup, pain speared through her body and went straight to her pussy.

"Oh fuck… that hurts Todd…" she panted a little.

"It's ok Princess, it'll feel better soon… take the probe and suck it, I want to hear your mouth working over it." Allison pressed the rippled length into her mouth, sucking loudly so that he could hear her slurping over the vibrator. "Good girl…" strange how those two words sent little shivers of happiness through her, "Now bend over and shove it all the way into your ass all at once."

She let out a small cry as she did so, the vibrator pressing deeply and quickly into her… pussy juices dripped down her legs, "It's in…"

"Good, now turn it on, all the way and lay back on the bed on your back."

Low moaning as the buzzing filled her ass, making it clench in delight as she carefully laid back on the bed, "Ok."

"Now spread your legs wide, as wide as you can… slip two fingers down and feel your pussy. Are you wet?"

"I'm soaking," she whispered, fingers dipping into the full cup that was her cunt, spreading the juices around as she felt herself.

"Slap it."

Her hand was in the air and down on the wet folds of her pussy before she'd really even registered his words, and she cried out in surprise and pain at her own body.

"Again. Count to ten while you spank yourself."

Moaning and whimpering she began spanking her own pussy and the sensitive folds burned. At five he told her to hit harder and she began slapping her pussy much harder than she ever had on her own. It stung as she slapped herself but she didn't stop or lessen the strength of it.

"Good girl," she flushed with pleasure, "Now I won't punish you too hard right now for having sex with Diana and Chad… but don't do it again unless you want to pay even more for it later."

"Yes Todd," she whispered her pussy tingling.

His voice became warmer now as he asked, "So, what does my naughty little princess want?"

"I want to cum please," she begged, her nipples throbbing painfully in their tight confines and her ass filled with buzzing pleasure.

"I don't know if you deserve to," his voice was cold again, "After all you seem to go to other people for your orgasms when I'm not around. Maybe you should wait until I get home."

"Please Todd… I'm so horny, I want to cum for you… I want you to hear me cum…" she pleaded with him, desperate for an orgasm.

"If you cum tonight with me will you go looking for more sex this week from anyone else?"

"No, no I'll wait for you, I promise Todd… please just let me cum…"

"Ok little girl… but you remember that… now get your vibrator." Eagerly she pulled out the vibrator and told him she had it, "Now slide it into that pretty pink pussy and turn it on low…" she moaned as it teased her sensuously, moving slowly inside her and the clit teaser buzzing very gently against her swollen bud. "Turn it up a level and start working it in and out of that pretty pussy… I don't want you cumming too quickly." it was sheer torture to do as he demanded, her clit wanted the steady buzz of the vibrator against it and she was panting heavily, chest heaving as she fucked herself with the vibrator. Nipples throbbed and burned, she felt like they were going to pop inside the suction cups as more blood forced its way into them with her arousal.

"Hold it in you and put it on pulse, turn the clit part up all the way," Allison moaned her excitement as heat began to steadily rise between her legs, "Now turn it to the beads." She began to moan louder as the little beads traveled throughout her pussy, making her tingle and burn with ecstasy that mounted higher and higher. In her ear he whispered fiercely, "Cum Allison, cum for me my dirty little girl." As soon as he said the words she began a high-pitched whine as an extremely intense orgasm crashed over her, pounding through her body like high tide on the beach. Thrashing on the bed she could hear him breathing heavily in her ear even through the haze of her heights of passion.

The vibrator began to buzz painfully inside her, her pussy flesh oversensitive and tingling, nipples pinched painfully.

"Todd… please can I stop… I need to stop… it hurts…"

"Just a little longer princess…" he was groaning and she realized that he must be cumming as the vibrations pushed her to another orgasm and she screamed as the intense feelings washed over her, listening to him moan her name as he came with her while far across the ocean.

"Take the vibrator out princess," and she moaned as she obeyed, "Now the probe," her ass relaxed finally as the buzzing apparatus was removed, "and now the suction cups." She shrieked a little as her poor nipples were released. They still looked distorted and were sore to the touch.

"I have to go now Princess."

"Do you?" her voice was wistful, disappointed.

"Yes I do, but I'll be home on Saturday. Be good Princess."

"Ok…" and then the phone hung up. Sniffling a little she tried not to actually cry her disappointment… after all he'd be home at the end of the week. And tonight's orgasms had been amazing just because they were something she'd still managed to do with him. Touching her sore nipples she realized that the lingering after effects of tonight would remain with her for quite awhile.

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